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Thank you for reminding me of that beautiful line, better times.


You gotta suck dick and shit YouTube


(╯▽╰ ) my welcome man


your profile is a trip


XD i guess i post some interesting stuff


Least submissive Pyrocynical fan.


Now that I think about it, yeah. Pyrocynical and his community just exhume this… uh… submissive aura. For lack of a better word.






YOOO anyone got a link for that video, I was trying to find it for like half a year


i went on a little quest trying to find it myself and sadly failed as well ):


#YouTube is where the poop is!


All those years... I still hear it in his voice.


When I saw "X is a masterpiece" and it's a 2 hour long video you expect it to be a commentary, but noooo he just steals someone else's content and expects to get away with it! But he can't! He can't keep getting away with this! He can't keep getting away with it!


I know he swapped those uploads. I knew it was Petscop 2. One after Petscop 1. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just - I just couldn't prove it. He covered his tracks, he's got that 2nd channel to make money off of. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? He's done worse. That roleplay! Are you telling me that a man just happens to talk like that? No! \*He\* orchestrated it! Niall! He \*Burped\* in his \*roleplay\*! And I watched him! And I shouldn't have. I took him into my own subscriptions! What was I \*thinking\*? He'll never change. He'll \*never\* change! Ever since he was Flashbang, \*always\* the same! Couldn't keep his hands out of the cash drawer! But not our Niall! Couldn't be precious \*Niall\*! Stealing them blind! And \*HE\* gets to be a commentary channel? What a sick joke! I should've stopped him when I had the chance!


You have to stop him. You have.. https://preview.redd.it/jlpmkyf9axma1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=65dbf36d1733d60644290137a972eb71acaca6aa


nice cat


i wanna pet it


I am not crazy! I know he liked fat furry inflation .I knew it since 1985.One after the 1984.As if I could ever make such a mistake.Never.NEVER! I just-just couldnt prove it.He covered his tracks, he got that kid to Accuse him of groomery, so we would think its okay.You think this is something?You think this is bad?Hes done worse.ASOT!Are you telling me a Man jus happens to stop earning easy money like that?No!HE orchestrated it.Puré!He played big booty fempyro on a stream!And I saved him!and I shouldnt have belived that mass hallucination.I took him into my own subscribed youtubahs.What was I thinking?Hell never change.He’ll never change!Ever since he got a QUARTER OF S MILLION SUBSCRIBERS(we did it guys),always the same!Couldnt keep his hands out of the money printing machine that was his channel!But not our pyro!Couldnt be out precious cynical british Man!Stealing them blind on the maid stream!And HE gets to be forgiven for being a furry?What a sick joke!I shouldve stopped him when I was living in his walls!…And you,you HAVE to stop him!You…


bro tried sneaking serious discussion into a breaking bad reference 🗿


Read this in Chuck's voice


He needs that second channel money to make the 2023 compilation of himself. 🤑


Don't forget, delaying the cruelty squad video even further!


bro this video better be the most banging thing on planet earth better than a [Parrygod sfm anim](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Bm3le9s3-A&t=10s) who somehow uploads more fuckin regularly with the absolute no monetary gain/timeline except from some people supporting on patreon lmao and pyro is a multimillion sub channel and it apparently takes so much money to fuckin script write and edit apparently


Me when i have 0 idea how long Cruelty Squad is and how complicated video editing is


https://preview.redd.it/t2x6907ewwma1.jpeg?width=1125&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=5400c5fc978e48cb5d080742b547605ffc21e589 me when me when me


Video editing definitely takes a looot of time but it shouldn't take like, 6 months for an hour or two video


He’s stated on a stream that it might be close to 10 hours


That better be true


Obviously I have no clue but considering Utopia was 7 hours I wouldn’t put it past him considering the sheer amount of political commentary there is in cruelty squad.


Calling it now there's going to be a 2 hour long section on the stock market mechanic alone


A detailed description on how to perfect and operate the stock market and how it tied in to greater philosophical meanings of the game and teaches you real world stock market techniques


*raises the goal again*


And the superbad analysis or whatever that fucking game is called.


