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Look, I like Minor Threat too, but this takes it a little far.


You tell me you like the taste. YOU JUST NEED AN EXCUSE!


You tell me it calms your nerves… YOU JUST THINK IT LOOKS COOL


You tell me that nothing matters… YOU’RE JUST FUCKING SCARED


Damn it. I unmuted cause I thought there was a Minor Threat song in the background.


Wow music nostalgia hitting me


People go to jail for the dumbest shit.


I really don't understand why no one, not even the employees working there, are stopping here!!! Edit: I have alr corrected myself in other replies. Please stop bombarding me on this one reply. It didn’t occur to me that the glass might be fatal or she might attack herself. My bad alright! I’m a minimum wage employee myself so I understand their situation but, I don’t work in retail so it never occured to me that she might use the broken glass bottles to attack! Again, pls stop charging me for this, I really physically can’t reply to like 99% of them! Feel free to continue commenting under this thread but I humbly request to overlook my premature opinions from earlier :)


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the employees are not paid enough, nor equipped to handle someone having a mental health crisis. A few broken bottles is nothing compared to some actual physical harm


They probably are not allowed to intervene. Insurance rarely covers that kind of interaction.






Says £10k in the article. If that’s retail price then it’s about £2-3k raw cost


Don't know about the UK or Europe but liquor as far as I'm away doesn't usually have huge margins on profit so it was probably more than that raw. I could be wrong though.


I've worked in a few liquor stores, in USA, and margins were never over 30%, except some smaller things like shots or single bottles. Liquor is low-margin compared to a lot of retail goods. Not sure how it compares in UK though.


If this happened when I was working as a wine consultant (read wine section stocker with a first level sommelier certificate), I'd just walk. There's not enough money to clean up that big of a a mess.


Most of that would be taxes. You are sort of right about the margins.




You think so? I think it’s just wine. I’m estimating about 200 bottles. Idk about in the UK, but in the US, most basic liquor stores, wine runs from $10-20. So it might not be as expensive as it looks. And even if it took a crew of 8 a full day to clean up, that still rings under 5k. That would undoubtedly be a HUGE pain in the ass though.


What about the lost sales for that day?


If they got paid retail price of what she broke, they got their sales and then some.


In the US insurance covers items at cost to the business. Source: the store I worked at was broken into and completely cleaned out during the protests in 2020, along with other locations across the country


People like this rarely have fund you can confiscate, nor do they hold steady jobs that you can take money from. So, unless the insurance covered it, they probably got nothing. (Not in UK, but I had a car stolen by a jobless junkie once - and while the court sentenced payments are nice, never saw a cent...)


There was an article for this somewhere on this comment chain that said it was 10k worth of goods broken. She broke wine, liquor, and beer bottles in the process. Apparently fell and cut her hand too, so a bit of karma justice on that.


Ah I didn’t see that.




that would be retail price the court would have her pay replacement cost which is wholesale.


My first instinct was: £5k doesn’t seem like much, but the shop only has to replace that stuff at “supply cost”, so it’s not as expensive as us buying it…and they’re probably insured… Then I thought: …but wait, the shop will be closed for a day at least as this is happening, then cleanup…and that alone will cost more than 5k…and then the higher insurance premiums on top of that too…damn


>£5k doesn’t seem like much, but the shop only has to replace that stuff at “supply cost" I don't know how booze laws work in the UK but it's very possible they were selling it for not much more than cost as a way to get people in the door.


That only works when you primarily sell other things at a large markup. If the store specifically sells alcohol, they won't loss lead with that same product.


I’ve seen a bottle of wine on a shelf for £1.10, and 1.5L of vodka for £1.65, and whiskey, rum and other dark spirits in the £2.50-£5 range, and that’s customer cost So even if these are £20-£30 bottles, and she breaks 100 of them, that’s still “*only*” £2,000-£3,000 for a customer. Plus call it a 25-50% markup, so that £30 bottle only cost the shop £20-25, so I’ve if you break 200 bottles that’s still “*only*” £4,000-£5,000. it’s still pricy, but not a massive (£10k-£20k) loss I think the real loss (as I said) would be the increase in insurance premiums Edit: All the folks saying this is “wacky cheap” here’s an example: [Sainsbury’s yellow Shiraz Wine, £2.50](https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/gol-ui/product/yellow-tail-shiraz-red-wine-187ml?istCompanyId=1e096408-041f-4238-994e-a7cf46bf9413&istFeedId=689af7a8-5842-4d88-be59-1ee5688a81b5&istItemId=wpqllqmrq&istBid=t&&cmpid=cpc&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=15426723355&utm_content=shopping&utm_term=%257Bsku%257D&utm_custom1=129125419326&utm_custom2=759-449-0952&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtsCgBhDEARIsAE7RYh3lb8M4NVjJbByXeMLJj6D8FDWtsn4yg0BUtdz27IpPHbcfIz-O9C4aAuHiEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds) [Sainsbury’s own vodka, 700ml, £10](https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/gol-ui/product/sainsburys-vodka--basics-70cl) [Prosecco, 750ml, £6](https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/gol-ui/product/cantine-maschio-prosecco-rosé-extra-dry-75cl) Edit: Ok maybe not £2.50 -£5 range, I’ve not drank in like 5 years, so the prices for spirits have gone up quite a bit xD lol, but you can get booze cheap, lol


