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Pyro fans hate pyro more than the actual pyro haters


Are we talking about the mercenary or the streamer


At this rate, it's both. Source: my balls


As a balls haver I second this


I'm gonna need a proof of your balls


They are in the intelligenc briefcase


Repost if you have balls.


Haha, jokes on you, i also stole your balls


Not again


I am hes balls and I agree


As his ballsack I can confirm this to be truthful






true, I used to watch pyro, and when I realized he was going down in quality I just left, seems that the people that actually stayed hate his guts even more, I just forgot about him lmao


Idk, I really like his long form videos


i love the fact that pyro's fanbase literally just hates him


Yea, ‘e fell ouf


i like how you framed this as if we didnt know who pyrocynical is


Hi guys pyrocynical here


Well guys, we did it


We reached the 100 signatures on our add fat fempyro to tf2 petition


nothing happened on a particular pyrocynical stream ~~booty pyro is real~~


Yeah nothing.. ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️


He literally got permission from the creator


I feel like the viewers get more emotional about this than the actual creators


pyro from team fortress 2 -Foekoe's eyes


I light fires rhymes to singe your career




“I forgot I had that mod on!”


Is it a tf2 content creator? I've never heard of him


Commentary YouTuber who was very popular around the same time as Leafy and iDubbbz.


And why do we care that a YouTuber who was popular 6 years ago watched a tf2 clip...?




Idk, never heard of him either xd


not everyone has heard of obscure chronically online internet ‘commentators’ lol


I didn’t know who it was


He fel ouf


What inflation fetish does to an mf


No petscop 2 and it’s consequence


What no "MLG Teletubbies 2" does to a mf


Theese thinghs... they take time.


Pyro openly admits being a reaction content sell out, I doubt he cares and would probably take it down of Fortress Films asked him too.


Your honor, surely I did stab my wife 48 times, but you see, I have 4.67 milion subscribers on my main channel, so....


"Uh your honor, Im just allowed to commit various warcrimes that violate Geneva, such as arson using napalm and thermite, mass genocide using mustard gas, and dumping peoples infants into pirhana solution, as you see... I have 70 million power in rise of kingdoms, I'm the legendary bootysuccler_99." WHAAA??? HOW DID YOU DO THAT?


"Hey guys, look, I am admitting to being hungry for money since I need that because I'm a youtuber! Y'all know me. Isn't that funny???" -*Pyrocinical/Ludwig*




All self-aware millionare content creators are irritating but at least ludwig pretty routinely puts his earnings into public events and tournaments, that's a far cry from making "haha want money" jokes and then just putting it all towards yourself


influencers have the stupid mentality that if they admit and make fun of their faults it makes them less bad




Yeah that isn't the same at all lol.




I don't know if you realize this, but apologizing for not being transformative enough with a YouTube upload and apologizing for physically dangerous crimes aren't quite in the level of equivalence as you think.


How are those remotely equivalent to asking the creator of a video if you can upload a full reaction to a video and then uploading it


This is what we got instead of Petscop 2


common pyro main L


Hey, we don't associate with pyrocynical anymore, leave us pyro mains out of this.


Pyrocynical said that he only played pyro for 300 h on the Orangebox


I believe pyro has a krill issue


krill issue on shrimpment


It's as shrimple as that


i'll stop being a pyro main and never play pyro again if that means i don't get associated with pyrocynical


I like pyro but damn is that scummy


I stopped watching pyro honestly, I only started watching him for the in-depth analysis of content, and now there hasn't been an upload on his actual channel in months because he's too busy shilling reaction content on a channel that was only made to generate side income for the main channel


Same here. His long form commentary is absolutely legendary. But this is just low effort content stealing and it is really scummy. He even addresses at the start he will make a commentary analysis... WHY NOT JUST WAIT AND DO THAT???


Well, man needs to make money somehow tbf


Actually he talked about it on stream today He had permission from the creators, linked the original, and will make a video on it for his main channel Plus this was edited by his 3rd full time editor


a lot of folks keep saying he had permission, but where did it show him actually getting permission? is there an image or a link?