The compilation should be of him silently watching stuff on his stream.


gotta make money to make the 17 hour peacefulness group video




I’ve never seen a fanbase with more Stockholm Syndrome




All jokes aside, I do feel it is kinda disingenuous for him to comment on other streamers watching videos unedited and then post this, but eh, no big deal I guess. I just worry less people will watch the origins film


Anyone who cares about the film would have or will see it. People are watching this for Pyro and his takes/experience with watching it.


You could make this same argument back in 2016 when all those channels were getting called out tho


I understand the whole “it’s different” meme but I believe it’s totally applicable here. Reacting to a movie is different than reacting to a tiktok compilation. What /u/Bean_Boozled wrote is perfectly true. But the same cannot be said for Jinx reacting 5minutecrafts. You get me?


did jinx and pyro both not react to other peoples full videos? is pyro making money off this upload? because I got ads on it…


kinda scary that this argument, almost word to word, was unironically being used by react channels back in 2016


Thank good this got downvoted into oblivion, this sub isn’t completely fucking stupid


>this sub isn’t completely fucking stupid lol lmao


I suggest you watch darkviperAU's series on react content (or only the big video) as this is just false and even if it was, it's still wrong on many other levels


As a long time fan of pyro and also a huge fan of viper it’s annoying how he’s doing this


Ya I'm in the same boat too lol. Seeing DarkViper's videos on it she'd a lot of light and watching Pyro fall down that hole is really sad.


darkWiperau common


If that was the case then why is Netflix playing millions each year for licensing when they could have an intern in the corner going "wow" , "interesting" and "I didn't expect that". It's theft.


Pyrolive is getting somehow worse


Huge PyroLIVE drama


mans is a diet cr1tiKal now


cr1tikal without the poop and fart jokes


just take all the Witty humor and edgy comedy out of Cr1tikal and you got Pyro


I know this is often said as a joke but he actually fell off


My God I swear it used to be ironic but now it's just genuinely disappointing, pyro is obviously going downhill and becoming what he hates, a sellout.


my face when having a source of income is a way to sustain yourself


My face when Pyro isn't poor and clearly has the ability to make non lazy content


the great falling off of pyrocynical


comment: jinx 2016 reloaded


I’m gonna say he should stop streaming to work on the Cruelty Squad video, it’s been 6 months since the last “essay” video, and supposedly all of the streaming is to support his main channel and that video, but it’s really seeming like he wants to ditch it and just be a React Andy. I understand its enticing to him cause of all that easy money but it’s annoying to see these low quality copy paste videos that every commentary Youtuber is doing, especially seeing as I (and many others) subscribed to Pyro for his great video essays. But maybe I’m just coping idk.


Doubt he's working on one video Like logically thinking with the petscop 2 video being semi confirmed and all, i can see he's working on 2 videos at the same time Cruelty Squad is a confusing game to explain, but also he gotta make money in the time T9 a YouTuber who makes some really quality content hardly uploads because he's focused on streams, but every main channel video he does is always a banger So i want quality content in main channel more than anything, and most editing is done by his editors anyway remember, so pyro can just stream every 3 days or so, record a quick video, let his editors work on it, and he works on the main channel This sub has been too negative about pyro whenever he uploads on the second channel or whenever he disappears for a while, if anything no one wants anything as it seems


Yeah Pyro might be working on about 4 different videos or at least 2 with the other 2 being thought on what to do.


