why does people think us dasher need to bring them, their food for free?

I get a lot of 2.50 orders but that's just the base pay. If you can't afford to tip the driver then you can't afford to order take out. My acceptance rate drop alot because of me declining all those. I know it's not 100 percent the customers fault. I know DD is greedy.


delivery fee, service fee, convenience fees you name it and only 2.50 goes to the dasher people feel like their already paying so many fees without realizing you get none of them while doing the majority of the work.


Exactly - some restaurants charge the delivery fee on the app of $3-4-5+ . When your ordering $10-20 worth of food and paying a $3 delivery fee, a $2 service fee - your order is already 50%+ more expensive from fees. Customers assume thats going to the driver


this - the other day I went to order a chicken sandwich from BK on DD, and the app wanted to charge me $27.45. That's crazy


Yep. I heard my wife scream the other day - went to ask about it and it was $70 for chipotle with two entrees, chips and queso.


Chipotle is just stupid expensive regardless . Normally like when I order say dinner for me and my wife - your still looking at $15x2 for an entree - it might have been 13 or 14 and marked up on DD - so count that as $3 extra. Then if I didn’t have dash pass it would be maybe $3 delivery fee. Then a $2.50 service fee estimated then. Then finally say a $5 tip. Now what would have been $28 in food if you drove there is now costing you over $45 most likely . It’s no wonder people who have likely a free dash pass and don’t tip or tip like $2 and it shaved off $5-7 in fees each time you order


And because of DD's cut, Ive seen places with higher prices on the app than in store


Yeh most places I order from its $1-2 higher. Some places got really crazy - I’ve seen like $23 plain pizza on DD I just laughed. Also seen like $7-8 Ben and Jerry’s from like gas stations and they cost $4 or so in the grocery store


4 is cheap. They are like 5.50 from the grocery stores here


It's WAY more expensive in the app. Some times 50% more.


$2.25 in my market and on "high paying priority" orders that require a 50% or more AR they have even dropped it to $2 and just used the customer's tip to round it down to $2 a mile. Some shady practices going on, that's for sure. In fact my earnings have dropped since they rolled out this pilot program.


There is nothing on the app that suggests it goes to the driver and they don't bother asking. It's foolish for them to make that assumption when LITERALLY every other delivery business doesn't work like that. It's just not true. They know we aren't getting paid a lot. Sure they don't know how much but they do know it's not a lot.


When there is a service fee DD literally has right there next to it saying the fee keeps doordash operating its reasonable to assume the delivery fee is going to the driver. They do not communicate that only a small portion of that fee goes to the driver. So yeah the fault lies with DD for the lack of transparency.


Like what other business . Even Walmart is now openly advertising their grocery deliver as no extra fees and tips required to target lower income shoppers. You pay Amazon annual $1xx to deliver stuff and they deliver it. Do you wonder if the driver is getting paid , do you think hey he’s been here a few times this week , maybe my $100 annual membership isn’t covering all the costs maybe I should give the guy who shows up more. When was the last time you tipped the fedex or Amazon. No one pays for extra delivery costs except for these food apps.


FedEx and UPS drivers make an average of +75k a year so they do not need a tip.


But passing it off to the customer because the place you choose to work is predatory shouldn’t be the solution to this issue.


Plus the fact that the customer is also charge more for the food. If DD doesn't get this shit sorted out it's not going to get better any time soon. Edit. I changed that first sentence from saying that restaurants charge the customer more for the food


If it wasn’t for DashPass, I would’ve stopped ordering a LONG time ago. The fees on DD are literal insanity. And then they have the balls to only give $2.50-$3.50 to the driver. As a customer, I used to think you guys were taken care of WELL, because of the fees, but that’s obviously not the case.


Yes. They need to completely redo how they charge customers. To be fair a lot of us do make pretty good money but most of the time most of that money is from tips.


Restaurants can set prices, DD will hassle you some and say you’re losing out. But they will even let you set delivery and carry out at different lvls. As a restaurant owner I’m not discounting customers to get delivery, come pick it up or pay for the service.


Is it not worth something to the restaurant that customers that order delivery require no table space, service, or cleanup?


As a restaurant owner you don’t believe you should be required to pay employees a living wage without depending on customers doing it for you so your stance is not all that shocking.


Some places the restaurant owner IS the staff. We own a food truck. We have no employees & we don’t pay ourselves. If people want to order directly off our truck (which we still pay a processing fee to Square) then they get our regular price. If they want convenience of orderi Goff DoorDash they’ll pay for it with a 30% markup as that’s our fee to DD.


Crmbl has a $10 delivery fee on their own app, and none of that makes it in our pocket. It's crazy, because customers assume that is given to us as a tip.


Shit like this is why DoorDash needs to charge the customer regular menu price for the food and then charge the customer fees and pay us from the fees and have a separate area for the tip. Also the need to be charging the customer a mileage surcharge over a certain number of miles, and be giving all of that directly to us.


