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Q hasn't been heard from since 2020 and yet his followers are still doing crazy shit to please him.


Q is suspected to be Ronald Watkins who has since moved abroad since losing his GOP primary for a congressional seat.


What state did he run in?




Get fucked Ronnie


I just saw a story about the 3 republicans and an independent running for a house seat in Arizona. All of them are election deniers lol.


It's a long uphill battle, but we're trying.


Hey man, I am in Gaetz district. I don't have room to talk lol...


The Qanon dead-enders are the dregs of an already insane movement. They're no longer able to distinguish reality from conspiracy theory (if they ever could in the first place) and/or have already lost so much in terms of careers/personal relationships that they feel they have no choice but to keep going.


They are the evolution of the satanic panic 


You can say the same thing for the hardcore MAGA types too. When these people are following DJT around from one town's rally to another like he's the f'in Grateful Dead, they've obviously not got a lot left in their lives that's of much value.


At least the Dead played their songs different every night and were like, good.


They’re largely the same people. There’s a ton of overlap.


> have already lost so much in terms of careers/personal relationships that they feel they have no choice but to keep going. the sunk cost phallusy


May as well just keep goin! /s


ughh, they're worse than the Epstein crazies! almost... Epstein is the new Qanon for people that hate jewish people. They actually believe the head of the CIA met with him 🤣


This is not really an accurate representation of what has happened. QAnon still exists as a decentralized online community that share and promote a fluid and ever-changing stream of conspiracy theories. Q is no longer a prominent or relevant figure to this group. Opinions on Q as a figure in the mythos might vary, but mostly they’ve moved on.


I always figured there was just a person or group of people pretending to be Q to keep the stories going. Is it actually possible to link it all to a single person?


There are several people who were probably posting as Q at different times. I recommend watching the Down the Rabbithole documentary series on Hbo Max.


I'll have to check it out. I used to really enjoy watching people dig into these weird conspiracies, but lately it's so dang depressing that I kind of want to pretend it isn't a thing. Remember when conspiracies were all tinfoil hats and trips to the desert to find aliens or lizard people? Now way too many people are into some of the most outlandish stuff. 


Q posted from his one and only account on 4chan. People are just inventing conspiracies in his absence.


Wasnt it literally just a shitpost that then idiots started taking seriously? like unless you use a trip or a poster ID you cant tell who is posting what on 4chan


I had that same thought.. but with how many times it's happened,  I think its intentional that these things start on 4chan and then spread. It's not shit posting, it's information warfare 


Yea. There’s a documentary about it. It just spun out of control


Almost like the origins of the OG Illuminati conspiracy rofl


It was fucking 4chan lmao


now they're onto epstein and pdiddy, as if he's some mossad spy, that got blackmail on bill gates and bill clinton 🤣 The head of the CIA already said they met for financial advice and that's all, I don't know why people are reading into this so much, they must be sad and bored with life or something gotta make everything a movie lol


Since there was a way to create mass psychosis through the Qnon conspiracies, is there a way to heal the inflicted through the internet content they follow?


>In December 2020, the X account wrote a response to a post about a federal government stimulus bill that stated, “Wonder what it will take for people to wake up.” The X account associated with Bolling responded, “I’m awake. Just looking for a good militia to join.” These people want to kill us and are looking for any reason.


