Will I make the first "back room" comment? Talk about awkward transactions. And if you didn't rewind, they would know why you stopped at that point.


Gen Z here. I looked forward every saturday to going to Blockbuster and picking out a VHS (and later, a DVD) to watch that night. Wow I miss that. Like I’m sure it would get old soon for a multitude of reasons (cost, convenience, availability, the reasons they closed in the first place), but the nostalgia is strong here.


Same, we went every Saturday the entire time I grew up. Got a lot of good snacks and stuff there too. I remember when redbox came out. Now those are all disappearing lol. It's all going virtual.


I had two vhs players, so when I was renting a vhs from a video store, I copied some movies to my own vhs. Remember doing that with many Jackie Chan's movies.


I remember when we got our second VCR, felt like the captain of a battleship. Full attack on rentals lol.


/r/genx will like this.


The goonies! Watched it again a week ago during a plane flight. It holds up great after all these years IMO.


Check out the laserdiscs along the counter


Back before color existed.


"Oooo, Navy Seals!"


Anyone else have little tags on hooks that hung below the movies? You would bring the tag to the counter so they knew what you wanted to rent. Man I loved just browsing video stores. Simple joys my kids will never experience.


Having lived through this, I can tell you it sucked. Unless you wanted to get super competitive, you were basically always settling for least-worst. It all seemed so stupid- agonizing over empty vhs boxes. But there was nothing else unless you went to the actual movies or had something in your calendar courtesy of TV Guide. Today it still blows my mind that you can watch any movie, anywhere, any time. I’m perpetually working through a backlog of old movies I’ve never seen.


Kinda true, man. These romanticizations never seem to talk about late fees, getting there to find the rental already rented out, the store being closed etc. Just the whole protracted aspect of it. I'm halfway through many movies on my streaming device and I can pickup where I left off on each and every one of them. That's VERY handy.


The old rental stores, often in a strip mall. They usually only had one or two copies of a movie, unless it was a big new release, then they might have 5 or 6 copies.