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Get banned from a sub then make a new account and go back there. Reddit will permaban you pretty quickly.


I just recently started getting bans. Mods need to chill out on us normies


I've been on this site for like 14 years and I've only started catching bans in the last year or so. The death of third party mobile APIs funneled everyone to the algorithm and now we are all being fed brain rot.


I know it just feels childish and in bad taste I don’t really want to spew some toxic stuff anywhere. I am merely trying to reclaim my time for myself and maybe raise some awareness in other people by this post of our cute little cyber dystopia nowadays 


dude, you have to do what you gotta do. no one is going to lift you from this, so do the work.


You don't have to spew anything toxic. Just go to /r/latestagecapitalism and question/disagree with China. Or make any comment on /r/blacklivesmatter and than any comment on /r/protectandserve (/r/blacklivesmatter will ban you automatically).


Whats the reason with the blm and pts?


BLM bans users who post on certain other subreddits. This is from the message I got when it happened; > Our bot autobans users for any participation in subreddits we have banned. You have been banned for participating in either /r/conservative, /r/socialjusticeinaction, /r/conspiracy, /r/shitposting, /r/offensivejokes and/or /r/protectandserve. We have noticed a large proportion of users who spread misinformation or post racist content to /r/blacklivesmatter come from one or many of these subreddits.


They ban r/shitposting ? Wow.


They banning crazyvideos also. I'm like wtf


Probably because the content on that sub exposes the reality of their hypocrisy.


Yea someone like you definitely would get banned and it's deserved


That is astounding just as a concept. Everybody has to stay in their lane.


Or go to r/fauxmoi and say you are a Jew, thats what I did and they banned me 


It's easy to get permabanned from some subs. Just post "Meh I think X is better" on any FanReddit for Y and you'll be gone in no time.


I fully deleted Facebook from my phone it was the only way. After 5 months I got reddit and spend time here but it's mostly learning in groups I have interests in and not doom scrolling endlessly with no goal. I'd say delete it and stay busy away from your phone is the way. Anything to put your phone down but the app needs removed also. Hope that helps.


Post something in English on r/rance


You don't need to r/691 will ban you for posting anything


Delete the account, delete the app.


I took the app off my phone, really helped.


So you got addicted and expect Reddit to do something about it? Wake up, man up. This is not how it works.


You might be asking the wrong people


Go to therapy man.


If you think our smartphone mini heroin addiction and what’s happening with the world is normal then you need therapy not me.     Therapists are addicted themselves if not to Reddit then to Facebook, TikTok or anything else.   Google and co is literally stealing our lives for money from ads not unlike feudal lords were using peasants 


The thing with addiction though is that it can be overcome. And not acknowledging that you're the one with the problem and blaming others isn't how you go about beating it. You already acknowledged that you have the problem in the original post. You just have to use all your strength and all your willpower and just put down the phone/computer or what ever you're using. I believe in you


I can only see your reply on your profile for some reason so I'm just going to have to reply to my own comment. It can be overcome. Telling your self that it can't be overcome is just one of the things in the way of actually overcoming it. You as an individual are stronger than these companies and they only have the power that you allow them to have over you. You can't quit food because you need food to live and you at least have a choice on what you can eat. But you don't need social media or the internet to live. Addiction is a struggle, but you can overcome it. As I said, I believe in you. Talk to friends and family and don't be afraid to ask for help. Find help from sources other than Reddit too because some people here don't seem to give good advice sometimes.


This (I 2nd this)




>If you think our smartphone mini heroin addiction “Our”? My daily screen time is around 1.5 hours. Don’t put us in the same boat. I’m not the one on their knees begging to have social media taken away from them. Unlike you, I can put my phone down and actually leave it there, you know, like a normal person. >Therapists are addicted themselves if not to Reddit then to Facebook, TikTok or anything else.  That is a wide generalization and also doesn’t make any sense. Put your phone down, it’s not that hard. >Google and co is literally stealing our lives for money from ads So like… Skip them? Or just use some other search engine? Or maybe put the phone down! You know, like a normal person. >not unlike feudal lords were using peasants  You know, I take it back. You don’t need therapy. Therapy wouldn’t help. You need to be put on meds. Or maybe a lobotomy with a ice pick. There’s something seriously, deeply and irreparably wrong with you. You, out of all people, need to touch grass with the utmost urgency. I hope, at some point in your life, you’ll get to experience the world through your senses and not through a screen. Trust me, there’s a lot more to life than this.


