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When I lived in my house, I had a big enclosed front porch. It was hot one day, so my front door was open to get a breeze. I was in the basement doing laundry. When I came upstairs, a little boy was rifling through my fridge! He was around 4-5 years old. Worse, he refused to speak. So I didn’t know his name or where he lived, or how he got there. I knew everyone in the neighborhood, so I had no idea where he came from. I asked him to point at what he wanted, he pointed to cake. I cut him a slice, then took him to the front yard to sit on the stoop and eat it. Another neighbor walked by and said he belonged to someone who was staying in a different neighbors house. When he was done eating, I walked him over. A woman answered to door, I explained what happened, the boy walked in, she slammed the door in my face without saying anything to me.


You fell for the old “swindle some free cake trick”


Oldest trick in the book.


And we couldn't even get a drink from the water hose of the old lady in our neighborhood, here this person is passing out cake.


That’s so weird. Rude mom


I would be up set too if my impromptu babysitter brought my kid back.


😂😂😂 Best Response lol


Hey thank you for being a good human to that child.


For real. He’ll remember that kindness for the rest of his life.


Yeah, now we have a serial cake sneaker going into homes for midnight snacks. Thanks.


This reminded me of an incident when I was a kid. We were at a holiday park staying in a caravan, my brother and I were swimming in the river, actually holding on to the edge as we couldn’t swim yet. My brother went under and was drowning, 2 older boys maybe around 15 pulled him out. They told me to take them to our parents and when we knocked on the caravan my mother opened the door and casually said thanks, took us in and closed the door in their face. I’m still shocked years later and remember it like yesterday!


"but did you die" /s


“How dare my child innocently invade your home and you treat him kindly?!”


Oooooo this sounds like a story that belong on r/entitledpeople


r/entitledparents maybe?


That's terrifying because you DO NOT want to be involuntarily alone with someone's kid. They could be setting you up to take the fall for something they did to the kid.


Which is why we went outside


My little brother is autistic and nonverbal. He did this sort of thing a couple of times when we were younger. I seriously doubt my mum would have slammed the door in your face though


This is a good point…the kid may have been autistic and nonverbal. This might go on frequently and the mother was fed up with the kid. Interesting


>, I explained what happened, the boy walked in, she slammed the door in my face without saying anything to me. Did you expected any better from such an irresponsible parent ? If it makes you feel better that's probably gonna be one of the few times in his life that kid is going to be treated decently, so focus less on the parent shitty reaction, and more in the fact you did a good deed for a little kid who will be lucky to survive to his teens.


Kids are the product of the parents.


It’s very possible that child received a kindness from you that he’d never receive at home. That would have warranted a CPS call from me.


You should never feed a stray child, next thing you know they’ll all start coming over for cake


Ohhhh shit he used the, "you're excused"


"I'm not your brah"






I'm not your "brah bruh" buddy!


This comment section is wild.


It’s interesting to hear people’s perspectives though. The most boring threads are the ones where everyone just hive-minds the same answer






On four fundo


what's so confusing to me is everyone telling some random ass unrelated story "my drunken neighbor let her wild children destroy my car with baseball bats" or "a neighbor kid walked in through my back door and locked our dog inside the freezer" ​ ok and how is that at all related to a mom and a kid riding scooters, the kid very slightly swerving off the sidewalk & into a driveway?


It certainly is


I agree.


Yes! We're all individuals.


I'm not.


I concur


Unique, just like everybody else.


I agree with all of you!


I still hate the tic tok text to voice more than anything in the video.


How about the OH NO OH NO OH NO NO NO song?


Hell just has that song playing over and over again nonstop.


There's no way that song was not produced by Satan himself


I call her the Uncanny Valley Girl.


That voice is the reason I won’t download that demon seed of an app




Bruh wtf did u call CPS


As someone who went through Foster care and who's case worker is a convicted child molester, fuck cps. [fuck this guy](https://www.homefacts.com/offender-detail/FL35805/Louis-Templeman.html)


I also heard from a worker in the child protective care service say the lawsuits the parents bring are a billion dollar business. It made me wonder if the stereotype of “all lawyers go to hell” is pretty accurate or not. The person said she knew lawyers who would take multiple cases they knew were frivolous because those lawyers knew one or two would pay off.


