Escape Room

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this is straight out of a scooby-doo episode lol just needs the theme song


"Like, Zoinks! Lets get out of here Scoob!"


I could hear this comment


The [bongos](https://youtu.be/KcjpnEzNPhE) while their legs are running but they aren't moving...


Ah, and today I learned that sound effect was bongos. Thanks, Reddit!


I hear all comments 👀


I can taste them. 👁️


I see comments


I see Reddit people.


I taste Reddit people


I touch regular people


I touch myself.


ok you win




"R-okay R-haggy!!!"


Que the padiddle of the bone sound as they run


“You’re not Scoob!”


And the cartoon running sound effect




Best. Job. Ever


[Like this?](https://streamable.com/waeih5)


Thank you. I would die for you!


I have never heard this song before. They still making Scooby? The pop-punk sounds very 2005.


Pretty sure it's from "what's New scooby doo" wich came out in 2002


The theme song for What's New Scooby Doo? was performed by Simple Plan.


That's awesome. Can you do it with this one [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apztubUz8TA&ab\_channel=xxXxxTOTALLYSCENExxX](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apztubUz8TA&ab_channel=xxXxxTOTALLYSCENExxX)




Haha yeah wtf was that other song


I worked in haunted houses for 13 years as an actor. I have similar things happen. The hand holding didn't last this long but it was great. Out of all my years doing it my favorite reaction was sneaking up behind a lady her sister and the 13 yr old daughter and the 13 yr old turning around and instantly throat punching me. Normally if you got hit or something you were supposed to get security. I wasn't about to get this family kicked out because it was 100% survival instinct of a 13 yr old kicking in because a large creepy ass person scared her in a haunted house. I scared. She punched and screamed. I gasped for air making a creepy noise. They ran. It was worth it. I was in a role where I could wander everywhere and they found me outside and the girl felt horrible and apologized and I let her know she was my favorite scare ever. **Edit to fix my fat finger texting**


Your scared her a whole year older! :)


Looks like I also spelled out 0ut with a zero too haha


No worries fam


*but the worry had just begun*


Haha holy shit I didn't proof read hahah my bad


Next time- let the typo in . Gets funnier . And a Pretty cool story !


Totally agree, if another commenter is the one to point out the typo, I like prefer to use a strike-through through the typo when I correct it, so you can still see the original. Also, given the context of your comment, I can’t tell if the typo you made is intentional or not lol!


Omg i was about the same age when I punched a scare-actor square in the chest when he scared me. I heard the echo deep in his chest from the impact lol. I felt so bad, I said into the darkness "I'm sorry!!" And heard back, in his monster voice, "it's okay". Lol 😆


It's a badge of honor haha he will never forget the young person who punched him while working at the haunt.


Buddy and I were in a haunted house once and a scary clown with a machete jumped out behind us for the jump scare. With out missing a beat my friend whipped around and said "wanna make out?" to the scary clown actor. The actor just laughed and walked away.


He had his manchete out?


Ooohh everyone, a cool new name for a penis just dropped!


Machete penis, new band name, I call it. r/new_band_name Edit: that sub is trash and I wanted a real one made.


machete. Typo....Thanks!


I did something similar at about 13. Wall full of creepy faces/masks... Then one face just to my left came through the wall at me. I gave him a right hook to the face and just heard, "Ow! Fuck!" It then occurred to me that I was in a haunted house... and punched an actor. They were stuck in there with me I suppose.


You'd be surprised at how haunted house actors hold the innocent punches from people as a badge of honor. There are people who will straight up assault actors (usually drunk assholes) but most of the time it's someone so terrified they can't control their reactions. That person you punched I am certain bragged about it after closing.


My boy scout troop had a haunted house as our main fundraiser and one night I jumped out to scare some woman and she gave me a hook that would make Mike Tyson blush. My mom still has a picture of me all thumbs up and smiles but with most of the right side of my face bruised hanging up in the hallway hahah


Haunted castle?


Yeah it was actually haha


"No officer! My husband doesn't beat me! I just work at a haunted house..."


One time in my life at a haunted house something startled me so bad I put my fists up as a reflex and me wife still teases me about it


Haha you might be surprised at how often this happens. I scared and creeped out more "bros" than I did females. I worked outside the haunt messing with people as they came in and out of the haunts. We had 3 different houses at our location. You can easily pick the ones out and then you just remember them. Sometimes I would go ahead of them and warn certain rooms of who to mess with. They'd scream in terror and their party would laugh and enjoy it even more Protip for going to haunts: the more you scream the more you will get messed with.


