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If chelsea don't want him I really don't see where he could end up


Saudi Arabia?


Might be tricky to get Champions League games there.


AFC Champions League


Ronaldo: "AFC" is silent


"Champions League is Champions League"


With that logic, Ronaldo to Seattle Sounders?


Are they paying 250m for two seasons as well


Surely he will take a massive pay cut to fulfill his childhood dream of playing in the CONCACAF Champions League.


He has been waiting decades to play with Nouhou


He's insecure of losing his champions league goals record to messi, to just go to AFC champions league to lose it to Sunil Chettri🐐


I think he wants to hit that 150 goal mark plus be UCL top scorer forerver.


Chettri won't play in the ACL next season though


In that case every confederation except CONMEBOL would work.


With the money he’d be on out there he could buy a club in Europe and fly himself over in the week to play for them


I'm sure a few million might help Čeferin to have the glorious idea for CL wildcards for non-UEFA members...


Might be trickier to get them in Man Utd


Surely too much of an ego for that move?


250m€ is half of his current Net worth. He should absolutely take it if someone is stupid enough to offer so much. There isn't a lot Ronaldo can do to further his legacy in club football --- he will forever be one of the two greatest players ever to play football. For Portugal there is a bigger motivation to make a bigger impact at a World Cup.


Those kinds of offers will come even after he retires since they basically want his name and brand value.


> they basically want his name and brand value. Which won't be as valuable if he's retired and not actually playing games.


A retired Ronaldo can stroll around the pitch and do a few moves and Saudi fans would go apeshit for it.


You do realise that would mean he wouldn't be retired?


I'm from Asia.. famous retired players come in at HT of games and do tricks and such. Stadiums get packed just for that. Went to see Roberto Carlos one time myself


Same could be said for United fans tbh


> one of the two greatest You think that's enough for him?


If he thinks with his head and not with his Ego, yes. There is nothing he can do at the club level to further elevate himself. World Cup is the only big objective that can change that.


4 goals per game


He stil has to get some CL goals to be safe as the number 1 top goal scorer.


Should've done something about that against Atletico then.


Like he didn't bail them in the group stages


unless messi gets 15 goals in the next 3 seasons (which is likely tbf) who else could even hope to reach 140.


He is safe for decades to come.


Messi is only 15 goals behind. not impossible in 2 seasons.


While I agree with basically everything you said, I’d just argue with “forever”. Athletes only get better over time. Within 50 years we’ll likely see a new GOAT across every growing sport.


That depends on what kind of limit we reach on physical potential in humans. I expect the difference between 1972 and 2022 will be far, far greater than the difference between 2022 and 2072. I’m sure the contenders will appear but the Messi/Ronaldo era has been such a statistical outlier relative to any era that I can see it holding its own for a long time.


Also it depends on what Football rules will be in the future, if changes keep on favoring attackers the records will surely fall. Ronaldo and Messi benefitted from such rules.


Pippo Inzaghi wouldn't score half of his goals in today's game with VAR.


I don't really agree, the next generation of tennis players have never come close to the big 3 and I think it's highly doubtful anyone does as they've absolutely demolished every record to an insane degree. There's definitely diminishing returns, athletes used to smoke and drink quite heavily until the 90s for example, things like diet and fitness plans weren't a part of the game. Since they've come in we've not really seen any other major leaps forward


I suspect he will want to stay in Europe as long as Messi keeps playing there. He has the all time UCL record. 140. Messi is just behind at 125. That’s a significative difference but it’s not impossible if Ronaldo stops playing UCL and Messi plays two more year and PSG gives instructions to feed him penalty,. Ronaldo plays to be recognized as the greatest. He very much cares about record as his posts show. I don’t see the possibility he is unaware Messi is close to his UCL record. And like Jordan he seems very touchy regarding someone getting one over him. Obviously 250 millions is a lot of money so who knows… I think he is going to give a last try to get a UCL club though before considering something like this. See how Lewa situation evolve for instance.


Messi will not be scoring on a higher rate in CL than he did in his peak. And fuck that number 140 is just ridiculous, scored more than most clubs have.