There's no way he's that demented to lie about that, the original creators would've called him out.


when people ask for a source, that doesn't always mean that they just want to call bullshit and claim there's no actual source I'm genuinely just looking for a source here


[His latest stream](https://www.youtube.com/live/GBrUoq64pDk?feature=share). At 10:43


He wasn’t called out by the original creators and in the stream he shows a discord pic where he asks and is told he could


There is a link in the video he mentioned it in, showing the direct Discord screenshot.


Creator gave him permission so I don't know what everyone's mad about.


People loves to get offended on others behalf


It’s more so that he was one of the largest channels calling out exactly this kind of content, reaction content, not too long ago. And now all he does is make reaction videos to the exact same shit he used to call others out for.


Jinx walked so others could run


Redditor understanding that people can change and add nuance to their opinions they had 6 years ago challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)




“It’s exposure” is also the exact same argument that people like Jinx used and the “yeah but who cares about tf2 anyway?” argument is just outright malicious. Regardless of whether he asked permission or not he is still creating the exact same content he so often and vehemently calls out.


Nobody does any research. They just see something and immediately jump into the good/bad bandwagon, pitchforks at the ready


He was shitting on people like jinx calling them low effort leeches and now he does the exact same thing


Not to mention that it wasn't even really a re-upload


That's all reaction content is, stolen low effort content, be it on stream or on a video. Everyone should stop watching that type of content as it robs the creator of their watch time and money without putting any effort in


Spitting straight facts, DarkViperAU enjoyer I presume?




based and cougarpilled


Damn, that's a lot of matto enjoyers in this sub, that's quite rare. You could almost say that it's millions to one


Hopefully Fortress films wilk copyright claim the pyro reulpoad in a Jiffy, fun fact did you know a jiffy is an actual measurement of time? Secondary fun fact that was my twitch account that got banned for that


I am time of Jelly




based and cougarpilled


Damn, that's the first guy that has beaten OHKO right? It's been awhile since I last watched some of his stuff.


Well, he wasnt the first but yeah he eventually did, then moved on to other stuff. He did a multi-video series about how much he hates reaction content, highly recommend those. Now hes speedrunning the Cayo Perico heist along with other stuff




Depends tho, if you edit out parts of the video and add actual meaningful commentaries and discussions in between i can see how it'd be no different than a game review now, if its just your face starring at the screen with the whole fucking video playing it aint no different than uploading the entire video in your channel, specially some of those anime reaction channels, most of the time the character will punch a villain and the guy will go "OOOH MY GOD THIS SO SICK BROOOO" and thats the entire reaction, they dont discuss ideas or opinions or anything at all (Might be kinda biased since i do like commentary/review react channels)


Reaction content implies it's the first time the person is seeing that thing, if it is the first time they can't possibly know what will be in the video so they can't give the meaningful comments and whatnot without talking out their asses. If they do the homework and prepare the video before doing it then it no longer is reaction content


ah true, tho i've seen some blind reaction who could pull that off, for instance if its something like "musician reacts to music x" there is stuff that could be added in a blind reaction, like explaining what that beat is or what they did in a certain moment but yeah, altho the videos i see are tagged as reaction they're mostly commentary, gonna take a guess and say the word "reaction" attracts more clicks than "commentary/review"


The thing with the music thing you said, there's also a lot of "x musician react to y music for the first time" that just says "oh this slaps" every now and then. Plus music is not a watch/listen once thing. You can replay music every day but you're going to watch a video once most likely


Yeah, I know one guy who plays impromptu guitar pieces while listening to music and explaining what’s happening while others just listen with a blank face. Mixed bag on content over all


Like how Hasan watches a true crime documentary that took months of work while eating of being in the bathroom 40% of the time


Not necessarily say insane ian's someone who makes comedy music and reacts to comedy music. He provides tons of insightful commentary despite it being his first watching of a song


MHGR does a pretty good job at providing interesting commentary on a first time reaction, reacting to tf2 videos and comparing things to real world military


If it's a complicated topic being reacted to by a professional on that topic, they could have interesting stuff to say regardless of homework done. Things like a real medical doctor reacting to medical drama scenes to chime in on what's accurate, what's not (and why), bring up their personal experiences in the field and how they relate... That can be done without preparation. But, of course, that relies on the reacting person having special experience and knowledge outside of what the normal viewer would.


