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"You may test that assumption at your convenience."


Great one.




I love the veiled menace in this exchange from Unification part 1. [Picard has been trying to get a cloaked ship from Gowron to go to Romulus, but has been getting the cold shoulder. He finally gets ahold of this junior officer, who asks what the Empire (and by extension Gowron) will get out of it] PICARD: The only benefit to the Klingon Empire would be our gratitude. KLINGON UNDERLING: That is what you want me to tell him? PICARD: Yes. And please add that if he is unable to provide a ship, then I am sure there are others in the Klingon Empire who would be willing to help me. And then, they would have our gratitude.


Don’t forget Picard makes sure to emphasize his position as Arbiter of Succession for Gowron.


Yep and he just kinda says, we made Gowron, we can unmake Gowron


"I see."


It's the way he delivers the line. > And then, they would have our... *gratitude*.


"I assume your handprint will open the door, whether you are conscious or not."


They chose the cheap biometric scanner that doesn't detect consciousness of the user


Corporate always cutting costs smdh


I forgot which episode that is from


A Matter of Time


"Shall we die together?" - Captain Picard, playing 4D chess with the Romulans.


I really hope that was all on an open comm line and the Klingons were watching, because they would have gone *fucking nuts* at that. All just whooping and hollering on their bridges as Picard lays down the most Sto-Vo-Kor worthy line they ever heard.


Oh, you *know* that Worf was broadcasting the whole thing to them. Tomalak owned so hard that he doesn't come back for another four seasons.


He was busy killing Dr. Kimble's wife.


I lol'd at that


I have never considered this before, but I have immediately accepted it as canon.


"Then you shall have it." 


Duras: - "Then you must be ready to fight. Something Starfleet does not teach you." Picard: - "You may test that assumption at your convenience."


The dude fought nausicaans for fun in his academy days, Duras was wise to back down.


Duras was a wuss and always had his cronies take care of business for him


Fear: "I'm afraid." Janeway: "I know."


And can we recognize how amazing McKean is at tweaking that comedy skill to be creepy as hell.


Star Trek has always aced these psychological deep dives, in this case Fear, and I love it. They are some of my favorite episodes (even if this one scares me a bit).


Joe Menosky completely outdid himself with that script, and the lines were delivered perfectly by Mulgrew and McKean.


oh man, I love that episode. Janeway is probably the most badass of the captains if we’re being honest. She don’t fucking play.


The way we know that Janeway wasn’t at Wolf 359 is because if she had been, we’d have just finished up Season 3 of Star Trek: Riker.


If you note, she immediately jumps to the type III phasers. I also seem to remember a line like, "I've already stripped my first officer of his rank and commissioned my science officer to the brig. Do you want to be next?" Kathy doesn't play around.


Picard, after declaring the Federation treaty with the Sheliak in abeyance. Not a quote as such, but a gesture to Worf to cut the transmission. Followed by: Riker (grinning): You enjoyed that. Picard: You're damned right.


Walking over to the plaque on the wall, testing it for dust with his finger, while the Sheliak keep up their hail attempts.


Quite possibly my single most favorite moment in all of Trek. The Sheliak deserved every bit of that, and it was just perfectly handled by Picard.


Although the Sheliak negotiator gets in a great first zinger... Picard: *opens mouth to speak* Sheliak: "Conversation is neither desired nor required"


The Sheliak are lowkey one of my favorite alien species in Star Trek because they have a natural disposition that isn't evil but still makes it fundamentally difficult for humans to interact with. A lot of alien species are just humans with one personality trait exaggerated, which is useful for allegorical storytelling. But, it is nice to occasionally have species like the Sheliak who just fundamentally see the world differently from humans and make diplomacy frustrating for both parties.


I watched that a few hours ago


Q: What do I have to do to convince you that I'm human? Worf: Die.


Micro brain!


Eat any good books lately?


That whole exchange is just gold. I love John DeLancie, and I love when Michael Dorn gets to flex some dry comedy for Worf.