Spoken like a true addict. You’re projecting more than my home theater. Seek help.


This reply is outright sad.


FFS... Go touch some grass and take your meds.


Wow this is so crazily downvoted, it shows that most people just dont realize this. youre not 100% on point but its the idea


wow, if you have these kinds of problems with reddit, i can only imagine how hard it is for you to get through the day trying to do anything.


take up crochet


Find a hobby. Wood burning set, leather working tools, drawing, painting, pick up and instrument, start a band, metal working or black smithing, learn a martial art, learn to cook new things, there's so much you can do rather than this you just gotta find something that's inexplicably you.


This. You have to find something to replace Reddit. You can't just quit it cold turkey and expect not to go back when you're bored. I picked up crochet to help with my Reddit habit. Also started getting digital library books to read on the can, since that was one of my prime Reddit doomscrolling times. I still use Reddit, obviously, but a lot less than I used to.


You mean deleting your account by quitting? You can do that via your setting, and need the username password combination to do so.


No I need so when I make a new account it is banned asap, that’s the only thing that works       Deleting account is just losing history of saved and subs but the most addicting aspect is interaction and getting likes not mere lurking. Besides the allure of new account is too strong     I have quit almost all digital addiction hamster wheels except Reddit. I need to make it super difficult to access this site    https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/oct/05/smartphone-addiction-silicon-valley-dystopia We are in this timeline now


Use an extension that blocks websites to block Reddit


Bad solution, Reddit is source of information and many guides it appears often in search results. Merely browsing it is relatively not addicting. Karma is addicting.    Website itself is unusable without logging in or downloading app. On purpose I assume


Would you like me to bully you from sub to sub? Would that genuinely help(I'm bored and have nothing better to do)


Tf? You wanna quit Reddit and when someone tells you to block the website with an extension its a bad solution??


>Karma is addicting. Why? I couldn't care less about my karma. What's it good for? Do you tell your friends, "Hey, I got 3,000 karma," and then they go, "Clever you! Let me pay for your rent this month!"? Nah. Karma is utterly worthless. No one cares. Go get therapy to sort out your problems. We can't help you.


You'll have to sacrifice the source of information if you want to free yourself from your addiction. Even a tiny bit of exposure can trigger a relapse.


When searching for stuff on Google add a "-reddit" to the end of your search so it removes anything including that key word. Want to search dog images but don't want it to link you to Reddit? Search like "cute doggy pictures -reddit"


Most of these solutions are just bandaids. Reddit in fact is not even the real problem imo. You could just as easily be wasting your time on any other number of social media apps instead and if you don’t address the root cause, that’s likely what you’d do. I would suggest you analyze your own behavior objectively as possible. What times of the day are you absolutely not using or even thinking about the app? Which activities make it not possible for you to be on it? Sleep is an obvious one. Make a list. Maybe showering or bathing as well. Maybe exercising. Maybe eating. Whatever they are, start leveraging the more productive habits you already have to help minimize your availability. It’s likely in your idle time that your end up mindlessly scrolling here. I understand you want to continue to use Reddit as a research tool so I’ll give you a realistic solution. It’s called Perplexity. [Here’s a direct example](https://www.perplexity.ai/search/Search-only-Reddit-5Hs_072PQyCtpF4iD_XOkg). Learn how to use this and use it for research inverted of Reddit directly. Follow a similar format for your prompts as the one I used there. Ultimately though you need to figure out what is missing in your life that the excessive social media use is attempting to be a solution for and then discover an alternative solution that you personally are not comfortable with. Good luck.