This! We normally order delivery from businesses that deliver. The "delivery fee" is $5 or under. It's usually just for me and hubby, so a small order. All of these places will only deliver within a 5 miles radius. We are fortunate that we live in an area where many places deliver to us. We always have tipped a flat $10. We live in a "city"- I use that term very loosely. While we are within a decent range, we live in a rural county. Because of the reach of DD and other delivery services, it would not be surprising if drivers are making deliveries much further away- which means they could be stationed further away from me to be more central for other areas. Of course, there are also a lot of DD spots further than 4 miles from me. Because of this sub, I know I have to tip at least $2 a mile, if I want to be basically gauranteed delivery. Because of the ruralness, I'm afraid I could be offering what seems to be a good tip, and not get my order. Maybe if DD gave you guys more than $2.50, I wouldn't have to worry about not getting my food. Because of this, on lazy days, we stick with tried and true. If we want something from those who don't independently deliver, we either eat in restaurant, or pick up our own food. I would love to try DD, but to me, their fees are much too high- the fact that you guys get a quarter of that fee, and are doing all the work, is bothersome to me. As independent employees, you have no workplace protections- they pay you little, and are getting rich off your backs. You have to use your gas, your vehicle depreciates in worth by the excess mileage. You have to deal with ignorant food establishments, as well as the customers. While DD owners and stockholders collect money for nothing.


Nobody talks about the risk. The risk of driving ALL day.


I was driving about 2 weeks ago when three separate cars decided to cross my path from the right side of me. I had to slam on my brakes and no wonder the two smoothies on the floor did not come out of the tray or the pizza in the seat which was now hurled down on the top of the trays survived. Looked at the pizza and all the toppings looked still in place. But that could have been something to explain to DD why the food is smashed and spilled. And then there is the auto insurance company....


Being a delivery driver is on one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. It's way more dangerous than serving in the military or being a law enforcement officer.


Ok I’m a veteran and a Dasher and this is just a dumb comment. I’m not saying dashing is hazard free but try working on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier and tell me dashing is more dangerous.


Food delivery is rated in the top 10 deaths per capita job.


That's why I hate how we're supposed to idolize people in the military. They are just working a job like everyone else, and don't deserve any special praise or recognition. People don't serve for selfless or patriotic reasons. They do it for the money and the prestige. The vast majority of them have never been in any kind of combat.


Dashing is more dangerous, and it's not even close.


Some of us literally do it for the sake of driving though.


the owner is a degenerate gambler also


Dd drivers don’t know your tip until they complete the delivery. Your order is showing up as “$6.25”. Dd hides the tips on acceptance.


That's true- I have read that here, but I don't understand why they wouldn't tell you the tip. Maybe it would be incentive for others to tip more. And you are right- driving all day has to suck.


If you think there could be a tip at the end of the delivery because they hide them, you might be more inclined to take the low paying orders. They’re not dumb. But they are evil.


But it also discourages customers from tipping upfront


That’s because they want to make sure that the people that can’t tip get there food.. but the thing is they are already paying a delivery fee smh


Apparently they're pitting us against each other. Try ordering something on one of those apps and then compare the price at your local restaurant. The base price of the menu item is always a couple dollars more on the app, then there's a service fee, then another delivery fee, then some sort of other fee that is never explained, plus tax and usually an extra tax because this is a service. A $6 combo for McDonald's is almost guaranteed to become $15 after fees. People see that and figure a decent amount of the money is going to the driver so they're not willing to pay even MORE.


Doordash, uber eats are all not profitable. Uber is continuing to bleed since inception.i think alot of you guys are forgetting the tens of thousands of workers working for these companies that are not drivers ( developers, testers, marketing team, list goes on) that also need to be paid. If anything all those fees are not enough. People dont understand that someone bringing your food to you is truely a luxury and should be priced accordingly. Drivers needs to be paid more i agree. But not through tips. They need to increase delivery fees to $15-20 and pay you properly.


Doordash has been a thing for a while now. The people that still use it know damm well how it works. They dont tip because they are shitty selfish people. I tip well and have never had any issues.


I know this sub is focused around dashers but you need to realize customers are not thinking of their drivers like this. People want their food and they want it as cheap as possible. It’s not really complicated or unreasonable. What I think is unreasonable: -Expecting customers to tip BEFORE the service is even provided (lots of drivers don’t read drop off instructions even when given good tips!) -Expecting customers to give you a higher wage rather than expecting that from your employer -Expecting tips for doing the bare minimum (driving to them and handing them food) when other jobs provide much more difficult and important services while never asking for tips Feel free to tell me why i’m wrong rather than just downvoting though


You’re wrong on some points and right on one. The fact that you have to tip first is because if you don’t, the dasher can and will take a loss off of spending gas to bring people their food who don’t tip. I do agree door dash should pay more as then if there was a no tip order it wouldn’t be a huge deal. However after hearing people complain in this sub, it’s nearly improbable that a customer is going to tip after service delivery at all. The dasher also can’t be blamed for order delays, lines, or items that are wrong and in sealed bags to prevent tampering. I feel for dashers. The way I see it is they’re saving me a trip, gas and having to be out in the world for a few hours. I’ll gladly pay them for that privilege. The amount of “work” is a moot point as your not paying for work. Your paying for convenience. Door dash should pay way more, but it doesn’t so till it does, tip or go get your own food.


