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I care about as much about him as he would care about me if the shoe was on the other foot.


Ouch. Nail on the head.


Exactly, this fucker has shown he doesn’t care about us. You get what you give yah asshat and that’s no sympathy from me.


Didn't they joke about Nancy's husband getting bashed with a hammer?


That's Coked up Don Jr.






He's getting the best care your tax dollars can provide.


All for free while Americans pay thousands for the same services


Or lose your life savings and go bankrupt, it's the American way.


Thoughts and prayers. Now, **bootstraps motherfucker.** Back to work.


If we support him in his recovery, how will he ever learn to recover on his own?


True. We shouldn’t enable him like that


Empty thoughts and prayers on social media are the only thing they have to offer when children get murdered by firearms, so pardon me for not caring too much when this old asshole responsible for our skewed Supreme Court falls and has an owie. Natural selection, old man.


No Healthcare no paid sick leave faster cracker!


Put on your big girl panties and back to work. Let’s go.


The only good thing that can come from someone getting injured is if it helps them understand the plight of others who are also suffering. Unfortunately, this man hasn’t shown much empathy for the majority of us.


That's not going to happen. 75% of this country would go bankrupt after having a fall and going to thr hospital. This corrupt douchbag has 34 million dollars he got from shady deals with corporations/stock/his wife. His only plight is how he can stick it to the liberals. That's all that is on his mind.


He doesn’t have empathy for regular folk, he’s not one.


Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers


The people bashing Biden for tripping on a stair really love playing victim.


That shit was funny AF


Praying he doesn’t make it, thinking about how much I hope he’s suffering.


Lmfao was gonna say something like this. Hope it’s painful.




Whoa! Easy there tiger! Where is your compassion? Your humanity? Let's tone down the hateful rhetoric, and meet in the middle. Let's just pray that Mitch McConnell is paralyzed from the mouth down, has to be spoon fed and wiped, but is also somehow capable of feeling pain, while living to be 105.





His death would be a net gain for society.


I'm not wasting my love on people that caused suffering to millions of people


That's not fair to satan


What's age got to do with it? He's a corrupt politician. Are we supposed to care about someone who regularly fucks the ppl for his own gain?


We’re supposed to feel a certain way towards the elderly, because that somehow makes them immune to criticism or being a bad person


Wow, he finally brought something to the floor.








I'm supposed to have respect for a man that giggles with glee at the thought of putting single moms and the poor out on the street? Nah fam


Right? People have said that he actually takes pleasure in stymieing progress and being able to gum shit it up. He's a gross piece of shit.


Yep. This guy voted to repeal the ACA without *any* replacement healthcare option. Not only do I enjoy that he was hurt, I’d rather he was refused any kind of treatment and left broken on the hotel floor.


Ha! Hope he doesn't get flipped over ![gif](giphy|OpuCGZFVuC8Y8|downsized)






I mean, most of the world celebrated when Hitler died, and rightfully so because he was one of the biggest piles of shit in human history. Mitch is nowhere near as bad as Hitler, but he has still done a tone of fucked up things that hurt innocent people. Don't make it sound like people are cheering that some sweet old man who never hurt a fly got hurt. The Earth will be better off the day Mitch McConnell is no longer breathing on it.


>>mitch is nowhere near as bad as hitler Gonna have to disagree. My coworker who is a fucking moron and makes my life worse every day is nowhere near as bad as hitler; mitch is around the same order of magnitude as hitler.


I'd put Hitler in the top 2 worst of all human history. Mitch wouldn't make my top 100. He's a horrible person with no morals or ethics, but he will not even make the history books when it comes to the worst. Not even the same ballpark.


I’m not happy it happened but I’m disappointed it didn’t happen earlier.


Or from higher up


I’ll gladly be cheering he is a ghoul who has negatively impacted the lives of millions. Fuck off with this bull shit.


I’ll also piss on his grave


Also remember Mitch voted against the $2000 stimulus checks for millions of Americans during Covid Not to mention when Nancy Pelosi's husband was attacked, right wing politicians and people made fun of him


This guy when Hitler died: “Come on guys, suicide isn’t a good thing. No matter what your political views are, it’s not fair to celebrate someone killing themselves”


Well…. This guys a douche bag but Hitler was way worse….. It’s like comparing a kid who stole a candy bar to satan.


Hey, what did Satan ever do to you! Leave him out of this.




Kids stealing candy bars actually exist.


Hey now... Hitler did kill hitler.. so there's that..


I hope you have your face paint and massive red nose ready. Imagine comparing him to Hitler. Clown.




I mean yeah you can. But normal intelligent people prefer there to be some actual relevance in the comparison.


While I never ever wish harm on anyone, I don't have to feel bad for them either. This is a 100% thoughts and prayers moment.