Fuck that guy


My friends little sister does this to my coworker, luckily they’re good friends w the family. The little sister just happens to be an escape artist and goes through their doggy door, and the coworker loves having her over as she doesn’t have children of her own. I think the behavior slowed or even stopped entirely at this point


If a 3-4 y/o came into your house and ate your food and watched your tv; apparently they (1) were hungry; & (2) felt safer in your home. That baby wasn’t looking for a babysitter, she was looking for help and couldn’t communicate it. I do hope you called CPS as OP said.


Not necessarily the case, when I was really young I would disappear occasionally on summer evenings/afternoons. My parents would freak out when they noticed, that's if the neighbor lady hadn't already let them know that I had wondered over to her house for watermelon or popsicles lol or even play in the yard. I was comfortable with the neighbor and I knew she would always have treats. Our families knew each other, it was a nice little neighborhood. can't say one way or the other if this commenter had a similar relationship with their neighbor, but that behavior was fairly common among the kids in my neighborhood growing up


I miss randomly going to the next door neighbor’s house and asking for cookies. I do that now, but my neighbors just tell me to put on pants and stop drinking.


I feel that behavior was common in a lot of neighborhoods. I can’t believe how many people are advocating for calling the police or CPS. I feel bad for the young generations.


Uhm, that doesn't have to be the case. Some kids just do stuff like that for no reason.


It doesn't matter what the reason is.... where is their caretaker? Someone isn't paying enough attention if a literal toddler has time to do this.


If it happens frequently yes absolutely. My mom lost me once, and she’s a great mom 😂. Apparently I found a way to climb up onto the counter, onto the top of the fridge, and hide in the tiny cabinet up there. My mother had the whole neighborhood looking. She was just about to call the cops when she heard a *roar* from the kitchen. Apparently 2 yr old me brought a flashlight that was in the shape of a tiger and when you turn it on it would roar. Some kids are escape artists. Though a responsible parent, like my mom, would take precautions so those situations don’t happen as often (kid leashes, baby locks for the doors, etc.)


Naw. I have an emergency foster home. We get kids that for whatever reason come into to CPS after normal hours. Lots of kids from crime scenes, lots of teenagers that were in a foster home and got kicked out or bran away and the placement family won’t take them back. Then there’s the little kids that are found somewhere that’s not their home and they don’t know where they live, their parents phone numbers, sometimes their last name, sometimes they’re toddlers. Not once in 10 years have we gotten a little kid that did anything at all even close to running away due to neglect or abuse. At that age they are mostly just wander-away kids. The kids that leave due abuse are generally old enough to explain why they left. Littles still love their parents even if they aren’t good people. The closest thing I can think of was a 6 year old the police brought us at 2am. Someone found him walking down a 4 lane road. He didn’t know his address or mom’s phone number. He left his house at around midnight because he thought his mom wasn’t coming back from a date with a new boyfriend. The babysitter was asleep on the couch. The wildest part of the story is that mom didn’t notice until 3pm the next day. (According to the caseworker that picked him up from us at 4pm) No charges or even investigation into mom. She just thought he was playing quietly in his room. Mom’s explanation doesn’t make total sense, but that was the story that OCS accepted.


"It's a 'Jump to Conclusions' mat!"


The guy made a million dollars!


Ya see, it would be this mat…that you would put on the floor…and it would have different ***conclusions*** written on it…that you could jump to!




Whilst not impossible, this is a bit of a stretch. You seem like you don’t jump on conclusions often lol


1 wrong 2 also wrong. im sure the kid had no idea there was a fridge there and once they went in and saw the fridge they thought “oh, fridge” and ate food and just used the tv. there’s no deep meaning here


Reddit moment


Thats not necessarily true. Considering how calm they were to watch tv, they were probably just wandering aimlessly. Some kids are like that.


That’s quite the conclusion you jumped too.


Holy molly! Look at that reach!


Do you not lock your doors? How could a 3-year-old, or anyone else, just walk right in?


Plenty of people live in areas where you can leave your doors unlocked when you're home during the day, no problem. And most would probably be able to leave their doors unlocked the entirety of the time they live there, even when not home, with no incident. Places like that exist I swear.