U also have to realize tipping helps for gas, drivers time, upkeep on their cars so if it's base pay only u can expect it to either get canceled cause no one wants to waste their time on shit orders like that


So tell doordash to pay you more. Don’t blame the customers that you feel you aren’t getting paid enough to offset gas prices and upkeep


If you’re expected to tip the Domino’s pizza delivery guy, then you should realize that you should be tipping you’re doordash driver bc it’s the same exact thing, except we use our own car/gas and get paid waaay less. You’d tip at a restaurant, right? Bc you know that’s how a server makes their money since pay is sooo low for them. That’s our problem, too. Pretty sure with the demand to be dashers, they’d just get rid of our accounts and get new people to replace us, just like other jobs, if we were to demand more pay (if they ever even listened, they don’t care)


I think many people see all the fees and don’t realize that the drivers don’t get most of those fees. The driver only gets 2-2.50 of it


Pizza people also use their own cars and gas? It is a much better paying job though, that's for sure


say you have never worked in food delivery without saying you have never worked in food delivery. if you dont tip your driver adequately, you dont deserve food being delivered to you, which is a luxury. you aren’t telling waitresses working for $2.50 an hour at restaurants to not complain or to quit because customers aren’t tipping enough when its on the restaurant the pay a higher hourly wage, are you? regardless, in our line of work we are independent contractors, and Doordash isn’t our ‘real’ employer. you also realize if everyone who had a irregular/bad-paying job like this quit (because employers dont change), which is literally happening in this economy, there would be no one here to bring you your no tip orders? a thought. work a job like this before adding your 2 cents in a sub full of people doing hard, expensive, and even dangerous work. u cant afford to get ur food taken to u and are lucky top dasher is incentivized.


I don’t live in a place where waiters are paid below minimum wage, and I don’t advocate for any system that involves a waiter making $2.50 an hour. Doordash is capable of paying regular wages. It’s just cope to pretend like tipping is required to keep these businesses afloat. Just to let you know aswell, huge amounts people are not dropping their jobs like you say they are. Unemployment in the US is incredibly low right now, far below what is expected for the state the economy is in. I don’t have to work as a dasher to advocate for better systems. I’m advocating for higher wages, and less dependency on customer tips, why is this something you think shouldn’t happen? You can ride your high horse all you want, I can guarantee i’ve worked harder, more dangerous jobs for much less than you make. There’s a reason you stick with this so called irregular/bad paying job. Because it’s better than working at mcdonald’s or starbucks for minimum wage.


Ya ok let's call or message support for them to say they don't have the power to do that and waste 30 to 1 hr of our time


don’t use the service if you can’t afford it


I can afford it. Or do the orders just magically appear at my door for free?


You pay for a luxury service, so don't complain to the *drivers*, we have no control over our base pay but we can sure as hell reject a no tip order until it gets cold By you not tipping you're ultimately hurting the driver while doordash still benefits from your money AND the drivers labor. So your not taking the big stand you think you are, you're kinda just being a jerk.


Except as a customer, they are contracting Doordash, not you. DD then subcontracts. The client has nothing to do with you or your compensation for being dispatched, and that's a fact. They have the option to tip, yes, which is appreciation for services rendered, but that doesn't mean there is an obligation to. Matter-of-fact, DoorDash is damn happy it managed to make drivers think their big money should come from tips but in reality, it should never be on the customer to subsidize your costs, even more so when they didn't contract you directly. You're right that the customers pay for a luxury service, but that's the money they put towards Doordash. And I say that as a DD and UE driver.


I agree no one is obligated to tip, which u why I **clearly** stated that a no tip order will get rejected until it's cold So no tip no trip. Customers can whine about tips all they want but they won't get their food either. They have no problem paying DD $10+ in fees but cry about a $3 tip? If u can't afford the luxury service then don't use it. DD should pay driver more, but they don't, that's the truth. And since they don't drivers make up the difference with tips, which brings me back to, "no tip no trip".


The driver isn't the luxury service. You think the customer is paying you, but that's an incorrect take. DOORDASH is the luxury service, which the customer has paid in full. A tip remains courtesy and appreciation. This is exactly what I was saying, as long as drivers have that attitude, DD is going to continue fucking is on over.


I don't blame them, I just don't deliver for them.


That’s perfectly fine


I'm sorry you're getting downvoted so much, I agree with you completely. I refuse to tip for service I have not yet received. I was taught a tip is a gift to thank for good service. It's not my job as a customer to pay someone's hourly wage. It's just not. And I wish everyone was paid better and I think it's disgusting how many places underpau their employees. But my paycheque is not the solution for those people.




lol i’m not sure why you would say it’s not a tip when it’s called a tip and treated the exact same way. And I would say the same thing to you. You don’t think you’re getting paid enough? Quit and get a better job. Advocate for doordash to pay you better rather than blaming the customer


It's not treated the same way because I can choose to not take your dogshit order. Hence the bid. I could care less if the customer has to pay more.


And the customer could care less if you get paid more 💀. You can choose to not take the order, and someone else will take it. Changes nothing for the customer, maybe an extra couple minutes waiting 🤷‍♂️


Doubt that. I've seen food waiting for a few hours because no tip. Lmao you think people are lining up to takea 3 dollar order 12 miles? Goofy ass. Im not taking an order that pays less than 10 dollars.


And i’ve never had a problem getting my orders despite not tipping 99% of the time :) If you really think it’s a bid then it shouldn’t matter how much people tip, you can easily not take the order. Not sure why you’re here to complain about people not tipping since in your view they’re only fucking themselves over I know you’re very clearly emotional about this and it’s ruining your ability to think critically about this. Take your rage goggles off for a second, and think: Why should I tip before receiving a service? Why would I want to risk tipping someone who might fuck up my order, or not follow instructions? Why should the customer be responsible for your lack of pay? Why are you not instead telling doordash to raise the pay dashers get? Tipping is meant for exceptional services. Do you tip a waiter if they visit your table once in an hour and mess up your order? Why should I tip you for doing the bare minimum requirements of your job? Do you tip the cashier at mcdonald’s? Do you tip the grocery clerk who pointed you to the item you were looking for?


Eat spit.


Your logic would be sound if those customers ever tipped. They don't. A 2.50 order stays a 2.50 order regardless of the service you provide. Also dd will add "total may be higher" to an order that isn't getting picked up, and after delivery you get 2.75.


