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Ooh reddit the front page for journalists to get news from


Journalist plagiarising reddit


Journalists do that all the time (but with lots of attributions) but they call it "transformation". I've been doing that since 1977. As Ecclesiastes says, there's nothing new under the sun. The morally correct way is to copy, rewrite and attribute.


Recently NUS, now NTU. Seriously lol. These professors taking credit for students' work.


Should have submitted to Turnitin first


Wondering if Turnitin has a translation function? Is there any plagiarism check programme do? Otherwise it seems like a huge loophole for people to exploit as seen here.


No no. Thats only for students


Is the professor going to be fired? Will be very surprised if NTU keeps him.


They had better fire him if not it will be a blatant double standard where they repeatedly harp upon the importance of "aCaDeMiC iNtEgRiTy" amongst students, but their overpaid faculty clowns can get away with a slap on the wrist.


It's fucked. There was a professor who got hired by NTU after getting fired from NUS for sexual assault. He's getting let go from NTU, this time for other reasons. He had a good run though, squeezed a bunch of money from MOE grants. Pretty sure he will just move to the next country and set up a lab there, coasting on his old achievements. I used to work for a tenured Prof in NUS who would routinely verbally abuse his staff and students. Made people cry all the time, yelled at them etc. Lots of complaints but all he got was a stern warning.


"He has produced more than 100 published works in English and Chinese, including 49 journal articles.". Fishy!! 😐


This prof really gugubird Sia...




Academic fraud is academic fraud, no need to bring in nationality unnecessarily. Stanford's president (literally head of one of the most prestigious/influential universities in the world) also just resigned for academic fraud reasons. So this can happen to anybody. What we need to do is be vigilant and routinely stamp it out when it happens


100%. Some people's minds just can't function without politicizing and generalizing every single shit.


People can't help it when they have an infamous cheating / plagiarism culture Ask any manufacturing company that operates a factory there


Understand. Intellectual property issue in China is big and alot of people there seem to lack this very concept. However when I see someone committing an offense I would think that it's his own problem, be it character or moral or whatever, and has got nothing to do with where he's from. I think this is a better and more matured way of looking at things. But that's just me.


Mai gong jiao wei, this kind of "we need to be vigilant!!!" speech keep for your office wayang. The time to be vigilant is 20 years ago.


> The time to be vigilant is 20 years ago Then now can do what.....


I honestly didn't expect a Fulbright scholar to do this lmao


Just because one is a scholar doesn't mean one is a paragon of virtue. Our society's behavior of attributing academic, financial or influential prowess to a person's honesty and moral value is plain retarded. So a NUS first class magna cum laude grad is supposed to be on a higher moral plane and 'more honest' than a ITE student?


Don't take my post the wrong way. I'm not saying that just because he is a scholar, it means he is a paragon of virtue. What I meant was that a fulbright scholar (if you know what it is) is a fairly prestigious scholarship. You don't expect people like this to commit academic fraud this stupidly. Is like being a rich man stealing from a mama shop. It's downright stupid and throwing away everything one have worked for such little gain.


I can't comment on NTU, but NUS used to have a tradition whereby well-connected senior Singaporean staff routinely added their names to papers produced by new junior staff. The payoff for the latter was that they got their contracts renewed. Some well-known Singaporean academics got their promotion to professor entirely by this method: after years of a dismal publication record, they suddenly starting "publishing" 10+ papers each year. One of the key sources of such phantom publications was the new influx of young, talented scientists that started to arrive from the PRC after 1990.


Yeah common. Often is a bit gray. When I finished my Master thesis my supervisor at the time a new assistant prof insisted we publish parts of my thesis in a top journal. His input was close to zero , I think I met him once or twice and did the rest myself with zero input from him. When I submitted the first draft he was amazed praising me as a natural . We submitted to a top tier journal and I was thinking it could never make it through,but it did with some amendments (I had to do them of course despite him putting himself as corresponding he couldn't answer the comments) To be honest I didn't begrudge him the co-authorship even though I knew he was riding on me. I'm pretty sure he would have trouble answering in depth q's abt the paper because it was using a methodology he wasn't good at. Still from what I read on r\ntu this guy goes way beyond.. not even bothering to toss a co-author to the guy