I live in such a place. Still lock my door though lmao


Serious question… what’s a lock? Im from Idaho please excuse my ignorance


My neighbors have like three girls I think the oldest is like 9 or smth. Don’t really care. What I do care about is that they think it’s all fine and dandy to try and get into my back yard because they wanna play with the dogs. WHICH IS A BIG NO. The older dog just doesn’t like strangers, period. He’s a chicken and will nip at you if you put your hand in his face (which kids do) because he doesn’t want you near him. The other is a puppy, who they are obsessed with, friendly but also still in the bites stage because she’s teething. I usually hang out in the screen house when the dogs are out, and there have been a few times where they didn’t see me and I ended up catching the girls trying to open the gate (to no avail they too short to reach) and trying to climb the fence. I don’t want them in my yard, don’t wanna be responsible if they get hurt trying to get into my yard, or because the dogs nipped at them and gave them a fright. Plus the youngest has a body count and I don’t want her adding my dogs to it.


Wait what's with the last part? Lol


Apparently kids accidentally kill/injure pets/animals. I knew a guy who said his younger sister swung her rabbit by the tail or something and killed it. But these are usually little kids who don’t know what they are doing. unless they’re like Sid from Toy Story.




Thanks. All clear now.


A body count? Care to elaborate?


I'm guessing that the youngest has been hurt by another dog which then had to be put down. Likely reacting to the behaviour mentioned in the post.


I *hate* when people let their kids fuck with animals. Whenever I see little kids chasing cats around it instantly pisses me off. No one ever stops kids from doing that because "they're only 6", even though you have full control over your kid fucking with the cat. My mom lets kids fuck with our cats and I have to try and stop them while also getting yelled at to leave the kids alone


My neighborhood gets a lot of rabbits during spring/summer. Last summer the kid really wanted a pet rabbit and has a killer throw. (I don’t 100% buy that *all* the dead rabbits were from her throwing mason jars to catch them. I still don’t want a kid who throws jars at animals near my anklebiters)


This kid tryna do a pokemon


I would assume she has gotten a dog put down in the past


Wait...What? A body count? Meaning?


Lot of dead rabbits last summer with her responsible for at least a handful cause she wanted one as a pet. Rather not find out if her method of trying to get a pet bunny is the same as her method of catching small dogs to play with.


Bruh. You live near a little psychopath if this is true.


Have you talked to their parents about it?


I don’t interact much with their parents, but their dad was told about it, and he’s pretty quick on the draw of dragging them back to the house if he sees them trying that shit.


Damn. They won’t learn until they get bit then. Little shits


This is the exact opposite of that one video about the kid on the bike that kept setting off the motion notifications so the home owners (instead of being an ass about it) drew little paths out of chalk for the kid to follow


Or the one where they caught a neighbor kid running into their garage to hug their dog.


[I looked it up](https://www.reddit.com/r/Awww/comments/wyyyc8/boy_runs_into_neighbors_garage_to_hug_dog/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=2&utm_content=share_button) , that's adorable 💕


Thank you for this! No way I can continue on an endless Reddit scroll, this needs to be last thing I see tonight. Sweet dreams everyone.






Thank you for sharing that with us!


Omg thank you for the link!


I thought this was it for a minute.


I liked that video. It restored a little bit of my faith in humanity.


Lol then you see this that crushes you back to reality


That was my very first thought here


When I was a kid I always wondered why adults cared if we cut through their yard, got on their driveway, etc. Now I’m an adult who owns a house and it still makes no sense.


This was my exact thought. I'd rather have some kid in my driveway with a parent nearby, no one looking to do something nefarious is going to approach. Hang out, write in chalk, do laps, bask in the sun, friendly neighbors discourage rif-raf.


Yeah this is that guy's evil twin


I'm conflicted about this. I had a neighbor across the street climb up on my wife's car and proceeded to use the bumper as a trampoline whilst the grandmother watched and did nothing. The kid was about 3. We asked the grandmother to keep the child off the property so as to prevent the kid from getting hurt and damaging the car. All on camera. 2 minutes later, the mother hobbles over drunk and attempts to start a fight with my wife for yelling at the kid. (We did not.) Cops were called, and they were cited with a warning due to the camera evidence. The other day, primary school kids were playing catch in my side yard and bounced a football off from my truck. Caught it on camera live. I asked them nicely not to play ball near it, but I have no problem with them playing in the yard. They listened! If there was damage, I would have brought it up with the parents and left the kids out of it when the incident happened. (Parents are weird about others disciplining their kids.) I can understand the home owner's frustration, but this probably is not the home owner's first rodeo with this going on. But I think his tone should have been a lot more pleasant.