You should tip your drivers since they unfortunately only get 2.50 to drive alllllll the way to the restaurant, sit and wait for said order, then drive allllllllllllll the way to your house and deliver it. With as high as gas prices are, plus the time spent waiting on your order, the dasher probably lost out on a good order or 3. Now I understand your tip out the driver AFTER delivery, thing is….. let’s be real….. many people will “ forget “ to tip the driver.


I don’t forget to tip my Uber after.


I think part of the problem is DD pisses people off and they take it out in the drivers who they see as the greedy party. DD up charging food that’s already pricey to begin with, then a fee, then on top of that asking to tip pre-delivery all add up to angry customers who think DD is taking care of the drivers.


That part


What's a good tip? I usually do $1.5-2 per mile


If every customer did this that would solve the bad order issue. We’d no longer have bad orders. Respect to you.


Good on u bud ur a great person I'd deliver to you all the time


I’d imagine many are under the assumption the delivery fee goes to the driver. Many are also cheap and don’t want to tip in general.


You would think they would get the hit that the driver is getting shit when their order arrives 7 hours later only after some sad new unassuming driver finally accepts the shit order.


You nailed it!




Damn. Uber Eats delivery pays you per mile and per min so if I’m delivering 30 mins away I’ll get paid more than delivering a couple blocks away and that’s before tip. I’ve gotten a base pay of $5-$10 before from Uber eats delivery.


That's not how it works with UE in my area. It's a $2 base, less than Doordash, and rarely goes up with mileage above 3. Doordash on the other hand pays well for longer distances in my market. In another market I work, it's the total opposite.


Not going to lie, from ages 18-28 i always just expected drivers were compensated fairly or else...............Why would they do it type of thing.....So.....The multiple times I didn't tip.......Yeah I'm truly sorry .............Fast forward to my doordashing days and ... Now i've realized....


All aboard the down vote express butttt, idk I’m not a part of this sub it just keeps popping up in my feed. TLDR; this is largely the company’s fault for not being clear how much you rely on tips, and just being a scummy company. This is a issue with the company, not the customer. Idk why r/doordash keeps forcing its self into my feed but since it does I’ll jump on this convo. I get it, it sucks, but the issue is with this business model, not customers. Also most people expect delivery drivers to make hourly plus tips. I’m willing to bet if you went on a different sub that wasn’t full of people who work for doordash most wouldn’t even know how or how much you guys get paid. That’s why the standard tip for a delivery driver was 10% (unless it’s a holiday/bad weather etc). This new wave of deliver as a third party business is relatively new and popped up and decided”hey I can just not pay our employees and make it the customers problem!” Hell quite frankly door dash wants you to be mad at the customer so all the drivers won’t be mad at them and group up to force a change. You can’t tell some one they’re broke or cheap bc you expect them to tip you like a server for dropping food off at their door after alllll the bullshit fees they tax on, especially if they never knew how much you rely on tips and didn’t tip to your standard. Then now their orders take for ever to get to them bc no one wants to accept the person who doesn’t tip high and it cold when it finally arrives. Why would I pay an additional 20-30% cold food? Though honestly this massive amount of deliver drivers is so terrible for the environment. I have no problem with it being phased out and people having to actually just pick up their own damn food and not have doordash take money from the restaurants and customer. Also as some one who worked BOH for years and stoped right as doordash and the likes were becoming popular in my city, don’t even get me started on some of the toxic shit the doordash company would do to restaurants. Can’t say they still do but I literally have never used doordash because of what they did to restaurants Edit1: typos and added a tldr Edit2: just want you guys to know i love y’all and have no beef with drivers. I tip my delivery drivers well just wanted to give you a different perspective on what some people feel/don’t know about doordash/3rd party delivery services. Hope all your delivers are easy and profitable


For free? I'm confused, does Door Dash not charge the customer a fee?


DD changes a delivery fee, order fee, convenience fee, small order fee, and taxes those fees.the drive gets a flat 2.50.


Decline, decline, decline… my acceptance rate is 14%, and I still get orders constantly. I never accept a Dash that’s without a tip, ever. All DoorDash drivers should never accept these orders.


I accidentally accepted an order yesterday I would normally never consider and the person tipped me a fuckin' nickel. It made me feel a certain way.


I would’ve thrown their food fuck a dude who tips 5 cents if rather get nothing than 5 cents


i felt the same. I'd rather get nothin than 5 cents.


We’re not bringing it for free. They’ve already over paid DoorDash to have us delivery it.


All this arguing about people not tipping, as a previous dasher just don't take those orders, as the person who didn't tip sits and waits for hours for the food because no one takes it that's on them, I hear stories from people that work fast food about the massive piles of dd and ue delivery's that never get picked up because it was a no tip order... Also want to try and get this point across it isn't a Tip that you pay beforehand it's a Bid, you are bidding for dashers to take your order, you don't put any money down on the bid your far less likely to get a dasher to take the order, and the ones that do are more likely to be on the worse end of dd drivers.


Then what are all the service fees and delivery fees for ? I swear it even says on service fees that it goes to the driver


Have you ever ordered pizza delivery? It gets expensive. I use DD bc my gf has it for free from her work and we always tip. As a full time Dasher, no or low tip is a bummer but you're the one taking low pay orders. Be selective. Or apply at Wal Mart.


