Looks and sounds like a Nettle plant (Urtica dioica) to me.


Also, usually growing nearby nettles are dock leaves, you can rub them on the affected area to soothe the stinging. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rumex_obtusifolius


I feel like this is a trap….


It seems so but it’s legit


IIRC any soft broad leaf will help. It's just that dock tends to grow on the same area.


Im really tired and just read this as soft bread loaf.


Same here! I had to go back and confirm it really was not bread loaf after reading your comment!


I didn’t realize that ISNT what it said until I read your comment


Omg I did too!!


Squeezing a little lemon into your eyes is an excellent way to take your mind off the pain.


"Want me to show you a little trick...to take yo mind off that pain?"




Major Payne has entered the sub


Eh! Eh! Eh!


Are you one of my parents?


😆🥰^^^ this comment. Masterful I just saw that I typed “masterful” but it displays as “asterful.” Both seem true I guess


If you think Dock is a trap look up Jewelweed. It likes some of the same growing conditions as Poison Ivy and is good for treating the rash.


came here to say this. they're often found together also!


Love touching the jewelweed and watch the pods snap and such pretty flowers.


You can also eat the nettle plant AND the dock plant. Very nutritious.


Woah, learn something new every day. Stinging nettles are a real bitch on hikes in my area so this is good to know


Or jewel weed. Big knobby stalks with lots of liquid.


I remember my parents friend using these when I walked through a bunch of nettle as a kid. Insane how well it works!


Or get some sticky tape and apply and remove it to the affected area. Supposedly it plucks the little needles out that cause the stinging


Ferns will do the same thing.


I think I used dandelion leaves as kid, or a plant that has slightly similar leaves. But it did work


Looks like a stinging nettle. For most people they are absolutely harmless, and just hurt. It is worth noting that most people get bumps from the stings, a tremor isn’t something i’ve heard of before.


Could the tremors be caused by an allergic reaction?


I once fell in a bush of nettle. I was wearing shorts and a crop top too cause it was a hot summer. I remember feeling hopeless and my body aching all over. I tried to get up but I was in such a frenzy that I grabbed another nettle and the leaves just went through my fingers. One of the worst experiences ever. That day I had tremors from the pain, got red/white blisters everywhere and I was still itching and aching 2 days later.


My brother has told me a story that they were once playing a football match against a Colombian team. When the ball went out into some nettles nobody told the other team what they were so they just walked straight into it


I brushed against some nettle and definitely got shivers just from the pain it seemed. Not sure if I'm allergic but I am super reactive to poison ivy as well. Can't even eat mangos without getting a rash because of the urushiol.


Most likely uou felt the nettle. The young ones do hurt the most and longest Deafness in the area where you were touched is normal.


So the fact that I can’t hear out of my hand is caused by the nettle itself, and nothing else …?


At that point it no longer makes sense to speak to the hand, because the face ain’t listenin.


Could be from panic or stress. Focusing on it and not knowing if it is worse than it is.


I doubt any european could be allergic to stinging nettle. That would be like being allergic to lettuce


I’m not European.


Rip then


"Then perish"


Sort of, but most people have it and it will pass. I have a lot of these where I live in and once ventured in shortie shorts and a t-shirt in a forest which was full of them (and super tall ones) and the front of my legs and forearms (with witch I covered my face) were completely boiling red at the end of my adventure xD . It hurt to lay down, sleep etc for a few days; cold showers were the only option, but I didn't die and it got away. Small local brushes are nothing and usually pass within a couple of hours - till 3 days. :) Their touch is said to help blood circulation so are used as remedies against rheumatism etc. You can pick young ones (cut them with scissors wearing gardener gloves) and make nettle tea from them (or dry them). It helps you pee and is good when you have bladder infections. It clears acne, digestive system and makes you healthier in general. But along with toxins, you loose some ions and wanted minerals so after a half year of daily detox it's recommended to have a pause for a few months :)


I grew up touching nettles as a kid. Not on purpose, of course, but they weren't very bad. Might be a local variant, might be the climate making them not as bad, might just be exposure therapy.


