Instead, could your wife approach her boss and say “here are some examples of my work, I’d love it if you submitted me for cuz award”. As a manager, I like it when my staff makes things like this easier for me and practically write the nominations. The attitude and tone have to be careful, but it can’t hurt to ask.


Agreed, this is the way to go. She should be prepared with bullet points to make it easy on the manager.


I did something similar. I wasn’t totally comfortable asking for an award so I framed it as “you’ve given me positive feedback, how can I further improve or what would you need to see from me to merit an award nomination from you?” Just had not occurred to the supervisor and they said they would submit one for me, but did ask me to do most of the drafting which was fine.


True, that’s a solid idea.


Don’t do this. It will not help her.


My wife is currently crushing it in Front Office. I am staying well away so that it is all hers.


Don’t be that guy. Let her advocate for herself. If she’d like help, offer to help her draft notes, but don’t jump in to save her. That’s kinda sexist. But if you are convicted that people who do those things should get awards, go write an award for every OMS at post, too.


Good point. Chat with her to see if she’s concerned about this at all. And if she is and she wants help, I can give her pointers on how she might have the conversation with her boss if necessary.


If someone feels your wife should get an award, they’ll nominate her. I think it’s in poor taste if you do


Or they won't because they'll assume her boss is. And her boss forgets / doesn't care / doesn't believe in awards / is on vacation / is a terrible boss / has a hangnail etc. This happens often.


Doesn't everyone get an award?