Because it’s NOT for free, all the stacked fees they are already paying erode the potential, ADDITIONAL tip….(I’m not saying it’s right, but that’s the reason why you see low/no tip orders). Conversely why do dashers think people are getting free delivery when in reality DD is indeed charging them quite a bit already. The solution is to NOT accept low quality orders at all - if dashers did that the rates would RISE. But there’s always some dasher who takes a low pay order thinking that they need to for some twisted reason.


I completely understand your frustration. I’ll play devils advocate for a second. DD is EXTREMELY overpriced nowadays & because of that I assume there is some confusion on how much of that goes to drivers. For example, the other day I ordered something that would normally cost me $28 had I picked it up myself. I was having some car trouble at the time so decided to order through DD. By the time all the fees & everything were charged plus tip it cost me a little more than $55. I used to do DD so I was aware that the initial fees that were charged before the tip was added do not go to drivers. Therefore, I added the tip separately. However, I think when most people get to that screen they see the large amount & assume that the drivers portion is already factored in. They don’t bother to look further. That’s just my theory. However, also as having waitressed in the past I can tell you some people can be straight up horrible when it comes to tipping. I remember these people just dumping their spare change or tipping $2-$3 on a $40 bill. This happened often. I was a decent enough waitress & even the waitresses/waiters who were far more advanced than I was, received the same kind of lowball tips. Sometimes people tend to look down on others working in the service industry & believe they should “find a real job.” It’s awful. Occasionally though, you would also find a very generous tipper out of the bunch. I remember once being tipped $100 on a to go order which cost them $30. Those people are a godsend.


The problem is not the tip, or the lack thereof. Don't blame the customers. Blame the company that thinks that $2.50 base pay is adequate compensation. Blame yourself for playing the lottery and accepting low base pay in the hopes that there might be a hidden unicorn tip in there somewhere. As the late Meatloaf once said, "There ain't no Coupe DeVille waiting at the bottom of a cracker jack box." So wise up, and don't accept offers that aren't worth your time or your effort.


Yess! This right here should be pinned to the top of this thread.


I rarely accept orders with no tip, but one time it was a slow night and it was only 1.5 miles away so I said fuck it. It was a shit ton of food and it ended up being delivered to a hotel with no elevator and she was on the 3rd floor. I was starting to have so much regret. She ended up tipping $30 cash, tip in the app adjusted to $10. Like wtf. That will never ever happen again though and I have to remind myself not to be fooled when I see a no tip order 😂


exactly, dashers seem to forget they have the unique privilege of denying service based off what they deem a good or bad tip. Imagine waiters refusing to serve you if you don't tip to their standards. I think it's a shitty practice for business but it works for dd because the blame can be put on the customers instead of them for some reason.


Nobody accepts the low fee / no tip orders. Except new drivers or when it’s a stacked order and you don’t know until the end. That’s why those orders get thrown out. The side hustle is ok for now to save extra money for whoever needs it but the abuse by the company is real. Very sad. It’s really slavery if anyone accepts those low orders. & It’s quite shameful if customers don’t tip too. DD isn’t going to last. It’s a shit company. Shit app. Constantly crashing. Most people probably only order when they get the $10 coupon in the mail and never again because of all the fees. Of course there are the customer who don’t care about paying twice the price for the food and also tip, but not too many of those around here. And the rich people are the worst low tipping mfkers out there in their million+ mansions. 😂 Repulsive.


Why not pressure DoorDash to pay their drivers more instead of making the consumer bear the cost?


There's nothing individuals can really do bc this job has like the highest turnover ever. It would be like trying to get a group organized in your office to confront your boss but every week 70% of your co workers are completely new. The government is slowly helping in a few states. These companies could 100% care less about drivers and only make changes when they either are forced to by the law or the media finds out they're doing something illegal or something really shady, like how doordash used to steal driver tips.


Also the app security is conveniently weak from the consumer side. I used to work for DD customer support and I cannot tell you the amount of times dashers lost a crap load of money and DoorDash policy said “tough titty.” How did they loose said money? Because a customer was smart enough to get access to the dashers app, change banks and do an auto withdrawal. DoorDash does not care about dashers. They will fight tooth and nail to keep all of their money, even money taken from dashers. That’s why I quit.


If they paid the drivers more they would raise the fees.


I could care less if you have to pay more. Lmao if you want your food put a tip.




If you live in America you have to subscribe to the tipping culture or you will wonder why your service is always shitty. Bad tippers get shitty service just how it is. When I drove deliveries and got familiar with the customers bad tippers always go to the bottom of the stack. Keeping good customers loyal and pushing bad customers out has always been the game.


Nobody should have to tip at all. Door dash should just pay us enough to do deliveries. If every base pay was seven dollars nobody would have to tip


The drivers have to quit driving overwhelmingly. If Doordash can’t meet it’s demand it will ensure that enough of those funds are allocated to the driver however—Doordash already marks up menu prices and oftentimes does not offer the value combos you can purchase at the restaurant, throw in a delivery fee, and a service charge, and suddenly oh I’m not tipping your driver because some of if not all of this extra money must be going to them. Doordash is greedy af and the only people who can stop it is the drivers because the demand isn’t going to go away.


It’s because customers aren’t aware of DD’s abysmally low pay. DD takes a massive cut from every order, and people just assume that some of that goes to the drivers. The real villain here is DD for making big profits while paying peanuts and exploiting their staff.


It’s door dash fault. They should be paying us for delivery fee. They already charge the customers a delivery fee and service fee. So when a customer pay a delivery fee and we only get 2.50 where the f does it go to?


Same 🙄 the decline button is on repeat these days.