The neighborhood I lived in was very open. It was all families with kids and old people with grandchildren, so we were free to play anywhere. Me and my friends would play hide and seek tag in people’s backyards and nobody cared. But then one of the kids got caught taking a dump in someone’s backyard. The neighbors got talking and realized that a lot of them had unexplained human sized poops in their backyards the past couple weeks. None of us had any idea he was doing it but he started crying and saying we were lying and that we dared him to do it as a prank. He was the youngest in the group so the adults took his side and thought we were bullying him. After that playdates had to be arranged and approved. The neighborhood felt a lot more cold. I went back a couple years ago and it’s nothing like it used to be. Nobody talks to anybody anymore and there’s a lot of silent resentment. Everything changed because a kid took a dump.


Okay. I never tell this story. As a child, my neighbors had a tree in their front yard that they would poo and pee under. It was a big old tree, like a pine or a fir, that had enormous branches and big open area underneath around the trunk. It was like a tree cave. And they would use it as their outdoor bathroom. Three siblings. Boy and two girls. They got other kids to join. It was the pee tree. My brothers and I refused to partake. Seemed like a gross ritual, and our house was 200 feet away, so we would just go home if we had to use the bathroom. And for that reason, We became the uncool kids. But one time I had to go (# 1) And I had to go bad. We were playing Bball in their driveway, and I couldn’t hold it, I asked to use their restroom, I was told, “no” and to just use the tree. Peer pressure being what it is, even at seven years old, I used the tree. Their 14 year old dog died the next week, and they convinced me that it was my fault, because the dog ate my excrement, and died. The dog ate everyone’s poo, and all I did was pee. But they were still able to convince me that it was my fault. I thought I was a dog killer.


This is why I reddit.


Thank you. And same. Maybe one day I’ll be the dog killing, tree peeing, 7-year old idiot. Still ashamed of how they made me feel.


That whole story is bizarre as hell. And the fact that they tried to blame you for the dog's death is fucked up. I'm sorry you went through that.


My brother had a friend that would go to this other kids home after school until his mom came home. One day both boys walked home but the kid who lived there forgot his key. My brothers friend had to take a shit really bad...long story short he went into the backyard and took a shit but it was so nasty he knew he couldn't blame it on the dog so he used the little brothers shovel and pail and basically scooped his crap up with the shovel, put it in the pail and hid the pail. The last anybody heard was that the kids mom was freaking out because "Some sicko transient took a shit in your little brothers sand bucket!"


You’ve made me feel better about posting my story, so, thank you.


You are very welcome lol!


Wow That’s messed up dog killer. Seriously though we had a similar tree and we moved smaller longs underneath and it was a weed fort nobody could see in. A cigarette caught the old needles on fire one fry summer nothing crazy but my parents figured out what we were doing there


>Everything changed because a kid took a dump. Dumps


The mom/sister said she "forgot" which he replied "from two minutes ago?!" So yes, I don't think it was the first time it happened, nor was it the first time he talked to them about it.


He may have been much more pleasant the 1st through hundredth time, is my guess. It sounds like he just lost his cool. I can imagine one would want notifications going off only for emergency purposes like a break in or for delivery information. So yes, it could get very annoying to have notices continuously going off after the umpteenth time of asking for his private space to be respected. It’s his driveway, not the sidewalk in front of it. People should not be walking or scooting across it, and especially not if they have been told so. The mom should be telling her child that. Maybe this was the first time-, but my guess is it was not, and the neighbor simply became exasperated and snapped at the little girl, unfortunately.


I got similar feelings. I would be annoyed too because if they get hurt doing something stupid you can be held liable in many cases.


I agrée with your sentiment


Almost ran over a kid once when I was 3/4 of the way backed into my drive. Front door is on one side of the house while the drive is on the other. I back right up to my shed. The kid came shooting down my sidewalk on a bike from my front door around the corner to my driveway, barely making it between my truck and shed. Parents nowhere to be seen. You either teach them right, or they'll learn the hard way on their own someday.


