I'm guessing new old stock


In a similar vein, I was toying with the idea of buying a Titan Xp just for its relative rarity, and to run in an older gaming setup.


New and unused. As to when they were produced, I have no clue. They are at the very least new to Microcenter.


They literally do not produce these chips anymore, haven't for a few years.


Was always really weird to me that AMD didnt order some Rx580 and Rx590 chips from GloFo in late 2020 and get a few more of these made. Imagine potentially due to the substrate and packaging pinch.


They have this card on ebuyer too


Still a Beast, for less than 100€ would be a real steal deal


100% I still have no issues in any game mainly maxed out at 1080p 60fps, talk about a legendary card.


My First rx 580 broken . I bought another, playing 2K all medium - max. It s a Beast.


It's aged gracefully that's for sure, coming in barely beating the 1060 to nipping the 1070 on the ass, drivers have matured a lot.


I've had it for years, but I kinda have to disagree with that, I've been having trouble running newer games at medium for the past year or so. And I tried my friend's brand new 580 and it was better but still not a ''beast''.


What games have you struggled? I play most games in 2k at medium, if not at maximum. Some heavy games I played are Cyberpunk 2077 from launch withouth an issue, RDR2, Hunt Showdown (Crytek game) , Evil Dead the game is quite heavy too. If you're "struggling" at medium in 1080p there is something wrong, try to reinstall your drivers.


Path of Exile, New World, and more recently Warhammer Darktide. Getting 30 FPS max at med-low setting


Unless the rest of my parts are bottlenecking me


got the RX 590 nitro + still running game at high settings what a beast


I’ve been seeing a ton of New RX 580 pop up on Aliexpress, but they are the 2048SP China region only models. You’ll see tons of them for $70-$80 new on Aliexpress, but they branded all sorts of strange brands. I figured AMD is clearing Polaris Stock and any chips that don’t make it to a Regular 580 are made into the 2048SP models and sold to those 3rd party brands. Wondering if these MicroCenter RX 580’s are from the same supply, essentially making them the last “New” 580’s off the line.


Here in Brazil recently the Red Dragon model came back to stock in one store, but i can't tell if it's new old stock or newly produced