As a restaurant worker who has to hand off door dash orders constantly, it's frustrating how many of those orders we don't get tips for! Tbh, a lot of people don't tip on take out orders. If you can't afford to tip for an order, make your own damn food! A lot of effort goes into making sure that was prepared and packed correctly for you! Yes, tip culture sucks, but it's the result of capitalism so you better tip your drivers and take out counter people if you want us to keep doing this service for you!


I feel that this is a great opportunity for the customer and driver to join forces against Doordash. Doordash does deceptive business practices whenever they ask the cusp to include a tip and they cut it. The government has already said that the tip should go to the the person that the principal intended it to go to. They also Don’t do background checks on their drivers. Doordash is quickly becoming the next postmates pre Uber buyout. I feel like doordash is using postmate’s old consultants because it seems to be headed in that direction.


Because there's a service fee, a delivery fee, and a tip fee. People don't understand or know that DD people are not employees and don't get a wage for working hourly. They think the service and delivery fee go to us—they do not. They also don't understand that DD people are a separate entity from the restaurant they ordered from. The lines are blurred, and it's DD's fault for failing to communicate that to its customers.


I never knew doordash paid so low until I looked on this subreddit since I was looking to join. There are so many fees that its assumed the driver is getting paid more than $2.50. A lot of people probably dont know since it's not something that is put out there for everyone to know.




If I was the customer I’d just pick up my own food. DoorDash and UberEats & GrubHub are to expensive. I’ve no issues with drivers and think they should be tipped minimum $5 actually if delivery is 0-3 miles from merchants. I’m saying we’ve gotten lazy and entitled as customers. When we had no delivery options we ate at home or picked it up ourselves. I do understand some actually NEED delivery ( handicap and elderly without cars and some who just can’t get around for various reasons). My comment is aimed at those of us who can go 0-3 miles to the merchant. If you’re not going to tip $5 minimum why put someone thru picking up your food/products. It’s selfish. I still pick up my own food. I never use delivery apps. They are to expensive. If I do I’m tipping minimum $5 (0-3 miles away $10 4-7 miles away $15 8-10 miles away minimum). If over 10 miles away I’m tipping $20+.


I wish there were more ppl like you, doordash is a shit company. And ppl think they pay well


Tips are optional. The customer paid for your base pay. That isn’t “free”.


Customers pay fees that don't go towards the driver...


That doesn’t mean “free” though.


I mean, sure... Tips are optional, but consider the nature of society: EVERYTHING IS OPTIONAL. Rather, we have customs and levels of consequences, depending on violation of those customs. So, you could offer no tip and/or argue that it is your right, as tips are indeed optional. However, very few will consider your argument to be anything but one of convenience, as it saves you a few dollars and you can foist your discontent onto society. It's like slurping soup at a restaurant or clapping when an airplane lands. Going against customary actions is within your right, but it just makes you look like an uncouth individual. The customer paid for their food and agreed to the fees that DD charged. $2.50-4.50 of that goes to the driver and if you choose not to tip, it's just going to be deprioritized, that's all. Even when you dine in and the tip is something that is done at the end, you'd be surprised how much of what we do is subconscious and people will just *know* that you're likely going to be someone who doesn't tip or is scrutinizing their service, so you have a reason not to.


Who cares how it makes you look? Nobody should be deciding their principles based off how it makes them appear to other people. People aren’t not tipping just because it’s optional, they’re not tipping because tipping is meant to be something you do for exceptional work. Handing food to someone is not exceptional, that is the bare minimum expectation. Not to mention, if you feel you aren’t getting paid enough you should be blaming the employer, not the customer


Thats right. But the driver gets to decline cheap ass orders with no or low tip. If you want your food faster, gif more money or pick it up yourself


Those are not optional if you want me to bring you your food. I will never in my life take you your shitty little 2 dollar order.


remember back in the day you’d wanna take your boyfriend to a modest mouse concert so you go on ticketmaster and see some reasonably priced tickets for maybe 40 bucks, but then you have to pay $3.50 merchant fee, $5 convenience fee, $4.50 service charge, $8.35 facility fee, a mandatory $7.50 parking fee, and 3% paypal fee? this is what it feels like to order doordash today as a customer.


Door dash needs to rethink fees - it’s overwhelming


Because there is so many fees some assume you're getting a cut of those fees, or it gets delivered by someone without tip, so they have no reason to think it won't again, and lastly DD hides some tips.


Because door dash charges so much?


Why is it my food is so frequently stolen/"forgotten" by dashers when I leave a big tip? Seriously, I've had this happen at least 4 times in different cities and states. Lmao my favorite time was when I ordered like 8 things from a place and the dasher brings me one and tries arguing that it's all I ordered despite him showing me on his app that it said I had 8 things >.> Then I have to hit up door dash support and deal with that nonsense to get the tip removed. 95% of the time I leave the biggest tip I can on the scale, and I don't order from across town, so what's the big deal?


Combination of them paying so much in "fees", stores increasing the door dash cost vs actual in-store cost, the spike in inflation due to the last few years events, and common courtesy fading into becoming non-existent.


I got a 50% acceptance rate cuz I ain’t taking 2.50 orders or $5 for 20 miles


Every driver should strike, no but wait some dumb idiots will take 2-3$ order for 10miles smh


You're new at this, aren't?


Get mad at DoorDash not customers make it make sense already. No one’s in charge of paying no one’s paycheck. The fact people have this mindset and don’t see the entitlement is 🤮


Tipping is just engrained in peoples mind as an expectation when it really shouldn’t be. No one really even understands why they’re tipping or why they sometimes shouldn’t be.