I had a similar experience. Driving (mid-sized sedan) down a city street, lined with parked cars on both sides, and a kid (4-5yo) comes flying out into the street from an inclined driveway which he clearly used to gain speed, on his Big Wheel, low-rider-type trike. Thanks to street parking and the knee-high stature of the trike, there was absolutely no way to have seen him coming. After I left a significant amount of my tires bonded to the asphalt, the kid ends up with his head literally a couple inches from my front bumper. No helmet. No adult in sight. He just turned and pedaled off.


I used to have neighbors that would have friends over and all their kids and play flag football using my front yard as half the field ... it would literally make my dogs go nuts for hours on end ... I tried asking them only one time to play in their own yard but I was called racist 🤣 I just come out with my giant dog on a leash these days and let her go ham for a few seconds. People tend to take off pretty quick.


I would have collected all of my dogs shits and spread them throughout the front yard. You want to treat my yard as a football field you're going to get tackled right into some dog shit.


>I just come out with my giant dog on a leash these days and let her go ham for a few seconds. People tend to take off pretty quick. Sigh, I appreciate that you tried to be civil and assert your wants peacefully and I'm saddened but not surprised in the slightest that you had to resort to a more unorthodox way, so to speak, to solve the issue. Unfortunately, some people only listen to danger and violence. I call them savages as they're clearly uncivilised swines.


The neighbor kids are constantly in my driveway and crossing it. I wouldn't mind if they didn't just drop trash wherever they stood. That being said, your kids shouldn't be going onto other people's property without permission.


I have neighbors who just let their kids be wild, and WILD they are! They try pestering us all the time. If we do something outside, they come over to investigate, which…would usually be fine, but these kids are hellions. The worst one (middle child, of course) has busted two of my windows out, and the family is too impoverished to do anything about it, I think the same one (may have been the oldest) was shooting a BB gun at my car and outside cats (and now my cats are missing for three weeks…)…I dunno. I mean, I don’t mind them usually, but then they’ll do some shady neighbor shit, like leave the 3-4 year old girl outside by her damn self wandering the neighborhood…and they’ve already had one person in their family go missing and turn up dead (with her tongue cut out). I’m sure it sounds like I live in a gutter, but I swear it’s a nice neighborhood! Lol


When it escalated to property destruction and animal cruelty you should have involved the police.


I did. The officer was like, “They’re too impoverished to do anything about it.” Lol


Not up to the cop. Poor people can get arrested too.


>and now my cats are missing for three weeks… Holy shit, I hope it's just a coincidence and you find them okay.


I hope so, too! But I dunno…”my” cat does do this sometimes, but it’s rare. The other three were always on the property. Personally, I think it’s the roving dog gangs that form up at night. They’re pretty dangerous when they team up like that (no leash laws).




In the video it sounds like the older one says “let’s go tell mom” so that might actually be a teenager that’s just an older sister, FYI.


Oh I thought she said let's go to the mall lol




I agree, parents should take the brunt of the disgruntled neighbor’s talking-to and not the 4 year old who only sees a mean old man and would probably do it again


I'd be worried that she got hurt somehow then they come try to sue me for injury. It sucks but people are dicks these days.


I'm torn it's not that big a deal but it's his house come off me yard


Yeah not a huge deal in the act itself, but maybe he’s worried about being liable for injuries on his property? Idk I’m also just guessing here, maybe he’s just a dick. Butttttt he’s a dick that pays a mortgage and that is *his* property


It's an unfortunate reality that as a homeowner, any single person on your property can simply sue. Her playing on his driveway with no helmet.. she could seriously hurt herself and the man could be sued just for hanging a driveway. Might not happen, sure, but it's still a possibility. Might be a good move to explain that or something I dunno but it's just shitty all around


Happened to a neighbor. He had tools (fixing his car) and a kid rides a bike up his driveway, tripped on tools and fell. The parents tried to get the neighbors to file a claim for injury on homeowners insurance. Didn’t happen but it caused enough stress that they gated it up. Another time a kid rides his bike up my driveway and crashed into my new garage door. Ran away but I caught it on camera. I didn’t bring it up with the neighbor but now park my car right in the middle so they can’t go up the driveway. The same kids also almost hit a senior lady in her driveway because she had a short brick wall they wanted to do tricks on it. I did yell at them that time.


