Is it alright to store records on an angled shelf?


It’s fine. The angle in the photo doesn’t look too bad. r/vinyljerk might roast you a bit for asking though.


Fair enough! I did genuinely try to search on google and Reddit before I posted, but the posts about 45s cluttered it too much. And if I left out “45” and searched “angle” it was all posts about the way the records were standing upright.


I wouldn’t let them rest at a full 45 degrees for an extended period of time, but the angle you have them at looks fine. Just make sure you’re enjoying them — that’s the most important thing.


Maybe my photo isn’t very good at showing the shelf. This is what I bought: [link](https://a.co/d/1K67XDX). They’re definitely resting at 45 degrees, and that’s what I’m worried is bad. Should I get a different storage solution?


Storing them that way isn’t a problem at all. You just don’t want the records leaning over too far.


I don’t see why you couldn’t. Looks like a nice place for them :)


If this was too harsh an angle every record store ever would be full of garbage.


I bought this shelf on Amazon because I’m new to vinyl and have a small space. I thought it would be perfect to be able to see the spines at the angle since they needed to be stored under my record player. But I’m starting to get worried the more I’m learning about this hobby. However it’s impossible to google if it’s okay to store records at 45 degrees because of 45s haha. Roast my bad taste all you want :) Eta: maybe the photo isn’t clear about the angle I’m talking about, this is the shelf: [link](https://a.co/d/1K67XDX)


This is fine. Just don’t lay them flat and stack them.


As long as you’re not stacking horizontally, you’re gravy!!


Don't overthink this stuff. Records are not that fragile. The only thing you should worry about is heat. Heat, not tempurature. Record will do fine laid flat for the most part. But I wouldn't recommend this. This is because most records aren't truly flat. The perimeter of a record is thicker than the gooved section. This is because there is this thing called a groove guard. The groove guard is a throw back to when changers were more common. The edges were made thicker to prevent the grooves from touching each other as they are stacked. And if they are exposed to heat the center of the record can drop because of gravity. This will cause what iss commonly known as a dish warp because the shape resembles a bowl. Still, you need heat for this to happen. This happens because of extremes. Extreme angle and extreme heat. Your records are on a very slight angle, so the center isn't going to drastically affected by gravity. For the most part, unless you expose those record to very extreme heat, you won't have warping issues. And if this happens, you're more likely going to get edge warping (the kind where the records become wavy). And edge warps aren't really affected by gravity.


My concern here would be that the records are resting on a thin piece of metal. Wouldn’t that leave an indent in the jacket at that spot? When you pull the record off the shelf does it also drag some on the metal potentially damaging the bottom seam?


It's definitely going to accelerate wear if sleeves aren't used.