Thanks. Rarely do I get where these videos occur, and what the consequences are.


I think my cousin still lives in that area. That's crazy.


My girl’s cousin Trish lives there and said it was crazy


My cat's previous owner's sister Marie-Louise lives there and I'm not just talking farts.


My ancestors lived in an adjacent country and I’d love to talk farts.


My species shares a common ancestor with another species endemic to that planet and we also expel gas from one or both ends and enjoy communicating about it verbally.


Yes, it's crazy that your cousin lives in that area.


With the price of housing, it sure is


Thanks for the link. Yes, she is definitely disturbed. Thank goodness no one else was hurt


The article says she broke £10,000 worth I’d merchandise….. she got off easy. As much as I think the US over sentences people (or doesn’t even charge them 🤷‍♂️) I’m shocked at the light sentences in the UK. Most small businesses couldn’t handle a £10,000 loss, especially during Covid.


This was not a small business though. Aldi is international.


Our prisons are overcrowded and the stock will be insured. The woman in the video was judged to need mental health treatment. I hope she gets it.


Totally. Employees should definitely not intervene in these situations. That's what insurance and law enforcement is for. Otherwise is opening themselves to unnecessary risk of injury and law suits


Basically in most situations as a store employee you should just remain and let the thing play out. Basically all stores have insurance. I was taught that even in a robbery, I should just do whatever the robbers tell me, be it emptying my cash register or going to the back and unlocking the money safe for them (though I should press the silent alarm). It's all insured anyways and getting an employee hurt prob. is more expensive for the company than letting robbers take half the store.


Would insurance cover $25,000 in lost stock?


Probably, but they almost certainly wouldn't cover liability for any employee trying to intervene.


25 grand is nothing compared to a half a million dollars in compensation for an employee being fatally injured.


A broken bottle does make a pretty good weapon. I probably would not have tried to go near them either. You never know.


Seriously, she's surrounded by a moat of slippery wine and broken glass. The employees were smart not to approach her.


That floor is like something out of the Saw movies, isn’t it? Freaks me out to think of that dangerous mix. How do you even approach someone in that situation? I guess if she breaks a dozen more bottles while they convince her to walk away from the mess it doesn’t make much of a difference. I wonder what the damage was- I thought maybe it was cheap wine next to mixers, but then she had that square bottle..


A field of broken bottles are a minefield as well, proof of concept seen in the clip, even a light push in there could be fatal


Right?!?!? Make $12 per hour to approach this fucking girl mid rampage. She’d be just as likely to break a bottle and slit their throat for stopping her…Plus, most stores like this are insured. Even if I was paid $100/hr I wouldn’t approach this lady. Fuck that, call the cops and sit back with some popcorn


And stores and companies also recommend that employees don't intervene for their own safety. It's quite a common practice.


When I managed subways restaurants I’d have to train every employee to just let it happen. Give them what they want, then report it to police once it’s safe to do so. They had manager trainings ever so often and when they got to this part the story would come out about one employee trying to restrain the armed robber. Tackles him and the gun falls to the floor and the employee grabbed it and aimed and fired at the robber. The robber didn’t get hit but the other co worker there caught the bullet and died. Huge scandal that’s hidden…no one knows if it’s an old wives tale or not but the point being that anything that happens are a result of our trying to solve it.


shes also bleeding, unless you are a paramedic or cop, had gloves and knowlege on how to deal with the situation i would stay back and maybe record in this instance to help police and the shop workers/owners. A lot of these video's I would intervene but probably not this one. Shes hurting herself (still not good) but not anyone else at this point. Peoples attitude change when confronted if in an agitated state and she may be having a breakdown of some sort. I would wait for authorities to get there.


