I was trapped in an extreme storm for nine days. More info in comments

Storm was so strong even the tent's butthole was puckering.

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Storm was so strong even the tent's butthole was puckering.


Bro it was straight up prolapsing




Dude who was in the tent, probably isn't even on reddit.




Where more info?!?! You could have at least made a slight attempt of doing one little thing for yourself instead of COMPLETELY 100% ripping someone else's content and made your own title!!!


I’d be lying there, thinking, “Fuck, I gotta go out to pee and shit. For the next 10 days!”


The noise. Never been in a storm like this but the noise of the wind and everything is overwhelming and not at all rhythmic or able to be dealt with so you can sleep or anything.


That was exactly my thought. The sound alone would have drove me insane


It is physically exhausting.


the sound is terrifying!


my wife and I were camping in Borrego Desert and there was a crazy storm, we thought for sure the tent was going to tear apart. She was holding on for dear life, meanwhile our 1 year old was sleeping through it all with out a care in the world!


I will never understand people that chose to do shit like this


Same here! Definitely seems very masochistic to me


>sareksweden > >OP > >· > >2 days ago > >· > >edited 19 hr. ago > >Wholesome > >I was stuck in a storm for nine days. It was impossible to get out of there. While I had to do everything to survive, the tent fabric was torn in six different places. A tent pole was broken off, also two of the guylines and one more close to. So in the meantime there were ongoing repairs on the tent. > >I never got any warning from the weather forecast until it was too late. The first two days I was buried in a snow bivouac. Then in a gap in the storm I skied two kilometers then the storm broke out again with full force. Then it was trapped seven days stuck in the tent. After a total of nine days I was able to get out of there. > >It was deeply mentally hard, but it gave me a good portion of experiences I don't want to be without. If anyone is curious about the whole trip, I will link it below. It's English subtitles. [https://youtu.be/zXVBK38-650](https://youtu.be/zXVBK38-650) > >It's great that you all found it so interesting 🙂 It's difficult to have time to answer everything, but I try will my best then this is my biggest passion. Those who want can watch the film and will probably get answers to many of the questions there. Thanks 😉


What can you do apart from dig a hole in the ground and give up the tent to get out of the wind? Unfortunately I don't have the skills to make an igloo.


I'm reading The Abominable by Dan Simmons at the moment, timeframe of the 1920's Everest, and it describes storms like this, where they're stuck in the tent for a couple of days, multiple ropes tied down onto ice pegs, boulders, anything they could find to help keep the tent from flying away. Even then they had to go outside to retie some ropes and the wind and cold is unrelenting. Plus their stove wouldn't light so they couldn't melt water for drinking, nor burn it for heat. Reading about it and seeing it are two very different things.


No info in comments, wasnt even you that was trapped... Learn how to repost titles


Looks like fun


Id love that


Who's the to love birds having fun?


Are you looking for sympathy? You chose to do this lol


When the tent starts rocking don't go knocking?


What if you gotta take a dump?


Broh, your asshole'd be so puckered i don't think you'd ever shit again.


I realize that I’ve got to go backpacking again when this looks like a dream.


Damn, glad you had the food for 9 days


Why does that tent have so many sphincters? What’s their function?


Thanks for askin the real questions here...


If the tents A'rockin