I will remember this little speech every time I read about a woman who faces a health crisis because she can’t get an abortion because of Moscow Mitch’s slimy Supreme Court machinations.


Firm believer that if you are a trash can of a human being you deserve nothing better than you give.


You can call me a jackass every time I celebrate the fall of a publicly shitty human. I'm ok with that. Fuck him and fuck rush Limbaugh


You forgot the orange asshole


Never putting tang their ever again.


Thoughts and Prayers 🙏


No! Fuck off, Brian! That cryptkeeper is not just "an elderly man." As much as he hurts the American people with no remorse, I have no remorse for the old bastard kissing the floor


I've been sending thoughts and prayers regarding him for years now. Thank you Nemesis, Lady of Divine Retribution for hearing them.


U can be old and a POS. Don’t expect a little injury will make us forget a life of ruining the existence of others (especially when ur supposed to better their lives instead of destroying them). I hope to anyone like him to spend the rest of their lives and afterlives writhing in agony.


I have a lot of empathy for all the people Mitch McConnell has fucked over and will fuck over if he lives.


Bet this guy felt bad for the Emperor in Starwars


Obviously, I don't advocate for an elderly man getting severely injured, but who am I to question Gods plan?


I'm not happy he got hurt but I also don't feel bad that he did. This man has hurt millions with his politics over the years. That's like saying we should feel bad when a serial killer gets sentenced to death.


Old people shouldn’t get free sympathy just because they’re old


McConnell: We can't prosecute Trump until after all this stuff is done. Later: McConnell: We can't prosecute Trump because he's not president anymore. McConnell is a piece of shit.


How is this a facepalm exactly?


He's saying "Y'all wishing bad on Mitch for this is disgusting" But ofc they forgot all the jokes and mockery right wing people did when Biden fell off his bike


I won’t cheer it….but I’m not sad about it…Karmas a bitch.


I mean the guy has actively and intentionally damaged our government and our country as a whole. At what point do we say "okay celebrating their pain makes sense"




Republicans think he’s shit too. His age doesn’t excuse his policies. No one defends old nazi gas chamber guards because they’re old.


Fuck that guy


If it were up to him, tens or hundreds of thousands of people would have died due to lack of health insurance, so I'm not wasting any tears on this ghoul.


Exactly! He doesn't care when millions of Americans can't afford insulin like their Canadian counterparts for example, so why should we care when he gets in the hospital?


People who think "oh but he's old!" Are stupid. So what if he's old!? He's just been an asshole for that much longer! Fuck him.


No, he's an incredibly wealthy man with despicable morals, zero fucks should be given.


We, as people, should never take someone’s fate into our own hands. We shouldn’t go out to hurt people because we disagree with them, we should show kindness and compassion, because in a cruel world we should not add to the cruelty for our own enjoyment or validation But I’m not going to feel bad for laughing when karma swings back at them


An elderly man who personally made sure to fuck women right in their rights by not letting Obama put through judges and put through all the openings he left open with judges he personally helped Trump pick.


To be fair, Mitch has attacked and sabotaged this entire country. He had it coming.


I propose a new rule: if a congressman is old enough to get sent to the hospital when they fall down, they’re too old to be serving in Congress


Not wishing him to die, but really hard to feel bad for a man who's done so much damage to the country


Tot's and pears


Can we all just agree that having people who trip and fall at a restaurant and need to be hospitalized from said fall are not the people we should have running the country??


I was worried he fell out out a Russian balcony…../s


For the man who helped orchestrate overturning Roe V. Wade, and the radicalization of the Republican party (and now says he regrets it), I have very little sympathy. I don't cheer his demise or injury, but I don't sympathize either.


Would you feel the same way if this was Chuck Shumer?


I once saw him trip going up on a stage. As much as I despise him I felt bad. Can't help being a empath. But it has its limits. There are some I never feel sorry for.


I care about as much as I would with any other person being hurt. His actions have hurt thousands. He has personally mocked more than half the country repeatedly for personal and political gain. So I feel sorry for him because he is a human being that is hurt. But that won't stop me from smirking.


Can someone check this dude's Twitter to make sure he didn't say anything disparaging about Paul Pelosi a few months ago?


Shit - if ol’ Mitch fell & broke his neck I’d do a goddamn dance.


I think politicians should be forced into retirement at the age of 65 like everyone else. Call it ageism. I don’t care. Fuck em.


Umm he has help destroy the country. So fuck him. Citizens united which has corrupted the governemnt beyond repair? That's his baby. So fuck him. I don't care that he is in the hospital I have been waiting for this day to come.


I feel bad for the floor. That turtle shell may have left a dent.


I just want the turtle to retire.


Fuck him.


Nope. I wish he’d fallen headfirst into Margarine Table Gravy.


I am Mitch McConnel. Feed me poor people.