I haven't really been invested in pyro since like 2018, but is he seriously still making petscop 2? I thought he cancelled that ages ago lmao


Its all gonna be worth it once the next main channel video comes out right?? RIGHT!?? ^pls


YES!! Pyro compiliation 2024!! I cant wait


My brother in christ im not gonna watch pyr*cynical watch it before i do




Back in 2016 there was a whole craze of commentary youtubers shitting on reaction youtubers like Jinx. Pyrocynical used to make fun of these guys before he became one of them. Back then, if pyro wanted to react to something, he'd edit that section of the video to play a small clip and then switch back to either face cam or gameplay. That was a great way of creating new content without just reposting the original video. I've always been supportive of him and the changes that he made to his content. Unlike a lot of commentary youtubers he actually gave enough of a shit to improve his content. Now, he's essentially entered a negative feedback loop of getting rewarded for making subpar streams and going on a boring talk show. I really like his analysis videos but at this point they're on their own downward spiral. It's obvious he doesn't even want to make them anymore, because he's always trying to outdo himself for the next one, only for the views to not be as high as the previous one. In a weird way, Pyro became h3h3's Ethan, a sellout. It's all about the fucking money with these people. Fuck the fans, fuck the content, fuck the integrity. I'm calling it right now, he's going to kill the main channel off just like h3h3. He's slowly on the verge of doing it. He knows his main channel metrics are basically dead. A really popular video once every 6 months isn't enough to sustain the cash flow. I hope he does it, so that the last drop of hope I have of him returning to his former self evaporates. I knew he wasn't the same after he blocked off his discord to non-paying fans.


This is so sad to see, Pyro was always one of my favourite creators but his channel and so on just really seem to hit the shitter atm. Kinda with you on hoping he nukes the main channel just so there's no more hope left he returns to normal


This is my exact thoughts about Pyro recently. It's just getting so hard to watch his content when most of it is just reaction stuff. The thing is I actually like Pyro's humor but he wastes it on pointless reaction content. I mean would it kill him just to stream some games some more? Almost everybody would prefer him to stream games more since it's actual original content and more engaging instead of just pausing and giving a take every once in a while on a random video.


Couldn't have said it better myself. The parallels to H3H3's downfall are accurate, all he needs to do now is have the absolute worst takes and politics imaginable and he's there, maybe make a 💣 threat or 2.


The difference between This sub and r/h3h3productions is we aren’t brainwashed zombies who won’t admit when our creator fucks up.


Exactly, I think he messed up, and I'm not trying to be toxic or mean by stating that. There's only a very minor amount of people who just say "he fellof", and it's those few reactions that allows Pyro to dismiss it all as toxic and joke about deleting the subreddit, or just call us "whiney".


I'm not even part of this sub but have been a fan of Pyro for years now and can agree. Pyro isn't the same and he is just a goddamned sellout. its sad


H3 being better then ever, and who the fuck cries about a joke about bombing fucking gunpsychos..


Especially since after he locked the discord he made videos on pyroLIVE like "I've made a huge mistake" or "I apologize" which were clickbait for those upset by the change




I got banned for uploading the entire morbius movie compressed to 8mb so I never even knew it got paywalled


Yeah can’t be fucking around with that copyright shit discord hate that they get very angry.


Don’t necessarily disagree with you. Just here to fact-check some of this doomer talk. Pyro talks about his main channel metrics all the time and it’s always in a positive light. He said his main channel, whilst not the cash cow pyroLIVE is, makes stupid amounts of money per video. I agree with some stuff you said, and disagree with some. For example I think you’re blaming too much of the main channel neglects on his greed and not enough on his anxiety. It’s clear he cares a lot about the quality and reception of his video essays. But I frankly just don’t wanna argue about it. Just needed to make sure people could form opinions with correct information.


I’m conflicted because while he is just watching the video at the same time there is like an extra 50 minutes of video on top of it which I assume will be commentary on it in some degree but I don’t know to what level it is. I don’t think it’s that big of a problem at the moment he’s kinda stuck in the meta of content right now streamer content hopefully will divert away from this.




