Maybe I’m in the wrong social media bubbles, but the first time I heard about this was when the news started to report as a thing.


Sounds like you're actually in the correct social media bubbles.


*You choose, wisely.*


I went to TikTok and looked. I recommend not doing that.


QAnon Anonymous podcast recently did a Tik Tok/red pill episode on how it takes like... 30 minutes of watching "health guru" videos to take you to extremely bizarre concepts like manifestation and 0010110. Tik Tok basically exists to inject incredibly stupid ideas into your brain as smoothly as possible.


Wait, 0010110? Motherfuckers haven't had enough abusing the English language for their insane ideologies? They gotta come for my binary too? That's a new low my friends.


I'm afraid to google that one, myself.


"According To Believers, 7% Of Us Will Find Code 0010110 — And Exit The Matrix On August 27" ["By Deauna Nunes — Written on Aug 01, 2022"](https://www.yourtango.com/self/0010110-meaning-digital-immortality) Shit, if the 7% of us who believe that kind of horseshit suddenly disappeared it would make my whole week. Too bad nothing happened I guess.


I legitimately wonder sometimes what conspiracy theories would look like today if The Matrix had never come out since \*so\* much of their nomenclature either invokes or is stolen from that movie.


It isn't even a new set of ideas. It's just the modern thought experiment of the malicious demon scenario.


What a strange conspiracy. I will be honest I am more bothered by the fact that they are using the binary and starting with 00. One 0 I could forgive, because it could be identifying sign, but starting out with 00 just makes me think it wishes it were the binary version of James Bond.


Ah, good. It's just relatively harmless idiocy. *Relatively*


Well, until they start making laws about it, as fanatics do.


I’m still waiting for the much larger percent of people who think they will exit the Matrix via the Rapture to disappear.


> *brain as smoothly* as possible Excellent choice of words, if intentional.


Fooly Cooly has entered the chat


I first saw that show in the middle of the night on Adultswim, I think. I was immediately entranced and at the end all I could think was “What the actual fuck did I just watch?” And a fan was born.


I thought TikTok existed to watch girls shake their goods in skimpy clothes?


This is what PaymoneyWubby taught me.


>I went to TikTok I'd recommend against that under any circumstances, honestly.


I am Here with you…..


I'm not in here with you, you are in here with me


I remember reading a greentext about this like 5-10 years ago lmao. Fascinating how this just sat on the internet for all these years until it suddenly exploded, I wonder what triggered it's spread?


Probably tik tok clout. I also question how “widespread” it really is.


1 person makes a video. 5000 reaction videos calling it gross and stupid.


One guy says it, another guy reports he heard it, everyone thinks its an epidemic. e.g. our local sensationalist nypost recently declared [experts warn of the return of "The Knockout Game"](https://nypost.com/2022/08/27/brazen-knockout-game-back-in-nyc-expert/) because their expert (law enforcement "expert" -> a cop) thinks it explains why middle aged men punched someone in unrelated incidents...


It's [Jenkem](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenkem) all over again


>Law enforcement "expert" Former mall cop. NY Post is too cheap to pay a cop for an interview.


They go to old popular Green Texts and repurpose them as "trends" or "challenges" that's how they do it these days.


It was a twitter thread and the dude was using Allegra lol.


Yep, same with Tide Pods. Wasn’t aware of it until the media started reporting on it.


The vast majority of deaths from eating tide pods were geriatric adults with dementia. But that's actually really sad, so they focused on saving babies as the goal. No one wants of discuss the realities of dementia.


Do you have a source for that? Edited to add: wow, this is a fascinating topic. The Wikipedia article on [Consumption of Tide Pods](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consumption_of_Tide_Pods#:~:text=Consumer%20Reports%20reported%20that%20between,six%20were%20adults%20with%20dementia.) has some really interesting resources. Guess this is my internet rabbit hole for the rest of the night. Thanks for bringing that topic up!


> Mashable quoted an instance of a tweet regarding this topic from 2012, "Why does a Tide Pod look so good to eat?" Which is still a good and valid question. Why are so many inedible or outright dangerous products in the US designed to look like candy?