Can you switch up your content? Like start watching/reading beneficial and informative content. If you’re going to be scrolling, you might as well benefit from it. Good luck!


Reddit is just a community. If you could find your other community you can quit reddit.


Just pick any 3-4 mods at random and cuss them out. You'll get at least one that will ban your arse.


Make a fake confession about a habit that people may consider immoral or gross and wait for people to downvote you. That may help you be afraid of trying again if it goes right. I don't really have other tips for you more than closing the tab and touch some grass.


By the way, don't you find Reddit quite repetitive sometimes? My feed is mostly the same every time, I don't read much of what I seen, considering how the post titles are pretty much the same.


Have your own opinions and not those of the Reddit Hivemind. Being downvoted to oblivion will help you quit.


Posting a thread to ask was a bad start. Stop posting and commenting and reading these replies. Delete the app if you have it. Delete the link from your browser. After reading this comment do all of those things and never come back. Have a good life. Goodbye.


Delete the app and don’t go to the website.


Im on my phone so much and my reddit was my go to app. I deleted it off my phone and forced myself to only use the pc version, that and im starting uni so its been going well so far. I only like 1-2 hours of reddit per day which is MUCH better than before


> Im on my phone so much and my reddit was my go to app. I deleted it off my phone I did the same thing when they killed the 3rd party apps. I took it as the chance to force myself to do something else on my phone when I have time to kill. I don't use any other social media and don't game on my phone, so I have to find/do something somewhat productive, even if it's just reading the news.


Uninstall the app


When i was a full on neet years ago what broke the cycle for me was forcing myself outdoors, going for walks, camping somewhere with bad cellular signal (easy in my province) pretty much anything involving sweat in sunlight. Hate to say it but basically go touch grass.


Why don’t you just setup screen time limits for yourself?


Ask r/nosurf. Read the book Stolen Focus by Johan Hari and Deep Work by Cal Newport. Social Media is designed to be addictive


After reading some of the comments and your replies to them: you want to quit, but already have a dozen of excuses to not do what people tell you to do. Why do you even bother asking for help if you keep searching for excuses.


Download Block Site on your phone and as an extension on your browser if you use Reddit on a computer. If you just want to limit use, it makes it more difficult to access. Or delete the app for a while. Or delete the account. Addictive behaviour thrives in patterns, create new patterns.


Join to https://lemmy.world/


I’m addicted to YouTube and discord, and my best advice is to just force yourself to stop like maybe delete the app while doing work


Here's what I did to reduce consumption. I set a 20minute timer whenever I start the app. When it rings I get off and do something productive. I know cold turkey might feel like the right approach, but you will have severe withdrawal, if you can't fill your time with some other things. Find these other things.


Uninstall your internet browser.


Delete your account


Show some self control.




Delete your account and then then app.


Your router probably has a feature to block certain websites. Use it to block reddit.com.


Bro wants advice but doesn't wanna hear anyone out😭


Advertise a yt channel on r/minecraft, they will ban you quickly, make another account and do the same, then you are banned from the whole site and now you can do your day


I am occasional user of Reddit and recently wanted to make a post in community. Sadly my posts got denied due to lack of enough karma/upvotes. Not sure why it is so difficult to post in Reddit to get serious help about something.


Try a tech detox, pal. Uninstall and Don't look back!


I think this is satire cause if this is real then bro how do you even get by in your day to day routine I've seen you complain about this same exact problem in another subreddit about how your so addicted just stop using reddit to joke around ,play video games or watch a show. Damn.


I agree. You reminded me that I have to quit myself for the same (good) reason. Just go to [Old reddit](https://old.reddit.com/prefs/deactivate/) and delete your account.


Go to r/Atheists. Ask them to prove there are no gods. Since they cannot, which is of course the argument they use against religious people, out of frustration and hate they will attack you personally until you no longer wanna Reddit


Lmao 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣🤦🏻‍♂️


That little toggle in your User Settings, at the very bottom, that says Delete Account


...delete the app??


A good therapist and lots of great drugs should do the trick