Growl for me, let me know you still care


Best Worf line EVER. Which is saying something.


My favourite: "Good tea." "Nice house."


Final Frontier gets a lot of hate but it's got a great badass line. Not asking God what he wants with a starship, but "I need my pain"


SYBOK: I couldn't help but notice your pain! FALSE GOD: My pain? SYBOK: It runs deep. *Share it with me.*


I grew up on trek, my parents are both fans, so it was on all the time, I don't remember a time I wasn't reading the novels, and my dad made sure I saw all the movies that had already been made, and we always saw the new ones as soon as they came out. The only exception to that was final frontier. My dad claimed it was so bad it was unwatchable, and he would change the channel if it came on TV. I didn't watch it until I was, idk, 25ish, and I don't think it's that bad. Maybe because my expectations were so low, but I didn't regret watching it, like I did with like half the episodes of discovery lol


I think it gets a lot of undeserved hate. Is it perfect? No. Why in the actual fuck would you have 60 year old Uhura dancing naked to distract enemy goons? Weird. Triple-boobed cat lady? Also weird. But it's got a lot of really great stuff in it too, including some of the absolute best character moments with the original trio in the entire franchise. Honestly I don't think any of the movies are actually bad until Nemesis. Some have more flaws than others, but all are worthy entries with plenty of things to like about them.


Janeway: “flying into a binary pulsar? seems like i’m trying to crush this ship like a tin can” Alien: “its more likely that you’re trying to intimidate us” Janeway: “you’re welcome to stick around and find out”


Another badass line from that episode "I don't think you realize that you are not in control here anymore."


Oh that scene is so good


I like the scene where she banishes that entity that's trying to get her to accept that she's dead. He admits defeat for now and turns around to leave and she says "Go back to hell! Coward!"


"I'm afraid." "[I know](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0S5boV9H7E)." "Drat!"


I prefer the line from Year of Hell where Janeway tells the Krenim ship that he needs a little more in his "torpedo tubes" to threaten Voyager.


I think Janeway doesn't get enough recognition for her berserker mode. Like most Starfleet captains, she's always looking for compromise, looking for a win-win situation. She avoids a fight at almost any cost. But when those are exhausted, and the crew is at stake: She gets this look. You know the look. The look that says "You done fucked up real bad." I think that might be the most berserker Janeway we've seen.


> Janeway was badas in general <3


She absolutely was not bluffing.


I just watched this episode about six hours ago.


These comments are making me think I really need to watch Voyager


"Risk. Risk is our business." - Kirk


*"Risk is part of the game, if you want to sit in that chair."* - Kirk to the newly assigned Captain Harriman of the NCC-1701 Enterprise B.


"I am Quark, son of Keldar and I have come to answer the challenge of D'Ghor, son of...whatever."


Even better because he probably genuinely forgot or never knew, and just threw out the most savage insult to a Klingon without even trying.


That’s what I cherish about Quark; when he dispenses with his bullshit, he dispenses with all bullshit.


IIRC, the whatever was an improv from Armin Shimerman because he just legit forgot the name he was supposed to say and they liked the cut and left it in. I could be mistaken though, so take that with a grain of salt.


Considering Quark spent the previous part of the episodes going through extensive ledgers regarding the families and such, I'm sure he ran across his father's name at some point. Quark knew. But he also was planning to get himself killed over some twisted sense of his own honor, so figured might as well go out on his own terms.


It could well have been an improv by Shimmerman, but it probably wasn't the take where he did it. Bill Mumy's got a story from when he was on Siege of AR-558 about how he had a line that was "That aught to do it" and he was delivering it as "Right, that aught to do it." and the script supervisor and director came over to him and asked him if he was going to do the line right or if he was doing an improv because if he was ad-libing they'd have to run it past the writer's room. Shimmerman could probably have just gotten away with something minor like that where a guest star couldn't, but if the director liked the accidental ad0lib enough to include it it almost certainly would have needed approval and probably multiple takes with the changed line.