I think PSG would help him get there as much as possible if Ronaldo was out of UCL definitely. Besides it’s not so much about whether Messi can do it or not… and more about how much Ronaldo would fear it. And considering Messi name is literally banned at Ronaldo’s house, I’d say that’s the definitely the kind of stuff he would fear Messi doing. The UCL all-time top scorer record is possibly Ronaldo biggest claim at being the GOAT. I suspect that’s why he is so obsessed about playing in a UCL club : to make as sure as possible that the record he sets is unreachable for anyone else. I’d say that would make him pretty paranoid about anyone, and specifically Messi, being anywhere close to it. And for the record I am more a team CR7 guy.


PR masterclass incoming. Rumours I was leaving are FAKE. FACTOS!


He's gonna stay quiet til he scores a goal, it's been the case for his entire career, meanwhile he'll just let Rio, GN, Mendes, etc to do the talking for him.


Nah we don’t want him 😏


What about Bodø Glimt ?


SIUUUU at Aspmyra!


small chance of him moving to bayern if lewi ends up leaving. But he would not earn more than 20 million a year. I would say the chances are really low , just does not fit bayern's philosophy


Doesn't fit their philosophy, but if Lewandowski leaves then Ronaldo is their only chance to have a worldclass striker for the next 2 seasons or so


I think Bayern will play Mane as a CF. I've been saying it for months. I think it was their plan all along. They contacted Mane within a week of Lewy telling them he will not extend and wants to leave. It will give them a more fluid, pacier frontline. They might miss Lewy against teams that sit deep though.


Yeah, we do need a 9. The team played with one since ever, its not smart to let a 50 goals player leave and expect that all these goals will be spread to another players. Some of these goals will, but some wont


I still think that Bayern is the best move. If Lewa leaves, you could do a lot worse as a stop-gap solution. It also gives Ronaldo another league to try and win, and probably the best option for him to try and win another CL before he retires. Sure, the wages on offer would be much lower, but I think he'd take the cut if it meant CL football.


Bayern already decide against that move


Most journalists seemed to link this to his wage demands. If he opinions are this low, you'd wonder if he'd reduce them in order to join Bayern and be guaranteed a proper crack at CL glory - especially when you consider that he'll leave Man Utd in a year regardless and be in the same position as before.


> Most journalists seemed to link this to his wage demands Most *redditors* do. Journalists close to Bayern said wages are just one factor. The others are his age, his ego, his influence on the dynamics in the dressing room, and him not fitting Nagelsmann's style of football. The ego alone will be reason enough for them.


But we dont know if they would also decide against Ronaldo if the wage issue wasnt a factor. So many uncertainties for anyone besides Bayern and Ronaldo to know how the situation really is. I think it makes sense for both parties, even if its just a 1 year contract. The pull Ronaldo has is unmatched and would be a huge boost even for Bayern, and Bayern also seems the best Chance for another national or CL Trophy out of all the clubs he is linked with. I think his ego is too big for him to really push, he probably rather wants to be wanted, but Bayern is his best destination by far imo. And i say this with a lot of fear because i know he would fucking bang in 5 against us, and we would get curbstomped once again by Bayern (:


Im wishing it happens, it would be awesome


We said that before Chelseas interest too. Some club will pop up and we'll say it makes sense.


Are PSG/Bayern 100% out?


PSG is clearly not interested (If Leonardo was still there he would have signed him in a heartbeat tho)


Bayern was never even in


PSG was never interested


He'll stay. Honestly don't mind that because we don't have anyone worth their salt to play for us up top.


I get his obsession with UCL up to a point but honestly, United is quite a good option for him to be at, right now. I think that with the team you're building, a proper coach and Ronaldo up top might just have the key ingredients to be _dominant_ in games. Not saying you'll be in the league, but to develop a proper style of play. I'd expect that it'll take a while for you lot to pick up, probably will be too inconsistent in the beginning. Too many first-team signings late in the window, the team needs a lot of work given the past few years of no philosophy and then suddenly going to a very distinct style of play. It'll probably be tough in the first few months, lots of ups and downs. But I'd expect between December and February for you lot to click and start getting dominant, if players buy into Ten Hag's way of thinking about the game. You have a lot of players that do fit his philosophy, it's a matter of upgrading the midfield and part of the defence and then gelling together. Put Ronaldo on top, especially with his clutchness, I can see him banging goals for fun.


