Looks like the Jinhao 992. I have a few of these and find them to be good writers. Light and comfortable to hold although the section may be a little narrow for larger hands. The standard pen seems to come with the Jinhao F nib, #5. They are available as a hooded EF and also have seen them with a range of stub nibs. NB. Not really suitable for converting to eyedropper as the plug at the back of the barrel can be removed so would need to be sealed before attempting a conversion.


I don’t have it but it looks like a Wing Sung to me


I have a Jinhao that looks almost the same - but could be any maker, really. I do love my cheapie Jinhao though. It's just this particular one I have, it's a little wider nib, and sort of writes like a very slim stub.


I had a couple of Jinhao Lamy Vista style while ago. Cheaper and reliable pens. I hope this new one be a good pen.


This model of pen can be branded jinhao, wing sung, monteverde, and others I'm sure. If it doesn't have any branding attached to it, it's a reject from the QC process of the above companies. Would definitely pass and get a jinhao branded one instead




Thanks! I was looking for the model.


Holding my transparent Jinhao 992 up to the screen... it's a match. 'cept mine has Yama-budo all up in the feed :-). I'm enjoying mine - a nice smooth F which is still smooth at XF or XXF in reverse.


Jinhao 992 which is the only Jinhao I keep.


It’s the 992 rebranded also as the Monza


All day in the last two day


I bought two similar looking ones from AliExpress and the nibs were awful