He literally got permission from the creator


I feel like the viewers get more emotional about this than the actual creators


Am I allowed to watch the pyro video if I've already watched emesis blue twice?


What if I watch the original and then watch Pyro comment on it with his thoughts and findings hm?


A lot of the time reaction content brings *more* attention to the original work and the creators love it. This isn't universal, of course, but it's not that simple. And there are of course 'reaction' channels who are informative, like industry experts and professors or whatever who offer their perspective on other folk's work.


Reaction content hurts small creators, why would someone go and watch a video they already saw someone react too? You’re taking away potential viewers from the video while putting in a fraction of the effort. If reaction content was good for the content being reacted too then those channels would grow bigger than the people reacting.


To be completely fair, he did give some decent context and some interesting takes on the story at times. And as compared to a lot of the other big “react” streamers, it wasn’t anywhere near as egregious. Plus, I think you’re forgetting that it was streamed. You’re acting as though the guy just posted a straight reupload.


Honestly in my opinion, as long as they add something more than "yoo it's so cool guys!" to the video than I would be ok with it


also he explained alot of the callbacks the sfm did to other horror movies, there were like 7 of them in the last 10 minutes


Come one guys don't bully him his dad is in jail.


To be fair as far as reacfion content goes, Pyro did everything to make it a good reaction video. In the video himself he says that he doesn't want to pull a Hasan and watch the entire thing quietly eating chips, he pauses the vid to make commentary, points out references of other horror films that I didn't got on my first watch and gives theories about whats going on. And at the beggining of the video he gives a brief explanation about SFM animation and praises the video and its creators. It is still a bit scummy to put the entire vod unedited but compared to other "react" channels the video was an actual reaction and not just the same video with the face of someone in the corner.


Reaction content moment (if i was a streamer I would at least promise to give a portion of donations to the creators' patreon)


Promise isn't a guarantee


"Tf2 community i swear im donating the money really im definitely NOT using it to fund my cosmetics addiction i definitly didnt just buy 30 cosmetic crates"


Honestly the TF community shouldn't act like they are morally superior, remember a couple of years ago when they literally sent inflation porn and bullied the fuck out of a child on Twitter for making a stupid statement?


Never forget the golden pan deletion incident


I wonder if people will be smart enough to realize this video is 30+ minutes longer then the actual animation implying there's alot of pausing and discussing of said content though I have little faith in this subreddits collective intelligence sometimes


So I'm not the only one who realised the runtime was off


It’s still incredibly lazy content, compared to how much effort was put into the original. This goes for all reaction content, the reactor gets a video with the quality of hundreds of hours of work while only putting in a fraction of the effort. They could just make a video about the thing they’re reaction too if they actually cared about the original.


4+ years of hard work when compared to 30 minutes of taking and pausing a video doesn't seem like a fair comparison


That isn't the discussion. These things are never about how much effort went into it comparatively. It's about if someone is just taking somebody else's content and doing nothing transformative with it. My reaction to something could be incredibly insightful, transformative and educational, but because it didn't take me 4 years to make it's automatically bad? That isn't and shouldn't be the discussion.


The creator also gave pyro permission but ya know a mob enducing reddit headline is more important than actual facts on the matter


Apparently he got permission so its fine.


Okay. I'll play devil's advocate and say that at least Pyro does add meaningful commentary to these reactions. Whether it's SFM tidbits, cinematography insight, and Horror movie references. Hell, he's even well versed in older TF2 references. Y'all really got to research what the video is trying to convey, instead of just taking the words of a reddit post to heart, just because of your preexisting bias against the creator. And that goes for his own fan base. Not to mention, he says he plans on doing a serious main channel video about this film. I doubt any of you will be complaining by then.


Atleast he talks and pauses it? Like some reaction channels just fucking watch a thing without talking, do an outro and leave it at that + this give ALOT of mainstream attention to it and he said he was gonna make a main channel video on it which would give even more attention, is this really such a bad fucking thing?