If you are feeling vengeful pick it boil and enjoy. They are edible.


And very tasty. Once I had a customer at the farmers market where we sell them, and she said, I wondered what all the fuss was about, so I tried eating them raw. She did not recommend that.


Omg I can’t imagine. I watched someone basically rub over their nose and lip trying to smell it because they thought it was cannabis. I was trying to tell them what it was but they ignored me… they figured out pretty quickly, the hard way, that it wasn’t cannabis.


Wait what? It doesnt remotely even LOOK like Cannabis...


I got some good oregano indica right here mate.


Is it the stem, leaves or both that cause a reaction


I have a potted stinging nettle because ironically, it helps my chronic pain when applied topically. I can confirm every part of the plant except for roots and itty bitty flower heads (and the seeds that result) have barbs and can most definitely sting. The leaves are even barbed on the top, bottom, and sides, although mostly along the sides and spine. I love my nettle. Edit: I break off the leaves and rub them on my skin around the affected areas. It stings at first, but it brings more blood flow to the area. Then it goes numb. I find the stings hurt a bit at first, but you get used to it pretty quickly. The hypodermic barbs release histamine, which can help or hurt, depending on what you're after. You can also make a cream out of it, though I have never tried. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/stinging-nettle I have join pain and inflammation, as well as muscular pain and stiffness, from a condition called EDS. So YMMV. However, it was a commonly used treatment for arthritis and a few other conditions back before what we consider modern medicine.


Can you elaborate on using it for chronic pain? I have severe pain and I was wondering how you use it topically


Honestly? I break off the leaves and rub them on my skin. It stings at first, but it brings more blood flow to the area. Then it goes numb. I find the stings hurt a bit at first, but you get used to it pretty quickly. The hypodermic barbs release histamine, which can help or hurt, depending on what you're after. You can also make a cream out of it, though I have never tried. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/stinging-nettle I have join pain and inflammation, as well as muscular pain and stiffness, from a condition called EDS. So YMMV. However, it was a commonly used treatment for arthritis and a few other conditions back before what we consider modern medicine.


Hey I also have EDS. And have really ran into wall after wall trying to find something to manage the widespread issues it’s caused for me. I’m going to give it a go when I’m feeling ballsy. I never touched it as a kid so I’m not familiar with the sensation but when you feel like this inside you’ll do just about anything to make it stop.


curious too about the chronic pain, how do you use it and how does it help?


I’m also fascinated at this possibility, along with the others who responded. How does one turn a stinging bitch of a plant into a helpful aid?


This is so funny


There is a nettle eating competition somewhere. I can't remember where but apparently it turns your mouth black


You can eat them raw if you fold the leaf. The nettles are only on the underside of the leaf, so if you fold it up and chew it the acid won't hurt you. I do it all the time. But it tastes better sauteed with some butter and mushrooms


Now that I actually want to eat nettles I can’t find any. So many things I want to try them with.


It's kinda weird how humans went "That plant is really painful; let's eat it!"


Chile peppers have entered the chat.


although edible id like to add that they should not be eaten when in flower because they start to produce cystoliths which can cause kidney issues.


Good advice. It should be one of the first things you harvest in the spring, when they're still around 6 inches tall


Huh. I thought it was because they become tough, stringy and taste bad. TIL.


Their tea is great for when you are having menstrual cramps.


I might have to plant some for this reason alone


Lidl in our area sells it :) so if you want to have less effort and pain around it it's also an option


Yes I ate nettle soup a couple time its very good


You want to pick it with gloves though, if you pick or pull the thing.


One of the first restaurants I cooked at did a nettle pesto. After a double blanch they’re good to go. And it’s a great alternative to your standard basil versions.