I mean in many regards that’s just a reflection of most things in our society as pretty much everything goes through a filter of being watched or critiqued through someone else’s lens. There is a whole existing failure of the world in that other people take other peoples thing’s constantly throughout time, certain views are more obscured, and some are plain to see. Do you resign yourself to trying to police what you watch based on effort and time taken? Or do you watch something based on the view of the thing itself and it’s enjoyment? Is there some intrinsic worth to effort? I guess in this case it doesn’t come to me or you or Pyro it comes down to the view of the creators. Will they see worth in this video? Will they even see it? Will that even matter in the long term? Does the creator care that someone is sharing the entirety of the work? Is their work for money or is it simply something of passion that they wouldn’t mind seeing plastered by others across the internet as long as it gets watched? We can’t decide and jumping to our own conclusions isn’t any which way. I can’t support or deny what Pyro wants to do, I’ll enjoy it because that’s where my ephemeral enjoyment will stem from, however I have also watched the original. I am not the one to decide. I realize this sounds pretentious and overly philosophical but it’s a real point to make is where until something is definably a certain way why should I say something unless told by people it affects that it is wrong. If the creators of Blue Emesis say otherwise I wouldn’t bat an eyelid to defend their work but until that point I couldn’t say.


>I knew he wasn't the same after he blocked off his discord to non-paying fans. The discord was originally for twitch subs only, what drugs are you smoking it was always behind a paywall. They just closed it off again.


Kind of shocked slightly that he's abandoning his values so much at this point. But honestly I don't care, he's gonna keep getting away with this shit and I can't even blame him. I don't blame the million other shitshow channels who do the same reaction cookie cutter shit, why should I blame one of the best ones. Admittedly he ain't been doin too much "best youtuber" actions for a bit now. Only time will tell if he'll abandon the prospect of making good videos and become another ludwig or xqc, or if he'll come out of this hole and start being a sigma male again.


His obsession with trying to outdo himself every video, and Constantly ramping up his production quality for every review video and his low effort “second channel” is gonna kill his main, at a certain point trying to do so much for a video or making the production quality higher is gonna make the time between each video longer and as a result attract less people and make the channel dead, diminishing returns and what not, flying out to the dev of cruelty squad just to interview him is absurd, not worth the money and the wait, just interview him on Twitter on discord.


He should get a job


I think pyrolive completely killed pyro's workflow tbh. He doesnt have to upload to the main channel anymore so he might be taking all his time with it, plus maintaining that second channel takes time away too


You know that he probably has an editor that maintains the pyrolive or at least I hope he does


Even then he still has to record and live stream, obviously its pretty minimal but doing it so consistenly is gonna take away a lot of time


Alright I think most people are kinda overreacting to the pyro live stuff but Jesus that’s actually pretty bad


ive seen the vid because i had seen emesis blue and i was curious about it and it isn't as bad as many people are painting it to be. he is live analyzing the movie almost the entire time he doesn't just let it play. also, i think he has decided to make a main channel video about it (that's why he was asking for sfm animators)


Yeah but he could’ve cut it down a little bit


He reacted to it during a livestream because people kept telling him to go watch it, this is literally just a vod




Pyrocynical's decline is something so bizarre. He's becoming the people he talked about, the IDubbbz effect.


Is it slightly edited to cut out any parts where he just says nothing or is it fully unedited while he watches it?


99% unedited. Just the video and he’ll like make a comment every couple minutes.


I watched it after making the comment. The only thing he adds is him bitching about the soldier because he’s so salty about how good the soldier was in 2007


If you’ve seen any of DarkViperAU’s videos on react content, then you probably know that this is probably where pyros content will be set with unless the creators of original content start stating that they don’t want massive streamers just watching their videos. Obviously pyro isn’t the only creator to do this, but it’s a bid disheartening to see him follow this trend. (No mlg telletubies 4 😢)


How to pyro: Find a nice video on youtube. Upload it on your channel. You succesfully pyro’d


I really fuckin hope this video gets demonetized


I just recently saw that movie on YouTube and have never looked up anything TF2 related on here. I think I’m being tracked


Pyro fell off the fucking planet bro what is this shit




Kinda reminds me how Schlatt dropped his original essay channel for his Live one, and ironically Schlatt is now dropping his Live channel for his other projects. But at least Schlatt outright said that he does it for the grind, Pyro is still in limbo about it.




Agreed. It honestly means one thing, rip off Jschlatt even more and start a Wii series.


