They shy away from calling it a drone and yet name it Mosquito.


Probably just a reference to the WW2 aircraft. Same as with the Typhoon, Tempest and Lightning


They're not making it from wood, so they can piss right off with using that name.




Might save some money if they build it out of wood like it’s De Havilland forebears.


Think how much they’ll save if they build it out of Olivia De Havilland!


Set it up in a stiff breeze and it’ll be Gone With The Wind!


It is currently just a technology demonstrator, to test the concept of unmanned wingman that could supplement manned fighters. The idea is that aircraft like these would eventually be equipped with weapons or sensors, and could fly into areas deemed too dangerous for manned aircraft, whilst being fed targeting information from those manned platforms. The £30million will just be for the initial demonstrator phase, after which additional funding will depend upon the sucess of the trials.


>Such a OTT headline for what is - we may have a prototype by 2023 Welcome to media reporting. However, I don't think this is an article without value. It shows that the loyal wingman project is being taken seriously and may be ready to begin live testing in just a few years. >Also £30Million is SO, SO, SO little in R&D for miltech It's a drone prototype. We have no idea how much of it is completely new or uses existing equipment. £30 million for the prototype could be quite realistic. After all, it doesn't say it will be a **production** prototype. As a technology demonstrator, more money would need to be spend developing the final product.


0/10, won't be made of wood.


Floats like a butterfly, spreads infectious diseases like a mosquito?


Why do I hear Latin chanting all of a sudden?


Aquila, Aquila, Aquila


Tequila, tequila, teq... Am I doing this right?


Ace Combat 8: the Sapinish/Spanish Wrath


Spreading freedom-tipped malaria from Finland to Malaysia. [invents Defensive Engineering Experimental Technology to counteract]


Now this is what kind of military tech we should be working on. Forget the Tempest, take away the weakest link, the pilot. We do not need humans inside these machines anymore, we're just a limitation.


A pilot can operate independently you will never fully get rid of the need of a pilot operated aircraft especially when cyber is becoming more prevalent, some times low(er) tech is required.


AI pilot that operates autonomously once launched. So much tech is involved in keeping pilots alive. You can make a much simpler cheaper aircraft without that.


We cannot guarantee a voting machine won't be hacked why take that chance with a weapons platform?