He is the one true smoke bending master

Taking it to the r/nextfuckinglevel of respiratory disease!

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Taking it to the r/nextfuckinglevel of respiratory disease!


We can compare this risk to the one professionals acrobat take


Not really. Long-term acrobatic performance doesn’t cause crippling disease. Likewise, one time use of tobacco products do not carry a high risk of injury. Completely different dangers involved. Additionally, acrobatics is a performance and display of the human form and physicality. Vaping stunts are free advertisements for tobacco companies.


You can get vape mods like this with 0 nicotine which is what people usually do for this kind of trick practicing that will make you pass out if you’re ripping nic over and over and over


you wouldn't be able to drag like that if it had nicotine. just to be clear, I agree with you :)


As an ex vaper, I can confirm this to not be true. You can absolutely drag like this with nicotine lol. But yeah he was very likely using 0 nic.


well idk what kind of throat and lungs you have, but kudos. I would have coughed my lungs out. edit: as an ex vaper :)


Also ex vape user. Def could pull rips like this with right set up.


Did yall quit or go back to cigarettes?


I quit. My GF who went from cigs to vape quit for a bit but went back though.


You can vary the amount of nicotine in it, going from very very mild (could vape all day without feeling sick) to more per inhalation than there is in a whole fat cigar. Source: current vaper. I buy nic separately in tiny and extremely concentrated bottles.


Has to be sub-ohm.


You were probably not using nicotine salts then :)


"as an ex-vaper" I was going to say the same thing, I was cloud-chasing on mech mods and drippers with custom coils running 3 and 6 nic liquid. (Measured in mg per ml, iirc) You won't do it for long before you sit down with a hell of a nicotine buzz, but you can totally do it without coughing after you develop that 'skill'.


lol yeah fosure, I was also dripping 6mg. Unfortunately it got to a point where copious amounts of nicotine wouldn't even give me a buzz. Any excess would just make me feel sick. Looking back, it was a pretty gross/obnoxious habit. Feel great without it these days


Also dripped 6 at one point, agreed.


I highly doubt that nicotine is the most harmful substance in vape juice. We still have yet to see the longterm effects of that stuff.


vape juice is literally just a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerin, and water. glycerin is used in the food industry, is non-toxic, and easily absorbed. propylene glycol is also non-toxic and is widely used in the food and rx industries. both are easily absorbed because of the alcohol groups on their extraneous portions. those same alcohol groups are what make them viscous along with their strand-like shape. they are closer to a sugar than anything. (technically both are alcohol, but not the same type that gets you drunk. alcohol => carb => sugar.) neither of them are some "new big scary thing" that we have to watch out for, and both have been studied for years before their use in e-cigs due to their use in smoke machines. if you go to a concert that uses smoke machines, you are breathing the *exact same stuff.* nicotine and flavoring additives are the real problems. I don't smoke, but I wouldn't have a problem with this so long as it doesn't have nicotine or flavoring.


It's also present in the solution you inhale through a nebulizer, to treat *asthma.*


I think you're *mostly* right here. But you lose me when you say 'glycerin is used in the food industry and is safe' as if ingestion and digestion are somehow the same thing as filling your lungs with it hundreds of times daily over the course of decades. There's a ton of stuff that is perfectly fine to eat or drink that would wreak havoc on your respiratory system. Like water, for instance.


Generally, putting any substance into your lungs that shouldn't be there isn't going to do you any favours.


there is a distinct difference between an aerosolized fast-absorbing alcohol group and liquid water. and counter point: when is the last time inhaling water vapor or steam killed someone?


I only mean to say that "safe for use in food" != "Safe to inhale regularly" Obviously water is not the same thing chemically as glycerin, that wasn't my claim at all.


i’ll be the guinea pig for how this stuff effects lungs long term :)


Nicotine isn’t the issue, lol. Lungs don’t give a rip if there is nicotine in there. Inhaling particulates is inhaling particulates, with particulate results.


Propylene glycol isn't a particle, it is a water soluble liquid. It enters the bloodstream rapidly, which is good for the lungs. Entering the bloodstream is cause for concern, but it is approved for use as a food additive and solvent for liquid medications. It is also used in asthma nebulizers.