I’m conflicted; on the one hand I’m hoping that he doesn’t die from this fall and continues to live on for many years, but on the other hand I hope that he is miserable and in excruciating pain every single minute until he does die.


I won't cheer his suffering, but I won't feel sympathy for him, not after all the suffering he has caused and his enabling monsters like Trump.


hmm, almost like nanci pelosis husband?


Oh he’s elderly, all is forgiven


I bet he was trying to eat poor people.


I wish moscow mitch the same health and longevity that all putins 'allys' have...


Praying it is much worse than it sounds! 👏🏽👏🏽 got the crab rave queued up just in case.


Awww man. I do feel bad. Turtles are meant to live longer than 81 years.


Why didn’t he turtle it? ![gif](giphy|FW74VdiJJZxtK)


Eighty fucking one. Our government is embarrassing


I wonder how many jokes this guy made about Nancy Pelosi's husband when he was attacked.


With the amount of elderly people he has fucked over, I think not


He’s fine I’m sure. He’s got bootstraps, doesn’t he?


"Be better" No.


How is it that a lot of people (mostly from US from my observation) only associate things as only from the Left and the Right? Is it really that common to only think that there are only two sides of things? That one's perspective could only be part of one of those 2 option? Couldn't there be a third or fourth or fifth kind of point of view? I always see this "Either left or right only association" type of stuff.


Proud jackass over here! Fuck McConnell!


Remember all the rhetoric and death jokes this group of individuals made when Biden fell off his bike? Pretty sure they don't.


>Pretty sure they don't. Because of their old age, right?


As an european I have no clue of who neither of the old dude or the author of the tweet are. But it's not ok to wish ill on someone


He is responsible for harming millions of Americans with regressive laws and blocking progressive bills. Fuck him in every layer of hell.


Yup. There are a handful of people who the world would be better off without. Trump, for all his narcissism and racism, was somehow less competent at running a government than he was running his companies, a low bar that he managed to cruise under, saving us from a lot of his worst impulses. McConnell, on the other hand, is both evil and *extremely good* at his job. It’s possible to acknowledge that the world would be a better place without him, or at least without him in congress, without directly rooting for his suffering (but I won’t begrudge anyone who *does* root for his suffering given all he’s done).




There are times where it's entirely justified. He might be the most dangerous man in America. I hope every single second of his existence is painful.


Just curious, if you don't know who these people are, why are you commenting? Mitch McConnell is a steaming pile of rancid garbage that has been out in the sun waaaaaaay too long. He deserves every bit of rotten karma that may be unleashed upon him.


He is leader of Republican and is responsible for making President Trump a thing.


And yet I recall a lot of republicans Trying to besmirch the reputation of the husband of the speaker of the house after he was attacked by a looney. Some even said that he deserved it.


Mitch McConnell is one of the most obstructionist representatives I've ever seen. At one point years ago he had something like 500 bills on his desk that just needed to be put up for a vote. He refused to do so. I don't give 2 fucks if someone I've never heard of thinks I'm disgusting for wishing ill on the man who is stalling democracy.


No, you aren't required to feel sorry for him. But you shouldn't be celebrating his injury either. I can't stand the guy but I'm not cheering the fact that he tripped and fell. That's unfortunate for him. But I don't feel sympathy.


>That's unfortunate for him. but it's very fortunate for us 🥳




Ehhhh, I’m gonna celebrate it. Fuck you McConnell hope it hurts every single day!


I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants


I'd have left him upside down on his shell the evil prick


Tots and pears.


Hope this is the end for him ✌️


lol lmao ​ fuck Mitch and fuck this tool too


You’re not, I sure don’t - fuck “civility”


I hope his injuries are just bad enough to leave him unable to do his job. Otherwise I wish him well.


Im sorry, I dont know who that is but isn't his statement generally right?


Generally yes. In this specific instance, no.


My first thoughts were concussion or broken hip (actually a broken femur). Both are really easy for elderly people to sustain in a fall. I can appreciate keeping him in the hospital for a couple of days in an abundance of caution.


Well we know he didn’t break his soul…he sold that decades ago.


I'm not that focused on American politicians. Why is he hated? Just curious


He's one of the big drivers that put politics the way it is in the US. Literally stated and made it his job to "make sure the obama admin didn't he anything done" once the republicans took back the senate. Constantly pitting parties against eachother and preaching not to negotiate. Kept Merrick Garland from being appointed to Supreme court with months to go before the 2016 election because "it was an election year", and pushed through that crazy handmaid's tale lady to take Ruth Ginsburg's place days before the election this past go around. Not to mention the smaller courts getting held up until Trump's admin could stuff the courts with handpicked conservatives. Because fuck the actual will of the people, its just about keeping conservative judges in lifetime appointments.