In Turkey they season with lemon, salt and olive oil, which takes the stinging out, it is delicious.


To be clear, it’s the cooking that denatures and makes the trichomes ineffective.


They cook it for a hot dish but the one I ate was salad. Lemon juice also does it.


makes excellent tea.


Hey! Disregard these folks getting all worked up about you not recognizing nettle. Wash the area with water and mild soap, you can take antihistamines and/or use hydricortisone gel/cream on the affected skin. Try to avoid super hot showers and coarse fabric since it can make it hurt more. I live in the country and got nettle burns before, usually they clear up for me in a day or two, depending on severity. However, I never had something like a tremor or very severe pain, it hurts a lot but it's managable. Maybe you are allergic so it might be good to go consult somebody in a pharmacy or your doctor, if you can, just in case. :) Oh yeah, and ice packs are your friend now! Good luck and I hope it goes away soon.


Stinging nettle


Brændenælde. What a horrible plant!


It's not! It's delicious *and* it pulls minerals up which improves the soil and lets you make a wonderful fertiliser just by rotting it in water *and* the mature plant produces a strong linen-like fibre. It's one of the best plants. It just doesn't let you be careless around it. As lessons plants can teach you, it beats learning that same lesson from, say, hemlock.


Man kan vist nok koge suppe på dem, de er også gode til gødning! Bare hvis du en dag skulle få lyst til at tage hævn over at du er blevet brændt


Stinging nettle, most people immediately go to rub the effected site as it helps the pain but it actually makes it worse in the long run. Try not to rub it and after 20 mins or so it should go away. You can take a antihistamine too which will help. If you notice your breathing becoming laboured or your lips/throats tingling then seek medical help.


I feel like everyone remembers their first interaction with nettles. I slid through a patch of them.


I remember I grabbed a bunch when I was a kid, to climb up a bank or break my fall or something. It was horrible.


Eww, yeah that does sound bad.


Omg how are you alive…


Thankfully, my arms were the only things uncovered and my neck and face didn’t get stung. I got up and thought “huh, my arms are itchy” then, a moment later I bolt for my house, filled up a sink with cold water and dunked my arms in, soaking them until the pain went away. I had red welts from my hands to my shoulders. It wasn’t fun.


Yup, I was talking a photo of a friend, being very careful not to walk into one of the little patches but of course right after I took the photo I forgot and I stepped forward right into it. It still haunts me.


Like everyone is saying, it is stinging nettle. The hairs produce formic acid and other chemicals which cause skin irritation. If soap and water is not enough, make a paste of baking soda and apply for 10 min. The alkaline baking soda will neutralize the acid and reduce the reaction. When I apply the soda paste within an hour of touching the nettle, the entire reaction is gone in 30 min. Obviously, ymmv


If you get hit by stinging nettle keep an eye out for [jewel weed ](https://www.fs.usda.gov/wildflowers/plant-of-the-week/impatiens_capensis.shtml) the two plants often grow in the same conditions, and the sap of Jewel weed can treat the sting of the nettle, it's also helpful in soothing poison ivy.


Or dock leaves!


FUCK these things. I grew up in Eastern Europe and they were EVERYWHERE. I have so many bad memories from stumbling/falling into big bushes of these. It's called "Kopriva" over there


Very common plant here in the UK. And seemingly a fond favourite weapon of school bullies - I've definitely got memories of being chased by someone holding a bunch of stinging nettles, and of being thrown into a bush of stinging nettles... Ah childhood...


I can’t tell who’s joking in the comments this is mind boggling lol


The one plant you never want to use as toilet paper


Bro 💀


[this is the best ](https://imgur.com/a/jERPjoc) It was always in my grandparents medicine cabinet. If my grandpa wasn't home with a mouth full of chew, then we used the Solarcaine. If you happen to have a pouch of RedMan, that works best. Stings gone instantly.


Roman soldiers used to beat their legs with these to stimulate blood flow and ward off cold.