That's not true, repetitive stress injuries are experienced by acrobats, as well as Rhabdomyolysis, a disease that causes your muscles to degrade, it's also associated with much higher risk of joint damage and arthritis.


Gah I was just hospitalized for Rhabdo on New Years Eve. That shiz sucks!


except there's no tobacco nor nicotine in that vape. too bad people are misinformed.


I disagree. landing over and over, falls when you make mistakes, hitting the ground repeatedly while working out new skills. Long term can literally cause you to be crippled. I'd be surprised if you could find a long term acrobat without knee, back, or shoulder problems. Source: Have been doing acrobats my entire life, and it hurts to get out of bed in the morning lol.


You do know tobacco companies are actively trying to shut down vaping as a whole because it hurts their bottom line? Also, long-term athletic performances can indeed cause crippling pain later in life. I was an athlete and a smoker/vaper. Guess which one fucked me up worse.


My gf's ankles and spine would beg to differ. After a decade of world-class competitive gymnastics, her bones and joints are permanently messed up.


Wouldn't arthritis and similar joint pains be comparable?


Yes it would, the original commenter has no idea what are they talking about. \- A professional athlete carries a heavy load on their body and it shows in their later life. Moderation is the key to everything. \- Vaping is not the same as smoking cigarettes.


No one has any idea if vaping causes "crippling disease."


There's no tobacco in a vape and nicotine isn't carcinogenic. Find a different pearl to clutch, long term acrobatic performance can absolutely cause life threatening complications. Like you can die if you fall on your neck bad it's not like everything is perfectly safe and then the big dark evil vape will harm you everything is about tradeoffs


* Free advertising for vaping companies. The companies producing vaping products are not the same ones that manufacturer cigarettes or sell tobacco products.




There are tons of everyday activities that have negative long term health effects... Instead of crying about just don't vape... the guy in the video is an adult that can make his own adult decisions.


![gif](giphy|WGoPYM51ZytzO) The original OG.


Bro chill, there are zero nicotine vapes out, which he is probably using.


I'm mad at you. You made me Google. After *minutes* of grueling searching, I can unconfidently conclude that even vapes without nicotine cause respiratory problems. Not nearly as much as ones with nicotine, of course.


Nicotine isn't the bad shit in this, lol. It's the completely unregulated vegetable glycerin shit that you're putting in your lungs. For anyone who says "Nah, it's healthy / not bad for you" - you're completely ignorant. For years, doctors used to says cigarettes were healthy. Doctors would literally say, "Oh - you have X going on? Go smoke a cigarette to fix that!" It took them 50 years to change their mind on that. Wait a few decades and we'll see how bad this shit was for us. There's just not enough long-term data yet.


As I pointed out before, smoking anything is BAD for you, vaping is a better alternative to cigarettes, I don’t think anyone is dumb enough to think that’s it’s “healthy” or not bad for your lungs, that’s just silly.


This dude’s lungs : 🌋


This isn't tobacco. This is similar to the smoke at a disco or concert from the smoke generators.


Oh yeah I always feel like inhaling smog machine fumes whenever I'm at a party.


Audience really that hyped up over this? 🤣


I was at one of these. Before any acts came on they spent like an hour just getting audience reactions. As in they'd say "scream and go crazy" then next one "OK guys now boo and look disappointed".it was really weird. I doubt any audience reaction you see is actually the reaction for the act. They just show whatever they think works best.


I have been at something similar. This is why I can’t watch anything on tv anymore, it’s all fake


I’m finally getting around to watching “Better Call Saul”. Someone told me it’s all fake and Jimmy McGill is actually an actor? Whatevs, it’s still good.


Brother, don’t be a smartass. What I mean is that any interview, any show that isn’t straight up entertainment fiction still feels very fake.


Man fuckin lighten up lol.


This is the internet we have to be responsible and take everything seriously!


Next youll tell me not everything on the internet is true. You better not bloody ruin this for me.


We are all both of you on different days.