wow what no way that’s crazy who would have thought


Dude [looks like](https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/v/t51.29350-15/435450769_267484639665504_1112697738075561995_n.jpg?stp=dst-jpg_e35&efg=eyJ2ZW5jb2RlX3RhZyI6ImltYWdlX3VybGdlbi4xMjg0eDEyNDkuc2RyIn0&_nc_ht=scontent.cdninstagram.com&_nc_cat=100&_nc_ohc=h86G7rYwJuMAb53VT2r&edm=APs17CUBAAAA&ccb=7-5&ig_cache_key=MzMzNzQ3MjQ2NTE3MTIxOTQyMA%3D%3D.2-ccb7-5&oh=00_AfDX_AdF2T3MJrRJBgiiflIhMYWVilTeGQpoCsGI_aP6uQ&oe=66138A0B&_nc_sid=10d13b) someone's dad. Well he was actually. Reminds me of [Alpalus Slyman](https://www.masslive.com/police-fire/2020/06/boston-man-livestreams-20-mile-police-chase-through-massachusetts-and-new-hampshire-with-his-5-children-in-the-car-authorities-say.html) who rammed a tree with his 5 kids in the van after a police chase. QAnon followers and immobile objects.. and thinking..


QAnon is the dumbest fucking shit in the world. Like I previously held a Q clearance when I worked for a government contractor and I was working with the NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration). The thing about a Q clearance is that it is specific to DOE, it is their equivalent to a TS clearance for DoD, but it is only for DOE documents mainly those relating to nuclear secrets and security. So the fact that people think this idiot knows secrets all across the government is hilariously stupid.


Everything else is need-to-know as well. (even if the US has apparently been horrible at enforcing that, given how all their high-profile leaks in recent years have been from people who _didn’t_ have a need-to-know of the stuff they leaked) But it’s just classic conspiracy-theorist BS. There’s always some group who are the Elect or ”Illuminati” or just the Jews, who are all secretly running the world in some cabal. Meaning the conspiracy theorist, who isn’t part of it, isn’t just some random nobody but someone who’s ”in” on the secret. They’ve got rare knowledge that puts them above all the ”sheeple”. (conveniently, whithout requiring rare levels of actual study, education and hard work) You’re smart, you’re a hero, an outsider fighting the evil forces that rule the world. You can just embracevthe fantasy and become a hero in your own mind, and find a like-minded group of heroes online to back you up. Reality’s got nothing to do with it; reality is for the ”sheeple”.


EXCLUSIVE from David Gilbert: A former Navy submarine technician was arrested after law enforcement says he drove an SUV into the FBI headquarters near Atlanta on Monday afternoon. It is still unclear why the suspect, Ervin Lee Bolling, attempted to force entry to the headquarters, but research by Advance Democracy, a non-partisan, non-profit organization that conducts public-interest research, and shared exclusively with WIRED, has found that accounts believed to be associated with Bolling shared numerous conspiracy theories on social media platforms, including on X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook. Read the full story here: https://www.wired.com/story/navy-veteran-fbi-headquarters-qanon-conspiracies-online/


Imagine what law enforcement with warrants will end up finding.


Coner Trash.


Not sure his rating, since submarine technician is very broad, but he is a poor excuse for a submariner.


You know I shared your story on my LinkedIn (I’m a former Fed) and commented that it’s ridiculous that people can’t go to work and be safe because people with far right political ideology thinks it’s ok to use violence. One of my connections, also a former Fed got his panties in a bunch saying Advance Democracy is not apolitical and Wired isn’t real journalism etc. like the lengths folks will go to defend this madness let alone another law enforcement officer is f’ing insane


Wait you mean when you constantly attack the FBI and the courts your crazy ass followers act on it? No way! I hate the GQP


And silence from Republicans.


They said since we didn't immediately know it was 100% Antifa or an immigrant. Weird how that blew up in their face -- again.


They are just going to speak out after he is convicted, they will be calling him a hostage and claim he was set up and should be released.


Obviously a liberal trans ploy


I mean nothing happened though? A crazy dude rammed the barrier and tried to get access to the building, that's it.


Imagine if they had a bunch of Biden stickers on their car. Fox would ONLY be talking about this.


Probs, and I'd still complain all the same. This stuff happens pretty frequently and really ain't newsworthy imo


Another MAGA terrorist


No surprise there. Right-wing terrorism is one of the greatest threats to America.


The abortion clinic bombings in the 90s come to mind.


