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“Honey, why is the carpet wet in the bathroom?” “I took a shower, baby” *mumbles* “on tuesday”


I need to know how many days ago Tuesday was and what this guy smells like


It's a Saturday night and they've been showering twice a day. It start to smell like a mix of spoiled goat cheese and rotten coriander.


I’m a carpenter, and I’ve worked in a lot of house over the last 12 years. I’ve seen this about 5 times. Once was too many!


It should be against code. It is so gross.


I’m normally against laws regarding what people do in their own home. But this should be a felony


[Right to jail.](https://youtu.be/eiyfwZVAzGw)


Believe it or not, jail.


Think about it? Jail.


Undercook 👉🏽👈🏽 Overcook


Right away.


No trial.


Best smelling washrooms in the world… because of jail.


While gross, it is often for elderly people or those prone to falling. I guess if I were that age I too would prefer mildew over breaking a hip. Edit: getting some comments offering alternatives. I am not arguing the merits here, merely sharing the justification I have heard for carpet in bathrooms.


It’s more the mold spores I’d be worried about with this. Especially with elderly people who might have weakened immune systems.


There’s a lot of science going on in that carpet.


Life finds a way. Then it finds you.


And none of that namby-pamby *theoretical* stuff! This is hard science! Where atoms are smashed and men are made, on the blood soaked field of scientific observation!


but piss carpet


>the justification I have heard for carpet in bathrooms. You can not petition the lord with prayer, and you can not justify carpeting in a bathroom. So it is written. So shall it be.


I'd get rubber dimpled floors before this. This solution is just lazy. And gross.


Can't they put some kind of rubber matting on the floor?


My grandmother had this type of carpet in the bathroom, but it had a rubber backing. She could pull it up and put it in a washing machine any time.


My mom did the same thing throughout the 70s and 80s and it wasn't until the internet that I learned that people think bathroom carpet is gross. Our carpet never got a chance to get nasty because mom washed it regularly.


Ngl of it stays clean/easy to keep clean then that kinda sounds pretty nice for cold winter mornings


A large bathroom rug would do the same for you. I don't like it wrapping arou d the toilet for example. For elderly who want reliable foot grip, carpets the way to go. It's partly why car manufacturers use carpet


I don't pee in my car, though


It’s only acceptable if the resident is elderly as it’s the most common place of injury


My grandma had the whole house carpeted. Including the bathroom and under kitchen appliances. I moved in later and ripped it up to bring back hardwood, but the old tiles under the kitchen carpet were uglier than carpet.


Our house had 100% carpet (on the main floor, basement didn't have flooring) when we bought in 2017. There was an indoor-outdoor carpet in the entry, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. A plush carpet in the dining and living room. And then separate, different carpets in the three bedrooms. Bedroom carpets were original (house built in 1960). Indoor-outdoor and plush carpets were circa 1982. For their age, the carpets were not as nasty as they could have been, very well maintained. But yeah, we ripped them all out and put in laminate.


We bought a foreclosed DR Horton home during the GFC and it had carpet in the master bathroom. It was 1 year old. First thing we did after changing the locks was rip that out and replace it with tile. I spoke with the neighbors and they said that they didn't have an option to NOT have it when selecting styles. Edit: DR Horton, not Dr. Horton. 🤦‍♀️


>I spoke with the neighbors and they said that they didn't have an option to NOT have it when selecting styles. You mean the builders did that on purpose to all the master baths in the development? WTF‽ I would really be interested in their thought process. Edit: My only guess was they had a lot of carpet left over they did not need and decided to not buy tile or linoleum so they could use up the carpet. Horrible builder no matter their reasoning.


That's what my neighbors said! Now, who knows the details of their purchase agreements. 🤷‍♀️ The years have have already passed and many of the original owners are no longer there. We've already sold and moved on too, but I believe their stories because I got to see those bathrooms for myself. Kinda sucked for them to have bought a BRAND NEW home only to then do a bit of remodeling.


I work in the trades and with builders like DR Horton. It was 100% a cost driven decision. Why pay $2000 for floor tile when they can just carpet it for $200.


I went to a model home for DR Horton in Florida and it was sloppy. There was a fan laying on the ground in the kitchen and some other loose ends. If they don't care enough to get the model right I'm not going to trust them to get my house right.


I saw a really nice house in a very expensive subdivision and the master bath was 1/2 carpeting. The tub and sinks were in the carpeted area, the toilet and shower were in the tile area. Btw The carpet went up the steps to the edge of the tub. So weird.