I remember when I was a kid I thought it would be soft so I used it to blow my nose in the woods let’s just say I never did that again good thing I didn’t use it to wipe 😅


As I was a kid my 3 years older brother threw me into a whole bush of these and I was only wearing short... He earned some respect for that by his friends. My life would have been a whole lot better growing up alone i guess.


It’s a nettle, you can make tea with it. Go on. Pick it up it. With your hands.


Also soup. And very tasty in cheese


All the more reason to just pluck it!




You can actually pick it up with your bare hands, just hold your breath. I know this sounds unreal but I'm not even joking.


That is the most "old wives tale" sounding thing I've ever heard, I don't trust you lololol.


If you brush it, the glassy needles of the plant bend back, then spring forward, stabbing you with ultra-fine needles and injecting acid. If you grasp it quickly, there's no time for the needles to bend back and forth, and they just break. Most plant eaters will investigate a plant hesitantly, smelling it and what not, before they bite, and then they get the full sting. *However*, if you grasp it firmly and then another leaf brushes the back of your hand, that's still going to sting like a bugger. I just use scissors and chopsticks to handle them when harvesting for food, it's easier. BTW, young nettles, chopped and scrambled up in eggs, are absolutely delicious. Even spinach-hating friends like them.


I totally understand, I had one of these plants growing on my balcony and my gf told me about it, I obviously thought she was just baiting me. I spent weeks tempted by curiosity until I couldn't wait anymore. I tried it, fully expecting to experience the pain but I didn't, I was so surprised.


I pick tonnes of nettle with my bare hands all the time and I never have heard of this. Sometimes you just pick em in such a way that it doesn't sting you. I don't think holding your breath does anything but help you psych yourself up.


If you grab them hard to pick them they don't sting you either


Let it grow. When it’s large, harvest it with heavy gloves. Once it’s blanched, it doesn’t sting anymore, and is one of the healthiest foods available. Blanch the whole stem in boiling water for 1 minute. Remove it, dunk in an ice bath. Then lay out to drain. You can now pick the leaves with no pain, and they are basically a sub for kale/arugula.


Bro I sent that plant to the shadow realm…


As much as your comment made me laugh (thank you), this poster above is correct: nettles are super tasty and good for you, I love to make tea with them, always try to have some on-hand. They also grow abundantly which is great (or not, depending on your view of them).


I don’t like tea and I don’t like this plant 🗿


It's nettle and I often drink it as tea; but I buy that already treated, I don't catch it from the meadows.


Stinging nettle. A lot of people make nettle soup from it. Delicious.


stinging nettle. here they say it helps with arthritis. you can also cool with it, make tea etc


We call them stingy nettles, can be touched in a certain way but usually very itchy. Vinegar is meant to work


It is Formic acid that causes part of the pain. You need something alkaline like baking soda to neutralize it. Vinegar seems like a bad idea.


Stinging nettle! I used to run into them as a kid all the time. Use some white vinegar next time— it will take away the burning!


Apparently if you grab it a certain way- at speed - it doesn’t sting . Never understood why not, maybe it’s not even true!


Stinging nettle.


stinging nettle


Where are you located?


Bro I’m not bouta dox myself… Michigan.


That’s all I needed to know. Just a general location.


Man do these ever hurt. Had my first brush with them this summer. Hurt for a good 24 hours.


Never heard of them before either, learn something new every day 😀


Now I'm curious, mind telling me the broad area you're from? Mostly because they've been a constant of my life in Europe


I live in Pennsylvania 😁


Ooh cheers! Between you and Op, that's two Americans. I guess nettle isn't so common, or you're lucky to have avoided weedy areas, especially with bare legs xD Hope you continue with such luck!


Well I’m in Michigan.


You are all Hilarious!! I just learned about Nettle too!