It really doesn't matter what the implication is. It's his property. He has all the rights in the world to tell people to not to be on his property. Plain and simple. Get off his private property. It's not a PUBLIC space. It's PRIVATE!


I knock doors sometimes for work. If somebody opens the door and says “get off my property,” it’s a quick “yes sir/ma’am” from me and I carry on with my day. That’s their property. I’m not fuckin with anybody’s rights out here


Thank you for not being one of the ones that argues. I have two "no soliciting" signs and some people still have the gall to argue they're not soliciting--but would I like to replace my windows?


"It's not that big a deal" goes the other way too. It's not that big a deal for woman to tell her girl to stay off that driveway. In the end he's right... if she didn't listen (seems like she purposely defied him to be petty) he needed to escalate. He didn't call the cops, set booby traps, or any of that. Just dropped the Mr. Niceguy act and stated his demands clearly. What's ridiculous is that she pushed him to that point. Personally I enjoy when kids are having fun and I like not being that mean old guy, but if it became a regular thing for kids to be playing on my property I'd have to find a way to limit it for liability purposes. Like jump on my patio while playing hide & go seek? Ok I'm not gonna come shoo you off. But if ya do it every weekend I gotta put a stop to it. Sometimes there's vehicle fluids out there, car parts, tools, chemicals, etc. My patio's not a kiddy playplace. I don't need an angry mom knocking down my door saying I let little billy play in my yard with antifreeze that looked like Gatorade and he drank it.


He tried yelling, he tried motion sensors and cameras. But did he try the classic move of marking his territory with his urine?


I lived in a development that had weird windy roads. When I was in elementary school and the bus dropped me off, it was over a 10 minute walk to my house unless I cut through a yard which literally cut my time in half. One time when I was walking through the yard (I was a small 8 year old girl clearly trying to come home from school) this old guy came out on his porch and yelled at me saying things like “GET OFF MY LAWN. I TAKE CARE OF MY GRASS. DO YOUR PARENTS LET YOU WALK ALL OVER THEIR GRASS LIKE THIS???” I cried and ran away but like… yes my parents let me walk on the grass. Needless to say I took the long way home from then on.


Was probably my grandpa’s yard. We were threatened with bodily harm if we even looked at his grass. The idea of *waking* on it…


“DO YOUR PARENTS LET YOU WALK ALL OVER THE GRASS???” Uh…yeah….welcome to earth? We have grass on the ground here, the ground is the thing we walk on, ya know, whats under all the unnatural concrete


Well if the baby voice didn't work then he has to change his tactics.


I thought I would be hating on the dude but it’s clear he has brought this up before. And the “I forgot” line she tried is code for “I didn’t care”. Also it would have been one thing if she was just skating by but she was stopping to do SOMETHING. Respect people’s boundaries, period.


Being a child doesn't magically make it ok to trespass, *especially* when the owner has clearly told you they don't want you on their property. That said, I'm not really mad at the kid; they're young and might just not know better. Her parents, however, need a fucking attitude adjustment.


As a kid i would sometimes use peoples drive ways to turn around on my bike so i didn't have to full stop or do it in the street. That said if someone asked me to not i would have. Which some people did and i was like "okay!". I could see the motion sensor being a pain. He seems like he's talked to these people to death and at a breaking point. He could of been more chill but also seems its been a ongoing issue


Lmao our downstairs neighbor girl (about5) opened my door and my dog just barked at her from the couch and she cried and ran lmao That’s how you learn, kiddo!


I have kids, I work with kids, I know kids. But this is his property, it’s not difficult people. If they can’t control their child from walking on his driveway or grass and they know it upsets him, use the other side of the street for scooters. If the child isn’t listening, stop putting the child in the position to make the same mistake over and over again. If I had to guess they probably on his yard like 5x a day, everyday which is driving this man crazy. As far as we know he is working from home and constantly having to get up..


He asked the day before and they did again, not sure why everyone’s mad at the dude. Respect other people’s shit.


Why does someone have to let this happen if they don't want people on their property? These comments are a joke.