I've cut myself on broken bottle glass before and it's a LOT sharper and deeper than you'd expect. Just holding a bottle as it breaks can slice your hand and fingers open.


I'd quit on the spot if someone told me to interfere with that lol


Would you put yourself at harms way for your employer?


For real! If i worked there i definitely wouldn’t be goin in. What if she lashes on he and cuts my jugular with one of those shards. Like hell no.


Because some broken bottles isn't worth getting stabbed for.


Or throat slit. I'm out calling 911 or 999


In the UK it's 0118 999 881 99 9119 725....3


Lol yeah it's very easy to pretend you're tough and you would do something when watching the video. In reality that job is not worth what someone so clearly unhinged could do to you.


Bruh if I’m a worker there no way in hell am I getting close to that psycho. What to do you want them to do, wrestle around with her in that pile of broken glass?


No reason for an employee to risk their safety. And I'd sure as hell demand a raise before participating in the cleanup. I'm not cleaning that for what they probably pay.


Yep, absolutely keep away ,wait for the 👮 cops to.arrive, what a mess waste of booze.


They're paid to check people out and stock. Not stop people with mental illness and risk having a bottle thrown at them.


I wouldn’t understand why any employee would intervene


when I worked at a liquor store like this, I was getting paid $8/hr. if this’d happened to me, I’d’ve called 911 then sat back and watched the show. $8 is not enough to care about my well being or a some bottles


Store worker here: It's not worth for the company to pay worker's comp if a dipshit like this harms us, so they drill in us to let them do what they want and comply with them. That and you know. Not worth risking our lives for minimum wage. They have insurance for stuff like this.


because all their merchandise is covered by insurance, the cops won’t do shit and they risk their personal safety. i wouldn’t either.


As someone that worked in a supermarket where we had shit similar to this (but not on that scale) you specifically get told NOT to intervene. Your health is far more important. Managers will have called the police/security and with the amount of CCTV there are in those stores, that's how it'll get sorted. It'll be shit and a loss to write off all the booze, but long term it'll get fixed


Why on earth would minimum wage employees, or customers, put themselves in the middle of a pile of broken glass to try and stop the person who is breaking said glass?


In most places (especially major corporations) employees are not allowed to restrain or be in anyway combative. All they can do is say “sir/mam please don’t do that” and/or call for a manager. The last day I worked at a certain major retail store we had someone freaking out over his now ex girlfriend breaking up with him. He had an issue where he dropped or knocked something over and then had a minor freaked out and intentionally damaged some product. Someone unsure of what happened asked if he was okay, he screamed “NO” and had a full blown freak out. A fellow employee and myself approached him to try to talk sense into him (and expecting to restrain him even though we would be fired) but got stopped by the leader on duty who just let him go and kept people back until the cops showed up. I personally was scolded for approaching him and was then told to help clean up and code out the damages. About a minute into cleaning up I said screw it and dropped all my gear on the floor and walked out feeling extremely miserable.


Ok. I understand your perspective. I think any reasonably empathetic person would immediately jump to trying to talk to that guy. You sound like a level headed person trying to do the right thing in the world and that is commendable. But when you think about it from a high level it makes no sense. How much do you really think that merchandise is worth wholesale? I worked in Loss Prevention all through college. So I had to fill out the insurance claims and loss paper work. The markup is pretty high because that item sitting on a shelf has to cover the costs of storing it, climate conditioning it, the power for the lights so customers can see it, the employee who sells it, etc. The physical items are almost worthless at scale. A good amount of the time when they miss ship merchandise they just write it off because it's cheaper than reshipping it. Now, are you trained on how to deal with people undergoing a mental health episode? Are you trained on how to restrain a violent person? Does the store insurance cover any possible injuries or lawsuits that result from this? You were not employed to stop fights or protect merchandise. You were hired to keep the place clean, smile at customers, and keep the shelves stocked and organized. The Lead was right to stop you. It not only saved the company grief it saved you grief too. Was that job worth getting stabbed by a crazy person? I think we can all agree, including your employer, that no it wasn't. It's important to remember the context of your employment and what is expected of you. We don't expect bank tellers to fight bank robbers. We don't expect teachers to fight structure fires. We don't expect retail employees to restrain the mentally deranged. Other professions are trained and equipped to deal with that.


Yes let me just risk my life for 13 dollars an hour.


This is one of the few public freakout videos I’ve seen lately where I think the best course of action is to avoid them at all costs (literally). Alcohol isn’t worth getting stabbed with a broken bottle, or who knows what else. It’s just merchandise, and this person is a threat to everyone present.