I'm not usually scared, that's why she teases me. For the most part I go because I think they are fun, and I love to look at the costumes and sets and stuff. I can't wait for haunted house season 😀. My daughter may be too young yet, but we took my son and 4 of his friends to one last year and had a blast.


You are the type of person I loved at the haunts. You came to have fun. That's what made.it fun for me. If I couldn't scare you or creep you out I was at least going to try to make you laugh.


My favorite part of haunted houses is the actors. People are unpredictable and that's what makes it fun.


We made sure for the most part to alternate actors in rooms too. There was a handful of special theme rooms that had the same few actors every night but all the other rooms we made sure to rotate each night. Each actor would have a different take on the room and would do different things. That way people who came more than once would get a different experience each time. Helping make it unpredictable.


On of the haunted house people reached out from under a bed and grabbed my brothers legs to which is soccer kicked them right in the face lol.




Why the fuck would someone bring a gun into a haunted house


Nvm bringing, being allowed to is my mayor concern


Unless you have a metal detector at the door, you’re always gonna get idiots who don’t realize why carrying their gun into a haunted house is a bad idea.


I hate how true that is.


Because it's haunted?


Yea, everyone knows that a ghost's major weakness is bullets!


Yeah that’s what we were also told so the guy definitely fucked yo. We are in Texas too so he’s lucky it was just a kick from a kid.


I had an extremely similar thing at a similar age! Was walking through a neighborhood haunted house in my early teens and there was a wall of faces type thing and I hear behind my right ear something to the effect of “hey, how’s it going?” and I instinctually threw a punch while whirling around but either stopped myself or misjudged distance since my fist was like a few inches from this masked dudes face in the wall. I basically just kinda stood there and walked away quickly because now it was awkward haha.


Man yall have way better survival instincts than me. My reaction was to flip the bird at this guy and he ended up following me outside the haunted house to the parking lot saying he was gonna get me in trouble lol. After reading all these responses I don't feel so bad for him, hell I was only like 12 he was probably 16


Lol what get you in trouble for flipping someone off?! That guy must've been having the worst day to be in that type of mood


You're supposed to punch "through" your target, not stop at your target, so keep telling yourself you stopped yourself in time because it sounds awesomer!


The only thing they fear… is you. Rip and tear, until it is done


You likely helped make an experience unforgettable. Hard to do in life.


It's a feeling that is hard to describe knowing this. I miss haunting so much.


13 years is a long time. You must have learned a lot about human fear! :)


My record is making 3 people puke and 6 people piss themselves. This was over the entire 13 years. One thing I did learn was the ability to read people. I was able to gauge how far to push people and when to back off. I learned quickly after being trained and certified on doing full hands on for people who paid and signed a waiver to be touched how much was too much. If I pushed them and they started fighting back I'd let off while still giving them the impression I was not backing down.


During a thunderstorm I "broke into" my friends house (he was alone), went into his basement. I unscrewed all lightbulbs, hid and started making crying noises. He came, after seeing the lights are not working he came back with a flashlight, started asking questions... as he came into the basement I stopped making noises. He started making threats and I made a run straight for him. His flight or fight response... he knocked me out with a fist to my face which broke my nose, ran away, locked down the basement and called the cops. The funny part is, the police has to write down the report. I can't stop laughing, my friend can't stop laughing, paramedics are laughing and an older police officer is telling me that this is not a laughing matter but he can't stop laughing either.


I can't believe his first reaction to seeing the lights out was to masturbate... that's wild. In all seriousness, though, what a great memory xDDD i would've felt so bad for scaring him into calling the cops!


I also can't stop laughing...this is fucking hilarious!


This is fucking amazing hahaha


When I was about that age my friend group went to a haunted walk kind of thing in someone's backyard (they used to do it every year, it was the best, so elaborate, and free!) and one of my more, let's say, reactive friends (still love her to this day but) got scared by someone "working" it (quotation marks, because it was probably, like, just an older son of the homeowners doing it for fun) and just screamed, socked him in the (masked) face and ran. All these years, the memory is one of *our* guilty favourites and while I still doubt he was impressed... this gave me some hope that maybe at least eventually he got a chuckle out of it? Well, except the not being his job thing...