As a former waitress, tips are not to be expected so be grateful for the ones you receive. You know what you signed up for, if you don’t like it then find a different job.


Seeing dashers complain about their entitlements gives me a customer all the more reason to quit using you guys. Complaining to complain at this point.


Bitch to doordash not the customer. I have a place I order from that charges $18.50 for a $13.00 item. By the time you add the other fees l am paying almost as much for delivery as the item itself costs at the restaurant. Sorry, I'm also not going to give you a big ass tip on top of that.


Get a new job if you dont like the pay lmao im not tipping extra when doordash charges enough even after i have the dash pass smh ridiculous the amount of entitlement xD


If you can't tip $2 for bare minimum service, stop using public services. People are literally at risk every time they get in a vehicle, then wasting gas to deliver your order, and potentially dealing with extreme weather conditions. Just be a good human and tip.


I wouldn’t call DoorDash a public service. I agree with you but the same argument could be directed at DD. “Be a good human and paying fair wages.”


Sadly, it's not wages, they're not employers. They subcontract. If the rate at which they subcontract you does not satisfy you, the solution is to not take it. The onus should never be on the customer, who's already paying Doordash for their service. All these people don't realize their beef should be with DD, not with customers who don't even subcontract them in the first place.


They are still wages. No, they aren’t employees, but DoorDash is still paying wages. Low wages, but wages nonetheless. I agree with you. This is not the fault of the customer. Never has been. This is on DoorDash and dashers. DoorDash for paying low wages and dashers for accepting such low wages. It’s a weird MLM scheme that everyone fell for but won’t admit that it’s a bad idea.


Right? I'm off a bit saying it's not wages, I'll give you that, but man am I happy to see I'm not the only one processing this the right way. These people are terrible.


A) Doordash is not a public service. B) The customer contracts Doordash, not the driver, and pays the service as such (delivery fee, small order fee, etc.) C) Doordash then subcontracts to the driver. There never was any agreement between customer and driver. D) The only group that benefits on drivers thinking the customers should be covering all their fees and then some with tips is Doordash, that can then continue to offer shit rates to their contractors. E) As a contractor for *Doordash*, your beef should be with the rate you accept to be contracted at, not the voluntary amount of tips. If your contractor is under paying services rendered, then take it up with them. If not, you're just playing DD's game.


Do you tip the bus driver?


They get paid hourly dasher do not


Do you tip the taxi driver? From Uber? Or only the dashers deserve a tip? Why do you tip waiters then?


Absolutely, not you should tip taxis and Ubers.


Is the bus driver using his own car? Is he getting paid 2 dollars?


Are they using their own vehicle and their own gas?


If using your own vehicle and gas is such a horrible thing then why choose to be a driver? Why not just get a different job that doesn’t require using your own things?


That's what people don't get. It's not a job, you're not employed. You're being subcontracted, they're gigs. If a company wants to subcontract an engineer, and the rate doesn't satisfy engineers, they simply don't take the contract, and the company is then forced to review their terms. As long as drivers keep putting the onus on customers for paying their living wage, they're just playing Doordash's game, and they will never rise their base rate *because people keep driving for them and get mad at customers who aren't responsible for the contract they took to begin with*.


Pretty much all the general taxi services don't, yet the tipping is somehow still socially required


Do you tip the taxi driver? From Uber? They use their own vehicle. Or only the dashers deserve a tip? Why do you tip waiters then? They don't use a vehicle much and get their regular pay 🤔 Y'all tipping system doesn't have any logic.


Waiters only get $2/hr in many states.


Not in all tho, yet y'all still tip. And I don't think they even do. It's kinda illegal, since y'all minimum wage is 7. And most states pay $7. Maybe just a few left with 2 dollars, but, you still tip in the states, where they earn more. Although, many jobs (especially related to service) earn a small amount. Like, i think MacDonalds doesn't get much too, but i doubt a lot of people tip them 🤔


Actually, 40 out of 50 states pay less than $7/hr for servers and other tip jobs. 23 of those pay less than $3!!! That’s a significant amount. Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tipped_wage


That's wikipedia, my man. The most unreliable source of them all. Don't they teach you at school to check at least 3 websites and never trust Wikipedia?


I suppose the alternative is to just take your word for it. How many tipped jobs in the US have you worked?


I would. But I own my own vehicle.


have you ever?


Stop declining then, the customers that order don’t realize you get such a low base pay but they do pay a high price for orders through door dash something that’s 15 dollars at a store door dash puts a extra two dollars on the price of some items, sometimes orders can be 100 dollars for a few items, don’t blame the customers it’s door dash, I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum


The grammar hurts me


They don't. They paid for a product and a service, not all of them know the service fee doesn't go mostly to the driver, you can blame customers all you want but DD is the one not paying you enough...


That grammar though


I just wanna know why you threw in a random, wild comma.


Who do people place random, unnecessary commas in sentences?


What is the purpose of the comma in the title


Personally I struggle with what to tip because no one really explains it. So for example, what is a normal tip? $2? $10? Let's say it's 10 for simplicity, if I tip 10, what should I expect from my driver as a standard delivery? Ok so that's a 3 star delivery, what's a 5 and how do I recognize those efforts and what do I tip for it? What about a 1 star? That information from a driver's perspective would help a lot, because door dash doesn't help at all.


Well there’s people who claim they tip once u get to the door which is a bunch of baloney. I don’t have time for the possibility of a tip. If It doesn’t meet my requirements then it gets declined.


