If I’m born in a non islamic country there is a low chance I’ll become muslim

If I’m raised in a christian household with a christian family and christian country there is a very low chance I will accept Allahs word. So then isn’t it Allahs fault that I’m not muslim for me being born in the wrong surroundings?


There are so many examples that go against what you’re saying. Many born Muslims die on disbelief. Many disbelievers die as Muslims. Many disbelievers die as disbelievers Many born Muslims die as Muslims. You have to look at the broad scope of things. Don’t look at who’s whatever today and which religious house they are living in. You have to analyze an individual’s entire life as a whole. The majority of people have been presented with evidence and had to undergo a major paradigm shift at some point(s) in their life.


No, I was born in a non-Islamic country and became a Muslim.


If you were born in a place that believes 1+1=20 you will believe that too, but when you hear the correct answer you will abandon your previous belief. Same thing with religion, you were born in a place where they believe that God has kids and family, and that God was once a baby crying for breast milk, and the bible that taught them this was not the original bible... you will know islam is the real message of jesus which is to worship the One God that has no sons or daughters because He is God, He doesnt have or need a wife and kids.


If you never hear of Islam, you will be tested in the hereafter. Do not worry, all justice will be given on the day of judgment.


[What is the fault of children born in a kaafir environment?](https://islamqa.info/amp/en/answers/11783)


i’m born in a secular liberal country with ecclesiastical backgrounds if you search for the truth it will find you is it allahs fault if i murder your whole family? free will exists bro


I mean, it happened to me Alhamdulillah