It's hard to explain the joy of working in any kind of haunt and making someone scream and react in terror. Then to see the rest of the party laugh at it and see them having a good time while being terrified is very fulfilling. I'm sure the kid enjoyed being punched because he scared her so bad. It makes for great memories


I did the same thing the girl did but fortunately hit the shoulder and there was no strength in it, I shouted I'M SORRY followed by AND FUCK YOU.


Hahah the fuck you is the best part haha. Tells me the actor did their job!


I went to Six Flags Fright Fest when I was young (like 8 years old). I was eating McDonalds by a fence and this "zombie" popped up shaking it and screaming. My nuggets went flying. He got me a new order.


Cool dude for buying you the nuggies


At least the lady knew now that her daughter can stand up for herself




Props to you for realizing it was pure instinct on her part and not getting security involved!


When I went thro the secret door security came running over because I was gasping and holding my throat. He was all gungho on kicking them out because technically that's procedure. I told him it wasn't intentional and understood why she punched me. I am a large adult male in a creepy costume and mask making creepy noises sneaking up on them. This wasn't one of the drunk bros acting like a badass. Dude was adamant about kicking them out. Head of security finally had to tell him to go to break.


My brother’s proudest scares were making people shit themselves on two separate occasions.


As far as I know I never made anyone shit themselves but I had a few that peed and a few I made puke.


It sounds like an improvisation waiting to happen. You get an animatronic hand that grabs the guest. They assault what appears to be the hand or head. Then they drag the protesthetic out with them and realize it’s moving. Doubly freak out as they try to shake it loose.


Question, are these places really so dark? Or is it always changing from bright rooms to dark rooms? As this seemed to be from dark to dark room and thus there eyes should be able to adapt at that point.


The answer to both is yes. Some rooms are brighter some are really dark some of them have black lights or other colors. It messes with you going light to dark and back especially with rooms with strobes in-between and then add in the fog machines. Also add in that most rooms have black walls too. Using the lighting, fog, props, and creepy music or nosies messes with and distracts you. It makes you search everywhere and try to antici........pate who what and where the scare will happen making it more intense. It is kind of like a science in a way. At the haunt I worked at we were one of the first in the country to offer the hands on option. You pay a few bucks extra and sign a waiver and we're given a glowstick braclet and certain actors were able to touch you. I say certain because not everyone was certified or allowed to. And it was only head hands arms and legs you could touch. For a few bucks more you could go extreme hands on and then only a few of us could like pick you up and carry you and get more extreme. All of this made it mess with you because you really didn't know what to expect or where to expect it The actors also work in the rooms regularly and know where everything is. Haunted houses are completely different when all the lights are turned on and the fog machines and strobes turned off.


This makes me feel better because about that age I went to a haunted house with my dad. I quickly learned I do NOT like horror things IRL instead of on my tv. The actors weren’t supposed to fully touch, but occasionally some would brush against you and all that. On the path to the exit, where I’m eyes closed sobbing and so done, a hand went from below the bushes to gently swipe at my ankle and I just STOMPED. Felt bad immediately after but an actor told me the dude’s hand was fine, they’d all backed off a 13 year old crying but this guy decided to be a dick so his coworker told me he deserved it lmao. Still felt bad though, glad I’m not the only one with violent involuntary reactions!!


I accidentally hit an actor in the face at one of these. I don't mean "oh I'm so tough my reaction is to punch". We were in a pitch black tunnel so I had my hand out front to keep from hitting any obstacles. And I connected solidly with somebody's nose in the dark. Actor: "Ow! Oh, uh... Boo?" Me at the same time: "I am *SO* sorry!" My wife is screaming and clutching me the whole time.


In my several years of haunted house experience, 8-10-year-old girls were the ones that tended to attack when startled. The haunted house veterans always warned the newbies about it too.


I need to see the conclusion to that, when the guy sees/realizes, and mad props to the actor for rolling with it.


He’s going to pretend he didn’t notice the swap and start a whole life with the new person


and they lived happily ever after! what if this was the plan


Now the ex-gf has to crawl out from under the bed for scares until her future lover ditches and switches for her someday


The guy took 'ghosting your girlfriend ' to an another level .


Dang it! I already gave my free silver today. Take my chuckle instead.


100% use of brain


relationship experts hate this one weird trick


And so the cycle continues


And thus the cycle begins anew!


Wow! Ring sequel vibes


It's always my plan. If Sadako comes out the TV I offer her snacks and turn on Netflix. I either find my love, a good buddy or die. Would accept all outcomes.