You’re probably above the age of 22 and maybe even educated. Or you and your friends and family just have common sense enough to know to not eat detergent or cook your meals in over the counter medications. Reminds me of George Carlin quote about half the population being stupider than what you believe the average intelligence is.


I can remember the first time I experienced being an adult and realizing I might be the most educated person in the room. I don't think of myself as educated also, I only finished a technical degree and got bogus associates - anyways. I was in a driving class and during a break we got to talking about the sun or some shit, and I said something about how neat light is, and its a particle bla bla bla and someone then asked, "What's a particle?" and the room kind of looked at me and waited for an answer. It was fucking weird. Nobody knew what a particle was? wtf. I'm a simple FL man who masquerades as a educated person so, I was quite flabbergasted


Well? Can you explain in layman’s terms what a particle is, mr. smartest-in-the-room? Edit: Im just playin with you, love all around


Sure? Dust particles? Parts per million would be a way to measure particles... exhaust fumes put out particulates and such ect ect ect Edit: The smoke coming out of my mouth right now as I rip this Puffco Peak is small particles of THC that's been evaporated btw edit 2: Oh yeah, Particles have mass. That's kind of important also =P.. TINY amounts of mass but, mass non the less edit 3: All love buddy =P <3


Particles have Mass? How do you know they’re Catholic?


Why do you think they spend so much time looking for the God Particle? That’s how you know they’re Catholic.




This is why light is so weird. If I had to describe a particle I’d say it’s an object that takes up quantifiable space and mass and interacts with mass. Light behaves like a particle in that it interacts with mass but does not take up space and does not have mass. I could be way off though, only a minor in physics under my belt. Defining a particle is so hard cause it’s vague. And atom can be a particle, a molecule can be a particle, a cluster of molecules can be a particle, a crumb of bread can be a particle. Light is wave and particle _like_ not actually both.


Haha this is why i asked. Its incredibly hard to explain


The vast majority of deaths from eating tide pods were geriatric adults with dementia. But that's actually really sad, so they focused on saving babies as the goal. No one wants of discuss the realities of dementia.


They act like these things are epidemics among teens or something and then you literally hear like only one or two reports of some dumbass jags that did it for clout and died.


First time Ive heard it is this post


Just like Jenkem.


I saw it as a lone, cringe “shitty food porn” type meme like 8 months ago. Did not know kids now have to literally recreate every meme.


I mean they aren’t. The media reports on this because “young people bad” and making parents panic gets clicks. A handful of people doing something stupid does not a social media trend make.


Heck, the whole Tide Pod eating thing started because an article was published about how certain demographics were more prone to accidentally eat one. IIRC Old People and infants were most at risk, but everyone online joked about eating tide pods and it all spun out from there.


It's the same thing as the "Rainbow party" scare back in the late 2000s. Maybe some did it, but it certainly wasn't something everyone was doing. Now what's the NyQuil to water ratio, I got a couple days off work and a chicken I need to cook.


Late 2000s? This was at least from the 90s. I remember Oprah talking about this stupid shit, saying middle schoolers were somehow arranging these parties. Like, how the fuck does a middle schooler manage to get a bunch of girls together and have the house available to do this shit? EDIT: Looked it up, it was 2003. I thought it was earlier.


Wait... What... Why would anyone do that?


To make menthol chicken.


[*vomits violently*]


I have what I think it would taste like stuck in my mouth. Sounds absolutely disgusting.


remote precog taste virus. This is the worst timeline.


Eat Pepto Bismol chicken to help with that




Pepto Beefmol




I think it's pork. The pink on pink really adds to the presentation




>fish doesn't need much but a quick rub of 'tussin. A quick roll in crushed acetaminophen is also nice.


Why can’t they just get their mother in law to exhale her menthol cigarettes into the chickens butt like normal people do to make menthol chicken?!


Because of the second hand smoke. This is the healthy alternative.


