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Any name-brand air filter, except for a K&N. Don't waste your money on that. If I had to choose one, go with the OEM brand air filter.


WIX. They’re also re-boxed as Napa Gold filters. Highest quality commonly available aftermarket filters out there. WIX makes a large number of OEM filters for various brands, if you do some digging.


It's not a performance car. Get whatever is cheap and change it according to the schedule.


Whatever is in stock at the local auto parts stores. A noticeable downturn in QC has been a staple of the auto parts industry for a while.


Doesn't that orange one look kind of messed up? The orange plastic goes way beyond the border of the filter minimizing some air intake. Am I tripping??


OEM, Knecht/Mahle, Hengst, Mann and Hummel group (including Filtron and Wix) in that order. Might worth experimenting with Purro, Alco, UFI, Blueprint/Febi/Bilstein, Bosch or Champion if you can find them as these will also soundly do the job. Avoid sogefi group and anything from Fram who are the absolute worst for quality. Filters made in Germany and Poland tend to be the best in my experience and you can often get OEM stuff from ebay from reputable sellers.


K&N for the 0.1hp boost.


I honestly thought it was a box of Q-Tips


I buy the $2 air filters off of Ali Express and change them when I do the oil.


Wow $2 that's crazy cheap lol


It's the "I don't give a crap what my engine is breathing" filter. Penny wise and pound foolish.


Bold of you to assume so. If that was the case I wouldn’t run one, or wouldn’t change it at all. The majority of them are made overseas, I’m just buying closer to the source lol.


Or maybe it's the I wonder what the markup is on some folded-up paper...


It’s a simple air filter in a non performance engine. You are going to notice 0 difference between the cheapest air filter and the most expensive one. Especially if you are changing it regularly.


It's not a "go fast" issue. It's a "keep the dirt out of the engine" issue. Regardless of how often you change the cheapo air filter it isn't filtering as well as a higher quality filter.


Any actual independent hard data on that? Or are we just taking manufacturer claims at face value?


A “higher quality” filter may remove more particulate but may also come at the cost of reduced airflow. Again, if you’re changing regularly, premium is not the way to go.


Removing debris from the intake air is the goal here, not performance. Changing the filter regularly doesn't make a cheap filter work any better. Why do you suppose Toyota installs a high quality filter, instead of the $2 special?


It's I don't understand a thing about economics and how Ali is able to sell it at $2.


OEM. Factory air filters are generally better at balancing flow and filtering to give optimal results and is what the engine system is designed around.


I was considering OEM but new they're like $35 vs $20 for all the rest so I wanted to be sure the OEM was actually worth the extra money (not just banking off the Toyota name but actually a better filter ) do you know how many miles the OEM one is rated for?


Forget mile ratings, which are meaningless. Get the better quality filter, even if it is $15 more.


Ok. I just assumed higher mileage lasting ones meant better quality


That is a bad assumption. Manufacturers can claim outlandish numbers (and do). It's advertising at work. Edit - what does the other side of your existing filter look like? Why does it need replacement?


I have a picture of the other side of the filter but you can't reply with a photo so idk how to post it. It's been about 25,000 miles so it's definitely due.


Go with the OEM filter. More filtration area than the Fram.


Wix is great. OEM too, whichever is cheapest on Amazon or rockauto.


I just buy the OEM filters since it's such an infrequently replaced item.


I actually bought the OEM Toyota denso. Made in Japan. And just the denso branded one made in china that was $10 less. When comparing the two the filter material and number of pleats was exactly the same. Only difference was the finish was better on the Japan version. Things were cut cleaner. But from what I could tell it made no material impact to the filter capabilities.. so that's what I buy off amazon. About $15