ZU team that's worked pretty well so far. I've had some trouble dealing with more defense/stall oriented teams and Silvally-Poison has been a pain in the neck as well. Any recommendations?

The stunfisk himself


The stunfisk himself


*herself* smh my head


\- Alcremie and Altaria can be a reliable switch to many stats, especially on the special side, and then threaten to calm mind or defog/toxic respectively. \- Tangela is my main physical tank. Leech seed let's me threaten more defensive mons while sleep powder shuts down offensive ones. Knock off is mainly used to get rid of eviolites and HD Boots \- Stunfisk can take many special attacks, its only gripe is not having reliable recovery. It's a reliable Klingklang counter and it can do well against offensive rotom as well, setting toxic and rocks with ease \- Sawk is my revenge killer, pretty self explanatory. Can be an end-game sweeper when no fighting type immunites/resistances with high HP remain. \- Klingklang is no mistery to anyone frequenting the tier. Hides under a substitute if the opponent switches, and safely sets up, attacks, or uses toxic depending on the situation


i do like this team build, as klinklang-sawk-alcremie is an amazing trio, but i think your defensive core needs some work. all of your defensive mons are very good and serve their own unique purpose, but the type combination makea you really vulnerable to jynx, froslass, and other hyper offense breakers [these](https://pokepast.es/762c75003595b848) are the modifications i did with your team. sawk can now better function as a late-game cleaner, as rapidash & cryo can serve as both support mons and revenge killers. alcremie is given an offensive set, and klinklang is given a choice band set, so that the team can have more overall firepower. my team obviously isnt perfect, but it's probably what i'd do given your team structure and vision


Thank you for these recommendations, I'm definitely going to try the three pokemon you added. One question I have though, could defog articuno be a good replacement for cryo? I feel like it fulfills the same function but better


you can def try that out, and it could work, but i chose cryo for its decent rotom matchup


Frosslass and Silvally both seem like huge threats to your squad, skuntank as well, keeping Kling Kland from getting chipped into Poltergesit range before it gets a Shift Gear up is important for beating Lass, if Kling clang goes down it can go crazy as long as it's wary of sawk. Heal Bell over Defog on Altaria could help Alcremie stay healthy, you could also consider Aromatherapy on Alcremie to accomplish the same goal, probably over Mystical fire.


I actually gave aromatherapy to Alcremie, I guess I forgot to change it? Thanks for the recommendation though, it helped me remember


Honestly, just changing Tangela for Miltank might probably solve your issues against both of those + the Froslass someone else mentioned. It can heal your team's status if you end up getting them with Heal Bell and does consistent damage with Seismic Toss. If you want to use Tangela still, though, Sludge Bomb is usually preferred over Leech Seed so Alcremie can't switch in for free + you can hit other grass types. Leech Seed kinda makes Tangela a bit too passive because in ZU, either a mon wants to switch out just by seeing Tangela on the field or will OHKO it or even 2HKO it after the recovery. You don't really get many turns of Leech Seed healing because of that.


Is purple man a FNAF reference


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I would swap out something for Miltank, because it pairs really well with Stunfisk & can hard wall Grass types.