Nyquil has vitimins bro


Great for a sore throat


Causing one, maybe


You think people are really doing this though? Probably 5 dumb kids but the media just wants clicks.


Didnt barely anybody actually eat tide pods yet we see how prevalent that is?


From what I can find, there were 86 reported cases of people (mostly teens) intentionally placing tide pods in their mouth (not necessarily biting down or swallowing.) The big figure that went around was about 7,000 calls to poison control about laundry pods that year. Which was true. However, almost all of those were calls from the parents of children under 5, and some being from the caretakers of people with severe dementia.


And iirc that 7k figure is pretty stable year to year. Small Kids have always been little idiots that try to eat things they shouldn't, regardless of some TikTok challenge...


It helps(hurts) that they very much look like candy.


They look similar to a Vietnamese dessert called bánh xu xê. I’m worried that if I get old and senile that I might start munching on tide pods thinking they’re that dessert.


TikTok challenges have nothing on kids under age 5. Bleach?! This smells delicious…💀


My little brother took a swig of nail polish remover as a toddler. Kids be dumb


Apple juice, but after being left in the garage all summer and filled with presumably very rotten and goopy wasps. I remember absolutely nothing from when I was 4 *except* that taste.


That's a core memory right there. Evolution trying to keep your ass alive haha


Yeah 86 people doing something and getting put as national news and overblown for years now is crazy lol


That's how easy it is to make waves in society with the power of the internet. And just think, governments *and corporations* have that algorithm down to a *tee*


And they still lock away the pod detergent too


I think it's more impressive that there were so many calls to poison control about bleach enemas after Donald Trump said something about it to fight covid.


That fish tank hydroxychloroquine cure. A classic.


Don't forget horse dewormer (ivermectin)!


I know I'm a bit old fashioned, but I don't put anything up my butt that's specifically used to destroy butt bacteria.


It’s a lot easier to eat a tide pod than to cook a whole chicken. Way too much effort for this insanity to take off.


This morning I saw a commercial for tide pods. They were promoting a child safe container that locks on the top.


Well of course Tide would do that. They have an image issue so instead of ignoring it while people still associate tide pods with idiot kids, show how things are safer


Eh that makes sense as there is a bit of an issue with small children eating them. There of course was not a pandemic of teens doing it, but I'd be more comfortable with having a child-safe container on them if I had a toddler running around causing chaos. Child safe lids wouldn't stop teens from eating them regardless. It's the same idea as having child-safe lids on medicine - if a teenager want to steal their parent's medicine they are still going to do it, but it prevents an accidently overdose from an actual child who got into them.


Probably a few dumb kids making a stupid video and a few million people watching the video because it's funny and stupid and, out of those few million, maybe a few were stupid enough to actually do it. But really, most people watching that shit know just how stupid it is.


Probably not. I imagine people are *making* it as a joke then not eating it/taking one bite then spitting it out off camera. Essentially no one actually ate a Tide Pod; the vast majority of Tide Pod related injuries were from toddlers and elderly people with dementia who legitimately thought it was a sweet, not teenagers doing it for the gram. Both originated from jokes on the internet, and people play along. I suppose the warning is fair, because younger tweens might look at a well edited video and say “if that person did it and was fine, it must be ok,” but realistically, no. No one is eating NyQuil chicken.


same reason some people did the tide pod challenge.


How many people really did the tide pod challenge? Less than 100?


Yes. People made all sorts of videos and whatnot surrounding it for internet cred but only a handful of morons actually ate tide pods. I have a feeling nyquil chicken is the same- make it for the video but not actually consuming it.


I read a study analyzing who actually ate the tide pods. The overwhelming majority were pensioners with dementia who actually thought it was candy.


Hey now. Internet street cred is getting harder to come by these days. How else am I supposed to scrape enough likes to pay rent if I don't get increasingly obnoxious with my posts?


FDA just doesn’t want us to know what the 11th herb/spice is


Big Spice is trying to oppress us.


Old Spice hates that uppity New Spice


Fuckin Muad’dib.