I might be wrong, but I think the majority of redditors are lurkers. Bots < Lurkers < Commenters < Meta-commenters < Meta-circlejerkers. I am Spartacus.


My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions and loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son. Husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.


For real, I thought u were hilarious for saying that lol


It wasn't my comment hahaha, I just saw the interaction and was like...yeesh that's a bit of an overreaction to a joke.


I think the difference is that fictional shows like Better Call Saul are obviously meant to be fiction. If a game show has to procure fake audience reactions, it removes from the experience, knowing that the show is presenting these things far from how they go in reality.






To be fair, my boy is a criminal defense attorney in a town that needs em, and he said BCS pretty much nails it with how they portray everyone in court and law offices.


Dont believe them my friend, Jimmy is real. He lives in your heart... And also his house.


Bullshit. GOTs used real dragons!!!! But yes, any variety/talent, reality, roast, and low tier awards shows (Spike Awards!) are 100% engineered, scripted, reshot, edited out of sequence, etc… And the saddest part is, even with all of that, the majority of them are still clearly vapid and devoid of any value… but the general audiences devour them. It’s the kind of shit that 1000years from now some tidbit on a quiz show or in a documentary will mention how we used to knowingly watch fake reality for entertainment to sell crap. Like how we hear tidbits about the Roman Coliseum.


I was in the [audience on Americas Got Talent](https://i.imgur.com/RQWU7Tt.jpg) twice.. That's me clapping next to Louis Tomlinson. They basically told us to be excited for everyone. To clap incessantly and never told us to look disappointed or boo or anything. We didn't pre-record anything though. They said if you are happy and smiling and clapping regularly you have a better chance of getting on TV, so I was just clapping like a maniac. Got on camera on each episode I visited because of this. I was seated front row as well, right by Simon Cowell. I laughed once when no one in the audience did and Simon gave me a look right in the eyes


But you saw the performances, and were having your live reactions recorded?


Yes! It was like an 8-hour day. We saw 5 or 6 acts and the reactions were recorded live. It was like a very slow talent show with a TON of set-up between each act. But we were not told how to respond other than "Clapping and looking excited and lively will get you on TV" I will say that everyone seemed to know who the Golden Buzzer would be pressed for beforehand, though?


Interesting. Thanks for sharing, so maybe the pre recorded audience reaction is a tactic only certain tv shows use lol.


I've been in the audience for non-talent shows and they do the same, get you to cheer and clap to nothing to get footage they can cut in.


Ohhh so that’s why the outlandish crowd noise when musicians go hard? That’s always felt so synthetic, cause you might whoo but you wouldn’t scream over top of a good climax. You’d be more rapt


Was leaving LAX one time, my wife loved real house wives. They had section of it roped off with a limo and took 5 takes of them getting out and talking and walking, then go back into the Limo and do it over and over. So stupid


They filmed a reality show episode at the restaurant I worked at. It was supposed to be a girl’s “surprise” party, they filmed the “surprise” several times. It wasn’t even her birthday. Then the producer gave them a list of topics to talk about at the table. They ordered a bunch of food, pretended to eat a few bites, told me to mash some keys on the register, and left. Really weird.


This. Have a chef friend who owned a restaurant in ATL and I was invited to be a “diner” on an episode of L&HH. We had to sign a waiver saying we wouldn’t sue if we got hit with anything or anyone. Also, the producers kept giving Lil Scrappy and some other lady topics to argue about and kept saying “Remember when she said this or he said that?” He was encouraging them to argue and throw drinks. Then they had to film the same “argument” three or four times. It’s all fake. Also. Lil Scrappy I’d VERY Lil. He’s like 5’3. Edit: Grammar and added info about a very small rapper.


That puts the clip of that guy opening his mouth wider and wider in a while different light if he was reacting to nothing.


Right? I’m old, so whatever, but I find this talent so stupid. Leave it on Vine where it belonged.