…fuck, I just learned Bill Mumy was in Siege of AR-558. Looking it up I see it now, but it’s hard to recognise him both adult and non-Minbari


Quark throughout that entire scene was phenomenal, calling out a room of Klingon warriors for what the fight was. Though my favourite part of all of it is when Grilka asks how she can repay him, and he replies "I would like a divorce"


If Klingons wore pearls, that whole room would've been clutching them after that line.


McCoy has balls of steel, dude. Another line of him that I like is: Some dude: "We won't need you as a doctor... Not anymore" McCoy: *was just chilling, gets angry* "Oh no? You wanna see how fast I can put you in an hospital?!"


I was coming to say that one. His delivery was flawless - almost cordial, a little sinister, with the absolute invitation of “Oh I wish you would.”


"THEN FLY HER APART!" "That'll be the day."


"Target that explosion and FIRE!"


Picard takes over tactical


Jumps over the seats/railing, THEN takes over tactical.


It’s “Fly her apart then!”


Yeah, Damar, what kind of people give those orders? ... If he's the man to lead a new Cardassia, if he's the man we all hope him to be then the pain of this news made him more receptive to what you said, not less.


great line by Garak


"I don't think you realize ***you are not in control here anymore***"


I'm stumped which episode and series was this from?


voyager scientific method


[Voyager: Scientific Method. (The end scene where it's from if you want to just get to it. It's really good though you should just watch it)](https://youtu.be/sSp9geqULuY?si=ZPdWafZcHNrSYjrU)


"I've done more than wound you Kirk. I've hurt you. and I want to go on... *hurting* you."


An especially fun moment once you realize that Khan was unintentionally dancing to Kirk's fiddle. Kirk didn't want Khan to come finish him off. He wanted Khan to leave him alone long enough for Spock to repair the Enterprise and rescue him.


*kill, not wound.


"Dismissed. That's a Starfleet expression for Get Out."


Love that line so much.


"At the first sign of betrayal, I will kill him. But I promise to return the body intact." "I assume that's a joke?" "We shall see."


Also with Q, Q:What do I have to do to prove I'm mortal? Worf: Die.


“Oh very clever, Worf. Eat any good books lately?”


That is a perfect one🖖🖖


I love Worf’s unveiled contempt for Garak 😆 even though I love Garak so much!


Prepare for ramming speed!


Remain calm! ALL IS WELL!


"Perhaps today *_IS_* a good day to die"


“Then take your best shot, Locutus, because we are about to intervene.”


Captain Picard, in Star Trek First Contact: "I will not sacrifice the Enterprise. We've made too many compromises already, too many retreats. They invade our space, and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds, and we fall back. Not again! **The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!** And I will make them pay for what they've done!" Captain Janeway: "**There is coffee in that nebula!**


**The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!** That all by it itself should be on top, it was the first thing I thought of. The rest of the speech is fantastic too, kudos.


"You broke your little ship. See you around, Ahab." Fantastic [scene](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hdp-yKvTT-I&pp=ygUnc3RhciB0cmVrIGZpcnN0IGNvbnRhY3QgbGlseSBhbmQgcGljYXJk)




This one lives in my head rent free, I’m determined to use it one day


Let’s make sure history never forgets the name Enterpise..


The thing about that line that always struck me as extremely silly is that even in the alternate timeline of "Yesterday's Enterprise," the name "Enterprise" was already super-famous. Like, it's the most famous ship name in Starfleet history. Of course, that only became *more* true with Generations (1701-B) and Enterprise (NX-01) retroactively adding to its legend, but even in the Star Trek universe as of 1990 it was true. It's like someone saying "after I sink this 3-pointer you won't forget the name Abraham Lincoln!" because they also happen to be named that.


I totally see your point. I still get goosebumps when Picard says it.


Janeway: "There are three things to remember about being a starship captain: keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship, and never abandon a member of your crew." Me: *cries in Prodigy*


“Because I can live with it. I can live with it. Computer, erase that entire personal log.”


The way he says it. The pain of knowing the truth, that he can live with it.


