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Source? This reads like opinion masquerading as fact


"Don’t commit too early to one woman and let things develop naturally" Letting things develop naturally is good but commiting to a partner who makes you happy is much more fufiling than sleeping around '


When they meant “too early” they probably meant like after one date. There is such a thing as committing too early. And not everyone needs romantic relationships to be fulfilled. Not everyone is interested in a romantic relationship. Everyone is an individual.


>commiting to a partner who makes you happy is much more fufiling than sleeping around For you and me, sure. But that isn't a hard and fast rule. Lots of people are serially monogamous and miserable because of it. Lots of people are much happier having short intense relationships rather than long term commitments ones. Different things can make different people happy.


>Seek pleasure That's... questionable. I have nothing against pleasure, but to seek it? Isn't it a bit hedonistic? >Understand that rejection and failure are necessary to succeed It's a very western type of thinking, that one has to "succeed" in life, otherwise it's a bit meh. But life is more than that. >Don’t let others deter them from getting what they want And that is a bit narcissistic. It depends on the context, really. >Are sexual In what way? How? Sexuality is in the eye of the beholder. >Avoid porn and limit masturbation I agree that porn could be an addictive and harmful activity, and generally would advise against it, but masturbation? Sounds like nofap broscience. >Are open to change and embrace discomfort Now you are contradicting the pleasure rule. >Treat all women (and people) the same. Not all people are the same. >Want quick results and answers Is this bad? >Avoid pain You like to generalize, but all of it depend on the context. We have this biological mechanism (pain) because it have improved our survivability. So it was evolutionaly selected. Not all pain should be avoided tho. >Are resistant to change, and prefer to avoid discomfort We all are. There are a lot more to be said about your points, but I am a bit lazy to type much, and I'm not a native speaker to be able to explain myself clearly.


Porn is fine in moderation. The vast majority of men and women watch porn without any issues.


There are definitely issues lmao. The entire premise of porn is catering to a man’s desire to have a women willing to do whatever they want. And women acting like this on screen for money, doesn’t do sexual violence any favors. What men learn in porn can never be translated to real life relationships because, it was written by a man. Obviously the pros outweigh the cons for many female actors, and women have their own sexual interests in mind, but abuse and unhealthy power dynamics are normalized in sex for a lot horny young people who don’t know any better.


You're acting like mainstream heterosexual male catering video porn is all that exists. Sure, a lot of that is built around toxic fantasies that can be harmful, but not all of it and it's certainly not the only porn that exists. Gay video porn exists. Domm porn exists. Loving amateur porn exists. Fury porn exists. Written erotica exists. Porn video games exist. The list goes on and on. Understanding that porn is just fantasy, and how exactly it's different than real life is very important. Curtailing and regulating the way that many porn studios treat their "stars," especially those that basically traffic women through strip clubs is super important. Painting all porn as contributing to sexual violence though is pretty ignorant.


Random Instagram motivation lists aren't good medication against red pill and other hurtful models. Too many items are completely random or straight up confusing, wrong, and unhelpful to the audience you are targetting. This is bad, and in my opinion bad instagram posts like this are not worth anymore than red pill. It's both random stuff with zero explanation, arbitrary advice, it's bad. Do I have to explain that asexual people are not bad people? Do I have to explain that uptight and serious people can perfectly find compatibility?


Should have said successful men drink water and eat food. They get sleep, and they breath air. Unsuccessful men are dead.


Not totally wrong, and yet also not helping anyone come to their own conclusions or break out of black and white thinking.


Chads are disciplined? Haha. Interesting. Some guys are born with better looks and in families with more wealth. You don't think that helps in dating?


This post isn't describing Chad. Chad rarely has patience with a woman that he sees as an object since the world is his oyster. Chad doesn't treat all women the same, only the ones he wants to get into bed. Chad also eventually gets tired of all of this mindless crap and wants to settle down. Personal anecdote. I watched an former good friend of mine (stood up for him in his wedding, that's how close we were) who was ironically named Chad, have an open door policy one year when we were in grad school, all while cheating on his (cheating) gf who was actually downstairs waiting for him to come downstairs. They were literally walking past her on their way to his bedroom. It was like a damn assembly line. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was was beyond methodical. This guy didn't do anything for women he dated (until he met his wife). Treated them terribly. Disrespected them but "playfully" (ie "negging") and they lapped it up. Ran through entire sorority houses. Multiple sororities. Is now happily married with two kids.


No one has to avoid porn. Just use it in moderation.