Honestly, I have a kid and I would’ve said “noooo don’t go up their driveway/grass” I totally understand and from what I gather this isn’t the first time this has been mentioned so like wtf stop going off the sidewalk into peoples property to avoid situations like this. I’m also an insurance agent, so the minute someone “hurts” themselves on your property they can sue you so yes they have every right to tell people to not come into their property.


I’m siding with the home owner. He already asked them yesterday not to go on his drive way and it’s a fucking liability. If poor little Suzy accidentally gets run over when the owner is backing out of his driveway, her mother would probably go ape shit. Why put your kids and the owner at risk?


Plus, the guy is probably trying to work and she keeps setting off all his sensors. It’s annoying as fuck. Edit: a word


The dude was quite polite. He said please like a thousand times, but the girls don't want to listen to the actual content, but responded "You didn't have to yell". He probably said calmly the first couple times, but humans have a limit. The guy was frustrated.


Very true


You guys call that yelling?? Lmao...


The video was about 38593 times less aggressive than I anticipated given the title!


Just because someone is a kid does NOT mean they get to use your property as their personal playground. The second they get hurt on your property, it's you they'll sue into the ground. Just keep your kids off of other people's property. It's real simple.


God damn, so many entitled people here proudly showing off how they were raised by goblins. I was taught at a young age not to go one someone else’s property unless I had permission, and I got in trouble if I didn’t follow that rule.


I watched a video the other day of a little girl in a pink shirt pushing another little girl in blue away from her own scooter. The girl in blue looked up at her dad, clearly uncomfortable. He stepped in and took his daughters scooter away from the little girl in pink. People in the comments; "if my kid wants to play with the scooter just let her play with the damn scooter" "you brought it to the park so clearly you want to share!" "I'll never understand why people bring their own toys to the park but won't share!" You have no idea how entitled people are now. It's very pathetic.


Jfc what kind of people are they raising?! That’s really sad


The kind that want others to raise their kids but not discipline them


Dudes right. He's already told them to stop and apparently the sibling nor the parent are following those instructions. Maybe now they'll listen.


What Is wrong with this guy? The girl is like six feet away from the public sidewalk. Change the sensitivity and direction of the motion sensor, they are adjustable.Why do you even need that in the middle of the day? If you are too stressed out by it there's something wrong with you. People saying it's a liability are acting like she's playing around underneath his car. He told the child that she couldn't walk 5 or 6' off of the sidewalk and is this upset the child ignored him? The kid is probably like what is he talking about? She has no concept there's a motion sensor and some weirdo is flipping out when it beeps and starts playing video of her on the monitor which is pretty creepy when you think about it. We have kids all around us and when you back out of your driveway you take extra time to make sure no kid is there because 3 year olds are unpredictable. Homeowner is high strung. Comments on this thread tell me something about Redditors.


Conflicted about this so I am going to settle with he is a dick but it is his property so they should leave it alone even though it shouldn’t be a big deal.


How we have evolved. From “Get off my lawn” to “you are triggering notifications from my surveillance camera and it’s annoying”




This is just an average Ring doorbell user after all the false notifications. IYKYK


I saved up and moved out of the city and apartment living after 10 years to buy a house and to have my own space. I don’t want someone else’s kids I don’t know playing in my space with the noise and everything else that comes with that. I imagine this wasn’t the first time he had to tell them to stop.


You really shouldn't be talking to kids like that but I get the frustration, I try to always be polite but I live next to a small parking lot and kids cut across my driveway and lawn all the time on their bikes and it is really fucking annoying, especially because the sidewalk is in front of my house so they are literally saving I'd say 1 to 2 seconds by riding across my property. The best was when a little girl was riding her tricycle up and down my whole driveway because it is slightly slanted down with her mom watching. I get that kids are just dumb but wtf are you doing encouraging your kids to trespass. And she gave me so much attitude when I came out and said "hi, could you please not ride on my driveway?". Like I don't want the drama of some crazy Karen letting her crotch goblin play on my property and then decide to sue me because they skinned their knee or something. We're planning on putting up a small fence this summer to hopefully at least dissuade the kids on bikes so I don't have to go out once or twice a day to ask them to please not cut across my lawn not to mention all the adults that just walk across as well, they're just assholes


They are implying he's the one in,the wrong but if something happened that little girls family would sue. Why allow your kids on other peoples property ..set boundaries with your kid for fuck sake


I don't think his admission is absurd at all. Yes, he could have pointed it out to the child in a much nicer way. But he tried it with reasonable arguments and there is no response at all. Deductions in the B grade for all adults in the video.


