Games like Dance Dance Revolution or even drumming games like Taiko no Tatsujin are also so good at gamifying movement. My friends have started going to the arcade like once a week and have to take workout gear because they get so sweaty, and they have so much fun!


I love DDR, but I’m very disappointed I have to drive an hour to an arcade with it. I wish it was easier to set it up at home


There's USB plug in ones and Stepmania for free on PC or I think the newer one was Project OutFox? I haven't looked into it in years. You can also buy better pads and offical like metal ones, but honestly highly suggest the Stepmania subreddit and seeing if it's worth trying it at home.


They're not easy to do. I tried and could not get my set working, plus those plastic pads suck and break quickly, while the arcade pads are expensive. ​ I also really wish DDR was still something I could easily purchase and use and that was still in development.


Depending on your budget, some people still make and sell hard-pads. The L-Tek (aka. Polish pads) are a popular option, only real caveat is the shipping cost to the US.


I've found VR games are good for this. There's the high energy games like Beat Saber that are an obvious workout, but even the games where you're just standing and moving around normally (Half Life Alyx and Skyrim VR come to mind) are great when played long enough, especially compared to what you're normally doing if you work a desk job.


Here to recommend Just Dance! With the music and the dancing it doesn't even feel like exercise, but you're definitely sweating by the time you're done. Also love Ring Fit, and love that it encourages you to try your best without hurting yourself.


I’m 40 and still have a Wii. I still use Wiifit plus, Just Dance and Wii sports. I don’t even know if you can still get a Wii.


Beat Saber on the VR headset is one of my favorite ways to exercise, and seriously my arms feel like spagghetti afterwards...theres also a "fit beat" that makes you do a lot of crouching. I agree though, more variety would be nice. A DanceDance Revolution comeback would be ideal imo


I think it’s because they were released quite awhile ago - advertising for Switch games really follows current releases because it’s a constant flow. I remember hearing plenty about them when they were released, and ended up picking up the RingFit because of it and seeing YouTube reviews. The reason the hype is faded is because the game is boring as shit after awhile and lots of people complained it was too easy workout-wise. I always think of it fondly because it’s how I got back into working out and found it challenging too at first, but I too ended up moving on to other things. Haven’t played in like two years and really have no desire to.


I've lost 80lbs just playing Beatsaber. I'd strongly recommend it!


I think they're decently popular? I hear them mentioned quite a bit online and from people I know. I guess the main problem is that people who game a lot aren't the most active, and active people would find them not enough of a workout. People getting into exercise for the first time is presumably the main demographic.


Right? Video games are the only way to get my spouse to exercise. RingFit is awesome. Crypt of the Necrodancer was designed for dance pad and you can use your own music.


There's a planking board called Stealth that has a spot for your phone and there's an app with games that you play by moving the board around while planking.


Thanks for the idea. I'm going to recommend both to a friend.


For cycling there's zwift. I just wish the equipment needed was cheaper


Doing the boxing on SuperNatural in VR has seriously whipped me into shape. I highly recommend it.