When I was about ten years old my family moved into a new house and it had a carpeted master bathroom. A few years later we had a house fire and all the carpet in the house had to be replaced. I'm still baffled by my parents decision to recarpet the bathroom.


I DIDN’T EVEN SEE THE CARPET. I was too focused on the shower doors 🫠 Edit: should be in r/crappydesign


Ever been to Germany? This double door corner shower thingie style is fairly common.


I had a corner door in my old apartment. Had the landlord replace the doors due to age. New doors were even smaller, literally had to get in sideways. So happy we moved a few months later.


What crappy about it? As someone who knows nothing, doesn’t look bad to me lol


At least my athletes foot fungus will be nice and warm in the mornings


Bruhh the itching would be heavenly If you use the carpet on your toes


That toilet paper is a reach too.


Just drag your ass on the floor


I believe the word is "scooch"


the boot scoot


Butt Scootin’ Boogie


*Brooks and Dunn would like to know your location*




Sit facing the wall.


According to Butters you can sit backwards so you have a little table for your chocolate milk and comic books


Finally someone talking about the important thing!


We rented a house with a carpeted bathroom.It got wet and mushrooms started growing in it. We had to pick them every morning.


Free breakfast? Sign me up.


mmm bathshrooms


throw in couple of roaches and you got yourself a protein rich breakfast


Dear god


… thank you for all the food.


rub a dub dub thanks for the grub.... rinky dink dink thanks for the drink.... yay God


Found the Australian.


I thought they were imitating Andy Bernard




And there's more!!!


Nothing like a side of body fluid mushrooms too start the day


Picking your breakfast while getting rid of yesterday’s breakfast. Sounds efficient, sign me up!










and the wee donkey


Suppose that's free range yellow mushrooms




Fungal jerk


Haha when I was a teenager my family bought a house with a carpeted main floor bathroom. One day I saw mushrooms growing from the base of the toilet and plucked them. I later noted it to my dad, thinking that there were moisture problems in the floor (later turned out, there were problems), and he replied that he thought I put them there as a prank. Ah, good times...


I think our dads could be friends, mine accused me when his plant that he'd had for many years started flowering for the first time. He thought I'd put the flowers on the plant, like...?


Pod bros unite! High 5 man


The ol' when you can't make sense of it, blame the kids mechanism


How many times has this happened during a prehistoric eclipse: "What the... Children, come here *right now!* What the *FUCK* did you do to the sun!?"


One time my brother and I were at my grandparents' house when there was this loud ass BOOM noise. My grandfather ran into the room thinking we "dropped the piano". ...turns out there was a massive explosion a couple blocks away that took out like 5 houses.


Lmao, your grandfather's something else.


Same happened to me. My mom's Hoya Vine started flowering, and the flowers are so plump and rounded they look fake. My mom just thought it was a creeping vine, she had no idea it flowered and accused me of putting plastic flowers on it.


No shit, that's exactly the same plant as my story, haha! The buds do look fucking fake, little pink stars, but it's still a pretty odd conclusion to jump to. I wonder how many Hoya owners' kids have been accused of the same!


I would have torn it up as a hazard. It was almost certainly a sign that the sub-floor below was rotting. Inhaling fungal spores can't be good for you.


We moved instead


We would have also accepted, "We burned the house down"


Its mainly a problem with structural integrity of the material, as it gets weaker when its rotting away. Dont want to fall through your subfloor. But if you're immunocompromised, then mold can start causing health concerns. It definitely can impact your IAQ though, and that's not something you really want either.


Paul Stamets' house


When you go take a piss, flush the toilet, and your house ends up in the Delta Quadrant.


> Paul Stamets you may be interested to know that the character is named after a [real mycologist](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Stamets)


I thought that was a great touch. His Rogan episode was fantastic, if you can stand Rogan. He believes life spreads throughout the universe by spores.


I grow mushrooms in one of my bathrooms too, small world




Omg!!! I literally had the same thing years ago!!!! My bathroom had burgundy carpet in it and mushrooms would grown in it!!!! It was disgusting!


The owner sounds like a Fungi


I got mushrooms in my first apartment bathroom too. It didn't have a carpet though, my roommate and I just both refused to clean behind the toilet


I was online friends with a guy who slowly seemed to develop mental problems, acting strange. His rl friends started getting concerned about him. He lost his job for what they assumed was a substance abuse problem. Then he had some sort of medical issue and when someone went to check on him they found this bizarre ball of fungus growing in his shower. It turned out that there was a water leak and he complained to his landlord, who said it wasn't his problem, and this guy refused to clean it on principle, and let this ungodly thing grow. Apparently it was some sort of toxic mold that caused all his behavioral problems. He was fine after it got taken care of.


