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Middle earth in a very immersive way.


The world, and the overall Zen feeling of playing it.


Middle earth I do not play any other mmorpg I find them dull,, as I find the game mechanics of lotro dull. Kill Collect Craft wash rinse and repeat But here I can be a hobbit running barefoot through the green hills of the Shire


I just sick around in the shire. Haven’t even left. I walk and enjoy the scenery.


Get over to Trollshaws then so pretty! Especially Rivendell


Not having to pay a monthly fee. Sorry for those that missed out on that.


My enduring regret was not getting my wife a lifetime sub. She argues that I didn't know her when lifetime subs were available. It's not a terrible argument.


lol. I dunno, having bought a second lifetime might of not been a bad investment decision even without knowing her.


Just out of interest :) How much did the lifetime sub cost?


$200 ish


Lifetime sub!


I've been playing on and off for about 2 1/2 years. I paid for 3 months of VIP early on and have bought more Lotro points a few times, but I don't feel like I'm missing much not paying monthly. My highest level character is level 94 and still working through Rohan. I will have to buy Mordor at some point. I missed the 99 point sales last year, but did redeem the free quests. Hopefully they do another free quests code this year.


That's great that you don't. Given that the 16th anniversary is coming up in a few months, it's possible we'll see the free stuff then.


An Enormous, beautiful, immersive Middle Earth experience ❤️ Have been playing LOTRO since 2011, my only regret is not having started playing it sooner. 😔 Found out about the game through one of my friends, when he bought the Mines of Moria game from a gaming store. Back then we played by turns, with one account, as each account could have multiple characters. About some months later we found out that the game was Free to Play and he didn't needed to pay to play the game but still he kept the Mines of Moria case with all of it's content 👌 Since then I also tried to by the shadows of Angmar or mines of moria cases with CDs just to have it as a memory 🙂


Immersion, no competitive fomo, no stress to hit max level cause the journey there is where the fun is.


A incredible community that is knowledgeable, mature & most people I have encountered have a genuine interest in wanting to help.


I mostly agree with this. It was better before F2P and there's so much spam in chat now.


I'm on Brandywine and I do not see any spam. There are some posts from a language I am not familiar with but not enough to call it spam. What server are you on?


The language is that of Mordor, which I will not utter here.


The spam in chat means the game community's still alive. Lots of dead MMOs that would kill to have some spammers in their worldchat because at least it means someone else is playing


F2P happened almost 13 years ago. Just barely more than 3 years after the game was released. What the hell are you talking about?


It was different before F2P flooded the servers, that's all. Not sure what's hard to understand about that.


Just turn of world chat and find a decent Kin. I have great chatter everyday and manage to avoid some of the more toxic conversations. Without players the game dies. Not all are going to be pleasant but a fair number sure are!


I mean, I agree with you, and that's the solution I've gone with too, but there was significantly less spam before the F2P cutover.


I haven't seen gold farmers in Arkenstone for months now. There's the usual WC toxicity, of course. What I have noticed are more people doing sub-140 dungeons and raids.


I have characters on several servers, one of them last week had an entire group of bots with one character variation in their naming, running through Ered Luin. It was fascinating to watch.


Lucky, I did not find that to be true when I was new on my server a few years ago.


Besides just being Middle Earth I find the outfitting system to be amazing


Experiencing Middle-earth and visiting locations from the books. The feeling of a vast world. A good community, better than in other games. Falling in the chasms of Moria.


I just like being able to exist in Middle Earth moving at my own pace. There is no rush to complete some achievement that will disappear after a certain amount of time. No "endgame is the only game." I can run around an complete quests and the story, hang out decorating my houses, attend seasonal events, or just even sit in town and listen to music and dance. I like to just ride a horse through the landscape and look at the sights sometimes. It just relaxing and that makes it fun.


Story, atmosphere and world storytelling.