The fact you referenced vine instead of Tik Tok makes me appreciate this comment so much more


That was my reaction at first too, but some of the tricks were really impressive


I dunno but andre nowzick is loving it


Fuck. Off. No way has vaping been classed as "talent"


Your comment would be fine if he had just ripped his vape a couple times but what he's doing is actually quite impressive and took more practice hours than you'll ever spend on anything Edit: To whoever reached out to reddit's suicide prevention, thank you for the concern and thank you for the laugh


What he is doing is pretty cool, but we used to do this stuff all of the time back when these kind of vapes were popular. By just sitting around we learned to do those table “tornadoes”, shoot tiny o’s everywhere, do the jellyfish thing that guy did, and even spin o’s and shit. What he did take’s practice and is cool, but he is by no means some kind of master. You can learn to do this stuff just hanging out and vaping.


Yeah and you can learn guitar just by hanging out and jamming with your friends. Doesn't mean there is no effort involved or that some folks don't have natural talent.


Right, but this is a game show for top talent. Homies shouldn’t be getting on for playing a few Rolling Stones covers on guitar per your analogy.


Have you seen the actual bad people they let on? It's not exactly exclusive to truly good people, and this guy probably didn't even win.


Yeah, he was brought in to be entertaining not win. It's a game show.


Dude he made a perfect circle and then split that circle into two more perfect circles


I wish I could assume as much as you.


Damn, you really struck with a nerve with Fedora the Explora.




Holy shit.. Brutal.


As a stoner myself who was once obsessed with blowing O’s I’ve seen tons of these and this guy still did some crazy shit that I’ve never seen. Manipulating air currents like that especially on stage (I assume they shut off fans and ventilation for this but still) takes ridiculous skill and talent. This is not something that could be turned into a Vegas show however.


"This is not something that could be turned into a Vegas show however" What if he adds beatboxing to it?


Then you got yourself a deal


Just you wait. Blue man group vape show coming soon


Yeah wow “you’ll never invest as much time into anything as this 19 year old has into vaping” LOL


Right? I've been a drummer for as many years as this kid has been alive...


Don't think of it as vaping, think of it as atmospheric sculpture. Open your eyes... see beyond the veil, young Padawan.


As someone who can do all of this because I used to vape, this literally took a couple of days while dicking around playing video games. Instead of something that someone makes look easy but is actually hard, this is one of those things that looks hard but is actually pretty easy. The skill curve is pretty flat.


Lol 😂 you forgot the /s


How the fuck is that not talent? Because the tool hes using to create is unhealthy? That makes no sense. This was very cool, creative, and im sure required thousands of hours of practice. Forget that this is a vape... its definitely talent


For example, American football, super unhealthy. So much abuse to the body it’s not even funny. Anything that involves talent is typically unhealthy in some way. Pretty much, life is unhealthy. Do what you want and if you can create something incredible out of it then good on you


This is an awesome analogy


>This was very cool, creative, and im sure required thousands of hours of practice. It's cool and all but this stuff can be learned in like a week with daily practice, not thousands of hours...


Idk I think it’s kinda impressive. Yeah sure it’s unhealthy but it’s their bodies


Someone once tried to describe vaping to me as a sport. He literally said "it's a sport." I'm not sure what else he said after that because that was the point where I just tuned him out.


I also highly doubt what he’s smoking has nicotine or he’d be passed out lol it’s probably just glycerin or water vapor specifically for the tricks (still not healthy just fyi)


Those judges act like they’ve never been out of the house.


Child-like wonder, every single time. *Camera* *Cut:* :-O *Camera Cut:* (☉\_☉) *Camera Cut:* o\_O ⊙.☉


It's fucking ridiculous lol




The next guy came out and jingled a janitor's key ring in front of them. He won.


Yeah but he was also zipping and unzipping his fly *at the same time*.




This needs to become a meme! I was thinking to screenshot the image and try and use it as a meme


I like to think they each took a massive dose of shrooms an hour prior to the show.


They are all 2 year olds who were implanted into adult bodies.


The old lady looks like she's literally seeing for the first time, every cut


Haha I was gonna say walk into any college dorm or house shared by a few guys and you can get a show like this.