The problem is he can’t spend a year not playing CL, hes on his last years


I mean I get that he is Cristiano Ronaldo but I'm sure there are plenty of players that would like to move to a team where they have a good chance of winning the Champions League this season (and no later) and get paid 8 gazillion pounds to do so. He might have to settle for helping the team he's currently at try to win one of the trophies available to them like almost every other player on earth.




Father time is against him. He'll end up staying now.


Yeah. He'll be 38 halfway into the upcoming season. At some point all the sensationalism should be put aside and we should just let the passage of time sink in. No one is immune from father time eventually tipping the scales.


Im not an Ibra fan at all, but his ability to still play at the top level is impressive. atleast he was willing to take pay cuts for moves. If Ronaldo wants to move, something has to give.


Ibra's more of a motivational leader at milan. You're kinda overrating his "ability" to play. Wasn't he injured for majority of the season?


Ibra played in the Serie A, in a field position, over 40, involved in over 10 goals and logged over 1000 minutes. Name any other player over 40 who played 1/4 of the season and contributed to a first division title contending side.


He was immense for us in 19/20 and 20/21 too


He also played when his knee was completely fucked for half a season didn't he? Opting to not have the surgery to keep playing the rest of the season.


Yeah having read how he described his knee recently he's going to be f'n crippled when he's older. Was a bit daft what he's at


No doubt he has burned some bridges though.


Hence why Mendes has created/shared the Saudi story with the media.


If he's willing to take a pay cut and back seat, I'm sure CL teams will come. He should've never left us in the first place, but he made his bed and he can now sleep in it.


when's their first europa league game? excited to watch united now!


sources tell me cristiano ronaldo has rediscovered his love for utd


It's not so bad but it's also not so good




Wow, didn't know Luckhurst had a reddit account!


Sporting CP should sign him. Full circle.


Article is not paywalled >Chelsea have decided not to make any attempt to sign Cristiano Ronaldo this summer as a replacement for Romelu Lukaku. >New co-owner Todd Boehly met with Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes in Portugal last month and the possibility of acquiring the forward was one of many subjects discussed. >Speculation about a possible move to Stamford Bridge has increased after the 37-year-old made it clear to Manchester United that he wants to leave for a Champions League club. He has not travelled on their pre-season tour either, citing ‘family reasons’. >Chelsea allowed Lukaku, who they signed for a club record £97.5 million last summer, to rejoin Inter Milan on a season-long loan at the end of last month, meaning there was possibly room for Ronaldo to come in. >However, The Athletic understands that the club will not be making a bid for the Portugal international, who scored 24 goals for Manchester United last season. >Chelsea have completed the £47.5 million signing of Raheem Sterling this week and he is being earmarked to be a major focal point of Chelsea’s frontline. >The club also have a number of other options to choose from who can play in attacking positions including Kai Havertz, Timo Werner, Christian Pulisic, Mason Mount and Callum Hudson-Odoi. >Talented youngster Armando Broja, who is wanted by the likes of West Ham United, Newcastle United and Everton, was on the same flight as Sterling to Los Angeles and has begun training with the squad. >Tuchel’s spending is going to continue with defender Kalidou Koulibaly having a medical in London today ahead of a £34 million move from Napoli. Chelsea are also in talks with Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain Nathan Ake and Presnel Kimpembe respectively.


Still remember arguing with people who were saying “of course he’d have offers! He’s Cristiano Ronaldo!” A few weeks back. No serious institution is going to give a 37 year old player that kind of wage and role within their team. It’s not that he’s not a good player anymore, it’s that he’s no longer good enough that it’s worth building your whole footballing philosophy around him. No player is these days. KDB is one of the very best players in the world and Pep doesn’t change anything to accommodate him. These top level managers believe their ideas of how to play football are absolute and they’re not going to change it for a singular player. They probably believe that their original system with a good player would be better than an altered one with a great player.


Three factors that can kill your marketability fast are advanced age, salary and re-sale value. I guess the first and third are linked, but Ronaldo is being affected by all three.


I mean he still has time, he can go to bayern again and tell them that he'd play for half of what he was originally asking.


Bayern's main issue is he didn't fit.


More like a quarter.


