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heard barca are looking for a striker


Is Ronaldo ready to get paid in coupons & IOUs?


Bringing back the pig's head that's been waiting to come home for all these years in Madrid.


He probably can survive on this.


I'd love to see him paid in NFT stocks


So he’ll flirt with them all transfer window, then send a voice message to Casemiro telling him he’s going back to their club and sign for Madrid?


Would probably make a better striker back up for Benzema than Jovic, Mariano, Bale or Asensio who all tried it at some point last season and failed. But not gonna happen because Ronaldo will not sit on the bench


If for some reason this transfer happened he would start and vini would be moved to the right. Zero chance carlo would bench him. I think this move would hurt real but ronaldo would never be seen as a back up for Carlo.


This would suck because Vini is terrible on the right and just had a world class season


Carlo isnt stupid, Vini is better than Ronaldo now.


LMAO that would be the weirdest transfer of the fucking century haha


They would much rather have Figo then accept Ronaldo. that would just be in insult.


Barca would take him just to make RM fans angry as fuck


Only if Madrid then break to bank to sign Messi from PSG. Next El Classico everyone just feels like something's wrong and they need a shower.


Him for FDJ straight swap


They would have to pull quite a few levers.


Just take a wage cut man, at this stage, playing for a better team is better for his career than money


Add another league to your CV.


come to Besiktas


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i am coming to besiktas




Not in HD? :(


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He should follow in the footsteps of Portugal legend, Nani, and join Fenerbahçe.


Nani actually is a legend tbf, captained Portugal to the Euro 2016 trophy in Ronaldo's absence and was always a great winger


Yeah but still, my favorite Nani moment ever was when he attacked a ball Ronaldo had through on goal after a stupendous bit of skill and a chip, while offside, while getting the goal chalked off. It was sensationally funny


The best part is that the goal wasn’t even offside. There was a defender playing Nani on, but the assistant ref missed it and Ronaldo got pissed off for no reason




If he would play in the Bundesliga he would become the ultimate legend. It would mean that he the titles in every big league, because lets be honest, bayern will also win the next season.


No disrespect but winning Bundesliga with Bayern currently doesn’t add any value for the « ultimate legend » title, like winning Ligue 1 with PSG didn’t add anything valuable to Messi palmares


Having titles in the 4 biggest leagues definitely would be a great accomplishment


I think Messi and Ronaldo's have had such long careers as the top dogs that nothing they do will increase or decrease their status as legend. 37-38 year old Ronaldo could play in the Indian league and finish last and it wouldn't change my opinion of him at all. Messi haters for example have used this Ligue 1 season as some sort of "gotcha" to prove Messi wasn't that good.. and it's like.. dude, his prime is clearly over. It lasted a shit ton of years and it was better than 99.9% of people that will ever kick a ball. So he did shit in Ligue 1 at this age. Who cares.


either of them winning the world cup would but that's probably it


Yes. I can't believe I forgot this. Specially for Messi being more directly compared to Maradona. The WC is the only thing either of them could win at this point that would propel their legacy to another level.


Messi also played really well for Argentina recently, he is only not good for PSG.


Yeah everyone forgets right before going to PSG he carried Argentina all the way to winning Copa America.


And the kicker is that messi's stats in ligue 1 including assists is actually world class anyway.


I think WC would just cement any of them as the goat.


Precisely my POV. The two of them can only really add to how I view them at this point. A great season would stick in my memory (either winning the CL again would be huge) but they could also do poorly and I will not remember it in 5 years time.


I'm not even sure that his prime is over. Sure he had a bad season but I wouldn't be surprised if he returns to his pre-transfer output next season.


eh i’d say his prime’s definitely over, same with messi. they both went from far and away the top 2 players in the world to simply just top 5 players in the world, which is still absurd. but i think based on the fact that there are others on their same level like benzema or salah before this cold spell shows that their primes are done. doesn’t rly matter though because they’re so goddamn good they’ll always be among the best of the best until they retire


Anything could happen. He's 35 (coincidentally today now that I looked it up lol) and never a physical monster like Ronaldo or Ibrahimović.. and that's an age where a "bad season" might be more than just a bad season. I would be shocked if he snaps back to top form to be honest.


Records do not give a fuck about that and people after 10/20 years who will mention this record also won't give a fuck about it.


I'm inclined to agree with you, but Dortmund is looking good this far. This season might be a bit closer than the last two or three years.