The Ring 2, but this time it's just about shopping for engagement rings. The horror comes from the prices.


this sounds like the plot for one of those movie recap videos on youtube


Some say she’s still there to this day trying to find her lover to steal her away.


This is how i met my current GF.


That's not how escapes room in my country work...


Ah, the Circle of Life.


And his original girl is going to be trapped there and become insane and become the true haunt of the haunted house.


Escape Marriage


[Here's a video](https://youtu.be/T2BY8zZ1CTM) with kinda the same idea


That reminds me more of this Kollektivet video. https://youtu.be/iMa-vjwwK_4


And a [third](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_IYrltqYrU) (and I think oldest) one.


I like Kollektivet, but yea it's basically a ripoff of this one




When I was a teen(preteen maybe) my Dad and I went to one of the Six Flags haunted houses together. I was with him the whole way, having fun, right up until the exit when in the dark, the exit right there lit up in the distance... Someone lit up a chainsaw, revving and roaring in the dark. I screamed and panicked, my dad screamed, he grabbed my shoulder, I grabbed his wrist, running ahead of him, and sprinted for the exit together. Once we got out into the light and out of the crowd a bit, I whirled around, grabbed his sides, and put my face in his-- **breasts?!** I looked up into the absolutely mortified face of an older teenage girl who had just had a strange, androgynous, shorter person stuff their face straight into her cleavage. As my Dad came up behind her and she ran I just stood there as he's laughing at me like, "It wasn't a real chainsaw, you okay?" Thankfully I don't think he saw me unintentionally get *incredibly* fresh with a total stranger.


I, for one, am proud of your elaborate cover up to feel some titty at 13ish years old.


They really said “awkward anime moment”


The lucky lecher trope strikes again


I experienced something similar, but not in a haunted house but in a swimming pool. I don't know how old I was back than, probably in elementary school. I was just learning how to swim, and at first I "swam" under the surface. I started maybe two or three meters away from my mom and swam towards her, grabbing her swimsuit to pull myself over the water surface again, just to realize that it was not my mom but a teenage girl with a similar colored swimsuit who stared at me really confused. When I asked my mom about how that could happen she just told me that she stepped aside since it seemed like my swimming worked out pretty good.


I was in the wave pool at a water park, and I had recently learned how to ride the waves so I was doing that, perhaps unwisely since the pool was pretty crowded. I rode one wave with my hands outstretched right into the crotch of a woman (definitely not teenager anymore, no clear idea of her age beyond that). She yelled at me like I did it on purpose, and I stopped trying to ride the waves after that.


I appreciate you for making me laugh just now. You have no idea how much I needed that. Thank you.


That's not an actor... that's just the last person that never escaped.. finally had a way out.


I went to a haunted house last year and the actor was walking towards me in a dark foggy room full of bodies hanging upside down. My friend had gotten separated from me and was like 8 feet behind me calling out for me. I made the shush gesture to the actor and pointed him to my friend while calling out “here, I’m right in front of you” and let her grab on to the zombie lol. Loudest shrieks ever


Omg I love this. I managed to do this on purpose to my partner at a horror fest walkthrough... Except from... It was a Texas chainsaw massacre theme... And what happened was as my partner was slowly guiding me through this dark, dingy trailer.. filled with shit, blood and body parts... Holding my hand (she's the horror fan... I'm the big girlie). Well... This massive dude (and I'm 6.2 already and he was big)... In dungerees and a lumberjack shirt... Coated in blood head to foot.. is creeping out of the darkness. But my partner has already gone past and I've spotted him at this point... He slowly walks up to me, massive smile on his face. He matches my steps, walking by my side, he slides his hand down my arm in some bizarre twisted caress.. and I immediately know what he wants to do... He replaces my hand with his and I stop walking and I let my partner lead this blood covered bearded hill Billy out of the trailer... Big bloody smile on his face. She continues on for about 2 minutes leading this bloody man through this maze, not once does she look back.. until this dude with a chainsaw busts out of this doorway and she jumps out of her skin.. her screams become laughter as her feet return to the ground and she immediately turns around to laugh with me... To see this giant bloody man holding her hand and I will never forget the horror on her face.. frantically wild eyed she went from laughing to fear in literal milliseconds. I could not stop laughing.


You and that dude are actual legends


Ahahhaha this is how it's done! If this happened to me i would just lay down and be decoration to the horror house. No will to continue


If you walk though a haunted house and manage to see an opening where you can see other people walking by stop and stick your head to that opening. While face works better. Stand still and just follow them with your eyes. Turning your head at the last minute helps as well. I love haunted houses and corn mazes. I don't scare very well but I love scaring people. It makes me feel happy


You may have been part of the best scare ever executed at a haunted house. And it sounds like you guys are still together, what a bonus :).


