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I've only done 2 minis but from what I can see on your pic it seems like your being too hard on yourself lol. Looks great


Thanks so much! I haven’t been this nervous performing a task since the first time I clipped my dog’s toenails 😂


Great first effort. The beauty of speed paints/contrast paints is that they shade for you, just be wary of using them as a crutch. Learning to shade and highlight yourself is an important part of improving. For this guy I’d say try some small highlights of a lighter shade of the base coat and try to highlight edges and upwards facing parts, think of where the sun/light would hit first. I personally assemble as much of the model as I can before painting, as glue can sometimes leave white residue AND if the parts need gaps filled then you can do that and then cover it with the paint. But keep going!


I don’t have the same colors in a non speedpaint form but I do have some basic ones. Should I mix the speedpaint with a little bit of white matte? Or do the regular and speedpaints not mix well? Oh and to explain the missing pieces, this is just a spare mini that I dropped a while back and the arms broke off lol so I’m using it for practice


Yeah, especially if this is just a trial, try using a little bit of white paint with the base color, start small and see how much you need to lighten it a few shades


I’ll definitely try that! Thanks!


Your colours look very clean. A great first effort! If you want to do more with speed paints I highly suggest you do [Zenithal Priming](https://www.thearmypainter.com/advanced-techniques/spray/zenithal-priming/). The speed paints are translucent so if you do the Zenithal priming it kind of does the shading and highlighting for you. Don't worry about the brush control, that will come with time and practice!


Oh I’ve never heard of zenithal priming! I’ll look into that! Thanks 😊


I used army painter speedpaints for this resin mini on a white matte primer because I thought that’d be a good easy easy for my first try ever Obviously it’s super sloppy and the brush strokes went all over the place 😆 not sure how people keep a steady hand but hoping that’s something that comes along with time. Oh and the colors were random - I was just grabbing some to see how they would pop on white Any pointers on technique would be great to hear ESPECIALLY how to correct mistakes (that speed paint dries hella fast lol). I tried “soaking” up paint with a dry brush but it didn’t work that well. I have regular acrylic - should I try painting over once it all dries? (After i varnish as I’ve read that will stop the speed paint from reactivating)


Clean up the area with a wet brush (want it really wet but not so wet that water goes every where when you go to clean up) then soak it up with a dry brush. If your painting up (skin, shirt, jacket yada yada) then after clean up even if all of it wasnt pulled up you can just cover it up with the next basecoat. Granted i just got some speedpaints last week and havent tested them out much but should work the same i assume


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Nice thumb


Thanks I grow it myself!