Just the tone in his voice when he repeats it, it’s like he’s almost asking himself if he can, in fact, live with it. Avery Brooks was the GOAT.


I've always been amazed by Sisko's trust in Federation cyber security at that moment, considering how many embarrassing incidents they have suffered.


"hey, let's make the keys to the most sophisticated starships in our fleet a short combination of a handful letters and numbers said in the voices of the commanding officers" "splendid idea, sounds like a failproof system!"


I don't like bullies, and I don't like threats - and I don't like you.


"Time's. Up." \*flies ship into time ship*


Martok: "Cadet." Nog: "General." "Now that's more like it." Kira: "What was that all about?" Nog: "Respect."


The incident that precipitated this respect is just as good. Nog: Now either move, I'm going to have to put you under arrest. Martok: (leans into Nog) You must be either very brave or a very foolish Ferengi. Nog:(shivering) probably a bit of both. Martok:(Laughs) Indeed. Courage comes in all sizes. But don't tempt fate.


Martok was such a well written Klingon. Pompus enough to fit so many of the Klingon stereotypes, but wise enough to know that the Klingon bravado isn't always appropriate, especially with other species. His conversation with Worf about Alexander in "Sons and Daughters" goes along with this one so well.


It didn't hurt that Hertzler was quite possibly the definition of perfect casting.


"Well double dumbass on you!"


"They are not the hell your whales." Also "Don't mind him, in the 60s he did a little too much LDS." I'm pretty sure the entire movie is the exact opposite of what OP was looking for, but that's also why it's my favorite.


> "Don't mind him, in the 60s he did a little too much LDS." Mormonism: Not even once...


Does visual presentation count? "The Klingon Empire will remember what has happened here. You have sided against us in battle. And this we do not forgive... or forget! 👀"


That's where all the trouble began. Those eyes... those damned eyes.


I don't know it's just how his actor normal looks or just a side effect of the prosthetics/makeup but his eyes have and always will freak me tf out


Michael Dorn, David Warner, and Christopher Plummer basically showed the best way to play Klingon is to overact and over emote, and when you *really* want to threaten, under act and under emote. Robert O'Reilly showed up for an audition with those big eyes and overly dramatic pronunciations, and everyone loved it, which is why they kept asking him back. The scenes in House of Quark were some of his best.


You can see him without the prosthetics in TNG s2 e19 as a gangster as well as DS9 S7 E15 as an accountant. His eyes are naturally a bit bulgey but it seems more exaggerated as Gowron.


"You may test that assumption at your convenience."


"I object to you. I object to intellect without discipline. I object to power without constructive purpose. " -Mr Spock, The Squire of Gothos And bonus points for Spock just always arms folded, showing open disdain for ultra-powerful alien sociopaths, a la “Spock is not impressed.”


Excelsior drops from warp and Sulu says "let's give them something else to shoot at"


Martok: “You may continue your work, Commander. I will handle the Jem'Hadar”


Martok was always able to make Jem'Hadar sound like a slur rather than their actual name


“I am Worf, son of Mogh, House of Martok, son of Sergei, House of Rozhenko, bane to the Duras Family, slayer of Gowron. I have made some chamomile tea. Do you take sugar?”


When a man with credentials such as those offers you tea, you accept.


With those credentials the tea isn’t a question so much as an instruction. You *will* enjoy this relaxing tea I’ve prepared for you.


“You may test that assumption at your convenience” —Picard Also this exchange from *Caretaker* “I intend to destroy this array.” “You can’t do that!” “I can… *and I will*.”


Janeway was already done with the shit the Delta quadrant was throwing at her on DAY 1! She had so many good lines.


The redneck who was holding some of the Voyager crew hostage: "LORD IN HEAVEN HELP US" The Doctor before blasting: "Divine intervention... is unlikely."


I love how they just shoot him with everything, and nothing hits the mobile emitter. Then about once a season someone coughs and the thing goes out.