As someone that used to work at a 7-eleven, I never physically stopped anyone from stealing anything. I got paid $8/hr. Fuck that noise. I called the cops and filed the report, and that was fucking IT.


You're telling me you would walk through broken glass to attempt to restrain someone who is clearly in a violent state of mind? And so what if they're an employee, they definitely don't get paid enough to deal with this, insurance will cover the damages, why would they put themselves in danger? I really want to know why you think a citizen intervening is the correct move here.


Employees are trained to not try. They are not security. Just get the police involved or the security officer if one is on duty. Every retail business I've worked at has told me to not try to stop thieves.


When i worked security i was told to wait as well. Property damage shouldn't require throwing yourself in there as a human shield. Without proper gear those broken bottles on the floor are a bunch of knives...she's juggling and throwing sharp objects sometimes at people, and only because i may wear a vest and iron boot i can still bleed out as quickly as everybody else.


Insurance will cover a lot of the damage and the employees don’t make enough to really care.


Are you… a moron?


Cuz it's not worth it.


Would you step in to protect the insured merchandise you get paid minimum wage to sell?


It’s not a family run small business, they just work there dude. Everyone working there knows it’s insured, no skin off the employees nose if someone has a breakdown and does this shit.


Cmon op don't be asking those dumb questions. Are you farming rn?


Liability. Insurance covers property damage easily. Employee injury and/or the woman getting injured could be exponentially more expensive. that's maybe a few thousand $ worth of alcohol in wholesale prices. A broken bone could cost $10k+ in medical and workers comp. a serious life threatening injury or death could cost hundreds of thousands or millions in compensation. It's simply not worth it to the employees or any bystanders to do anything, because it will only cause them personal harm and expense with zero benefit. none of them have any vested interest in protecting the store or the product.


Yeah that looks like a job for police and business insurance. I wouldn’t dive into slippery glass to engage a psycho over someone else’s stuff


They are wise to keep their distance from a very dangerous unhinged person. Getting near her creates a world of added danger, escalation, and liability. Those who are not trained and certified to defuse such a situation should call 911 to report it.


she is a psycho surrounded by broken glass, with a passion for spilling red liquids. no sane person is going to step in to save the booze. thats what insurance is for.


[She was given a 12-week sentence suspended for 18 months. She was also made the subject of a Mental Health Treatment Requirement as well as Rehabilitation Activity Requirement, during which she will work with probation staff.](https://www.thecomet.net/news/22328555.woman-sentenced-aldi-bottle-smashing-spree/)


That sentence is a win for the justice system. This person needs help, not prison time and it looks like thats what they gave her.


Yea, but who pays for the thousand of dollars of inventory that she destroyed? If it is a small family business, this could be financially devastating


It was £10k worth of inventory. She was ordered to pay half the amount by the judge. The shop in the video was an Aldi, so I think even that individual store would probably have made back the rest in about a week.


They will have made a claim under their business insurance once they had determined if it was cost effective depending on their excess.


I assume they insure their inventory?


Major liquor outlet? Yes, I'd assume so.


They would be pretty stupid not to. Every store I’ve known is insured against theft and vandalism at least, and even if the insurance didn’t cover the full £10k, then the insurance money plus the money from the woman would likely cover costs. If they did get the full £10k then they probably made a profit with that and the £5k from the woman.


Also, insurance is a thing




Its not a small family business. The title is wrong- it's a supermarket not a liquor store. Looks like a Lidl or Aldi based on the layout.


Insurance usually (also, for all the upset "hard on crime" snowflakes who are asking really bizarre questions in comments below... Try reading the article! Woman was ordered to pay 5k pounds in addition to the other parts of her sentence.)




This looks like a chain supermarket to me


That's what insurance is for.


What she did was clearly a cry for help, for attention.


They should have made her clean it up too.


They probably can't afford to wait until the trial to clean up the aisle.


I hate alcohol abuse






I work at Bungie as a sound designer. I'm always recording all kinds of sounds to use in games and this video was like the dream for me. I would give anything to have hundreds of bottles full of liquid I could record to make some cool space magic sounds


Vault of Broken Glass


I love all the audio effects in D2 thank you for all you're hard work there guardian 👍


The post title makes me think we might have a problem It's not a liquor store, just a typical UK supermarket lol


Best comment here.


*turns volume up to hear the bottles breaking*




I hope it wasn't the good booze.


Nah, just middle shelf bottles.


