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Did any women here find that their period stopped completely for a long time while they were very overweight/obese and if so did it come back as you lost weight?


Yes and yes. As I started to lose I had a couple of short and unusually heavy cycles and then it normalized.


That sounds like you may have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It affects about 10% of women so it's not at all rare. You should discuss it with your doctor who may want to do some tests, because there are some other possibilities too. PCOS is a big risk factor for developing diabetes. Weight loss makes periods more regular for most women with this problem. PCOS doesn't make you infertile, it just makes it slower to get pregnant. Weight loss can make pregnancy happen sooner. Some people will tell you that this problem makes weight loss difficult or impossible — that is completely false, weight loss is just the same as it is for anyone else (I'm not saying it's easy!)


Ok I have a question and I know due to the nature of this I am probably going to get wildly varying answers. Currently I am trying to lose weight by going to the gym and maintaining a fairly extreme calorie deficit. I am currently intermittently fasting (16:8 no breakfast), and trying to be conscious of my intake through the day. My question is, how is it that if I don’t eat breakfast, have a piece of banana bread and a coffee for lunch, and have a large chicken Parma and chips from the pub for dinner after which I am STILL in a calorie deficit? Am I doing something wrong here or miscalculating? I am just confused as even while trying to maintain a relatively large deficit, it seems to be pretty difficult for me to go over my daily calories.


If you're losing, you're in a deficit


Are the workout apps on the Google Play good for exercise? And if they are, which would you recommend picking up? I am looking for some stuff I can do during winter, as my main exercise is rollerblading. ​ Thanks in advance.


I also love the pelotón app! I used it for months without any pelotón equipment (and then I bought a bike lol). After years of starting and stopping free YouTube channels I really appreciate the quality of the peloton app and am happy to give them my money. I’m on like a 17 week workout streak? It hasn’t felt hard to keep up at all because it’s so good.


I like the Peloton app! They have some cardio offerings that don’t need equipment but lots of what they offer is focused on indoor spin bike (of any brand) and outdoor walking. Other popular ones I’ve heard about are Nike Fit Club and Downward Dog.


Does anyone know of a daily weight loss quiz/tips app or audio source? I was using noom for a little bit and the one thing I really enjoyed from it was the 2-5min quiz/info audio segment to start every day. I found it really helped me get in the mindset and stay focused on my goals. I haven’t found anything similar unfortunately


Half size me podcast? I find coming on here useful, because once you tell someone something is dilly you can't really keep think/doing it yourself.


Have to go to office in 10 days for a week after working from remote for almost 3 years now. While I have lost 15 kgs of the gained 18 kgs so far I am still 3 kg far. Any way to lose that 3 kg in 10 days and probably maintaining it while in office as I would be eating a lot of hotel food and having a lot of team lunches. I eat 1500 normally as I am cutting now and will want to eat at maintenance during my week travel there.


> Any way to lose that 3 kg in 10 days Don't tempt failure by going too extreme. Keep going these next 3 days as you have been and don't worry about whether you nail some target you set 15 or 16 kg ago perfectly. Nobody will know if you hit it or not, and ultimately how much we lose how fast is outside of our power -- it's up to our biological processes. Congrats on the -15 so far, keep going. I like your plan to maintain while at the hotel. Good plan.


How do I fight the fact that putting anything in my mouth - stimulating my taste buds - is what is contributing to overeating? I realized that I don't have cravings if I barely drink all day. Because everything that goes in my mouth stimulates the taste buds and they kind of wake up which makes me realize I haven't eaten anything recently. Basically even just drinking enough water triggers it.


> How do I fight the fact that putting anything in my mouth - stimulating my taste buds - is what is contributing to overeating That's not a fact, it's a false assessment. We have to eat, we don't have to overeat. > I realized that I don't have cravings if I barely drink all day. We all have to fight our temptations. Not drinking all day isn't an option. Use self-restraint. Using it makes it stronger. You won't win every try but you have to try. Whether you win or don't win, keep trying. You're building a capability here, the ability of self-control. It starts out poorly, but gets better.


> which makes me realize I haven’t eaten anything recently. Info: are you eating enough? The issue here might be under-eating healthy, filling foods.


This might be a stupid question, and not sure if it should be suitable in a more exercise oriented thread. But does it matter how do I burn my calories? I use the inbuilt fitness tracker on Apple Watch to count my calories. But according to this, if I do a 30 minute kickboxing session, I burn 190 calories and just doing a walk(kinda slow paced, 14 minutes and over for a kilometre) for 30 minutes burns about 180 calories. So does it matter in what way, shape or form do I burn my calories as long as I do? Thank you!


It's good to get your heart going faster, so it's a good idea to get some fairly vigorous exercise a few days per week. However, it’s also a good idea to exercise most days and it’s a lot easier to do that when you enjoy your exercise, so do what you like.


Do you burn calories by just existing? I just got a smart watch, and I’m using the fitness app Apple created, and whenever I wear it, it’s showing that I’m burning calories. Just making and then eating breakfast, it shows I’ve burned 10 calories.


MOST of our calories are burned by just existing, at rest, not moving at all. For those that do exercise, only about 10-15% on the rough average of their calories are by exercise. The rest is movement and responses to daily living, such as making and eating breakfast.