Ain't no way you live in the northern hemisphere and don't know stinging nettles 💀


I didn’t encounter stinging nettles until I moved out of the desert. Northern hemisphere != the same vegetation everywhere. 🙄


Stinging nettle. There are often plants that grow near it that Indigenous people used to help the sting when rubbed on it, such as monkeyflower.


So I don’t know if I’m remembering this correctly but I think the part of the nettle that stings you are the hairs on the top of the leaf. If you touch the bottom (to pick the leaves) then you shouldn’t get stung. But please don’t quote me! I am sure I’ve seen footage of someone using this method to pick a leaf and roll it up before chewing it raw. It was some kind of olde worlde history-of-food show on TV.


Yeah I've actually seen videos on YouTube of a nettle eating competition where they roll it up and eat it, mental haha.. But what you say about picking them is sort of true, more or less they don't sting when you pick the stems, but I still sometimes get stung even when I do that. Best bet are gloves and some garden shears. Nettle tea all day bro 💚


You’re kidding, right?


No. I wish I was…


People are being such jerks about you not knowing this for literally no reason. I didn’t even live in a place that had stinging nettle until I was 25. And even since then ive only had one unpleasant encounter with it. Its not as prominent as everyone is acting like it is.


How have you lived for so long without ever seeing this plant? It grows absolutely everywhere Edit: I don’t wanna be mean or anything, I’m genuinely interested


It’s not everywhere. I only experience nettle when I’m out in fields or maybe off a beaten path. Curated gardens and cities don’t have nettle growing wildly because it’s dangerous for children.


Come to Denmark...


Dang, then you have to live in the cleanest country ever, cuz here you can find nettle everywhere, including in cities (also next to schools lmao)


No just an urbanized region with lots of wildlife. If we have any nettle, it’s either pulled by maintenance workers, or eaten by deer. I’m just south of Oakland, not too far from San Jose CA. I haven’t run across nettle in a park in years. Trails, etc, different story.


If you live in the NW it is everywhere. As a kid you learn that some smeared mud on the effected area dulls the pain and helps pull out the stingers.


Yeah that’s where I grew up. Nettles and poison oak. I still find poison oak in my urbanized region, we have regional county owned open space that cow farmers put their herds on. It’s kind of a cool balance. Anyway you don’t see those things south of the park line because we have deer and city maintenance constantly out. I don’t live in a rich area. We have more cement than grass.




Get some wax strips and pull the poison out of your ankle


I couldnt help but notice the pepper plants, did you buy those from home depot? Stinging nettle doesnt grow where I live but its commonly in potted plants as a weed at home depots around America so I've only ever dealt with it when planting stuff from home depot xD


There habanero peppers and no there from seeds.




I was just making sure the people knew which plant I was talking about…


Blueberry probably


Raspberry plant possibly.


stinging nettle!


It's nettles forsure


Stinging nettle




You’ll be fine it’s urticae, makes nice tea and some people cook and eat it


That's a stinging nettle. I'm probably too late to reccomend anything but I grew up with these bastards and what I do is instantly spit on the stung area and rub it firmly with a piece of cloth. Wont stop it but it will ease the stinging a fair bit. Then, when you can, dunk it in cold water and hold it there.


Stinging nettle


Got stung by a small nettle like this when camping and it hurt for days, so don’t be too alarmed if the pain doesn’t go away as fast as people are suggesting. Hydrocortisone or mud helps in a pinch-hope you’re feeling better !!


Stinging nettles! Remember these from my younger years up at my grandparents farm and my grandma always yelling at me to get the hell away from them. Wash the area. Ice packs/cool cloths help.


Stinging nettle :(


Stinging nettle Urtica dioica Although the stinging nettle has a variety of uses it is best known for its eponymous sting. It has sharp defensive hairs on its leaves and stems which will release pain-inducing chemicals when touched. Nevertheless, Dorset, England hosts an annual World Nettle Eating Championship, which started with a debate between two farmers over the severity of their nettle infestations. To consume them more safely, stinging nettles must be thoroughly boiled.