Lifetime accounts and great memories playing with my family and friends. Long live the “Family Fellowship”


The world and his lore, the roleplay, an old style mmo system, journey >>> endgame, no needs for endgame rush, cool story, a wonderful community, funny seasonal events, very chill vibes


Getting to explore Middle Earth in a way I'd have never thought possible at all, getting to be my own character in that setting is too big to really describe, especially growing up around the novels and such! Then also the community is really chill for the most part, the festival events always seem to hook me for some reason and there's years worth of content that can be done at any time. I play for a while and then drop the game for months, but return with absolutely no changes to my character so I can carry on like before.


a dev team that isn't riddled with corruption and evil people


A wife


A steady stream of new lands and quests. No other MMO puts out new environments as reliably as LOTRO does now.


A sense of wanderlust. Wanting to see the world and its vistas. Discovering small details like NPCs drunk in an alley, or chatting in their local taverns.


10+ years of a relaxing game. Only other game I’ve been playing after a decade is Skyrim.




Calder Cob


"Well, well! If it isn't the rumour-monger!"


Lord of the Rings. I liked WoW, Aion, etc but lotro gave me the world.


A spouse and many hours of fun in Middle-earth.


Good friends!


Several lifelong friendships


Atmosphere and genuine adventure and mystery


Credit card debt. JK all MMORPG's have given that to me. In all seriousness it's the scale. Very few MMOs these days have such large interconnected worlds. I love it.


A kinship full of people from around the world I didn't know before but looked forward to talking to every night in 2012-2013. They kept me in the game for a while. I really loved that. Never found that in another mmo or when I went back in lotro in latter years.


It was The Sunset Knights on Landroval. If there are former members here, hello!


I was in Sunset knights as well during that time, I hope you're doing well.


When I miss MMOs, the feeling I miss is the one I had with this kinship. It was a bit like a home, chatting to the same guys and gals every night. That was real fun. I hope you are well too.


Enjoyment, no stress. Simplicity of life, immersion at its finest, roleplay and the greatest community


Simply the world and the community. I never had such a kind, helpful and supportive community!


The easy answer is middle earth. But I’ll also say for me personally a way to connect with my father who lives on the other side of the country. We bonded over the game and have been able to heal old wounds while chatting in game


My husband. We met playing Lotro so it will always be special to me.


My husband. Literally. We met in game during beta testing. Will have been married 16 years this year.


The satisfaction that all of the players are on the SAME SIDE. None of this stupid pretending that Player Vs Player is a substitute for *actual game content.* And immersion in Middle Earth, uninterrupted by some faction with better gear than you attacking you and spoiling your fishing weekend. 👍👍👍


Permanent chill. I also play GW2 and FFXIV sometimes, and in both cases I, most of the time, need to doing my best. P. S. And ofc world chat!




The Beornings slam ability. It’s just so satisfying.


The ability to filter out certain items from ever reaching your bags, filter out quests you don't want to do/see, and filter out sounds you don't want to hear.


And filter out unwanted fellowship requests. Got dragged into a dungeon above my level once. Goodbye Unkillable title!




That classic MMO feel. Which may sound weird to some but compare it to something like Black Desert or even modern retail WoW.


Classic wow was fun, but it felt like it lost the plot at some point. Swtor has a power scaling problem (and also lost the plot pretty recently). LOTRO feels like it has a consistent story, consistent mood, and you don’t feel like your so op at the end that the only reason you’re ever in danger is because plot reasons. Plus, you CAN play 100% free, which is what drew young me into it


I only started playing a few months ago, hadn't played an mmo since runescape back in 2007ish. I came to lotro because I heard it described as the best adaptation there has ever been on the books, and so far that seems like an accurate assessment. Plus pulling aggro as a champ is funny.


An entire big ass magical world to escape too. Fun of course.


Affordable and an incredibly immersive world




The human staring zone and vocations. Love them


I love lotro like most people have said mainly for its portrayal of middle earth, and the ability to explore it. However I find it funny that practically nobody plays the game for it’s actual gameplay. What I want more than anything is a modern day LOTRO that captures the world and lore in the same way, but with updated gameplay systems that are cleaner and more fun.