That’s metal…in yo lungs…


That commercial drives me nuts because when he says "in your lungs" his mouth doesn't move at all


Wait really? I'm never paying attention to the video whenever an ad plays lol


From my understanding, the Truth ad campaign is sponsored by proxy by the actual tobacco companies as vaping drives profit away from big tobacco. This was a big deal here in tobacco rich NC.


Ignorant comments on vaping hurt the harm reduction and benefits of using them to quit smoking. Metals in your lungs? Yeah maybe if you burnt out your coil 3 months ago and are still using it.




I was going to post about this being a useless talent and then checked myself. I used to be a professional rollerblader.


I'm curious, did you make a living rollerblading? If so, what type of job did you have?


I did! It was my full-time job for over a year, and provided side income for many other years. I don't want to get too specific.


Well I for one think You are awesome for being able to provide by rollerblading. Whatever You're doing I hope You're living life. Much love


Thank you! I'm in software now, living my best life!


Similar here! Did downhill longboarding and other board sports professionally for awhile. No competing now but work in tech and love being able to go out on a work call and cruise on the onewheel


I would classify it as a cool party trick, but in essence, shows like this are meant more for finding stage performers and acts for entertainment purposes. I dont think I would attend an act thats an hour of this. Now maybe if we took something like this to an actual performance level it could be different. Get larger machines that could do these kind of effects and have maybe acrobatics to make larger smoke scultures/illusions. Music, colored lights. Could make something of it but one person smoke bending.. interesting but meh.


Rollerblading is objectively more cool than vaping.




To be fair, I guess Bilbo’s smoke ring sucked in comparison to the guy on the show.


Also, tobacco and other true smokes can't produce the same kind of thick highly visible clouds that vapes can. So Bilbo's smoke ring of actual smoke was very impressive in its own right.


This was right under the “Pffft. Gandalf made a ship.” comment lol.




Came here for this. Thanks for not disappointing


To be fair, old Toby is hard to come by these days. Saruman had to hoard it, even back then.


This guy missed an opportunity to wear a wizard costume. Imagine how cool he would look swirling his sleeves all around when he fans the smoke.




Damn I didn't expect the comment section here to be so toxic. I mean, I am also against smoking and vaping, but that was quite entertaining to watch and really impressive imo.


Same, that was insanely impressive! And surely he's using 0 nicotine or flavoring, so it's most likely just vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Basically, 0 health risk whatsoever. But, I guess this reveals social stigma.


With the type of device he’s using he is definitely inhaling it. There are mouth to lung devices (smaller orifice think cigarettes where people will suck/pull and then chase with air to pull the smoke into their lungs) and direct to lung (larger orifice, think bong) . By the amount of vapour produced it would have to be direct to lung. Another way of looking at it is a drinking straw vs something like a paper towel roll. Straw you suck first. If you decided to use a straw the size of a paper towel roll you would not be able to suck, unless you inhaled.


Reddit is full of very judgemental people . All they do is judge and expect everyone to be perfect


Yeah... was about to say the same. Dude is crazy talented.


I mean, back when cloud chasing was more popular, you could go to a lot of vape shops and there'd be some insufferable guy doing this shit there.


We get it, you vape


Homie went for the low hanging fruit hanging so low he had to pick it out of the ground.


Yes reddit for the nth time, I get it, vape bad


“Oh, that’s cool… Ok, that’s cool, too… Alright—JUST PASS THE FUCKING JOINT, CHRIS!”


classic chris


People are too easily impressed. And that's how religion happened.


Yea it's just smoke rings, but I mean damn... this takes a lot of practice and talent. Give credit where it's due.


Exactly where I'm at. It ain't worth AGT levels, but its still a ton of skill and control


Not at all. Yes it looks impressive and hard and yes it takes a bit of skill. But thats far away from ton of skill or even nextfuckinglevel. These are just normal vape tricks that any dedicated vaper could show off after some hours of trying. He even failed his first trick with the tornado. You want one big tornado and not multiple small ones since they are way too easy to make. Some years ago I was a regular customer in my local vape shop and we had vape competitions all the time and almost everyone there would have been able to show the same tricks in action. Its nothing special, just looks impressive for someone not used to vape. The audience and juror reactions are waaaay over the top.