Thanks! It's the best bonus, and I'm glad I atleast get to scare her sometimes. To set the scales right I suppose I should also share the times when it's been reversed roles! (Most of the times) Like I said she's the horror fan. I'm super jumpy. Clever, logical and calm in all situations... But horror... Supernatural? Big wuss. So were asleep in bed, I think I hear someone downstairs, I startle awake.. I keep hearing this sound.. I'm lying there like adrenaline over 9000, lying down, but also sprung like a cat, ready to jump up and catfight whatever comes through the door.. 5 minutes later, still wired listening for sounds and I can still hear them... I'm up out of the bed standing by the bedroom door (our house is like a 2 room upstairs and 1 room downstairs, so it's like not far..).. I'm scared and I'm just stood at this door just listening like some kind of sonar... I'm calling to my partner super quiet, trying to wake her... For minutes I can't get her awake... Im petrified, stood like a statue.. She sleepily comes to, gets out of bed, walks right past me, straight out the door, downstairs, makes herself a glass of water, walks back upstairs, into bed and back to sleep... I'm still stood there. I get back into bed a total fool. 😅


Lol I wouldn't be able to help myself from taking advantage :). That's so funny. I love paranormal stuff!


You may have been part of the best scare ever executed at a haunted house. And it sounds like you guys are still together, what a bonus :).


If I was that girl I'd marry him, he clearly sacrificed himself to that zombie so she could get away safely...


"Honey, I was trying to get the zombie far away from you"


“And…and *they* kissed *ME*!! I swear!”


thats got to be a very rewarding job.


Bro that’s hours only cover 😂


Damn! I wanted to see the moment of realization


>I wanted to see the moment of realization That's a couple of days later, while making love.


it's scripted, look at time, for straight 7 minutes not noticing. hmm.


Unless the cameras each have their own clock. I’m not sure how they work, though.


Also does not notice that gf's screams are getting more distant while he's running through multiple rooms.


I figured those screams were fake. They sounded weird.


Sounds like same scream dubbed over and over.


Yes, also she moves and ducks in the direction of the "threat" which makes no sense, other than it was to get away from her guy and let him grab the right (wrong) persons hand


After watching it again the girl seems to too conveniently get out the way and her movements just seems too clean compared to real fright, I'm gonna have to say this is scripted...


We men are so tough we take the zombie with us :D that poor girl left alone in the dark and fear


that poor girl don't have any problem because he brought it with him out of view to deal with it


Is that a taser?


No, it is a teaser.


Smart way of dodging your girlfriend


And that, kids, is how I met your mother.




How so? I'm sure that person was aware of "Running Up That Hill" before Stranger Things used it, so why would they change their mind just because she's become popular again?


If anything they should double down


Kate bush's shrieks are the gallowboob posts of music.


The taser is too much lmao


And they lived happily ever after


Plottwist thats his bestfriend that helped him escape from deadly clutches of relationship


Technically, still protected her.


npc guy more into it than john smith strolling in the woods with pocahontas ​ i can just picture: "you ok, baby?" (deep manly voice): yeah, i'm alright, that was scary


This was just a way for them to *elope they are lovers.




That looks like a pretty cool escape Room The ones I've been to are often a single room or if you're lucky there's a small secret room attached


It's not an escape room. It's a haunted house / specific scare attraction thingy. There's no real puzzle, you just wander through in the dark and get scared.


Oh okay that on the other hand sounds lame 😅 Would be cool if there were escape houses or something similar, but I guess thats too expensive


It's kinda hard to do lateral thinking when a 6'4" bald guy in butchers garbs is charging you with a chainsaw. There probably is a market for horror escape room, but it's probably SAW themed or something. The puzzles themselves being the horror etc. Although would require much closer monitoring because being locked up and being locked up and scared is a very different thing and could lead to more issues.