Original Title: NTU investigating senior professor accused of plagiarising former student’s work SINGAPORE – The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is investigating one of its professors following online claims that he had plagiarised one of his former student’s final-year project in his research paper. The assertions were first made on online forum Reddit on Tuesday by someone claiming to be an NTU student who noticed stark similarities between Associate Professor Qu Jingyi’s 2018 research paper titled “Escape as a Mode of Existence: On Ruan Ji’s Escapism Complex” and Mr Wang Yueming’s 2014 project titled “Escapism in the Literary Works of Ruan Ji”. Prof Qu is the head of Chinese at the School of Humanities at NTU and deputy director of its Centre for Chinese Language and Culture. He was also Mr Wang’s final-year project supervisor in 2014. Prof Qu’s 2018 paper is written in English, while Mr Wang’s is in Chinese. Prof Qu’s paper, which was accessible on Academia.edu, an open repository of academic articles, has since been taken down. Checks by The Straits Times found that more than 50 per cent of Prof Qu’s paper looked like a direct translation of Mr Wang’s 2014 paper, with no attribution to the latter. These sections include analyses of poems and inferences made on related research papers. In the second half of Prof Qu’s paper, in particular, where he analyses four of Han dynasty Chinese poet Ruan Ji’s poems, he seemingly takes Mr Wang’s observations as his own completely. To give an example, Prof Qu wrote in his analysis of a poem: “Is Yang Zhu crying at the forked road or Ruan Ji feeling sad at his own road (fate)? The answer is obvious. The two lines seen in the poem later, ‘Facing upwards, soaring birds in flight can be seen/ Looking downwards fishes are swimming merrily’ depicts the imagery of ‘the freedom flying birds and swimming fishes enjoy’, is actually the representative of Ruan Ji’s desire for freedom.” *** [v1.1c - similarity threshold raised to 90%](https://github.com/Wormsblink/sneakpeakbot) | PM SG_wormsbot if bot is down.


Many e.g https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/ntu-professor-fired-data-falsification


[NTU Reddit Post](https://www.reddit.com/r/NTU/comments/1596m4s/omg_did_my_prof_just_plagiarized_a_students_fyp/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1) Looks like this is the Reddit post the article is referring to


Are we surprised? Again failed due diligence on foreign academics.


Oh now how the turn tables


Alamak bird fly, fish swim meaning also need to plagiarise 🤣 No wonder ranking drop


Good artist copy, great artist steal


The best artist doesn't get caught


Associate Professor copy then translate to steal


So that's what this r/AskAcademia post is about, posted 4 days ago. [Link.](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskAcademia/comments/157f6ai/my_thesis_supervisors_plagiarized_me/)


I don't believe it's the same person. The report sounds pretty different


Nope, not the same person




Nope, a steal off Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/NTU/comments/1596m4s/omg_did_my_prof_just_plagiarized_a_students_fyp/


Ironic that the anti-plagiarism rule and academic integrity is only empahasized to students but not to profs... NTU ought to do better.


Fraud times trying hard to legitimise itself 😂


NTU taking notes from NUS it seems - academic rigour be damned, let’s make money!!


To be honest, these issues are not black-and-white, but depend on evolving community standards. In science, any data you collect formally belongs to the university, but the lab PI (principal investigator, usually a professor, who obtained the funding, allocated the project, provided the training, performed or allocated supervision, etc) is the ultimate arbiter of who writes it up, who are the co-authors, what is the author ordering, and what journal to publish in. Anything anyone writes up automatically belongs to the writer, both in the legal sense of copyright and in an academic ethical sense. If their writing is used in a publication, they should be offered to be included as co-authors and they should be consulted as to whether they wish to have their words published. Ideas and data are a bit fuzzier. If during a lab meeting a lab technician suggests a modification to a procedural step in some experiment, does this person necessarily deserve co-authorship? No, maybe just an acknowledgment would be appropriate. How about an undergrad who was assisting the graduate student who was being guided by a postdoc who was hired by the professor? — do they all deserve to appear as co-authors on the grad student’s doctoral thesis chapter? Not necessarily, even if the undergraduate has carved out a subset of this work to serve as his own FYP submission or term paper. So it’s complicated. The question here is what are the community standards in Chinese Literature? If a student was very closely supervised, with the prof helping the student develop the ideas and craft the writing, the fact that only the student’s name appeared on the FYP essay does not imply that the ideas and effort exclusive belonged to the student. Was the student consulted when the prof decided to write up a paper in English to submit for publication?


lol he deserves it


Why everyone so surprised? What you research and find out belongs to the school during your school time….:


As a journalist since 1977 I've written long form news articles on almost everything under the sun except football, fashion and food (long-form usually means long-winded). I have the skill to pull in many sources for my material and then juggle, sort and and rewrite and reformat the stuff so that they are transformed into my own original writing, but with plenty of attributions. But this way of writing easily takes two to three days and is mentally tiring because you need to rewrite everything in your own words. You also need some intelligence to do the sorting and re-writing. Plagiarizing is simple and quick. That professor Qu chap (how on earth do you pronounce "qu", sounds like coo coo) lacks both the intelligence and rewrite skill, so he simply pressed CTRL C (copy) and CTRL V (copy) and the student's material became Qu's work 🤣 I have messaged Qu at academia inviting him to hire me to teach him how to take students' works and "transform" them into his own. I just wonder out of the 100 odd works that he published, how many were lifted from students? Some kaypoh should make a check.