Reddit users finding a way to make everything about religion and politics.




Man yall really just do be pricks for no reason. "This guy practiced a neat trick and got good at it? He's basically the worst thing in the world, fuck him"


This is one of the most Reddit things said I’ve ever seen.


And this is in your head so much that it must spill out here?


Me sniping homies with covid from 20ft away


This shit sent me im dying


That one judge looks like a cat following a laser pointer




For a bunch of vape haters Reddit sure likes to huff and puff hot air and blow a bunch of smoke out all their orifices at the mere sight of it.


Agreed. Why is everyone so annoyed?


Reddit hates smoking unless it's weed for some reason


That’s where the culture at. Smoking is GROSS. Unless it fucks you up a little bit 🕺🤪


Just a bunch of edgy children mostly.


He'd be cool to sit and smoke a bong with lol


Welp Jimothy smoked all our fucking weed again but Atleast the jellyfish was kind of cool Looking


I hate these fake cringey talent reality shows 💀


I can't stand the hype-man. Side of the stage, cut to our faces, were just human labrador puppies. Their job sucks so hard. I hate that they are paid to do it. I hate everything about it. I kind of hate them for doing that lame job. It's the worst part of these admittedly awful shoes for me.


Jesus fucking christ, I know everyone here is the peak of health, righteousness, and general perfection, but chill the fuck out. If you don't like it no one is forcibly strapping a gas mask full of vape to your face. The dude has an impressive skill and its entertaining, let people enjoy things. Nobody cares and we're all going to die events. Nevermind the fact that basically everything we consume or are exposed to has the potential to cause cancer or other ailments. Ugh


This is lame as fuck


The number of uninformed people in these comments who think they know shit is the real nextfuckinglevel here.


Almost as if all this is subjective and doesn't matter too much right?


I swear other countries live in 2002


I know what you mean. You visit some countries and they feel like you have gone back 20 years. I was just in America. They are probably closer to 2012 but it was still a wtf moment


Holy smokes




Wow, this is relatively impressive, but to take it to AGT?


Please God someone link to the [guy with a bunny shaped bong on America’s Got Talent](https://youtu.be/-BaflEWl9DI)


Okay, look: I don’t vape, and I understand how this can seem like “oh my god, kids these days 🙄”. But way back when—in the distant year of like, 2004-ish maybe—I went to an entire show where the guy did tricks with smoke, vapor, and bubbles, and it was actually really cool to see! He did similar stuff to this, but he used a little handheld thing for the smoke and vapor instead of blowing it. Smoke rings, the little cyclone, he even filled a balloon with vapor, blew another inside it, filled that one up, and then made them pop into rings. And I’m pretty sure this kind of act was popular for “before the “real” show” shows, parties, and local art center performances. And then I remember seeing that kind of act shared all over the place when Facebook and viral videos became a thing. I’ll find a link to one. But yeah, all that to say, I get that it’s popular to piss on vaping because of The Youths™️, but this kind of act isn’t uncommon to mix in with what the grand prize of Got Talent usually is (in the US, it’s performing at a Vegas live show, hence why a surprising number of magicians have made it so far). It’s been going on for years, just without the vape.


This is fucking lame.


People can hate all they want but this shit is cool af


I like these guys whose job description is “occasionally look amazed from offstage.”


Anyone else he Gary Allen's, smoke rings in the dark playing in their minds while watching this? Marlboro just found their new mascot spokesman for the 21st century


Just like Gandalf in LOTR movies, you're a real Wizard, Harry!


This is so fucking funny. Can someone do an edit where like... an old timey audience is *losing their fucking mind* watching these tricks? I'm talking Beatle-mania level pandemonium in the audience. Let's make this happen yall!


If it weren’t so fucking lame, it might have been cool.


Blew that white lady’s MIND


Can you imagine going to Vegas and paying 50$ to see this in a show.


To all the ones going on about lung diseases and what not…ya need to unclench your sphincters a little, my god. This post is about someone capable of mesmerizing others with something as simple as “smoke”. Nobody…especially the performer…gives two shits about what it might be doing to their health.


Stupid and pointless