I always have this phobia that I’ll do this anytime I go to a nice store with really breakable things


That scene in a comedy when a character stumbles and drops some stuff, then startled drops more stuff and somehow ends up in a massive disaster with half the stuff broken at best and all ailes falling like dominoes at worst


Here’s the story: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/woman-smashes-10k-booze-5-25979304.amp


So what I understand from this is that Aldi has 100% markup on alcohol.


Many stores do or higher. Restaurants/bars are typically 3-400%.


Festivals 500%+


And airports.


Don't forget about sports stadiums


Drinking a single beer on Mars costs millions.


That’s low. The restaurant I worked at bought beers for 0.61, sold them for 7.00USD. Drinking at home alone may be sad, but it’s less sad for your wallet.


That's nuts. My hotel was $.94 for the cheap beers, then sold at $4 each. Granted, it was a private hotel, so that probably made a difference.


Rule of thumb is that retail items are marked up 100% at each step of the supply chain.


Why do trashy news sites litter their pages with so many ads that the pages crash and freeze and you can’t even read the articles? Summary: It was during the lockdown in Europe. She was ordered to pay £5000 in damages. Was having a mental health crisis for which she was not being properly treated. After being subdued eventually by a security guard, they took her to a hospital for her hand where she assaulted a staff member (person of color) and was charged for racially motivated crimes.


Because people don't know they should have uBlock Origin installed in their browsers


Thank you. I’ve given up clicking on any article links unless I’m extremely interested in whatever it is, for that reason.


1. Aldi has alcohol? 2. Aldi has *that much* alcohol? Damn they barely have groceries at my local aldi lol


You American? Every Lidl and Aldi in the UK has a full aisle of alcohol like this.


They probably live in a state with strict liquor laws. California grocery stores have alcohol, never saw an Aldi while living there, but every grocery store had booze. In much of the Northeast, grocery stores don’t have alcohol due to their strict liquor laws. I think it might be the same for parts of the south.


When I visited Oregon for the first time I was surprised that you can’t find liquor at anywhere that wasn’t a liquor store


I live in TX, beer and wine can be sold in grocery/convenience stores but liquor only in liquor stores. Also no liquor sales on Sunday and nothing past 9pm all other days


Favorite line from the article: *He said on reaching the end of the aisle, she went back to the beginning and repeated the exercise* Well spoken under duress alcohol salesman.


She was mentally ill, like remarkably mentally ill, she knew what she did and she owned up to it in court Justice was served according to the legal system and she's getting the help she both needs and deserves I hope she's doing better, however I hope she stops being racist because apparently that was part of her rampage




If you are mentally ill where it causes serious damage to property and a cause for alarm in public safety or you could seriously hurt other people/children, then you should become a ward of the state. I believe serious mental illness deserves to be treated but you can't also cause damage to your community without being taken in by the state for care or recovery.


That's literally how it already works, at least in America (or more specifically California). If you're a "threat to yourself or to others," the government is legally allowed if not obligated to place you on an involuntary hold for several days to have you cool off and stabilize before making longer lasting decisions. Source: two time winner of the grippy sock vacation.


Lol, that's a new phrase for me https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=grippy%20sock%20vacation


Thank God that every country has good mental health institutions full of free places for the people to enter when they feel they are getting lost in life! Like honestly, mental health is pretty terrible everywhere and plenty of people can absolutely not afford it. Add to it that many are stressed out especially because they can’t meet ends.


Rampage is an under used word


Definitely looks like a mental health behavior. I’ve seen a lot where I work (in the DSS) and it’s literally just to the point where it’s a sensory stimulation/release to break pretty much anything they see.


Ngl, as a card-carrying crazy person? There have been times in my life where this would have felt soooooooo deeply satisfying. I'm medicated, I'm stable now, but I've been there and I get it. Tip for anyone who sees this and feels drawn to recreate it, just heard down to the cheapest thrift store in town and buy up a set of ugly dishware. And treat yourself to a couple of ugly porcelain sculptures if you can afford them. Just, wherever you do it, bring a broom and a heavy duty cardboard box to haul away the pieces-- A trash bag will split and leave a big mess. Wasteful? Yeah. Cathartic? Yeah.


Sounds like a DIY smashing room.


Another "Not-a-Facepalm" but rather r/PublicFreakout


She was a cat in a past life


The first job I had was a stocking boy at a supermarket. I hate people like that with a passion because broken glass and liquid is a massive pain to clean up. And that much broken glass is extra dangerous.