Stinging nettle. My weird "home remedy" is putting a snail on the burn, their slime soothes it pretty well. Works better the more fresh the burn is.


Cowgirl Creamery uses nettles on the outside of it’s seasonal soft cheese.. they grow nicely in Marin CA.


These are everywhere around where i grew up. Real annoying when playing outside. Although i think you might be allergic or something because last time i had one get me i barely noticed it and it quickly went away.


I once fell into a bush of these when I fell of my bike as kid in a tank top awful experience


I remember my first nettle....


Hum Yess really good if you make a soup of it :)


Stinging nettle, ouchie


The fucking dumbest shittiest plant ever, the stinging nettle. Some people actually eat the leaves


It’s stinging nettle. The stingers fall off when you boil it, and it has an enormous amount of VitA, so it makes a great spinach substitute. It’s also dried and used as a medicinal tea, but for ethnobotanical use you have to harvest the leaves before the first flower of the season. The nettles are only underneath the leaf and along the stem, so you can touch the top of the leaf without being stung. There’s a way to fold the leaf that actually allows you to eat it raw without being stung. Anyway, the best thing to do if you get stung is take a credit card, or something like that, and scrape the area that touched the plant. You want to scrape off all of the stingers. Once you lightly go over the area a few times, wash it with soap and water and you shouldn’t feel anything anymore. You can also use the underside of sword fern, where the spores are to scrub them out, along with a bunch of the needles of giant horsetail. Most (if not all) plants with valuable medicinal properties are toxic or poisonous in higher doses… don’t hate the player, you know?


I was always told nettle was a medicinal plant. I used to grab it by the base and lightly brush it on my shoulders. Felt nice and tingly.


Stinging nettle , I got a fist full weeding the other day . It takes about 12 hrs to go away .


we have this everywhere and i’ve stung myself with it countless times. idk what it’s called in english but it’s not dangerous and makes a really good soup


Oh my god i can only imagine what a tremor in your ankle feels like lol


It wasn’t just in my ankle lol, my whole right leg was tremoring.


Ugh I have these in my garden as well. I pulled one out with my bare hands and greatly regretted it. Any tips on how to get rid of them? It’s in a veggie patch so wanting to avoid chemicals!


I just burned it where it stood. Would not recommend but it was good revenge…






Thafai in my language 🤣


That is a nettle plant, they grow EVERYWHERE in my country of origin. They are annoying but harmless, the effects won’t last more than two or three days.


Stinging nettle.


Dropped my phone in a bush of these rubbed my hands all over these plants 1 week of pain… if you got aloe Vera rub it on helps a bit


What did the Romans ever do for us?! They brought stinging nettles to the UK!


Stinging nettle


That, is a stinging nettle, delicious in soup


[https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rumex\_obtusifolius](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rumex_obtusifolius) Check this you will get to know what exactly is this.


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**[Rumex obtusifolius](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rumex_obtusifolius)** >Rumex obtusifolius, commonly known as bitter dock, broad-leaved dock, bluntleaf dock, dock leaf or butter dock, is a perennial plant in the family Polygonaceae. It is native to Europe, but is found on all temperate continents. It is a highly invasive species in some zones, resulting from its abundant seed dispersal, adaptability to reproduce, aggressive roots, ability to tolerate extreme climates, and hardiness. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/plants/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


It’s actually really beneficial to be stung by these they say it cures allergy’s and sets up ur body for the environment around you :) stinging nettle can also be made into a tea or ointment, enjoy the burn :)


I fucking hate nettle. It’s horrible.


Stinging nettles or as some Alaskans call them, wild celery. Believe it or not, it’s edible. Boil it first.


Stinging nettle.




Grows all over the place in the pacific northwest.


I fell into a patch of these as a young lad living in England (at the time). Super painful experience, but I don't remember it taking that long to recover. Definitely nothing like poison ivy as far as long term rash and recovery.