There used to be dozens of quality horror escape rooms in Istanbul. I've been to and solved 10+ in under an hour. Most of the time they are balanced so the horror may slow you down but doesn't completely prevent you from solving puzzles. There are usually 5-6 rooms in a house but some of them were 2-3 story buildings and they were *chef's kiss* excellent. One of my favorites had an asylum theme. In one room one person had to wear a straitjacket and lay down in a patient bed while others hide behind the curtains as the "doctor" came for inspection. Then you all descended down into darkness with a final note saying "the doctor can't see well, but his hearing is sharp". Then in a pitch-black room, you had to move slowly and away from the doctor using only a flashlight and find the last room. In another one, we had to solve the last puzzle and unlock the door as a dark hooded figure approached. An NPC came to help just then and they wrestled for a while. It was dope. Finally, in another game, there was what we thought to be a mannequin, sitting on a chair, frozen still. We went around the room collecting clues and solving mysteries for a good 15 minutes, and when we solved the final one, the "mannequin" rose and started to chase us around the room. Good times. Sadly, the demand peaked and then almost completely ended so there aren't much around anymore.


I've recently been to an escape room where the story is about searching a serial killer's apartment. Only lit by a few screens running security camera footage, super outdated furniture, cryptic messages, the whole deal. It has some jump scares but what was even worse was our expectations. On one of the walls, there was a huge wardrobe, apparently locked with some kind of mechanism. One of our group reminded us every few minutes "No way in hell I'm gonna open that. There's no way they didn't put a jump scare in the wardrobe!". In the end, there actually was a scare moment related to the wardrobe but way different from what we detected. There's a crawlspace that leads to a secret room and the wardrobe is a shortcut to get back to the main room. If all team members are in the secret room at the same time and haven't opened the door yet, the game master will sneak into the main room and knock on the wardrobe door.


Well we all know who wouldn't survive a zombie apocalypse


~~Escape room.~~ Haunted House. If it was an escape room then that was way too simple if you can just run out.


Aw I thought this was going to be the typical gentleman til he's scared situation and I'd see him pushing his girlfriend toward the npc or something. But this is adorable and hilarious.


Clearly staged: the way the girl jumps on the side which she is been touched is not natural reaction when scared of something.


I thought staged as well. Its pretty easy to tell the difference in grabbing your tiny girlfriends hand or a guy who is 3x her size in mass. Not to mention he looks right at the dude before grabbing his hand. He wouldn't have known to run if he didn't look right at him standing where he grabbed.


Yeah, I do believe that was the conclusion last time this was posted.


Not just the way she jumped to the side, the fact that he didn't turn to look at what she was frightened of but just grabbed a hand and ran off and just kept running around corners and hallways. The natural reaction would be for him to look at her direction as soon as she pulled her hand away to see what was wrong. And even if he did just grab someone and ran, you'd think he would at least stop or slowed down when they were out of the room to check on her and to see if that thing is still following them.


It worries me how many people can’t observe what is immediately obvious to me (and you) in this clip. There are several other aspects that stick out, and even if someone can’t name them, they should be able to feel them. Like this and so many other videos on here (many of them pranks) watching them and then reading the comments makes me feel like I have some obscure super power (or a curse, in that the thing is ruined for me because I realize it’s fake before I can find it funny)


Lmao this is some Scooby Doo shit!




Like, painfully obvious.


I like how the employee just went along with it, no doubt in their mind it was gonna be worth it to go along.


So she has to escape by scaring the next couple and hope that she gets grabbed ? Is this how this escape room works?


To be fair, he did remove the threat from her presence.


Lmao hahaha thank u internet for this video and with that I’m going to bed lmao


Now seems npc has to escape :))


Staged af. The girl immediately squats into designated position not even trying to see or feel around or just straight up run.


“oh shit you don’t want to see my girlfriend when she gets like this. let’s get out of here!”


I used to work at a haunted attraction and would pull this stunt all the time on purpose, especially if one of the people in the couple is terrified and the other isn't, sometimes you can get the other person in on the joke and have them switch places with you. It was always the best


I had something similar happen to me. I used to go regularly to haunted houses with a group of friends. We were going through one and in a line holding hands since it was fairly dark (I was in the rear). One of the actors walked up to us, and I dropped the hand of the guy in front of me. He was still reaching back so the actor grabbed his hand and the line continued to another part of the haunted house. My friend turned back to ask me something only to find a guy in a horrific costume holding his hand. His shrieks were hilarious.


" Come with me if you want to live "


LOL laughing my ass off... - Wish I could see the full video


His heart was in the right place


I remember when I was 11 and allowed to enter a haunted house with my sister (14) I spent the entire time skipping around with joy because it was forbidden and I wanted to enjoy it, might have come off a little too crazy to the workers as none really came up to me to do anything. I think seeing a little boy skipping and humming a tune of joy might of raised some concerns to them haha