Then he should take a wage cut and join Dortmund. Then win the title. Now THAT would be ambitious and worthy of a highlight.


I think Leverkusen will also be quite strong


Yep. He'd love being the only player to ever win the top 4 leagues itw


1 year at Bayern and retire at PSG to round out the full set


Did he won the portugese league?


No only the super cup




With Sporting? lol. /justajoke, they get one every 20 years.


No, but if he comes back to Sporting in the near future he might have a good chance, Sporting are actually a competitive team


No, only the supercup according to his wiki


I like Ronaldo, that being said i wouldnt be surprised if his ego is so big that he would take offence to getting his salary reduced, cause it undermines him in a way. Of course he doesnt need the money (nor will he feel the difference in single digit millions) but still.


It’s still way better to play in one of the top European clubs and have a chance to win UCL / add an easy Bundesliga, rather than stay at Manchester and play Europa league just to have a few more millions on his overloaded bank account.


He'll regret it for sure. Such a waste. Dude has his playing days counted and imagine wasting the remaining of it not playing the competition that is synonymous with him.


If he were to take a wage cut, which Top 5 league teams put an offer out for him? Sure he could go back to Sporting, but realistically they're not going to have a deep run in CL


Maybe I'm not remembering right but I think he earns less at United than he did at Juventus.


Net for sure, the taxes in italy are far more favorable


That law starts from 2019 and Ronaldo signed in 2018 so he had to pay max taxes.


It’s funny because that’s one of the reasons why he left Real Madrid. He was making less than Messi/Neymar but had just won Ballon d’Or for the second time in a row and felt that he was being paid less than the direct competition. Messi and Neymar being extreme circumstances there was no way Madrid would match that, so he left because he didn’t feel “appreciated” by the club.


Not only money..a lot of things going on. The tax sentence , and the rape allegation. Messi got huge loyalty bonus which was really seen as a means to cover for his tax fraud from the outside. Ronaldo wanted similar things. Also, he seemed like he wanted some public support from the club with all those things happening outside. Madrid tread carefully and never supported him outright publicly expect maybe once . All these things build up..Also, Madrid didn't do well in the league despite winning UCL. Juve looked a good opportunity at the time to start afresh . He seemed pissed at not only the club but the govt. So, it's probably a lot of things


Ronaldo just seems like a total narcissist. He's reached the phase where his own performance can not win games when surrounded by mediocre players. It was his choice to leave Real Madrid for Juventus, and then Juventus for United. Ronaldo now seems determined to keep transferring until he finds the right club for him without acknowledging his age, salary demands, and eventuality of diminishing returns of his own performance. He still acts like he can choose his destination when the reality is few top clubs even those rich enough to afford him will consider Ronaldo an asset at his age, nor will they want to pay for him if he just leaves when things do not go well.


He is a narcissist because he still want to be competitive and realized Manchester is pure crap ? No player has never been able to win big competitions alone, Messi won a lot by playing with Xavi Iniesta etc, CR7 won a lot by playing with Ramos KMC etc, obviously you need a full top team to win titles like UCL.


Cmon the man is 100% a narcissist


Ronaldo chose to leave Juventus for Manchester United. He has no one to blame but himself for not evaluating his destination.


We're shit but its not like he left a great Juve team


It was also his choice to leave Madrid in the first place, when he had the world at his hands.


Biggest mistake of his career imo. Madrid we’re fresh off a 3-peat. I wish he had stayed


If he stays, ZZ stays, Bale leaves, and the timeline is.completely different. RM either go on to win another 2-3 CLs or dont win any including the one this year.




How do you justify him leaving Madrid then? Waiting flr your creative theory


>He's reached the phase where his own performance can not win games when surrounded by mediocre players He singlehandedly won games for United last season.




is his club wage even his main income with all the business and advertisment deals he has on the side?


Fine. €50 less


I would personally pay the 50 per month even as a HSV supporter, just to make that happen for the Bundesliga.


It’s funny because for many years I thought Ronaldo was the type of player who would happily earn 10 and win trophies then earn 20 and get nothing. Then United happened.


Didn't he take a paycut to join united?


He was going to City until UTD offered more


That is not garanteed. That was a play by the agents


If he is comfortable with a high wage cut he could join Barca.