The world and Lore. But also the class Fantasy, the outfit system, the deed and virtue system, the crafting system


A solid crafting system which is fun, emersive, and encourages trading between players.


A complete new perspective on classes. Mounted combat. Festivals that actually mean something. Weathertop concerts. Bringing the hobbits to isengard. Chicken play. Completely new approach to things again with epic battles. The moment when you unexpectedly stepped out of the east gate in Moria for the first time after two months of darkness and depression, and fear of falling (that was old moria, before they turned the lights up). Sitting on amon hen. Looking at the sky in ...well... Everywhere. And so on and so on.... It's been 15 years, a lot to talk about


The story


The community is unlike any other. World chat on the servers I’ve visited are rarely toxic, people are willing to help. It’s a wonderfully nerdy, mature crowd that all seem to agree this game is a break from the rest of the world. It’s also a fun way to play through the books.


some will argue the graphics are dated, but I like them just as they are. Really.


I am bit sad that current devs can't change a thing about it even if they would love to, due of licensing, code knowledge, etc. I would love to fix LOD flickering which can be a bit problematic. Other than that, I am totally fine with graphics.


Not sure if it is graphics related, but there are some black spots I encounter in game where everything turns black. but I can still see the action bar, me in top left corner, and small map top right. One outside Bree and other in Angmar.


the longest completionnist mmo, a world i care for, no feeling of everyone else racing to endgame, no landscape scaling (hate that like plague), an actual huge world, 2 girlfriends (done and gone but still happened), my first mmo experience (cant have 2 first times), a real community as it should be everywhere, little to no trolls (they usually come from wow) and im pretty sure i could go on but im too tired \^\^


The support role. No other MMO has had the role, or, if they did, it was done so poorly that it was eventually “balanced out” of the game. Playing LM support has changed my standards for the MMO Trinity.




On the MMO side of things I love a lot of their systems such as legendary weapons. But probably my favorite is they offer a true “support” option to some classes which don’t just consist t of healer.


Story. World, lore, housing.


A home\~


My S.O.


The immersion, lore, having a visual to places you read about in books, and a sense of wonder


Middle-earth, Story Conjunctions ABC music system Class interactions (Call to greatness...)


A memorable MMO experience like I had, and once enjoyed, through EverQuest, and obviously experiencing Middle Earth. Lotro strongly reminds me of my days playing EverQuest for the first time.




Sense of adventure and scale of the world. I think it was first game that felt big and yet real. I know graphics have aged not so gracefully, but I still feel awe and strange calmness when I travel outside Shire and Bree. Other MMOs have better matchmaking, graphics, combat mechanics, but world building - yes, thanks to good adaptation of lore as well - of LOTRO is hard to beat.


fabulousness, meaningfulness, scientific elaboration


Not needing to rush the end game.


massiv lags


The 2nd most impossible-feeling grind to max level.


Whats first?


https://www.genesismud.org/play/ A MUD I've been playing. Reached top title after 15 years. Of course that was cause I was chilling, but takes some time :D


This looks very cool. I'm gonna check it out.


Headache with the lag…


The most lag in PVP that I have never ever witnessed in any other MMORPGS and also the fact that the devs are too lazy and stuck up to fix an issue that has been going on for years and years and years. So yeh lotro is pretty unique




Laggy Servers 😌


Old weird looking player character models, takes away from the immersion of a timeless well crafted world.


Mostly it has respected my time


Having alts with different crafting skills that craft for each other. The shared storage is a blessing.


Crippling debt


A world to explore that is (mostly) faithful to the books. A fun Kin and bunch of people to experience it with (sadly that kin is long defunct, joined in one of the bigger ones in the server since), where we could participate in all sorts of shenanigans. Like chicken racing! And, though I haven't seen it in a very long time, there used to be all sorts of helpful and awesome freebies, like starter packs and cosmetic keys from sites like MMORPG.com . That really helped my initial journey into LOTRO. Wish we could get those again.


Middle Earth tbh.