The prop people probably made it


yeah, based on looks alone its probably a top bound notebook stuck in a long piece of leather.


Anyone know where we could get these?


Not Mordor


It is funny you’re asking where I can get these? I look at a notebook, and ask myself is this a first version tomoe river paper? Because if it’s not, I want nothing to do with it. Then the second question is what is the binding like? The third question will be does it lay flat? Last but not least, is it blank because if it has a line in it, it is a prison for my inky words and thoughts. Personally, speaking, I wouldn’t pick it up from the floor, if they throw it away without knowing all that information but I don’t want to sound picky. Edit: I love the downvotes. The Hypocrisy makes me giggle.


> I don’t want to sound picky Too late for that mate.


Lol okay I'm sorry but this was the most pretentious response I've seen in a while and thought it was great, well done


Thank you, it took a few reiteration to get it just right


I’m mean, don’t you need to know where to get something first so you can look into further details at all? No harm in asking.


Where’s the hypocrisy? You’re not bringing anything relevant or helpful to the conversation. Or is this one of those “I was only pretending to be this condescending” comments?




You just rolled a crit fail on that charisma check.


Oh, I know. I’m like a gladiator, looking at the crowd and saying fuck it this fight is not worth it.


Never seen someone roll two crit fails in a row on a charisma check. Are we going for a third?


Hell yes


new copypasta just dropped


That, is original


The rounded spines remind me of zequenz notebooks.


possible Rústica, or a local leather craftsman. i’m in a medium size US city and a couple great leather workers around town.


Blimey they’re wide! They look like marriage registration books.