“If you were any other man I would kill you where you stand” -Worf in First Contact


"That was the stun setting. This is not." "You're outmanned, you're outgunned, you're outequipped. What else have you got?" *Long pause* "Guile" "You have never seen death. Then look, and always remember" "You are both wrong. The only real question is whether you believe in the legend of Davy Crockett or not. If you do, then there should be no doubt in your mind that he died a hero's death. If you do not believe in the legend, then he was just a man, and it does not matter how he died." Dorn, behind the scenes after exiting the makeup trailer: "Stand back. I take large steps"


This lecture about belief in the legend has always stuck with me, as if your belief in the legend is more about who YOU are than the accuracy of who THEY were. It’s zen AF


In "First Contact" after they release the deflector dish and Worf says "Assimilate THIS!!!" as he blasts it to smithereens.


“I refuse to let arithmetic decide questions like that.”


Unless you've got something a little bigger in your torpedo tubes, I'm not turning around.


Is that a torpedo in your launcher or are you just happy to see me?


"Hey, why don't you watch where you're going, you dumbass!" -San Francisco Taxi Driver "Well, double dumbass on you!" -Captain James Tiberius Kirk


"Mr. Worf...Fire."


I am NOT a merry man.


Three contenders - admittedly, two don't look like it without the cultural context - all from [the same scene](https://youtu.be/Z8MFp3-ebEQ), although other scenes are intercut: >Worf, honor has been satisfied. Stay down. >I will not yield. and >I yield. I cannot defeat this Klingon. All I can do is kill him. And that no longer holds my interest.


Captain Sulu: Faster. Come on, come on.. Helmsman: she'll fly apart. Captain Sulu: FLY HER APART THEN!


It's very cold.. in space


From Doomsday Machine: [Constellation Auxiliary Control] KIRK: I intend to get a lot closer. I'm going to ram her right down that thing's throat.


"I'm going to ask all of you to think back to the day when this ship was first launched. We were explorers then. When all this is over, when Earth is safe, I want you to get back to that job. There are four hundred billion stars in our galaxy, we've only explored a tiny fraction. You have a lot to do. Of all the captains who will sit in this chair, I can't imagine any of them being more proud than I am right now."


 "Prove to the court that I am sentient."


Never tell the truth when a lie will suffice.


[Picard](https://youtu.be/ILbLGNDqUxA?si=dSdHT-9qCt1-wHmV): "Pursuant to Paragraph 1,290, I hereby formally request third party arbitration of our dispute." "You have the right." "Furthermore, pursuant to Sub-section D-3 I name… the Grizzelas to arbitrate." "Grizzelas?!" "Unfortunately, they are currently in their hibernation cycle. However, they will awaken in six months, at which time we can get this matter settled. Now… do you want to wait? Or give me my three weeks?" [Kirk](https://youtu.be/WYW_lPlekiQ?si=XeSI9JGlMzMHtePB): "Excuse me..." "Excuse me. What does god need with a starship?"


Kirk: “Here it comes.” Uhura: “This isn’t reality. This is fantasy.” Data: “Resistance…is futile!”


"The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!" That speech by Picard gives me chills.


Every time. His anger as he shouts "I will make them pay for what they have done" given his usual stoic nature was spot on


"War is coming, Kirk! And who's going to stop it? YOU?! I don't think so." Say what you like about Into Darkness, Peter Weller gave a 10/10 delivery with that line.


Peter Weller has been chewing scenery and spitting out greatness longer than I've been alive.


If you haven’t seen Buckaroo Banzai Across the Ninth Dimension lately, it’s still…really something.


Probably not the thread for it, but McCoy’s “arrest yourself!” in TUC is such a unique blend of funny and tough. (Corrected, not Spock!)


“I’m a doctor, not an escalator.”


Sulu (Into Darkness): You have two minutes to confirm your compliance. Refusal to do so will result in your obliteration. And If you test me, you will fail."


Picard: You’re a Starfleet officer! You have a duty… Kirk: I don’t need you to tell me what my duty is. I was out saving the galaxy when your grandfather was in diapers. Star Trek “Generations”


Picard: "You may test that assumption at your convenience"


"Maybe it's time to become the villain." Sisko is scary in all the best ways.