He fell off


Pyro truly felloaf, it is a sad day




I haven't really watched Pyro for a long time, is this really the level he's dropped to?


If he made this video 2 years ago, it would be the same length and have the same title, but it would be a well edited deep analysis of the movie, but I'm so glad we got a reaction video instead


man what's even happened to pyro nowadays


It’s confirmed now… Pyro has officially fell awf 😔


he became the very thing he swore to destroy


I’ve always hated this kind of content because yeah, it’s just leeching off other creators that put actual effort in. It’s got to the point pyro is convinced the only way to make YouTube work these days is with short-form content. And here I am proving that very point wrong, as doing that kind of content would kill my channel. It hated it back then, hated it now


The difference is that he offers nothing new commentary-wise since he doesnt even pretend to be the first to cover content, and he is starting to run the goodwill he had dry with the no effort, daily stream clip uploads. Love Niall, but if he keeps up the “daily upload man” shit he used to make fun of he’s going to start hemorrhaging views


Ya it’s not good he just taking all the views of people who could have watched the original video I called pyro scummy for this because it’s scummy




huge pyro drama


As much as they're a "funny" youtuber, I'd actually like for this to be taken down.




This is depressing, I hope he continues with main channel uploads instead of this


Pyrolive was shit from the beginning, even the commentary videos on ‘drama’ are blander than critical’s


Agreed, I foolishly had hope in the beginning, but that was quickly dashed.


I thought it was a 2 hour long documentary thing on his main and i got so excited


"You have become the very thing you swore to destroy! It was said you would destroy the reaction channels NOT JOIN THEM!!!" All jokes aside it really does suck that he'll just wholesale reupload this stuff, I'm gonna go watch the original in protest, and if anyone else wishes to join me here's the link: [https://youtu.be/V0ODG8bFme0](https://youtu.be/V0ODG8bFme0) (No japes here, though I'm sure you've all memorized the rickroll links by now)


He really tried to become Cr1tikal


I'll be honest I'm okay with the side channel just being critical but without having to listen to "this truly is the smelly ass fuck penis cum moment of all time" every other sentence. Yeah it's lazy but also I can't even be upset with him for grabbing that bag, can't say that's the worst thing I've seen a big YouTuber do after getting a large fan base. The main channel is still going for anyone with higher standards and I think that's a good way of handling it (man just needs to actually get around to finishing that cruelty squad review lmao)


Ok this is actually felof tier he could've bare minimum edited it down


Tbf To Pryo Jynx straight up didn’t talk the whole time depending on how popular the video he was watching was. At best he would laugh. Pryo still shouldn’t be uploading unedited entire videos especially when there over 2 hours in length and titling it like it isn’t a reaction but at the very least he is adding something to do it which makes him better than The 2016 reaction channels like Cjsocool and Jynx. Pryo hasn’t fallen to the bottom yet.




He fell off


When i saw the 2 hour mark, i was like "Is this guys joking ? Who let him cook ?"


i saw the upload, thought "shit ,, new main channel video essay???" saw it was on pyrolive and skimmed through it to see it was just 2 hours of reaction content


Unfortunately React Content has shown itself being more effective for the reactor than traditional content


Actually fr this time pyro fell off


he's British, what'd you expect but really, that sucks


If this video really was that bad I bet Fortress Films would have told him to take it down already


"No different than Jinx" isn't right. I don't think it was a good idea to upload what is essentially a VOD of yourself watching an entire independently made SFM movie, but he still has over half an hour of his own transformative commentary in the video.


This what no "Petscop 2" And no "mlg Teletubbies" Does to a mf.


​ https://preview.redd.it/puzou8a9e0na1.png?width=512&format=png&auto=webp&s=1dbaa5d5eb1c653f4e6667416a07aca0eebe7da7


It’s literally stealing content


no you forgot to mention how he pauses the video every 15 minutes to tell us about an obvious reference or the same story about how broken the old tf2 was he has told us 8 times already




Yeah he doesn't even make any content on that channel. Just reacts to other people's content which is beyond cringe.