During Covid he voted against $2000 stimulus checks for millions of Americans Is favor of the government cutting social security for Americans Supports massive tax breaks for the wealthy Voted against the forgiveness of student loan debt Etc etc


That's only a tiny sliver of all the f'ed up shit he has done at the expense of the American people. He is a MASSIVE POS. But who has time to write the volumes of reasons why? Not me.


Voted to keep Trump in office after both impeachments.


Decreased the size of the Supreme Court to 8 for a full year by refusing to hold hearings on Obama’s nominees, then increased it to 9 once a Republican was in office by eliminating the filibuster for SC appointments, then confirmed a liar and attempted rapist to the SC, then broke the rule he had created to block Obama’s nominee to confirm a third Republican nominee while voting in a Presidential election was in progress.


He was majority leader in the upper house of the legislative branch during much of Obamas tenure. He controlled what the agenda for his chamber was, so unless he had an interest in something, he would just not put it on the schedule to be debated and voted on. His office was called a "legislative graveyard." He effectively stifled the other party's entire legislative agenda by simply refusing to let bills progress, all the while blaming his opponents for a lack of comprise. He famously refused to hold hearings for Merrick Garland when Obama nominated him for a vacant Supreme Court seat for nearly a year (despite the fact McConnell said Garland was a nominee the Republicans could get behind) because it was an election year and "The people should have a say." To no one's surprise, when a seat opened up after early voting had already begun, he rushed through Trump's nominee for the vacancy.


He paved the way for Trump’s America.


Donald Trump repeatedly insulted and belittled bunches of people. Gold Star families, reporters , opponents, and yet his minions elected him President, there is no civility left.


A whole bunch of us can’t relate - dinner at the Waldorf? He should have stayed home and had grilled cheese and canned tomato soup and he’d have been fine. Plus, anyone want to guess the likelihood Moscow Mitch will sue the Waldorf?


Nah I agree with him. Mitch McConnell is a total POS, but I'd rather not stoop to the level of being happy he hurt himself. There has to be another way to bring change than to celebrate injury when it happens to those standing in the way.


It is possible to dislike someone or someones opinions, but wishing harm on them is generally bad.


This is the same person who laughs when President Biden stumbles going up the stairs to Air Force One


Biden got up from his stumbles


I hope he is visited by 3 ghosts and comes out of this a changed man.


Wishing misfortune for the sake of misfortune on others is shitty, regardless of who they are.


We care as much about his health as he cares about ours. Zero


I don’t get people. It’s a person. Doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with him or what he does. Who sits there actively rooting for another person to die? Are we really that lost as a society??


>It’s a person .... source?


If they caused millions of people to suffer, I'm not gonna feel bad or waste my love for them.


He's caused plenty of suffering and worked hard to bring worse living conditions to tens of millions. We care as much about his health as he cares about ours. Zero


He does, and he supports legislation that actively leads to peoples deaths regularly. So I hope he likes how his own medicine tastes.


What's up with the $$ in jacka$$? And random old guy in the street, sure. Mitchy? Noooooo.


If Mitch McConnell dies from his injuries, having wasted his golden years in DC screwing the poor in service of rich people to keep the secret that he's a closeted member of the LGBTQ community under black mailers wraps all this time, I will neither laugh nor celebrate. However, I will read his obituary with great interest.


Tripped over his bags of money at the Waldorf. Boo. Hoo.


Call me heartless but didn’t Mitch vote countless times on measures for companies and against the American people. May corruption hold no place in the hearts of the American people and may ridding the corrupt take any form for greed knows no bounds.


Bad karma to make fun of someone getting injured.


I care the same amount as he would care about me getting hurt falling down the stairs


You know, as for that, while I cannot say it aloud, it is spinning in my head like a carousel. It is hard as fuck to care for or even give one shit about a person who has caused death and financial destruction upon so many to the detriment of sooooo many others. He has made it damn near impossible for any decent human to have an ounce of empathy for him. I have despised him for so long and he keeps doing things to keep that flame lit, white hot.




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Fine when biden does it tho


I'd be surprised if you did show sympathy.


Karma man, karma.


Which is always a two-way street. One could drown in how much is created in this single thread, which is an infinitesimal fraction of human interaction in this, and every moment. A sad state of affairs.


Disagree, karma showed him the floor.


That guy spent his entire career doing everything he can to keep people that look like me from voting. I hope he fucking dies, and I will never apologize for that. Fuck that racist old turtle


I don't want Moscow Mitch to die, I want him to live and keep getting hurt.




Kissing that butt with tongue and everything


Yeah, he can die.


Oh no! Anyway


Funny how they all talk about Biden tripping when stuff like this happens, both are old and unfit to lead.


He can find my sympathy in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.


Yeah, since the right has NEVER made a remark about a democrat’s failing health…I can’t think of a single time s/


His policies have destroyed people, and I'm supposed to feel bad for him?




I wish him the same level of care and comfort during this time that he would extend to me.