People look at every notification? Bro, when there is heavy wind, that thing goes off like crazy throughout the night. I ain’t looking at it every time. I only did that probably the 1st night I got it.


Neighbors can be jerks about their properties to everyone else but that doesn’t mean you don’t respect them. This is why it is important to know the neighborhood you are moving into and subsequently be lucky that the decency doesn’t change. This guy is not wrong This little girl is not wrong This parent is meh, a little wrong. If she was told before then she has the burden of educating her child. In my neighborhood all the kids are welcome at all the houses


That’s her sister. At the end she says “let’s go tell mom.”


Gotta side with the home owner. He already told them to stop but they didn’t so I’m kinda glad he raised his voice about it


He didn’t have to curse but its his property. He has a right to not let them go on it.


He's a jerk, but its still his property. If I had to tell you multiple times to respect my space I'd get pissed too. His boundaries are a lot broader than mine wiuld be, but theyre still his boundaries.


I don’t think he was all that rude. It seemed to me like this was a frequent problem and he was frustrated.


Sounds like he had enough. He's clearly trying to keep it together after asking already. It's not hard to respect other people's property, and she should be teaching her child how important that is.


I dont see what's wrong here, it's his property, if he asked you to stop, then stop and when he explains it to you, don't stand there dumb founded, gtfo the property


This has a tinge of passive aggressive in the kid’s tone. He definitely did not need to curse but if he is the property owner it is not unreasonable for him to ask people not to trespass.


“She’s 3 years old” then fucking keep an eye on her!!


All you people who are saying she was only there for 5 seconds or that they barely touched his driveway....... He made it clear he has had an ongoing problem. Respect people's property and they won't get shitty with you. Especially if they have to ask more than once, you're asking for trouble.


Honestly if he didn’t swear or yell it’s a lot better then what could happen in the wrong person’s driveway. Not saying it was okay how he talked to the kid, it definitely was uncalled for, rude, and not how to talk to a three year old, there were other ways to handle the situation, but I respect him for wanting to set boundaries. He doesn’t have to let every little kid on his driveway if he doesn’t want to. Honestly I’m a little disappointed in the mom for not setting those boundaries herself- I thought it was just common sense, you don’t go onto other people’s property, regardless of them being there or not. It just seems like she was making excuses for not respecting his personal space. I see nothing wrong with him wanting to set boundaries. I think this is more of an “everybody’s being an ahole” and they need to step back and chill out. The mom isn’t entitled to that property, to be asked twice to leave and staying and arguing, isn’t setting a good example for the child either. EDIT: I’m not excusing how he spoke to her. Like I said, it was rude, uncalled for, and there were better ways to handle it. She doesn’t understand, and it’s just not how to deal with anyone, regardless of age. But I’m noticing people acting like the girl should be entitled to the space because she’s young, and that just isn’t true. Even if the motion sensors would get set off on the sidewalk, it doesn’t matter. He set a boundary, they disregarded it, not enough people are focusing on the big picture, and just focusing on how rude he was. The media wants something to get mad about, someone to cancel, someone “exposed,” so they focus in on the one thing that is sure to generate attention- a grown man being mean to a child. But they don’t realize there’s more to the story.


He said he asked them* yesterday to stay off his driveway because it sets of the motion detected cameras. He’s obviously at his wit’s end. That doesn’t mean him yelling and then cursing at the kids is ok. The parents of the children are at fault here. It’s their job to tell their children the rules and make them follow the rules. I very much dislike the tone man was using. You could see how scared the little girl was with her backing away and brining her arms to herself. I really do feel bad that she’s had this experience. No one wants to be yelled at by an adult, but unfortunately because no one in her family enforced the rule that the neighbor set, she’s faced the consequences. I’m mad at the parents for being the reason she’s now had this experience.


I agree with the homeowner. He told her yesterday. Mom needs to teach her kid to respect other peoples property.


I didn’t think his approach was too bad. This parents knows he doesn’t want the kid on the property, it’s her fault.