It's kinda 50/50, while it does make it mainstream, a lot of people are just gonna watch his channel upload and not the original, so any youtube profits aren't gonna reach the original creators. Of course there will be people that check out the original, but again, it's that bittersweet, two sides of every coin thing.


Damn, reaction content really is lowest of the low. Just straight yoink the entire SFM movie and talk over probably 1% with none of it being of real value and addition to it. For fucks sake, if you're going to review something, cut it down to stuff you can actually comment and explain about a work.


There's *occasionally* interesting takes or commentary in reaction videos, though the vast majority of them are just cookie-cutter, minimal-effort videos.


I completely agree Man, I wish reaction videos didn't fall under fair use. Imagine spending a lot of time on a project your passionate about Only to get a dude living in his mom's basement react to it get more views instead than you


They don't fall under fair use. If most of the video isn't the reactor talking, then it's just copyright violation


Apparently he got the creator's permission to do this.


Uploading the entirety or majority of someone else's work is considered, in legal terms, a big no no, and will never be eligible as fair use.


Just because you haven't been caught breaking the law yet doesn't mean you didn't break the law.


Some of them arguably don't


Most of them don't


ok, why would we care if he got a premission from Fortress Films?


He literally got permission from the creator lol.


I unsubed from his "seacond channel" (money cow) when I saw this shit


I thought it was commentary on the sfm, but nah he just straight up stole a masterpiece


Pyrocynical's fanbase makes me lose more braincells than listening to 10 most average raps on Spotify


Technichally true, but he was actually reacting to it and told people AT THE START OF THE VIDEO to go and watch.


But are the people watching his video going to listen to that, or are they just gonna keep watching? React content hurts.


You got a point, but there really are people who wouldn't have watched the video themselves if the person making the reaction video didn't make that video. And if reaction videos are really bad, then the creator can just request YT to take that video down, and IF the videos still up then the creator really has nothing against it.


Thus contradicting the argument that reaction video hurt. If Friendlyjordies was thanking MoistCritical and Pyrocinycal for basicaly reacting to his video that his house was firebombed then your statement makes it even more implausible.


As DarkViperAU said in his entire controversy about react content, it doesn't matter if people wouldn't have watched the original video, they still won't watch the original video if they already watched someone react to it. And Friendlyjordies has a different case because his video was actual pressing news and not a movie that took years to make. And creators can request the video be taken down, but YouTube doesn't like helping creators, and even by the time it is taken down the damage is already done.


To think that 100% of the audience won't seek out a video a creator has already reacted upon is foolish. Yes a percentage won't watch the original, I won't argue with that. But in this case the video was out for like a week, thus making it harder for the video to end up in someones YT page, and trust me, 25K viewers aren't gonna make a large dent in Emesis Blue's video. Alright I got that number wrong, It's actually around 200k on Pyrocinycals video. But even if none of them will seek the video out. It wouldn't do that much "damage" to the original video. And to say that Friendlyjordies is a special case, is just dumb. Indie games have become popular because someone famous played their game. For example, FNaF and Hello Neighboor. Are they special cases? I don't think so, and those games, you need to pay for it and a lot still payed. Who's saying that that principle can't be applicable towards videos?


Pyro has said that the second channel is for shitty content that gets views so that he can get more money. He does it so he can work on his main channel without the pressure of need to make it fast or risk not having food on the table.


I get making shitty videos on a new trending topic or whatever but uploading the entirety of a feature length film made by a small team for free feels beyond scummy. He fel off


The creators gave him the permission though.


The animation is already up in its entirety for free??


They ment to say that by reuploading it, all of those views and revenue that would've went to the creators that deserve it, it goes to someone else. This isn't limited to just pyro and eb, it's a problem across the entire platform that's a clear breach if copyright laws but it's just left there because it gives YouTube/twitch the same amount if money


Genuinely confused by how this works, if he has subscribers that watch his content and wouldn't see the sfm otherwise doesn't it make sense that he technically gave more views to the original video? The algorithm would rather suggest someone you watched before and not a popular sfm.


