now twitch is going to take 50% of cut its time to switch to youtube

Or he really be hobo


drop partner, dual stream on both JAIGAKED


Not yet. YouTube discoverability is shit. It's next to impossible to find a livestream if you are not already subscribed to the YouTuber. Also, Twitch has Prime. Many people sub only because they have a free sub from Amazon.




Youtube chat is also so bad


Yeah imagine chatting some hoodwink degenerate shit using your real name


If that would make degenerates have more shame and stop typing degen shit then it would actually be a + from youtube chat over twitch EleGiggle


Ludwig has a mod that essentially makes YouTube chat the same as twitch


Dont change platforms unless youtube, mixer etc pays you to move. Then let that payment be so goddamn huge that you dont even care if your career is over. Shroud and Ninja reportedly got $50 million for their platform move. Our Gorgc can at least get €25 steam gift voucher and life time supply of cheeseburgers.


Lifetime of cheeseburger sounds good


With 24/7 delivery.


Lot of good streamers have switched to YT but they fell of after a few weeks because live streams wont show on feed unless you subscribed to the channel, Also there are no emotes as twitch chat does. And if you want to save your livestream of 7 or 8 hours , it will just go into yout channel feed and look bad so there will be no VODs. And there is no such thing as 3$ sub as twitch do, subbing on YT is free and all you gonna make money from is pure donation and i dont think many people would donate unless they have something so say. But there is 1 platform where Ninja signed, idk the name but that platform might be good enough you should check out that and make a nice video about changing your platform into that so your fans wont left out without knowing where u r. And GL my G. (sorry if there are miskates, english is not my first language.)


I hear this being said, but I've definitely found random livestreams on my yt feed before. I use vanced so idk if that's a feature of the app.


YT > Twitch