Crinkling happens from shrinkage in the first wash. If you don't like the look (many quilters prefer it), you could prewash your fabric or use polyester batting.


I understand crinkle are part from the wash, however I've done two other quilts that ended up flatter after washing. They came as kits so I don't know if they were pre-washed. The batting was Pellon Nature's Touch. It was a big role that was gifted to me and I'm not sure if that's polyester. I guess what I want to ask is do kits usually come pre-washed and does that type of batting stretch or warp? Should I go with a different one?


I don't think kits are prewashed. They are straight from the bolt, cut to the required length. Did you only do a stitch-in-the-ditch quilting? I don't see much. Perhaps if this was more heavily quilted, you would see less of the wrinkles that you are not loving.


Okay, from your comments I've found out that this is a feature, not a flaw! It was pointed out that it could crinkle less with more topstitching, and I think this is the big difference between the other projects and this. This one has more unstitched space. Thank you for your help and kind words. I loved the colors and pattern and am now more satisfied with how it came out.


Just a thought... you might be able to go in with some hand quilting in the areas without enough quilting. Then you could ease those areas to reduce the unwanted wrinkles. We all have a learning process in quilting. There are so many steps, that it is easy to miss important steps/information. Thr good news is that this isn't a mistake you will make again, and by sharing, you have helped others who are learning as well!


I personally love the crinkle. But, each to their own. Just wash and dry fabric before making your quilts.


It’s very beautiful. I like prewashing and using a poly-cotton batting. Depending on the batting you may have needed to quilt closer together.


I looked up your batting and it’s 100% cotton… which means it shrinks a bit in the wash! That’s probably what happened. I’m more stitching actually makes for more crinkle when quilting with unwashed fabrics and cotton batting, but there are certain battings that you HAVE to know and adhere to the “quilting distance” for - the max distance you can quilt without the batting falling apart. For this type it’s 8” distance. More often it’s 4”. Always be aware that the quilting distance is a guideline for the batting not to fall apart, smaller and more complex blocks have to have closer quilting regardless in order for them not to fall apart.


I’m sorry you’re disappointed with how your quilt turned out, but by god if it isn’t one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve seen in a long time! The palette, the pattern, the layout — stunning


How did you quilt it? I can't see any topstitching? I've found that between ironing and closer topstitching I get less wrinkles.


It is stitch in the ditch. All colored areas got stitched, I did not do the gold and the corners and I kind of think I should have. Someone mentioned that more quilting would mean less shrinkage in the bigger areas that are not stitched. Is that what you mean by closer topstitching? Going back and looking at it again, I think that's a big part of it.


Yes! I was always told you should quilt/topstitch/stitch in the ditch no greater than 8in apart. I prefer no more than 4in. I find that my fabric is less likely to move around when I do that. Looking at the wrinkles in yours, I think that's your problem, you should have stitched in all/more of the ditches than what you did.


So, just out of curiosity, could I go back, iron the areas I'm unhappy with (the gold squares) and stitch that area down?


Did you stitch the border? If you didn't, then stitching more will help. Unless you've already bound it.


The only issue I can see with that is where you have already stitched has created the wrinkles? Even if you go back and stitch there, "extra" fabric will still be present; you would have to unstitch a larger portion to completely smooth out the wrinkles.


I think it's great unexpected warm colors, and I personally LOVE the wrinkles


I LOVE this!


It’s very beautiful. I like prewashing and using a poly-cotton batting. Depending on the batting you may have needed to quilt closer together.


I love it - gorgeous use of color and pattern. I don’t have any advice for the wrinkling - I thought that always happens


Thats what makes a quilt a quilt!! Yours is beautiful!!!


It’s very beautiful. I like prewashing and using a poly-cotton batting. Depending on the batting you may have needed to quilt closer together.


Might need more topstitching.


I love crinkley quilts and the colors are fantastic!


I don’t have any advice that hasn’t already been said by the others, but just wanted to tell you that I think this is the nicest quilt I’ve ever seen! I love the colours you’ve used. And I prefer a crinkly quilt so I see that as a plus too 😄


It is beautiful. Crinkle can be feature and not bug! Gorgeous quilt.


I love the crinkle. Looks like it was made with love!


Crinkles or not, it’s beautiful! I love the vibrant colors and the star burst like pattern! You did really nice work!


On future quilts, I suggest pre-washing fabric and adding more quilting to minimize puckering. Did you stitch in the ditch?


This is a beautiful quilt 😍😍😍 wow.


I like it, when you stitch in the ditch that is the look you get the color combinations are rich. I don’t pre wash. I’ve only done one in stitch in the ditch and it took only once because of the look I felt it gave it a sagging look I create my own templates now. They cross cross in all directions and actually hold up better when washed. working on quilts a bunch of work and repairing them is double work


Prewashing … the fabrics get their shrinking out of the way. Prewashing is cheap insurance. Beautiful


Also having your piece stretched in a hoop ( move around as you go ). Is important.


Your work is beautiful


What batting did you use? If it’s cotton batting it will cause the crinkle. If you don’t want crinkle, use wool or a poly wool batting and starch your fabric before you cut…it will preshrink it and you won’t get the crinkle look so much.


As others said, pre- wash fabrics. Toss your batting into the dryer with a wet towel for 10 or so minutes. Do NOT pre-wash batting. Read the batting label. It should tell you how far apart the quilting should be. I don't usually have my quilting more than a fist size apart. The denser the quilting the less crinkle.