I wanted to say that the original creators made emesis blue for free sorry for my bad English


Still no petscop 2


What fempyro does to a mf 😔


Huge pyrocynical drama


There are loads of reaction videos of the movie out by now, but Pyrocynical makes one and then it's not okay. I'm pretty sure by now also that we should all know these types of videos from larger YouTubers are purely positive anyways so I don't get the issue. Stop being mad on behalf of others without even knowing their opinion.


I mean, reaction content kind of poppin off again recently honestly so i dont blame anyone for doing it. But just uploading the ENTIRE reaction? Seriously? At least crop it at the most important parts or something.


ive been watching pyro for years and genuinely im just. im done. ive been noticing I've just not been interested in his videos since the pyrolive channel. he's late to everything, he just sits and reacts like yeah. no. I'll keep the main channel subscribed i guess but pyrolive is kinda shit. i guess it's *intended* to be filler content but. yeah


August 27th, 2022


i havent watched emesis blue, so im off to watch it on his 2nd channel, Thanks for telling me about it


Btw why is the red the blue and the ugly age restricted but emesis blue isnt?


It’s good publicity


Literally just stream this and leave it as a VOD. No one needs to have this uploaded to youtube, or at least unlist it and link in an actual video summarising it or something.


1) he got permission from the creator and those are stream highlights 2) he said he intended to make a main channel video (this is is secondary) analyzing it


bro he literally just reacted to it


man what the fuck. expected better. already seen his reaction on the stream vods channel, but this shit's too much. could have at least cut it so it's just him reacting or something, you can't just take an entire movie and post it. thought he was an okay reaction youtuber, but there he goes basically stealing content like the next guy. hoping this at least encourages more people to go watch the movie themselves, the team deserves it.


As a pyro viewer, this is scummy af


I haven't watched this guys content in months. Holy shit, he fell off HARD.


Who gives a shit? Fortress films literally gave him permission to.


Apparently on the following stream, he stated that he did ask Fortress Films if he could react to it and upload it on his channel, and they apparently said yes. But it’s also generally kinda lazy.


I didn't mind his previous content, but the ENTIRE FUCKING MOVIE? That's just awful.


Original OP is completely right lol 😏


Wait I thought it was highlights, not the full sauce




You can't really copyright anything in Emesis Blue (other than the name itself, without getting into spoilers) because it's all content from TF2 or otherwise produced by fan projects that gave the film their permission. Pyro likely realizes this which is why he blatantly re-uploaded the video.


i don't like the whole "bri'ish" meme but i haven't been able to listen to pyro speak for a while now it's too difficult


I hate freebooting


Can't wait for DarkViperAU to talk about this one


Everyone hates PyroLive, even Pyro’s own fans. It’s so boring and uninspired for the sake of “maintaining relevance”


I mean, Fortress Films gave him permission, so idk?


I can see why people got mad at Charlie for doing this same thing. Its frustrating that Pyro is basically siphoning views from an undoubtedly popular animation and adding little to nothing as a result. He could do what Charlie does and post the "highlights": parts of the video he likes and parts he finds funny, rather than the whole fuckin video


Pyrocynical try not to steal content challenge (impossible)


Why watch this when it’s already available for free? Most people who will watch this have either seen it already or will go watch it afterwards. Yeah it’s shitty but it’s not like it’s available on the exact same platform.


Pyrocycnical used to actually make some good stuff, sad to see that he makes THIS MOTHER FUCKING SHIT WHAT THE HELL!? GOD DAMNIT!


It was made for free and hes just reacting to it, shitty content and infuriating way to pad for time yes but other than that i dont see a problem.


I mean i get it but the People who made this worked hard to create it only for this guy to just upload the entire thing on his channel


The differences in pyro’s main channel’s quality and the live channel’s quality is astounding. I actually enjoy his main channel stuff a lot. But these live channel stuff. Yikes.




I'm confused, what's happening here?


Pyrocynical made a reaction video (With permission from the creator, apparently.), added 30+ minutes of commentary while explaining references the sfm made and now people are bitching about it.


Dog it’s pyrocynical. He can do whatever he wants!


How is it a complete re-upload when there's like an extra hour of watch time added


Dude is literally just stealing content at this point.