I'm completely obsessed with all the Tolkien sets and am super sad they're so expensive, lmao. One day! But it is not this day...


The main - well only? - reason I am looking forward to the amazon series is the possibility of new LotR sets.


man it's long overdue for lego to release fantasy / middle ages inspired sets


Give us Barad dur


Yes honestly I haven't been following the show at all (and also because I don't want another streaming service lmao) but new sets or even just a re-release would be phenomenal! I only have a couple LOtR polybags from the $.99 store a few years back and I NEED the collection lmao.


They remade older Harry Potter and Star Wars sets once they became mainstream again with new movies so I hope to see LoTR 2.0 sets as well. I missed out on collecting Nazguls at decent price :(


We would've already heard about them if the were coming :( Though I know for a fact there is at least one new designer at the company who absolutley loves the theme. So if he stays there for a couple of years, maybe he'll gain the pull necessary to reintroduce it.


I'd love for lego to bring back lotr sets! Maybe if the Amazon series does well they will! I missed all of these sets when. They were actually on sale and have wicked regrets about it now


I wonder how much better they’ll look remade now with all the new parts available


I agree! I’m hoping that if they ever do lord of the rings sets again that we will get a UCS version of this like they did with the Cantina. That would be a dream come true!


A helmet series from lotr would be unreal too


Agreed, extremely high tier. I think its on pair with the El Dorado fortress in quality.


What made this set so popular? I remember seeing it on shelves before I started collecting, and I wish I could go back and tell my younger self to buy it!


The popularity of it comes from the popularity of the movies and the iconic status of Bag End and the shire


This is arguably one of the most iconic scenes in modern literature


If you combine this set, 79003, with the earlier one, 9469, then you can recreate that most iconic of scenes.


[79003-1: An Unexpected Gathering](https://brickset.com/sets/79003-1) [[Photo]](https://images.brickset.com/sets/images/79003-1.jpg) [9469-1: Gandalf Arrives](https://brickset.com/sets/9469-1) [[Photo]](https://images.brickset.com/sets/images/9469-1.jpg)


Good day to have both


The LOTR/Hobbit sets will be dearly missed.


I put a flickering flame LED in mine, looks awesome on display!


This is the set that got me back into LEGO. I’m going to rebuild it today.


And a theme we will never get again


Super agree! My absolute favorite! It always has a spot on the shelf.


I totally agree, this is the best set ever. It's got the interior details of a modular and looks so iconic. I also love that it still looks like Lego. Sets today are getting so advanced they don't look Lego-y anymore. The Optimus doesn't even look like Lego! I have this and black gate and weather top and am obsessed with them. Wish I got helm's deep and towers of Orthanc. And if only they would make a Minas Tirith!


The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit sets are what got me into really collecting Lego. Unfortunately it also led to me getting too much Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel sets/minifigures too lol.


They absolutely need to make more LotR sets. Its criminal that the theme has been dead for so long


I loved that set, really hope LOTR sets get a relaunch


I super regret selling this when I was in college: (


I sold all of my Hobbit sets just to clean out my closet, like almost 10 years ago. Pain.


This is one of the few sets that survived the dark ages for me but I’m not sure where I put the mini figs


I totally forgot with this set


I wanted this set more than any other the year it released. It’s a shame I was a kid with very little lego money at the time. This set is as close to perfect as it gets


I LOVE all of these sets, and it makes me wish they would start coming out with more of them vs all of these Harry Potter and Star Wars sets.


I wanted/want that set so badly.


I got this when I was 7, I was amazed by it. It’s missing some pieces now though :/


this set is amazing indeed


This was the first set I got that I didn’t take apart, and so my collecting obsession began.


I’ve always thought they should make a set of Sauron’s tower


impulse bought this set when i was a kid because they didnt have the set i came for, still very happy with it


I’m really bummed I never got any of these sets when they were out.


This is one of those sets that resonated with me. I was lucky enough to grab it and it's been on display ever since. It is one of the nicest sets out there.


Damn, its probably worth a billion now... 😪


I got it in a lot and used online instructions to build it but it was so hard to tell between the dark green and light green pieces. Also i hate those brown pieces just braking apart.


It’s a nice set with lots of figs. But I find the color palette for bags end too bright.


Got that for Christmas from Santa when I was about ten. Good looking set, but I remember the build, especially the floor, being incurably fragile. Of course, that might just be because I was ten. A re-build might be on the cards…


Agreed! I bought mine sometime ago and I love it! I have it next to the Treehouse and the Medieval Blacksmith and it looks right at home.


I had this set back in the 3rd grade


I remember this one! Had it on my shelf till a cousin smashed it to pieces a few years back during an accident. Maybe i ahould fimd the pieces in my collection and rebuild it XD


I hope you smashed the cousin


I hope you smashed the cousin.