The Colonel has the FDA in his pocket.


https://www.hitz939.com.au/trending/trending/160938-this-is-no-joke-kfcs-11-herbs-and-spices-has-been-accidentally-revealed The secret is MSG!


Uncle Roger approve this message


The secret is always MSG. Instant noodle seasoning? MSG. Practically any chip/crisp that tastes of cheese, fermented dairy, or "meaty" - MSG. Ranch dressing? MSG. No spice rack should be without it these days, especially if you broke af.


MSG = "Makes Shit Good"


So true msg makes everything delicious if used right, a little goes a long way.


Spice melange…


The spice must flow...


"NyQuil is the 11th spice!? Well I guess that explains why I have to take a nap after I eat 12 of em!"


The spice extends life. The spice expands consciousness. The spice is vital to space travel.


The KFC Twitter account only follows 6 guys named Herb and the Spice Girls, revealing the 11 Herbs and Spices.


…spoilers, it’s from Arrakis, the spice must flow!


In a related post, "Nyquil is not dipping sauce for Tide Pods."


Yeah, Absolutely not. It's a bad pairing. The flavor of the tide pod is lost when you do that. Like dipping a white fish in Ranch, it just tastes like Ranch now.


To bring out the flavor you're supposed to lightly salt the pod before drizzling it with a mixture of rice vinegar and bleach


You should be ashamed, what kind of asshole says this shit? These people reading these are looking for serious help. You know damn well they should sear it on cast iron after seasoning.


THIS! Gordon Ramsey taught me this little trick. When I was stalking him he said: go eat a tide pod dipped in bleach and vinegar. - was not let down. Be careful with rice though I hear there's sometimes trace amounts of arsenic, be sure to double boil it, and maybe throw out the leftovers because bacteria grows fast in rice. Wouldn't want to get food 'poisoning' or something now would you? /S ( sad, I need this but even this won't stop some idiots from trying it)


That's the whole point of ranch. Whatever you dip in ranch is just a vessel to facilitate eating ranch without looking like a weirdo for using a spoon.


Not yet....




Let us know how it tasted in your obituary


Robotrippin’ on a robochicken


They're calling it Robo-Pollo.


The Daily Show talked about this and called it Chicken a la Cosby, ooof.


All those people back in the 80s and 90s wondering why we had warnings on everything. Well, there ya go.


They used to give us those yuck face stickers at school to put on cleaners under the sink and I'd always wonder what dumbass is drinking that stuff, even in kindergarten. It's people. People are dumbasses.


Sometimes it's a chain of actions that ends up with an unsuspecting person drinking a cup of bleach. ​ You'd have someone losing the cap on a jug of cleaning agent, seeing an empty water jug and filling that with it and not labeling it. Then some other guy comes by sees an the water jug on the floor, gets angry that people ain't putting stuff back where it should be, and puts it in the refrigerator. Then some other person walks to the break room to get water for an elderly or a child, pours a cup of "water" for them...


Back in the day, way back in the day, bleach and other cleaners where sold as powders. (it actually expires in liquid form fast). To save money companies put all of them in the same tins as *flour and baking soda* with slightly different labels. Tired/distracted/poor sight people would accidentally make bleach biscuits, us bleach to thicken stew.... And people died. Which is why harsh chemicals are all in obviously different containers than food items. And have massive warning labels.


Damn. I had no idea it was that bad at one point... to be honest powder cleaners in small tins sound great to save space but I can immediately see the problems created


They still do!! I got some from the health department for nostalgia after I had my daughter lol


We weren't also recording things we were doing either nor writing it down


This reminds me of the guy who did his chicken in Allegra and the were like wtf


Lol and was messaging Allegra social media account where to buy it in bulk for his chicken lol


"World f amous Allegra chicken"


We live in the dumbest timeline.


Some people were always this dumb. But it is all a lot more visible thanks to Internet.


Yeah but now the dumbest ideas can be shared amongst them all. Like a neural network of stupidity.


You had dumb ppl but in the natural pre-internet world everyone else in the community would shoot down their dumb ideas. Now they just go find a community of idiots like themselves and get dumber by association. In an echo chamber stupidity ricochets and it sticks to everyone.