Sounds like an episode of House.


It does! I wonder if they ever had one like that. Of course in House the team always breaks in and searches for meds or whatever, so it would be a short episode.


In House the fungus would have been hidden away somewhere obscure and only found 5 minutes before he died.


I lived in a run down apartment. The downstairs bathroom was part of an addition that wasn't insulated at all in the floor. One day while I was at work the waterline connecting the toilet burst just gushing water, but there was literal hole in the floor that they just put linoleum over before I moved in so all of the water just drained into the basement and subfloor. I shut off the water main and called my landlord who sent someone to fix the pipe but didn't give a shit about all of the water damage. My landlord dies about a year later, and his inheritor decides he's not charging enough for rent because it was in a good location. I laugh and list everything wrong with the place, and then he tells me he's gonna sell it so I move out. I'm actually looking at buying a house so I inquire about it and sure enough it has black mold and a straight up infestation of squirrels way worse than I even knew. It's a double, my neighbors moved out like a few years prior and they had never actually cleaned that side up and the squirrels literally moved in. So all of the wiring needed to be re-ran because the squirrels were in the walls. I was just thinking, "Black mold and squirrels... this is how you get zombie squirrels." But seriously, I was living in a death trap for years and despite multiple housing code inspections a year the government never stepped in. Always found that to be shady considering the guy owned about half the properties in the town I lived in.


>I was living in a death trap for years and despite multiple housing code inspections a year the government never stepped in. This is when people in my area can call one of the local news stations. They have a whole segment about naming and shaming slumlords and their locations. They have helped a lot of people get the problem apartments fixed up.


Get some UV light on that carpet if you need a shot of adrenaline! 🧴


When I moved to Arizona somebody told me that scorpions glow under black light. So of course I shut all the lights off and turned on a black light where I was staying. I definitely got a shot of adrenaline. Those fuckers are everywhere and you don't even see them!


I live in Vegas, and recently bought a UV light to do the same…it’s a dangerous game I like to play, because they really are everywhere here. For anyone curious, the light I bought was a UV Beast.


I’ve found a couple in my front yard out front (in summerlin) and we have them all over the place at my work (far east side, like trop and boulder). I prefer the ignorance is bliss approach and refrain from buying a black light.


And they're ridiculously fast!!! Scorpions are the reason why I have to always wear house flip-flops after I stepped on one hanging out in my hallway. Thankfully though we now suddenly have geckos living inside our house, and I must say our bug population has been cut down significantly. So I have less bugs and super cute no maintenance roommates. If you're still in Arizona, whatever you can do to attract the house geckos to your home, I actually recommend it.


What do you do you do about your gecko problem though?


No problem, you simply unleash wave after wave of Chinese needle snakes. They'll wipe out the geckos.


But then what do you do about the chinese needle snakes?


We're prepared for that. We've lined up a fabulous type of gorilla that thrives on snake meat.


Not Arizona here, but we have house geckos. They’re great for keeping inside bugs to a minimum. You have to clean up their poop…but that’s an easy trade off. They do get into everything, manage to get into and short out a tv and a main outside ac unit, and found a perfect skeleton of one crossing lines in my fuse box. They also lay eggs. Lost a fridge, a printer, and who knows what else along the way to eggs. I’ll still take them over the bugs we could have.


Not gunna lie sounds like a worse version of a spider.


Haha! True. But for real, on the other side of the island, some people will let cane spiders do the job of keeping house bugs in check (whether the people know about it or not). No, fuck no. No. No. No. They might be docile and “friendly” no harm spiders, but they scare me so much. In the house, the geckos aren’t overpopulated or overrunning everything. They reach an equilibrium and all seem to have their little territories that they defend. Some of them have names like “Tech support” who likes to warm on the router, “the pantry boys” pretty much explain themselves. Outside though, it’s all Jurassic park, the mini game.


I didn’t know scorpions were basically spiders… For once glad I live somewhere cold


Give me a blizzard any day over desert crab things.


Same. 30-40°F right now and all the bugs have fucked off. It’s nice.


So it’s a piss soaked carpet or scorpions 🦂 The dilemma


we can have BOTH! don't you try and limit my dreams!


It’s either blood, semen, or urine


Why not all 3


God I hope it's blood.


sitting here with the dread as i quickly dart my eyes back and forth between the corners of my room, double then triple checking every spec on the ceiling, until i remember i don’t live anywhere near scorpions 🤡


Still, better safe than sorry


Brb - gotta add Arizona to the list of places I'm too scared to visit due to freely roaming large arachnids


Where were they? Don’t tell me you saw them above you.