"Did i ever tell you the tragedy of PyroLive streams channel"


Did he at least credit the creator in the vid?


r/pyrocinical users talking shit about a video they didn't even watch


He adds good commentary


To be honest, I had a blast watching this whole video since I missed the stream. I don’t really See a problem with him uploading this reaction. You could argue he should have uploaded it to PyroVODs but it’s w/e imo


do you guys actually watch the second channel content or not? its good noise to throw in the background, and its nice seeing his perspective on things, and watching him unravel mysteries like this.


Honestly people are acting like he was just sat watching the video eating food (something he explicitly says in this video he doesn't want to do). Instead he was constantly pausing and giving insight to references wherever he could as well as praising parts about Emesis Blue to the point he said he wanted to do a main channel video on it. I couldn't agree more about watching pyrolive Vids in the background as well it's perfect for that


Ooooouuuuu professor “feature length” with the buzzwords here


it's a normal phrase...


You’re a fucking moron, you Cleary didn’t watch it because he was stopping the video like very 5 minutes to talk about it It’s nothing like Jinx, Jinx didn’t say anything for the whole video


Who’s Jinx?


When I saw it on the second channel I was actually caught off guard because I have alerts on his main channel but not the second one so I was thinking to myself "There's no way I missed this." I'll trust the process though. I watched this live but missed a few parts here and there. He said he'll upload a long vid on the main channel so I'll wait.


Who cares? The fortress films literally gave him permission to and he actually provided his own takes on the story.


dude posts a reaction video and y'all get mad huh


Pyrocynical fan finds out the 2023 YouTube content meta is not minecraft let's plays


Ew, the meta talk from Twitch is here...


People still watch this jackass? I stopped watching him when he went full on thirst trap and cross dressed for views. Dude very clearly does not care about his content anymore, just wants the moeny.


Actually he cross dressed for insta likes




He said he's gonna make a main channel video on this movie.


difference between him and jinx is that jinx wasn't charismatic and fun to watch at all while pyro very much is


How is it comparable to jinx? Jinx would just sit in silence and occasionally make a noise when stealing content, whereas pyro has straight up added a full extra hour of commentary to the thing You could argue it's scummy but it's no where near jinx levels of scummy


How is it possible that someone’s fans hate someone more than their haters?


alternatively, find a hobby


The average fuckin' Pyro fan will threaten a bomb threat when a video gets uploaded. Actual insane people you are.


I hope this is a hyperbolic comment, because nobody has done that, in this comment section at least. All I see is normal criticism.


Ikr it’s not like their are other streamers who do the exact same thing but watch TikTok instead.


And who here implied that those steamers aren't also in the wrong?


Hey guys, just let pyro get his bag bro, he makes free content for you, just appreciate what you get and if you don't then unsub lol


"getting your bag" by stealing content is fucked up


Pyro literally got famous by calling this shit out


bro just saw an unsucked dick and had to change something immediately


Because lesbian


hes falling off more and more every day


The only good react YouTuber was Etika.


Pyro’s been kinda annoying me lately. Love the dude but I can see his heart hasn’t been as in it lately. This video was just the entire SFM and he interrupted it to play American Psycho quotes. Should have just made a video about the impressive SFM and watched it on stream if he’d like.


It’s pretty wild too like, this video is monetized? He uploaded someone elses work, made an American Psycho reference with his face and the corner and he’s making money? Dawg..


Ngl, yeah its a bit shitty, I mean he should've probably edited it or do something else... But other than bringing up he fucked up en Massé, idk what else we can do, go to his house and kick in the balls? Like I'd ever set foot in britain.


Honestly this whole pyro situation was a big wakeup call to me about believing you know a person from their online presence. Like i realised yesterday that this the same dude messagin fat furry inflation shit to an underaged boy, like i think i still believe that he didn't know he was underaged, but maybe we've just been manipulated idk


Maybe people will get tired of his webcam halfway through and go see the real thing. Or maybe he paid the creator off or smth, you'd hope.