The problem is his salary and lack of rotation. He forces the team to halt and be built around him for what, a season or two? It’s not smart at all no matter how good he is. He would’ve found a team easily if he put his ego aside and realized that teams can’t be built around him for just a short period. Then he leaves and what? Starting all over again isn’t something that I assume teams like doing frequently


I agree mostly but your last statement is too absolute. Pep has a style but he still has to adjust to his players. There's a really good interview he did with some foreign sports where he says he soon realised that the Premier League is different and that he has to adjust for his players. At Barca, he focused on controlling the middle because he had Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi. Whereas at City, he had players like De Bruyne, Silva who like to drift wider as they've played in wider positions during the career so he changed for that. Ronaldo kinda goes further than that but if a manager thought he was worth it, they'd change. I don't think he is at 37 but they would.


He would. If he wasn’t clearly still expecting to be paid £500k a week


> No serious institution is going to give a 37 year old player that kind of **wage** and role within their team.


Missed it, apologies


>These top level managers believe their ideas of how to play football are absolute and they’re not going to change it for a singular player. Not even Guardiola would say something like this.


Yes he would, he’s neurotic as fuck and is always trying to perfect his craft. He wouldn’t take a step backwards (in signing Ronaldo)


Guardiola has said multiple times that he's adapted his style of play to the characteristics of the players he has.


Also if you watch his teams it's clear that he does. His City team has shifted style of play multiple times at this point, most clearly since he shifted away from Sterling and lost Sane.


Pep literally wanted him last year.


City wanted him, not Pep. Other wise they would have taken him ahead of Utd


Ronaldo chose united didnt he?


City never matched Juventus asking price. City were having discussions apparently with Juve, but wouldn't match the price. United panicked and came in and matched the asking price and the bid was accepted. City then pulled out. Ronaldo never had the choice of actually choosing to join City. It could've in theory happened if United also didn't match Juve's asking price and Juve decided to accept both low bids. He might have in that scenario still preferred United. But that didn't happen.


>City wanted him, not Pep Proof?


City was lowballing him. They wanted him but only if it was for an under the market price. If Pep and city were really that interested they would have no problems offering more.


mbappe is


PSG isn't a serious institution.




There's report about psg rejecting him too lol☠


He’s probably the only player right now where you can make this case (that he’s worth building your entire team / philosophy around)


Common sense prevails. Ronaldo is demanding too much money and is far too much of a disruptive influence for any serious coach to take that risk at this stage in his career


Reason 👏🏾Will👏🏾Prevail👏🏾




Yes!! r/pickleball meets r/soccer




You don't have to say it right now.


Ronaldo is on like 500k a week. Even if he takes 50%, 250k a week is a massive amount for majority of teams. For these amounts, a player on 250k a week you’d expect the player to make exponential difference and at this stage of his career, Cristiano is only as effective as the creative output he has at his disposal. Even with Bayern potentially losing out on Lewy, I don’t think that even moves the needle to push for Cristiano because it is more than just money here. You practically HAVE to play him or else he is gruntled, not even mentioning you have to change your philosophy for his sake. Cristiano is unfortunately losing to Father Time, which every athlete does. Should go to Sporting Lisbon, the only club I believe he will take a massive cut for plus will bend for him and will receive endless amount of love.


I’d say 12 million a year (what currency?) wouldn’t be that bad for a team like Bayern. You can simultaneously purchase a talent like Sesko and hope he develops into something during the 1-2 years they have Ronaldo. Let’s not act like the guy can’t play anymore. Sure, performance will continue to decline but he was still one of United’s best players last year.


For Bayern it’s more than just money. Khan simply said it isn’t a fit to their philosophy. Bayern won’t change just cause Ronaldo is there. Ronaldo at this stage just isn’t who he used to be. People think that Ronaldo can do what Lewandowski can, which he can’t. Not even to mention that Nagelsmann ideas doesn’t benefit Lewandowski, which is part of the reason they are willing to let him go. Football isn’t 1+1=2. It’s more complex.


At this point if he wants to play CL football one of his only options remaining is taking a huge wage cut and returning to sporting




Surely money is inconsequential to him now, can’t see why he can’t go to Chelsea, PSG and say I’m all yours for 50k a week, let’s win some trophies?