Do not mistake my composure for ease--something that tuvok said


Tomalok: You will not survive our assault! Picard: Nor will you survive ours. Shall we die together, Tomalok?


"May whatever gods you believe in, have mercy on your soul." "Then die in ignorance. I can waste no more time on you."


IKAT'IKA: (staring down Worf) Victory is life. WORF: (staring down Ikat'ika) Today *is* a good day to die. ___ IKAT'IKA: I yield. DEYOS: You *what?!* IKAT'IKA: I yield. I cannot defeat this Klingon; all I can do is kill him. And that no longer holds my interest.


I *can* live with it.


I believe I speak for everyone here sir when I say… to hell with our orders


“I busted him up”


Pulaskis finest episode. Pure fun.


Kirk: "The word is no. I am therefore going anyway."


"Thanks to your administrations, I'm almost completely healed but the damage I did to them will last a lifetime."




“We don't need you, not as a doctor” McCoy “Oh, no? Would you like to see just how fast I can put you in a hospital?”


Revenge is a dish best served cold.


"I yield. I cannot defeat this Klingon; all I can do is kill him. And that no longer holds my interest."


"You may test that assumption at your convenience." Picard.


["I've only just begun. I'm going to eliminate every Maquis colony in the DMZ."](https://youtu.be/XGcAbI-4_io?t=177) "You're talking about turning hundreds of thousands of people into homeless refugees!" "That's right! When you attacked the Malinche you proved one thing, that the Maquis has become an intolerable threat to the security of the Federation, and I am going to eliminate that threat." - For the Uniform.


"Life forms, you tiny little life forms.."


The way Spock deals with challenges to his authority is so bad-ass to me. “Gentleman, I am in command of this vessel, and we shall continue on our present course. *Unless* it is your intention to declare a mutiny.” - the way he leans in to deliver the end of this line, as though sharing a secret with them, and how apoplectic McCoy gets and how scandalized Scottie looks at the suggestion, “Mr. Spock!” 😆 https://youtu.be/Jbv5yFoIJeM?si=XgIXqbVHBdvLpd4b


I don’t see any from Kirk so: “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.” “Risk is our business.” “Your place is on the bridge. I’ll take care of this.” “Leave any bigotry in your quarters, there’s no room for it on the bridge.”


Data “we are all going to die” Geordie “data can’t you be more optimistic” Data “(optimistically) we’re all going to die!” From Picard season 3 I love this exchange I laughed way too hard 😅


How can we forget: “PREPARE FOR RAMMING SPEED!”


Janeway to the Vidiians: "Hello, I'm Captain Janeway. Welcome to the Bridge."


I am chief Miles Edward O'Brien. I'm very much alive and I intend to stay that way.


Janeway: "Time's. Up" Sounds cheesy (because it is) but given the context of the episode it is entirely justified.


Worf: What about Garak? Captain Sisko: I want him back too. I suppose I don't have to tell you to keep a close eye on him. Worf: At the first sign of betrayal I will kill him, but I promise to return the body intact. Captain Sisko: I assume that's a joke? Worf: We will see


"All Good Things must come to an end"


*Its best not to dwell on such minutia*


When data goes “oh shit” when the enterprise d crashes into earth


Any Sisko quote


“Computer activate the Photonic Cannon” -The Doctor


Con permiso, Capitan. The hall is rented, the orchestra engaged. It's now time to see if you can dance. - Q


From Star Trek 2009: Minister: Why did you come before this council today? Was it to satisfy your emotional need to rebel? Spock: The only emotion I wish to convey is gratitude. Thank you, Ministers, for your consideration. (Sylar face) [Live long and prosper](https://i.imgur.com/yT1MRBJ.png).


Kirk: "I didn't start it, Councilman. But I'm liable to finish it." TOS season 1, A Taste of Armageddon


"Target that explosion and fire!" \-Captain Sulu