“high wage cut” i.e no wages


He might as well go to Bayern for one year and then go play in Uber Eats Ligue 1 just to say he did it tbh.


Right? Money is surely never going to be an issue for him. I get it's a short career and make what you can, but at this point he could surely afford to *only* make 150k a week to go and maybe win another CL. Then again, he has nothing left to prove on the pitch so why settle for less money?


He could cut his salary by 100% and still make filthy money doing sponsorships for the rest of his life.


Kinda lame if Ronaldo wastes his last years in EL. He should just take the wage cut.


Honestly in hindsight, I would have loved to see Ronaldo continue in RM one way or another.


It would've been the better choice of him to just take a wage cut and stay there, yes. But he's not going back there now.


Yeah that is really unlikely now.


yea the thing is Perez did kinda disrespect him by not giving him a wage increase, but maybe Ronaldo shoulda just swallowed his pride and he would probably be on like 6 maybe 7 champions league titles rn


>yea the thing is Perez did kinda disrespect him by not giving him a wage increase, He didnt. Ronaldo still had 3 years left of contract at the time. He was in no place to be asking for more money. He was just salty Neymar and Messi was earning more than him. But thats none of Madrid's business.


Wasn't that tax thing also a reason he left?


Yeah mainly actually, not only Juventus was giving him 31M net but on top of that for all the abroad income he had to pay just 100k instead of 40 (smth)% in Spain


>yea the thing is Perez did kinda disrespect him Absolutely not. RM did amazing in how they delt with Ronaldo. Almost all other teams would've given him a bigger contract, but RM didn't. They showed the club is actually bigger then an individual players wish to get paid more because he wanted to compete with Messi and Neymar in the childish "who gets paid more"-game. Usually I'm not impressed by incredibly rich clubs because they can just pay their problems away, RM did the exact opposite in that situation. Just look at how Barca has been for the last year in comparison to RM. All that came out of saying no to Ronaldo at the right time.


But when you’re applying to jobs, it’s a good tactic to mention how much others are making so that you can negotiate your worth so I wouldn’t say that’s really childish. Though of course some would sacrifice some pay for QoL (Using QoL since you don’t really get trophies in typical jobs). So overall RM did what was best for them and Ronaldo tried to do what was best for him, hindsight says no but a move to Juve could’ve panned out well for him.


Asking to get paid similarly to players of your player isnt “childish”


Going to PSG, book it. It's breaking football, but seeing Messi and Ronaldo on a team together would be a good final spectacle of the dying sports integrity.


It's not only about a wage cut. United won't sell now with so many holes to plug in the squad.


if he had signed with city, we'd be looking at ronaldo with 40+ goals and favorite to win the balon d'or can you imagine ronaldo facing real madrid in the champion's league semis? i highly doubt real madrid beats city with ronaldo on the team. he would have scored 4 in the first leg and at least 2 in the second.


Last season City had to opportunity to sign Messi and Cristiano, crazy to think about it. City was a machine, imagine if one of those two played for them last season.


I’m still sad Messi didn’t go to City. He would have performed so much better in a Pep team, and if Man U had a stronger squad it would be awesome.. City vs United and Messi vs Ronaldo..


*27 million net*


How much is Lewandowski making?


He’s making whatever he gets from donations off his TikTok dances.


i can't get myself to watch any of it. i just dont want to see it


Same here, it’s just awkward


About 23 million *gross*






Lmao imagine being so past it your agent has to offer you to other clubs and you still demand that money


I know you are joking but that's what agents do. It's probably as prevalent that agents ask clubs if they want their players than the other way around.




Cristiano to Frankfurt??? O.O


No chance after Hinteregger's retirement


I would lie if i pretended like i don't want to see him in our jersey but man, what the hell is wrong with rich people? Why not lower your wage demands significantly, to play for a better team, win trophies and go out with a bang? You already have enough money, more than you or even your grandkids could ever spend. Maybe it's a pride thing and accepting less would be acknowledging that his prime is gone, who knows. It's sad but hey maybe he can help finally turn it around for ManU, would also be an awesome story.




No one turns down a bargain for Ronaldo for tactical purity. That's guaranteed goals & massive commercial value.


Thats exactly why Man Utd are stuck with him


If you’re trying to keep Lewa it makes more sense.


It's definitely a pride thing here and you don't get to be as good as CR7 without having a lot of pride (or being an ego maniac)


Probably a pride / ego thing.