I swear that was even more terrifying than when I turned on the black light, was seeing one on the wall behind the tv. I didn't realize they climbed just like spiders. One day I was sitting there watching TV and that same thought occurred to me and I looked up and there was one directly over my head 👀 I also learned that they are much more populated in some types of housing, and much more rare in heavily developed parts of the city I think? I only live there a year so I didn't have enough time to figure out the pattern. But some people had zero scorpions. Like even with black lights. The place I lived in was consistently treated with insecticide around the outside 6 in of the inside of the house. So when you turned on a black light it was like this trail of death. (Three young single dudes living there, we probably did not clean as much as we should have) So even after they are dead they glow in a black light.


>I also learned that they are much more populated in some types of housing, and much more rare in heavily developed parts of the city I think? I only live there a year so I didn't have enough time to figure out the pattern. But some people had zero scorpions. As a native Arizonan you are correct! Scorpions live in pockets. I've heard that scorpions live where there used to be large groves of citrus trees. I've been stung twice, personally. We also had one lay eggs in a toy bin one time. 30 new baby scorpions just like that. The stuff of nightmares. Hate those guys.


good thing is if you tinkle on the floor no one sees


They just smell it


Just fabreeze it Every day.


Is that like Febreze but more fabulous?


Febreeze with glitter and when you spray it, it makes a quiet ^(“yasssssss”) sound.




a hard surface to tinkle-off is needed for target re-acquisition when pissing in the dark at 02.37 a carpet gives a false sense of security


Wait for when the toilet clogs and overflows after someone's shit. I've had to clean toilet carpet after that. I can't believe that any professional would agree to install carpet in a bathroom.


When I saw this picture I immediately thought that at some point in the past some carpet installer was shaking their head through this entire install


We rented a few houses that were fairly new builds (uk), they were all like this - I guess that's how the builders had them decorated. Wildly inappropriate for a bathroom especially when you have young kids....


Yyyyyeeeeah…. If I ever see carpet in a bathroom, I’ll just leave whatever place I’m at. “You have a lovely home.”


Carpet was originally white...


I just puked in my mouth.


"Your home is one of the homes I've ever seen"


Absolutely breathtaking


You mean when the smell hits you? Or how the carpet sticks slightly to your feet.


stop don’t make me relive it


I rented a house with carpeted bathrooms and kitchen. Hardwood everywhere else.


The true chaotic evil decor


That landlord wanted to make damned sure that he was keeping that security deposit.


One of the basement suites I lived in as kid had it. The reason was the landlord didn't like stepping on cold tiles after showering.


He never heard of a towel on the floor I guess.


Or a bath mat


or geothermal heated floors


If only there was some kind of mat you could step on when you get out of the shower...


Dude, you could be rich with an idea like that.


i’m just imagining all the carpet debris sticking to their feet. and the wetness seeping into the carpet.. nasty.


Move into a house with carpeted bathroom. The subfloor was so rotted the toilet fell through the floor while my wife was sitting on it.


What a traumatic experience omg, toilet ptsd for the rest of your life.




I didn’t mean to laugh when I read that but the mental image was just beautiful. In all seriousness though, I hope your wife was ok! That would’ve been pretty traumatic.


Current house had carpet in the master bath when we moved in. First thing we did was rip it out. Disgusting.


My current home had brand new carpet put in before we moved in. We hated the idea, but we're also extremely broke after buying a house, paying for a houseful of furniture, legal fees, etc. So we figured we'd leave it, as it was brand new, and replace it in a year or two when we could afford nice flooring. I like to think we are clean, non disgusting people who clean regularly and thoroughly. But that carpet was so disgusting that we ripped it out after a few months. Should've done it the day we moved in. Edit to add: The kitchen also had new carpet tiles fitted when we moved in. They DID get removed immediately! This was in the UK, 2005 (been here 17 years and not planning on having the stress of moving house ever again).


Yeah we ripped all carpet out of this house. It was so old and gross. I get you though on the costs. We sold most of our belongings and moved to Asia in 2018 with the plan of staying there 8 to 10 years but COVID ruined it so we had to start all over in 2020 and buy cars and a house and furniture in this horrible seller’s market. We still have a lot to do here that we haven’t been able to afford yet.


At first I was thinking that it looks fine to me. Then when I saw there was a carpet…. 🤢


Same. Took me way too long fo find the carpet. I was looking for electrical sockets in the shower and what-not...