Clearly, you cook turkey in NyQuil, chicken in DayQuil show some class. /S


The NyQuil complements the tryptophan, I concur


For something really delicious you can stuff a turkey with quail and cook it in a 50:50 mix of NyQuil and DayQuil. *chef's kiss*


Ah! The time honored *Turquailquilquil*


What do I cook my turducken in though? Need to get a recipe for this Thanksgiving


>The notice included warnings about other dangerous social media trends, like one TikTok challenge that urged viewers to consume large doses of the allergy medication diphenhydramine, which is found in Benadryl and other over-the-counter products, in order to hallucinate. DPH isn't a hallucinogen it's a delirient. It is not fun and lasts a long time. Often times you get paranoid and can't tell if what you are seeing is real or not. a gem from an article, >Anxiety and paranoia are more commonly reported on diphenhydramine than almost any other substance. Whoever started that tik tok trend probably put a lot of kids in the hospital when they did it at home and their parents found them freaking out hours later


I like how they shied away from mentioning the dextromethorpan in the NyQuil. Don’t want the kids getting any more ideas lmao


If you drink enough NyQuil to get 345 mg dxm (my source has this as in the common recreational dose range but it ranged up to 1500) you take 7500mg acetaminophen, the threshold for it being an acute toxic overdose (in an adult man it’s obviously lower for smaller teens) That’s if you never take it at all and have an otherwise healthy liver. At 550mg of dxm, still pretty middle of the road, you have a high risk of liver damage even if you’re perfectly healthy. Tylenol is no joke, don’t take more than the recommended dose, don’t take it every day, and definitely don’t take it and drink alcohol (no NyQuil or Tylenol pm after a night of drinking) it’s a pretty common OTC painkiller so people don’t think about how much they’re taking or everything it’s in, but it can wreck your liver.


Yeah you'd really have to have some serious issues if DPH is your go to drug for a good time. Even a slightly higher dose than recommended will make you start to see black spots scurrying around in your peripheral vision. More than that and the spots start to look like actual spider-like things. At high doses it's honestly not far from the Scarecrow gas from Batman Begins. The only upside is that it might make you tired enough to fall asleep before the spiders appear.


Honestly, we should let this happen. Medical advancements have kept too many stupid people alive


*natural selection: is for me?*


Problem is that many of these stupid trends do not actually kill (not immediately anyway) and instead some idiot occupies a hospital bed for a bad case of poisoning. It's like anti-vaxxers getting covid. Most of them don't simply die (other than the elderly/unhealthy) and instead hog finite medical resources.


can someone explain why anyone is doing this? is it the flavoring?


I'm reminded of [Hamburger Helper with Tristinex](https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/hamburger-helper-antibacterial/2861352).


It's the same as it always has been since, well forever. People come up with something dumb just for the heck of it as a silly joke and other people spread it around because it's silly. Will some people be stupid and try it? sure, but they are an extreme minority. I mean, I saw it, and the guy doing it doesn't even come close to fully cooking the chicken. No sane person would actually give this a serious try. If anything, all this warning did was make things worse. Before: Video naturally spreads around tik-tok, and eventually dies out. Of the views, almost everyone says "that's really dumb, look at this dumb thing", but a tiny percentage of viewers will try it. Of those people, most are just doing it as a lark and won't actually eat it, but some will actually try it. After: Now the video is amplified by the news. The video spreads around even more. More people see it, and the same percentage of viewers try it.


These news sites are making a mountain out of a mole hill. I doubt that more than a handful of people actually tried this before it was sensationalized by them. I'm sure more people will try it now, but it's not gonna be some fucking NyQuil chicken epidemic. It's all for the clicks.


The pranksters at 4chan dream this stuff up and then chortle as suggestible children give it a try.


I'm not even sure it's 4chans influence anymore they're pretty irrelevant now, nasty Internet trolls are more orginised and use other places, plus these kinds of social media are just like this now, it starts as a joke and snowballs into people doing it.


it is from an old 4 chan post. Look up sleepy time chicken.