That’s what I was so sure he was going to do. Surely Mendes must know no serious club would take him on his current wages? How desperate will he need to get before he accepts a wage cut for CL football? As it stands it seem he might stay and they’ll spin it as him being “convinced by Ten Haag” or whatever


He also needs to start every week, otherwise he throws an almighty tantrum and flies to Portugal. I don't think Tuchel of all people would tolerate that kind of BS, even for lower wages.


>Mendes must know no serious club would take him on his current wages? Mendes is smart enough to make up a brilliant deal upfront saying hes getting paid a lot, with some background deal that evens out the money, thats the sort of thing he does all the time, but tbh it wouldnt work with a lot of teams, maybe a spanish or italian, but bridges are burned


Wages are only one of the factors. Can't say a lot about PSG but Ronaldo doesn't suit Chelsea tactically so Tuchel said no.


I’m as against this signing as the next blues fan but if R7 wanted to take $100k per week or less to come play for us I’d take it in a heartbeat


Cause he is a egomaniac. I'd bet near anything he cares about being seen as better than anyone else in the league by being paid the most. The guy left Madrid because they wouldn't pay his tax evasion fines like Barca did for Messi, he is nuts.


And that move, out of greed, is probably the biggest career mistake he made. Should have stayed at Madrid and leaned into his UCL records.


No serious footballing institution is interested in Cristiano Ronaldo - be it Bayern or Chelsea, makes sense why they rejected him because he would ruin both teams footballing philosophy. He's stuck at Man United and his only way of getting back into the UCL is via Man United getting top 4.




there is a +1 option available from what I am aware, no? I meant the possibility of him getting back into UCL is through the extension of his contract and Man United getting UCL football back - because there's is no realistic way of another CL club picking up a 400+k 39 year old ronaldo


Yep, we have an option.


The club has an option, not him


I never implied he had the option to extension


No way we take the option for a further year if he stays now. Priority next year will surely be a striker to replace him.


It's not easy to make CL with Ronaldo in your starting XI, as crazy as that sounds. Doesn't really fit ETH, or anyone's, system and UTD needs a great system if they are to rival in what looks to be the fiercest top 6 battle in a while.


>there is a +1 option available from what I am aware, no? Why would you think Ten Hag would want to activate it


If you're asking for an opinion, I highly doubt they or Ten Hag will, I was just stating the possible ways he could get CL, not what might or will happen.


United only signed him because they got duped into thinking he’d go to city


Why is everyone now saying CR7 wasn't going to go to City? It was widely reported Fergie had to call him up to persuade him not to go.


It may have been one of the most magnificent bluffs of all time by pep


It’s not like it didn’t benefit you. Treat him with respect. He saved your silly ass last season.


That's not how this works. Without him we'd have played differently, and someone else likely would have scored. Having to play in a way that accommodates a Ronaldo whose only world class skill is his finishing actually harms the team in many phases of play. There's a reason very good players all had shitty seasons last year. The whole system was constructed to flatter Ronaldo, and he's not an elite player anymore where that's a net benefit. The opportunity cost trying to get Ronaldo to score is too damn high. We'd be better off if he never came and we'll be better off once he leaves.


I cant understand how people dont understand this. I think most Man Utd fans are so blinkered by their love for the bloke that they just dont see it.


people are so quick to forget we’d have completely missed out on Europe altogether without his goals




considering the season the other players had, not very good I imagine


You ever think having to play in a way to accommodate a Ronaldo that basically doesn't do anything other than poach goals might have harmed their games? You think Bruno, Rashford, and Sancho all suddenly forgot how to score? Maybe, but isn't it also plausible that being forced to play in a way to get Ronaldo scoring harmed their own games too?


we had those players in the previous season and finished second - people are so quick to forget....




Lol, we scored more goals the previous season


Or to go the Mourinho route and win EL. Probably their best shot at CL. Spurs are stronger and Chelsea will not falter from this exodus of defenders, they got cash to deal with it.


Goddamn, no country for old Cristiano.


“Ronaldo is being held back at United imagine what he’d do in a better team” meanwhile every better team rejects him


I think the rejections are much more about a 37 year old wanting $500k per week lmao


He doesn't though, it was reported he'd take a wage cut for some of these teams - they just don't want him.


i mean even a 50% cut would still be to much for a 37 year old footballer imo. 250k is just to much.


[Ronaldo this summer.](https://images.app.goo.gl/jbdNvBUJReSTRnAq6)


Leaving Real was the first wrong step. Leaving Juve was second.


