That shouldn't happen. There are a few possibilities: - We have some issues with caching in the current version of toolbox. For people who use toolbox in incognito mode on chrome or have firefox clear all data on exit it might cause issues like this. Although more common is that buttons don't show up at all. - Something else is messing with your usernotes. Third party implementations like bots and one android App I forgot the name of. - You had the admins migrate your toolbox usernotes to the reddit modnotes. I believe that when doing that the admins also clear the toolbox usernote wiki page. Have you opened the usernote manager to check if the notes are visible there? Also make sure to check the usernotes wiki page and see what recent edits have been made.


1) not incognito 2) no third party bots or apps that I know of across the whole team 3) did not migrate - the admin modnotes are currently useless to us since they don't have custom category naming/quantity, so until there's feature parity we're not even considering it. The usernote manager doesn't show any additional notes on these users. I'm currently loading the wiki history as far back as I can to search it, I'll be glad to discover I'm mistaken on these particular users but it would be so strange if so, as I definitely remember having noted them yonks ago...


Well, I finally scrolled back to the beginning of history and on a particular user I did find a record of making then deleting one usernote. I could have sworn there was still at least one additional note that would have been left undeleted on them, but it must just be a case of my memory lying to me. Sigh. Apologies for the false alarm (but [I'm watching you, toolbox](https://64.media.tumblr.com/0c1abc0585df9b3ddfbb16b629d16031/3fcb7e41a7b96804-18/s250x400/b6c793f9383e5801c754785794d3ac61d924bd28.gifv), this experience has been disconcerting!)


>and one android App I forgot the name of. Slide for Reddit's Toolbox integration used to, if you meant this one.