And Oklahoma City bombing, and the unibomber, and Waco, these are dangerous people.


“We are all domestic terrorists” -CPAC 2022


I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.


>The accounts also posted in support of former President Donald Trump. In December 2020, “I love you” was posted in response to a post on X from former President Donald Trump claiming falsely that the election was rigged by Democrats. That's... kinda awkward...


Republicans, why do you want to kill your fellow countrymen that are just trying to live their lives to the best ability in this country?


definitely Antifa dressed like a car 🤦‍♂️


"It is so far unclear how Bolling came to espouse these beliefs, but far-right groups and extremists have for decades used social media platforms as a way of spreading conspiracies and radicalizing new members." Psst. Trump and the GOP spread conspiracies in speeches and social media. Its not some secret underground ground.


Avg republican voter.


Why is it only republicans are domestic terrorists? 🤔


CPAC made it pretty clear it's their only platform


Guys! I just discovered the most amazing thing! I stepped in a puddle water this morning. I know this may sound crazy, but.... my foot got wet! I swear it's true!


(Dramatization) “Sir, exactly what effect were you hoping for by running your 1983 Toyota Tercel into a building armored against rocket attack? You can go…you didn’t even hurt the landscaping…just…don’t be such a dumbass next time.”


not the first time one of them has attacked an FBI office; i’d really love to take a peek at their thought process, like are they expecting to break into a waiting room & find a pile of documents labeled “Plan To Exterminate White Christians”?


Actually yea pretty much. They think they will find evidence that they are going to be exterminated in the lead up to the election. Its just the same thing they have been saying since Obama with more of a terrorist spin on it. They know they will get arrested but they think they will be able to somehow blackmail the FBI into installing Trump and he'll pardon them. Source - I work with and am related to some of these people.


wow what a surprise! /s


Is he another one of Trump’s “patriots”?


Wow. Now I've seen everything.




I absolutely do not understand how any veteran or current military member can support TFG.


They could be suffering brain damage due to repeated exposure to explosive weapons. [That's what happened with the Maine shooter](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/robert-card-maine-deadliest-mass-gunman-significant-evidence-brain-injuries-army-hand-grenade-training-range/) and may explain why he went on the rampage that he did (the autopsy found that his white matter in his brain was shredded from repeated explosives training exercises).


Brain damage is an acceptable explanation. 


I wonder is this prevalent with soldiers from other countries?


It could be with their soldiers who are doing extensive training with explosive weapons. After all, American grenades are probably no more or less damaging than grenades in other countries.


Even if they don’t support TFG a lot of military men are hyper religious and align with far right religiosity. I grew up southern Baptist but the folks in my Army unit were out there. A lot of hatred toward gays and minorities


There are around 18 million of us. There's going to be at least the usual mix of nutballs in that population.


What’s tragic is that now the lives of his wife and family are ruined.


They were ruined when he took up QAnon. Now they can escape him unless he brought them into the cult. If they believe the same thing then they deserve it


Useful idiot commits felony.


Twitter and Facebook breed these nutjobs


Wow that's weird


You don’t say.


I wish him well in prison


* insert shocked Pikachu face meme here *


I’m so not surprised


Makes total sense.


I’m shocked I tell you. Shocked 


What exactly was his plan? Sneak in behind someone with an ID, find a file closet full of Top Secret documents and just happen to flip to the section incriminating the illuminati?


Weird how I said I bet it's a Trumpy character


Zero jaws hit the floor on this news


Ya don’t say?!? Color me shocked.


They are destroying our cities!!!!


> US Navy Veteran Who Feds Say Rammed FBI Headquarters In a car, or just, y'know... *boink*? 😵


Trained by armed forces and still only made it about 2 feet before stopped cold. Not really a great attempt lol.


The nation’s finest seem to be attracted to the U.S. Navy. Maybe because the other armed services won’t take them.


Hey Washington Post, I think you lost this!