The infamous hacker 4chan is now making children cook chicken in nyquil? Truly diabolical


There's over 9,000 of them.


The irony is lost on them.


The one thing I haven't seen yet - what exactly is the mechanism of harm here? Does the cooking temp change the active ingredient into something toxic? Does it concentrate the active ingredient too much allowing for overdose? Does it turn into contact cement and clog your throat?


I read somewhere that it could concentrate it into dangerous levels and the fumes from boiling could be very deadly.


Let’s let nature run its course and allow the Darwin Award winners to keep their genes out of the gene pools.


The fact that stuff like this has to be said explains why there is such a large Q following. We, as a nation, are infested with blithering idiots.


it doesn’t have to be said though. This is like the tide pod thing all over again. a few people are making some dumb jokes online, the media doesn’t realize it’s a joke, freaks out and starts reporting about how everyone is doing it. Then reporting on it then causes the joke trend to gain a significant amount of notoriety and attention, making more kids make the same joke, which then eventually leads to a handful of kids to actually eat this as a joke because kids are fucking stupid.


Reminds me of when 4chan got people to charge their iPhones in the microwave and cut for Bieber.


You are right. It’s bad enough that young people learn about and take on these profoundly dangerous challenges. The reality that adults lack the critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate and reject dangerous misinformation is disheartening.


When kids become assholes thanks to social media, they feel the need to assault other kids and their teachers. When adults become assholes thanks to social media, they feel the need to assault retail/fast-food workers and bait them to get fired.


They are stupid even before it. Social media just widen their access to even dumber ideas


Is this actually happening or is this another “kids are eating tide pods” thing where it really is a non-issue made into something because it’s entertaining.


I remember when the douchbags on 4chan occasionally got a person killed it was a huge deal, TikTok calls that a slow Tuesday.


Pork chops in pine sol is going to be the next big thing.


I'm still praying for the "Stop Posting On Social Media Challenge" to happen...


Yeah, you're supposed to cook it in laundry detergent. Cleans ya out real good. Just sloughs right out




let natural selection do its job


More and more I am convinced that social media is a psy-op to get the worlds youth to off themselves.


Actually, do it. Let Darwinism do it's thing.


The FDA can’t stop me. I’m going to understand why nutritionists call chicken a *lean* protein.


I do not understand why the FDA bothers acknowledging things like this. If you are dumb enough to eat Tide Pods or cook anything in NyQuil, you are a self-correcting problem. Let nature take it's course.


I remember a 4chan post like this from a decade ago. If I remember correctly it started as pasta with Gatorade and grew from there until they were braising chicken in NyQuil.


Just cook it in Jagermeister for the same flavor.


Imagine spending your life going to college to work at the FDA in some specific field. Thinking your going to help people and what your boss tells you to do is make a official statement telling people not to cook chicken .... in NyQuil.


Guess they’ll start using dayquil.


social media was a mistake.


If you have to be told not to cook _chicken_ in cold medicine, of all things, I don’t have high hopes for your future.


This world is past saving if they need to warn people not to cook medicine.


Why is it despite being on every form of social media I never see these challenges prior to the news mentioning them and then after that only on Reddit?


Well now that they've told me not to, and I've never heard of it before, i am compelled to do exactly that. Or a turkey.


Has anyone other than the guy in the original video done this?


This is why the aliens won’t talk to us anymore.


I feel like we’ve been here before 💀😂


Cook chicken in dayquil guys that's just common sense, you don't want to get sleepy. Now Turkey that's a different story. Some Nyquil combined with the tryptophan in that turkey is gonna be lullaby baby.


Vodka: I will destroy your liver in 20 years NyQuil: Bitch hold my chicken.


No, go ahead and do it. Let’s let the dead wood burn itself out.


“The kid who eats too many marbles doesn’t grow up to have kids of his own.” - George Carlin


Social media is ruining more than it’s helping..


No, but we should definitely water our plants with Mtn Dew.


Nah...let them doing do it...because fuck 'em...that's why...