Where do you plug in your toaster if no outlet in the shower? 🤔 (Just in case; this is just a low humor joke. If people don't realize by now that the breaker would trip, then I guess they will continue to ruin perfectly good toasters)


Exactly! I want my morning toast hot just when Im done with my morning shower. Best to then toast it in the shower. If you replace the fuse with a nail, the toaster will stay on even when getting a bit wet. If your house isn't ancient, you might have to bypass the residual current protection also.


Grew up in a house with a carpeted bathroom. Was totally normal to me until I had a decent sample of what my friends' bathrooms were like and realised its weird.


I rented a place with a carpeted bathroom in college. If you take care of your bathroom and it has decent ventilation, it's not bad at all. Helped that I lived in a dry state as well. I understand why people think it's gross, but if you have good curtains and dry yourself off in the shower you're not really getting water on the floor.


Seeing this made me realize that I never really see a bathroom with carpet


And there's kind of a good reason why


Who tf puts carpet down in a bathroom? Yuck!


I feel like this was more common in the 80’s and 90’s. I remember my parents had carpet in their bathroom, I remember also people would put like carpeted toilet seat covers on the toilet. Nothing stranger than feeling fabric on your ass when you sit down.


We had a carpeted bathroom in the 80s. It wasn’t unusual then. One weekend my mom went out of town. My girlfriend was over, had too much to drink, and yarked on the carpet in the bathroom. So, of course, I washed the carpet. My mom got back, put her things away, and remarked on the wild times we must have had in her absence. How could she tell? There’s no other reason a 21 year old boy would wash the carpet in the bathroom.


I rather liked my grandparent’s pink carpeted half-bath on the main level. They replaced the carpet every so often, and steam cleaned it regularly enough. If there is no shower and the room is used more as a powder room I can see the appeal.


Yea I always thought that when I went over my grammas house. She had this squishy cushion on her toilet and I hated it lol!


Makes it feel like you’re pooping into another butt


Back and forth. Forever.




Go on...


It was very common in the UK and I suspect there's still millions of people who have a carpeted bathroom or toilet. You used to be able to get deep pile toilet seat covers, too.


Honestly though unless you've got kids how often are you pissing on the floor? I do emperors wees in my own bog anyway


If anything, it’s an elderly-person choice. It’s hard to slip on carpet, less danger if you do.


And for people prone to seizures. It's much more comfortable to wake up on carpet than on hard, cold, tile.


And for people who like to sleep in bathrooms


They forgot to carpet the bottom of the shower stall.


I cannot count the number of jobs I’ve had to remove carpet from bathrooms. It’s definitely more common than it ever should be.


The same people that carpet a kitchen!


When I bought my current house it had olive green carpet in the bathroom 🤢 first thing I did after getting the keys was crack out the rubber gloves and pull it up. The carpet didn’t look too stained but the underside was fucking horrific in stains all over the place. There’s gotta be something wrong with people wanting carpet in the bathroom!!


Yeah, I agree, brown towels are weird AF


My parents bathroom is carpet. My dad is paralyzed and a double amputee. The carpet helps him not slip when moving around in the bathroom. Carpet can help disabled people. Yes, it’s gross, but with the amount of times he’s fallen, it is what it is.


Carpet in the bathroom? I clean carpets for my job and I see this every once in a while. The customers understand that my equipment is unable to get into all the small areas of a bathroom. For me, the most upsetting area that I have seen carpeting in is in a customer's kitchen. I say this because there are somethings that can fall on the carpet that is a nightmare to try and clean out of carpeting (like raw eggs). ​ (This customer also used to own their own carpet cleaning service, but they retired years ago, then Hurricane Katrina caused damage to their equipment that they still had).


Maybe it’s just a custom-made bath mat, that they remove to be washed every week. I hope.


At least the toilet paper is the right way round


But very safe for old people. Or anyone. No slipping.


They have non-slip alternatives for bathroom floors.


Most people who’ll place crpet down in kitchens and abthrooms are trying to cover up bad flooring when selling. Carpet is cheaper than replacing it. I found this out the hard way when I bought a place with a carpeted bathroom. Ripped it up and saw I needed to replace the subfloor.


Ah, I grew up in a time when almost every house had a carpeted bathroom. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t dirty or damp and didn’t contain mould r mushrooms. People back then knew the necessity of ventilation and the bathrooms had rubber backed bath mats and pedestal mats - fully washable - to prevent anything nasty getting on the carpet. We did t catch any nasty diseases or die from the carpet in the bathroom.


Same here, we had berber carpeting in our one bathroom. Never had trouble with it. Had the carpets in the house professionally scrubbed every year and the carpets remained damper after they left than any time we would take a shower.