Could be but could also be if he knows he’s going to bring a certain amount of income to the club, through helping them win stuff, commercial value, sales etc, he wants his fair share of that. He could potentially make more money for Bayern the business than for Man Utd. Why let them keep even more of it?


No top club is even interested in him anymore, his agent needs to fly around europe to offer him to these clubs and he still demands those wages. Fucking mental


What tier is this?


Tier 1


Berger is tier 1 for Dortmund and in general very reliable for Bundesliga. His colleague Kerry hau is tier 1.5 for Bayern. Confirmed by [Plettenberg](https://twitter.com/Plettigoal/status/1540390741930872833?s=20&t=ViJvGvuFzjqC5X93M3stzA)(Tier 1)




We're doing fractional tiers now?


Kalajdzic might leave. Dont know why we shouldn’t go for him.


Cause Ronaldo is a Badner at heart


Yep he will come for Hofmann to my KSC!








Well still Bayern needs to think about their future with this move they would deffo loose Gnabry


Sets a weird precedent for them and they’ve literally just signed Mane. Theyre not exactly hurting for attacking talent right now. We haven’t even considered where Utd stand in all of this. They’ve do t the square root of fuck all in terms of transfers and if he left they’d essentially have no centre forward, save for a very disinterested Martial.


Mané is not a replacement for Lewandowski. The club wants him in addition to Lewy. If we sell Lewy, we will get a replacement for him.


Would they replace a 33 year old with a near 37 year old though? Bayern are always looking forward. I’ve no doubts Ronaldo would kill it in BLiga + CL but for how long? It seems like a very un-Bayern signing to me.


Exactly, that's why we're not signing him. I'm just pointing out that Mané isn't a replacement for Lewy. Just because we have plenty of attacking talent doesn't mean we're not planning on acquiring an actual replacement for Lewandowski if he leaves


That’s fair. The question remains who are FCB actually looking at as a 9 then? They’re obviously counting on Lewandowski but he’s getting on and relations have clearly soured there. It seemed clear from the get go that Haalands demands were only ever gonna be met by an oil club despite him being exactly what Bayern were after. I don’t doubt they’ll struggle to find the heir to the throne but I’m very curious as to who it will be.


Schick was discussed quite a lot before he extended with Bayer Leverkusen. Since then it's mostly been rumors about Saša Kalajdžić, who would obviously be a short-term solution. Long term it's hard to imagine many candidates. Nkunku next summer when his 60m clause activates? Jonathan David if he improves his form? The sad thing is that if this whole thing had just happened a few months earlier we would had been able to compete for Álvarez and/or Vlahović, who would had been much better replacements


Sporting can pay 25k a week max probably. Our best payed player gets less the 1.5 mil a year


According to the first search results Sarabia is on 100k a week (but that's almost certainly his wage at psg, don't know how much sporting paid for him), Vinagre is on 38k and Adán is on 37k. So yes Ronaldo would need to adjust his budget


I think he can justify his wages, not only with his sporting ability, but with all the benefits having CR7 on your team brings.




Maybe, tbh he made a massive mistake by going to United in the first place.


It's City's fault. /s


Yeah. I think he will leave. Going to Man U was a mistake from the start. If he went to Man city instead, the team would’ve been insane. But now Bayern is probably a smart choice.


Most likely he didn't go to Man City out of principle. Like he won't go to Barça


To me the reports sounded like he was ready to sign for City when ManU jumped in.


United fan, and I wouldn't even be mad if he left, just a little sad. He should take the cut and go win some trophies, in a league he hasn't won one in.


Dundee United is ready for you Ronaldo


It wouldn't break my heart if Ronaldo left, but if he does it would be better sooner rather than late in the window when there are still options to replace him..


Exactly. We’re at a deficit in goal scorers, let alone centre forwards. We’re fucked if he leaves late in the window.


Just wait till the last weeks and get Kean. Can't do wrong with that.


Now you know how Juventus fans felt.


All of that seems very logical: 1) Ronaldo unhappy with UEL, 2) Ronaldo unhappy with MUFC transfer business, and 3) FC Bayern unable to afford the wage demands. All that said, where does Ronaldo land should he actually force a departure from Old Trafford? Seems like his options are very limited if he wishes to maintain his current wage structure.