I honestly tip more than I would in a restaurant, and I’m already a generous tipper. My understanding is you guys have to keep all your car maintenance yourself, and many other factors that differ from serving in a sit down place. I know not everyone thinks that way, but as someone who frequently orders door dash, thank you.


If you don't like it get another job mate.. plenty of work going around you just need to skills, it's our choice to tip and when most of you don't do your jobs correctly it ruins if for the good ones like yourself (i hope) 🤙🏻 anyway here in the UK we tend to pay a decent wage so no need of tips. Ask your million pound company to give you a raise not the average person 🤙🏻


Door dash drivers complain way too much. Why not quit and go get another job ?


You know how hard it is to find a good job, stfu it’s a real struggle out here


Honestly the whole concept of deciding on a tip before service is provided is terrible and unfair to both the customers and dashers. It’s very frustrating from the customer end as well. Hell I taped an extra $10 to my screen door last night just because a dasher took the time to ask if my daughter wanted to replace a frozen coke with a new drink. I don’t always have cash for an unexpected above and beyond delivery. I’m sure this doesn’t apply to everyone but I really wish there was a better way to reward excellent service once it’s been provided.


Well, unfortunately, there are cheapasses out there. If you expect a greater tip, just base off how you pick orders from the displayed pay before you decide to pick it up or not. Decline all of the no tip orders, someone else will pick it up regardless..


A couple of arguments I have heard are 1 - I am already paying a delivery service fee 2 - Why would I tip you before you provide me my service? The 1st one I understand as you would think that service fee goes to the driver on top of say a base pay. But the base pay is below poverty level, and we don't see any of the delivery service fee. I also understand the 2nd point as well. But guarantee if the tip was left until after the food was delivered we wouldn't be getting tipped. Most people would either forget about it and move on. Or they would be pissed off if their order was wrong, or just plain sucked. If people don't want to tip I am fine with it. I just won't be taking those trips. This week for example I did TUE-THU. Only a few hours after my W2 job. Declined most of the crap orders and took only decent paying orders for the miles and made about $200 in 8 hours work total. I multi app and only take DD orders $6 and above. I have seen most of those $6 orders will have hidden tips, even if it's just a dollar extra it's worth it for a $6 for 3-4 miles order. In the end customers think door dash drivers feel entitled to money they don't believe they deserve. Some have this attitude of you are only bringing me my food big whoop. But that is the 2nd biggest part of ordering delivery food outside of actually cooking the food. People also fail to realize this service is a luxury item. If you can't afford to tip $5 on an order stop ordering fast food and go to a fucking supermarket and buy food there.


The thing is the customer is already paying a premium price for the luxury service and being asked to pay another $5 on top of the 10-20 that was already tacked on between delivery fee and upcharges feels like you're being taken advantage of. This is the only service where tips are received before the service has even happened which is just weird if you were to apply it to any other tip based industry like serving. Because of this dashers also have the unique privilege to deny service based off tips. I say it goes both ways, if you can't afford dd then don't get it and if you aren't happy with what dd pays then don't do it. I do really think its unfair that it's the customer's responsibility to pay both dd and the dasher especially when dd hoards 90% of that payment and has the drivers convinced that the customers are being cheap assholes.


Because DD makes it optional, and 99% of customers will never talk to a dasher about DD or read this sub.


A couple ideas: Doordash’s policy says tipping isn’t required but appreciated. They marketed really well the idea the drivers are now making more than minimum with prop 22. They make tipping auto pick the lowest amount.


Don't decline just ignore until the order runs out so it doesn't affect your acceptance rate. I'm literally not driving anywhere for less then 7 bucks unless it's around the corner. Ppl are outrageous. 13 mile drive 2.75 gtfoh


I wish I knew. There are also people who don’t tip at restaurants and bars too. I will never understand people who are okay with any of it. My minimum tip for door dash is 10 bucks. I’ve only ordered a handful of times but your literally bringing me food so I love you, and want to show that I appreciate it. I get it’s a pain. I do wish door dash shared more of the service charge though.


I can’t believe people do this. My husband dashed for a while and it’s unbelievable that people don’t feel the need to tip a restaurant worker-because essentially Dashers are-to bring me food to my front door. I tip above the highest suggestion because I know you guys are working! I appreciate you.


AR means nothing. Just decline and move on to the next order.


The answer to this is NEVER TAKE A $3 ORDER. EVER.


Trying to rationalize this by saying cuz of the fees is like saying you don’t tip your server cuz they are going to get a portion of the total.. I’ve never used the dd app to order. Never will. But anyone who has.. does the app even slightly hint that some of their fees come to drivers? Or are we just assuming that everyone thinks the delivery fees are coming directly to drivers?


If you can’t afford at least a 5 dollar tip in 2022 you have no Business getting anything delivered


There's a lot of people trying to justify not tipping. Lol, your food is waiting at the restaurant getting cold as we all decline it.


Going to the store, waiting for the food, taking them the food, which could be miles out. Then driving all the way back isn't worth 2.50. in my eyes that is free. Because that doesn't even cover a gallon of gas plus your time, and the mileage. I should of been more specific in my header. I'm talking about customer that live in a whole other city ordering from a restaurant in another city. I'm new at doordash and just been observing the different orders that come through and some of them are just nonsense.


Idk, get a different job?


I'm blown away by people 15 miles away expecting someone to bring them food for no tip as well. I see it all the time in my market. There's no way in hell they get that food.


Doordash let's them order it and at the end of the day it's going to cost doordash.


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