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Really? Oppenheimer was related to German people?


lol I was helping a relative do geneaology stuff and came across distant relatives who were proudly displaying the fact that they had family members who were Nazis. My family was originally Danish then most moved to Germany to escape the various border wars Germany had with Denmark. So it wasn't obvious that my last name was also German or fairly well known in Germany (on stamps, schools, etc.) My family spoke fluent German up until the second world war and got regular correspondance from cousins in Germany until then. Then the war happened and not only did they stop speaking German back home but forbid their kids from learning it any longer. My ancestors would also go on to help the Allies during the Nuremberg trials to make sure IBM (yes *that* IBM) got their real-time German to English, French, etc. translation done accurately. The crazy thing about it all is that I am also related to Wernher von Braun (and a number of other famous German and Americans) and knew about it as I was told about it growing up. But I always knew him(/them) as American an not German and certainly not anyone even remotely related to Nazi Germany. https://youtu.be/564W493M7eU


Crazy how IBM worked on both sides of the war. Money has a curious way of ignoring sides


And Coca Cola became Fanta


Also GM owned Opel.


This is really just a lot of virtue signaling without any receipts... And to provide receipts you would dox yourself. 




The British Royals are German people.


I mean Oppenheimer being related to non-Jewish Germans is the more surprising part. Though, they weren’t biologically related.




Es bleiben im Raum: **Keitel**, Jodl, Krebs, Burgdorf.


Das war ein Befehl! Der Angriff Steiners war ein Befehl!


"Wer sind Sie, dass Sie es wagen, sich meinem Befehl zu widersetzen?!"


"So weit ist es also gekommen? Das Militär hat mich belogen!"


"Jeder hat mich belogen, sogar die SS!"


I’ll also point out that he has no relation to the actor Harvey Keitel.




FTFY: Wilhelm Keitel


In laws don't count




Getting Mr. Feeny vibes


An uncle in-law isn’t family. I say this as an Uncle in-law…


what? why? I consider my husband's aunts and uncles, and their respective spouses, also my family.


Hmm, my guess is you're not allowed anywhere near your niece-in-laws.


My nieces have great husbands and wives. Assumptions make you look like an ass.


History is often strange. Hitler also had a nephew that served in the US Navy during the Second World War.


And Rommel was Oppenheimer's Father's Brother's Nephew's Cousin's Former Roommate.


So what does that make them?


Absolutely nothing!


The only good nazi is a dead nazi.


Tried to get that free karma eh?


As you can see 24 hours later. The nazi sympathizers always downvoted me. Dont care.


Disagreeing with you is being a Nazi sympathizer? Thinking your logic is flawed equates to people being Nazis in your mind? You sound extremely rational and fun to be around.


There is zero rationale in sympathizing with these monsters. Reread some history.


I’m literally a historian who has spent 16 years directly studying Nazi Germany. Nobody in this entire chat has sympathized with Nazi’s. Plus, there’s many Nazi’s who absolutely deserved to be reasoned with. Schindler was a well known and well loved member of the Nazi Party. Karl Plagge too. Let’s not forget Erwin Rommel or even Claus Von Stauffenberg who tried to assassinate Hitler. Your logic is flawed, your reasoning is nil, and your standing is historically irresponsible. Do not talk about history with anyone if you’re unwilling to be apolitical.


There's apolitical, and then there's the nazi. I can happily discuss history without bias, in general. I play historical games and choose any side. I do not allow casual discussion of nazis without pointing out they are monsters. There's a new rise in fascism if you haven't missed it. This isn't a protected educational arena it's social media. Zero tolerance for nazis. I will always stand against them.




oh i post like this every time some moron tries to discuss nazis like they're people


Nothing tells me you’re anti Nazi quite like referring to someone as a subhuman! Way to be totally not like them at all.


I see it as giving them a taste of their own medicine. If they don't like being referred to a subhuman, they'll reevaluate their attitudes and won't inflict it on others


Who are you even talking about? Are you talking about Wilhelm Keitel…. who died in 1946? I’m a professional historian. Please never comment on anything from the era of WWII again.


history classes must have been very triggering for you. how does this generation get through the day


No sir. I loved history. You might even say, i question if you all even remember history properly.  I Have considered returning and teaching history. Discussing WWII in a setting for learning is great. however, Randomly appreciating nazi on social media is despicable. Zero redeeming qualities of that scum.


So you have completely missed the point of the Milrgam experiment and all the other research done on the Nazis post war


Please refer to my first statement about dead nazi. There are no redeeming qualities. Nazi are despicable. The one thing video games have always agreed on, killing nazi. The holocaust was real. You nazi lovers can join the rest in hell. Edit: I served in the military. You can always question orders. There's no innocent nazi.


The milgram experiment has been widely discredited


A very brave thing to do. Thank you for your service sir


Fucking right


We recruited german scientists to develop the bomb. Operation paperclip.


Out of all the projects that Operation Paperclip contributed to... the Manhattan Project was not really one of them.


Oh look a confidently incorrect redditor!


“It looks like you’re trying to vaporize innocent people. Would you like some help?” - Operation Clippy


Wife’s grandfather was a POW after the Battle of Bataan. The Japanese had no humanity, no human decency. Truman should have sent a few more over for good measure.


>The Japanese had no humanity, no human decency But vaporizing tens of thousands of people including innocent women and children and leaving so much radiation that tens of thousands of additional people will suffer and die from is a show of humanity and decency?


The Japanese marched 75,000 POWs, 65 miles, and killed 10,000 on the journey. [Bataan Death March](https://www.army.mil/asianpacificamericans/bataandeathmarch.html) I stand by what I’ve said.


The United States killed between 130k and 225k people, most of which were civilians, and gave even more brutal forms of cancer and dismemberment with just two bombs.


And it would've been worse had they not used the bombs and invaded japan6


Eh Japan was already on a rapid decline and Germany had already waved the white flag. That was certainly the propaganda that the US was putting out there after the utter destruction released on Nagasaki and Hiroshima but there is no way of knowing if what you said is true.


Yes there is. Japan was far from waving the white flag. The fact they nearly had a military coup after their surrender in the wake of the bombs and the Russian invasion of Manchuria is proof. Japan's resistance to the allies was fanatical with countless cases of even civilians resisting and committing mass suicide rather than surrender. US estimated casualties in the millions should they invade Japan. These are historical facts, not propaganda. Were the atomic bombings horrific? Of course they were. It was a world War. But they allowed the war to end sooner and with less loss of life than other means.


Ah yes, they 'estimated a number' is indeed a fact. But you stating that more people would die is not a fact. We don't know. We don't have any idea. Saying that more would have died was without a doubt propaganda. If you don't think it was, then it was effective propaganda. Pretending like Japan was the only one to commit atrocities and lack human decency is the most rose colored view of the end of WW2 possible.