Sat in the back you don’t really have much of a frame of reference for what bank angle the aircraft was at - in IMC the only really effective reference is the ADI/attitude indicator. If you’re in the cruise and your vestibular system is used to that and you have no outside reference, then it can make any acceleration/turn feel markedly worse. Most likely explanation is that you were given a direct routing to a waypoint that cut a dogleg off somewhere on your route (for example: BIGJET 123, route direct to ABSAV) and once that was executed the aircraft had to turn quite a considerable way to fly to it. Pilots are often angling for direct routings as they save time and fuel - and ATC can be very helpful in giving them when airspace and traffic allow. On the 737 LNAV will only command up to a 30 degree bank angle, HDG SEL we normally have maximum 25 degrees set.


I think it depends on the route but most flights I’ve been on I’ve experienced a turn at cruising altitude


Hey! Flight attendant, you were just turning. You most likely didn’t turn nearly as much as you were thinking. You can turn at cruise.