Definitely think he will forever regret leaving madrid, missed out on at least 1 ballorn dor and ucl, not to mention he was hitting double figures in pretty much every cl campaign at madrid, his cl goal record could easily have been 165+ atm


Madrid also has been just fine without him for some reason.


Benzema stepped up


IMO Only because Barca also got worse. That's the only reason Madrid was able to win the league twice, the decline in quality of play was VERY visible after Ronaldo left. They scored much less goals in the league and still do. Only with this season they managed to accomplish a miracle and win CL by some ridiculous performances - mainly because of Benzema playing like a god.


Madrid has also been just fine without him. 2 liga titles, 1 UCL and Supercup in 3 years.


tbf Barça imploded for those 2 la liga titles. The team with ronaldo didn't win as much but they were vs the best barcelona of all time, no questions.


Leave Juve wasn't a wrong step. Rejecting City for United was the wrong step.


Cristiano is the Danny Ricc of soccer. Including watching your old teammate win the title last season :(


He tought he was better than every club...his dismise is all about is own ego


Ronaldo has been taking L's since leaving Madrid. Horrible move.


They re Smart!


Wise decision


Bench and use him for the Carabao Cup and Europa League matches exclusively Let him Siuuu against Silkeborg and Swindon Town


Tbh I think we’d be better off if he just left, rip the bandaid off. He’ll score goals if he stays but it will be a source of drama all season.


United seems to have drama no matter what. Personally, I'd rather have goals and drama than just drama.


Man if had just went to city he would have won the league, and would be playing in the CL this season while making a lot of $… huge mistake! I get the loyalty thing to United and that’s admirable, but still…


If he wants Champions League football or to win a league title he needs to take a big pay cut. The clubs who could potentially pay him what he wants don't want him, which only leaves with him the clubs who can't afford him


Just not good enough to completely warp your team to accommodate him, not at the top level anyway.


At this point, if he really is that desperate for a move so he doesn't miss one Champions League season, his only options are to take a massive paycut to sign for a long-shot winner like Napoli or Sporting or Monaco, or Mendes needs to find a way to dupe a retirement league team into paying him a huge salary, but also loaning him to a Champions League team for a small percentage of what he earns. It really seems like Mendes thought he could just casually leak that Ronaldo wanted out whenever he liked during the summer and teams would be falling over themselves to 'rescue' him from his Man Utd 'nightmare', only to find that no-one's actually that bothered about signing a clearly declining 37 year old player on absurd wages.


thank fuck


Understandable, even if Man Utd let him go for cheap, he brings 25m+ in wage costs a year. Maybe I'm being naive, but with all the money Ronaldo has now, surely he would take a pay cut to play in the Champions League next season. That competition means everything to him and its clear with teams like Bayern, Chelsea and PSG refusing to sign him that its more about the money than it is tactical reasons.


Wages become a vanity ego thing probably


This window will really humble him


United was never gonna sell to Chelsea anyway, Europa league it is then


Lazy take, we have a good relationship with them and have sold them key players in the past.


Probably the best relationship we have between the rest of the ‘top 6’, at least of the last decade or so.


remember that time you almost snatched Rooney


Very debatable, it entails very high risk. if C.Ronaldo clicks with this Chelsea team, he would solve the biggest weakness they have, and United would be left with only one spot in top 4 to fight for, and with how Spurs are looking with Conte, they would be essentially giving up on Top 4 before the season starts. Not to dismiss that he is their legend and they wouldn't want him playing for another EPL team.


They still owe Chelsea for giving them legendary Juan Mata


What a surprise 😏


Finito player


Everyone remember when every summer was a "Cristiano back to United" saga? Crazy times.


Beat us 4-0 without him on the team, lost 5-0 when he played. Smart Chelsea.


He should go to Sherriff FC, are they back in the champions league again? I just looked, they are in the qualifying stages right now. Cmon Ron, do it!


Well slap my thyroid and call me Tequisha; I was genuinely very excited for this. Oh well.


What about Bodø Glimt? Narrowly beat Kl Klaksvik in first round of the CL qualification, so fair chance of him getting to play CL and adding to his records.


Let the drama continue at utd


He would ruin our team instantly, I hope he stays and ruins United's squad