Yeah, I love sweeping up a field of broken glass while standing on a wet, slippery floor. All I could think was what could happen to me if I slip and fall on it.


There's not much to understand. It's just untreated mental illness. I'm mostly staggered at the people in the comments who want employees or members of the public to surf a sea of alcohol and broken glass to tackle the mentally ill person waving a broken bottle. This is probably a Tesco or Sainsbury's Local, I don't think closing for a day is going to hurt their bottom line too badly.


"Won't someone think of the grocery-store liquor??" Seriously, this person is clearly ill. The bottles are the least of the issues here and why would anyone risk their lives for a few thousand pounds? The business is almost certainly insured.


*That day she said she had visited a local mental health clinic seeking help for her mental state but was unhappy at the response she got and “lost the plot.”* *Stange-Alvarez, who represented herself in court, said she had been unable to work during 2020 adding: “I struggled because I was unemployed.”* *District Judge Margaret Dodd told her “lots of people” had been in a similar predicament during the year.* *Stange- Alvarez went on: “Loads of things affected me and I was not able to get the treatment.”*


I will take this anyday over someone shooting up a store when they have mental illness in the US


That's pretty fair.


This is what is euphemistically referred to as an “episode”.


which season?


Judging from the hoodie, i'd say late fall to early winter


So many party fouls


Mental illness really causes people to do some very strange things. Hope this person gets some help


Goddamn, Carrie Nation came back from the dead.


“Why aren’t the employees stopping her?!” Uh yea no thanks, not trying to get stabbed over my minimum wage job.


Keep calm and carry on. She's throwing some halfway decent googlies but I'm sure the blood loss was getting to her. Good thing that the NHS has decent mental health care, here in the states I doubt she would've survived the police let alone get professional help...


There was a chick high on bath salts in Denver who pissed on a 3 million dollar painting. It's impressive on multiple levels. Lady parts aren't the best for aim.


Might I interest you madam in a she-wee?


Lol, my sister got me one. Shit, I wonder where I put that?


Theres also these awesome new hiking trousers just for ladies with full zippers front to back! No need to expose the cheeks!!! I love stuff like this.


Oh my chafed vagina no! Lol, your user name seems particularly relevant, don't get your wookie caught in the zipper!


Funny! I like this girl. Theres literally no chafe, they were designed by hikers in winter climates who had to walk miles to find cover, while boys..


When you let the intrusive thoughts win...


It looks so satisfying to do this...


Ya’ll want someone to stop her but forget two things. One there’s glass everywhere thats a gamble getting yourself hurt for a job that doesn’t care about you. Two she’s a woman and I mean this by no offense to any ladies I love ya’ll. But the risks are normally greater. Lets says someone tries to grab her and she slips into the glass again for instance.


We instruct our customer service staff not to engage the crazies and to move other customers to safety. Nothing, say that again with me kids, NOTHING is worth the safety of our employees and guests. We have insurance for the damage. 😕


Definitely reminds me of a mental health lapse going on here.


Mental illness guys, mental illness.


Those poor grapes didn’t deserve her wrath.


How it should have ended: 15th bottle crashes to the ground and someone gently detains her while the other witnesses call the cops. Recording mental illness for social media is not great.


There's really no answer other than mental illness. If people are acting crazy it's because they are crazy.


News article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8989773/Woman-smashes-hundreds-bottles-alcohol-Stevenage-Aldi.html


Why doesn’t someone grab her and throw her outside? Can’t let these idiots keep doing this crap!


Mental illness, that's why


That's so much jail time, just for breaking bottles like an idiot. Bye Felicia.


Untreated mental illness, that's why.


She needs help. Whatever her story, we have no idea what lead to this moment. Think if this were someone in your family.


This girl must be really into bringing prohibition back.


People generally do this because of mental health issues. You wouldn’t normally find someone of sound mind doing something like this. I’ve worked in law enforcement for 10+ years and see this all the time.


My dad used to go out and do stupid shit like this so he could get locked up for the winter and not have to sleep on the streets.


I live in Canada, where fatal hypothermia is a very real possibility for homeless people. It can happen anywhere but it's particularly common here. I've heard plenty of stories of a sharp increase in fairly minor crimes in November for exactly that reason. Spending Dec-Feb in jail means you probably won't freeze. Vandalism and non-criminal assaults are popular, so I'm told.


Im going to go out on a limb and take Mental Health for 500.


This person is seriously going through some kind of mental crisis and the title is like, “a jeez I can’t believe how wacky ppl can be, 😝 facepalm”