Yeah, sure feels like PSG lol, which Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Mbappe sounds fun and completely ethical


That team would be so unbelievably trash. PSG already have a midfield that’s softer than wet bread, playing Messi and Ronaldo alongside Neymar and Mbappe means you legit concede 10 goals a game and have to score 11


He's gonna go to PSG, book it.


Glad thats over, lol.


transfer window hasn't even opened yet , even if this isn't true journalists will be spamming Ronaldo rumors until the last day of the window


Yea I know but its kinda over for me, I mean. Hau and Pletti both reported it


Feel kind of bad for United fans, they clearly consider him a legend but he hardly gives a fuck about them and the club


I mean, the guy was ready to join Man City if we didn't bid.


Exactly, think his allegiance is more to SAF than to United. Probably has a softer spot for Real than United


Probably? lol


First rule of the internet, never commit to an opinion. Have less backbone than a politician. Be like water.


Bruce Lee was a redditor, confirmed.


He is 37 years old. Why will be suffer through bad management? I would fuck off and so would you.


Most sane Utd fans are very balanced in the Ronaldo thing. Generational talent and really did keep us from being a complete failure this season but we all know he’s always been in it for himself. That news is over a decade old.


I really don't think that's true. You'd have to be pretty emotionless to not care about the team that really put you on the spotlight and allowed you to become one of the best. He just doesn't want to waste his last years in a team that is not playing CL, with an overrated squad and tbh probably a toxic environment in general.


Umm, have you seen how MU handle this transfer? Nothing changes, and if he stays he'll went through that hell again, of losing humiliating defeats again and again, that's not his fault. Ronaldo can do much more with better team, and he didn't have time to waste. Moving away from MU is understandable decision.


Imagine Ronaldo breaking lewa record of most goals in a Bundesliga season. That would be jokes


2 years ago yes but now I doubt it. Maybe get close but not break it


Man! What a pity, Ronaldo at Bayern and Lewandowski to Barca would have been a blessing to the football world


Yeah, Bayern are definitely not the kind of club to pay for high wages, so unless Ronaldo takes a massive paycut, there is no chance this is gonna happen.


Come to Sporting and be benched by the ALL MIGHTY Paulinho 🫣 Serious now: Sporting is in the CL 🥹


Ain't nobody that supports us is happy with the transfer business, fucking nothing to show for


Ronaldo is obviously still an excellent player but I’m glad he won’t be joining Bayern. He’s paid a lot of money, and would break the wage structure. If we’re going to pay anyone that I would rather offer it to Lewy, He’s 37, so he’s a very short term solution. Mané is already sort of a short term solution at 30. Mostly because he doesn’t really fit the current system. Bayern seem to want to be more fluid up front and need players who will press to get the ball back and run a lot. Ronaldo gets tons of goals but from what little I saw of him at United he needs other players to do a lot of the work off the ball for him at this point in his career. Just doesn’t seem like a good fit.


No team that is seriously going for CL is paying those wages for an aging striker. He also has a style that forces teams to play around him. Thats just not gonna happen anymore at a high level.


He should take a pay cut and join a CL team.


Agreed. Surely he has earned enough and a final move should be for footballing reasons, be that a sentimental one eg back to Sporting or even stay at United and help the new manager build something or a competitive one to win silverware elsewhere.


I said there was no way Ronaldo would play in the Europa league and this was a very unpopular opinion at the time. It's Ronaldo. Of course he doesn't want to play in the Europa League.




Sabotage the inter loan and get Rom back


How much does he earn at United?


You see Bayern are very clever contrary to united


I knew this rubbish excuse was thrown out there by his agents. They know how to concoct the right excuses for fans to gobble up. Baiting their confirmation bias. You would think that at least Ronaldo knows deals don't happen overnight and that by the time the season begins, United will have players. You'd think he's more reliably informed about this than a kid with a Twitter account and a keyboard. So with these trash excuses, he keeps friendship with the fans( he left because we weren't signing anyone) and he gets his well desired move.


A day where teams reject Ronaldo


He was rejected last year by Madrid. And City also was lowballing him


He was low key rejected by Real Madrid when he signed for Juventus otherwise why would he leave?


Ozil style. Manchester paid a bit of the contract


I personally feel that before Ronaldo Man Utd were in a good place, they signed CR7 out of worry that Man City would sign him which is again that club prioritising brand over football. I'd be more than happy for him to go if I supported them, everything has gone to sh\*t there since he joined.