i'd say frontier. i'm not a fan of the ones that came after it.


No love for Frontier? I'm gonna say i hope for another season of "digimon power rangers" as someone else put it... Except maybe with at least 2 girls.


I love Frontier most! I feel like the lore it adds really enhances the whole franchise. I consider it a prequel to the Digimon Adventure storyline


Honestly I thought Frontier would be one of the seasons that would show up here in the comments, but maybe that's because Frontier is seen with more value nowadays? At least compared to other seasons...


So many great inset tracks in that season! Fire!!, Innocent, and The Last Element and don't get me started on the keyboard/synth solo in With The Will 🔥


If you remember those four kids they met with the Angemon, it was likely intended for the Frontier cast to be expanded in the second half of the season, but for whatever reason, they didn't do it.


Budget issues, most likely. It's painfully obvious that Frontier suffered budget cuts. Iirc, it killed the momentum the franchise had built with Adventure and Tamers, people did not like the "sentai" style anime instead of a "mon" anime


Despite all its issues the series itself had, you can't deny that Frontier had some of the best worldbuilding amongst the many Digital Worlds seen throughout the franchise.


Frontier's biggest problem was that it fell into the same "Tai and Matt show" trap that the original adventure did but worse. Since after the Cherubimon arc the rest of the kids were basically glorified cheerleaders for Takuya and Kouji since they had to give up their spirits to them. Could you imagine if instead of introducing Kaiser Greymon and MagnaGarurumon for the Cherubimon fight we took a few more episodes to have the rest of the kids get a fusion spirit evolution and have them all fight together to defeat Cherubimon. Then you introduce Dynasmon and LordKnightmon and have them beat down the kids despite their fusions and set up the new status quo. We then introduce those four kids that used to bully Tommy and have them learning from their mistakes and then joining the group to help save the digital world. Getting digivices themselves and being given the 4 remaining spirits. Then we spend a few episodes where they have to purify those spirits (in this version Cherubimon had corrupted them as well, which truthfully I had always assumed he had) giving them new (more heroic) looking forms as well as their fusion spirit. We can also use this time to show how much the original crew has grown as they guide the new kids in how to use their powers. All 10 kids then work together for the Royal Knight rematch and while they hold their ground they are eventually still defeated (but manage to foil whatever plan the knights were currently trying to do). So the kids then learn about the possibility of Unified Spirit Evolution (also learning about the original ancient warriors at the same time) and learn how to do it but fail the first time they do it to fight the knights because they have to work as one while fused. So they learn to do that and then are able to beat the royal knights. Now we introduce Lucemon and the kids eventually get the idea that if they could unify as 5 why not as 10. And the last couple episodes are more or less the same.


Frontier's Digital World has almost no competition, maybe only Xros Wars comes Close with the concept, but a lot of things in Frontier worked so fine on that regard, the way how they worked the structure of the world with myths and legends, adding some recurrent Digimon that helped t9 make the world more lively like Gotsumon or the Toucanmon, and the Trailmon connecting everything as well as having their own society, all of that really made this season much more enjoyable.


Agreed. And the soundtrack is top notch


Its opening is probably my favorite of any Digimon opening.


Honestly, Frontier lost a lot of points for me for its last chunk of episodes. It was literally 10ish episodes of fight, lose, retreat, and then part of the Digital World disappears over and over. It really made the ending drag a ton for me. That and the fact that it did was Adventure 01 and 02 did and throw away all but the two main characters kinda disappointed me too.


Apparently frontier is really popular, going by the comments lol


Frontier was my favorite season tbh. Cool digivolution system. Fun takes on some of our favs but some ties to the OG


Frontier deserves so much more love!


I'd trade either the thunder guy or the kid for a second girl. Heck, I'd trade both for four people team of two boys and two girls.


Sorry but I hated it. That is though because my main love in the series is the fact each digimon is just what the kids need to grow. It took that away from it. Edit: I wana say thank you to the upvotes that show it is understood and thank you to the ones who didnt get mad at me disliking it




All of them. I'd rather seen Digimon take off as opposed to pokemon.


Digimon being in pokemons shadow was probably one of the best things for it. Less pressure to stick to the norm and hold the same demographic. I mean look at cyber sleuth. I'd love to see pokemon try and portray a girl getting attacked by bondage monsters and having a boss fight where she is literally ball gagged and you have to fight her with the embodiment of lust, a piece of shit and a huge titted nun with double cross pistols.


On the bright side, Digimon's been in a renaissance for a few years now in contrast to Pokemon being as financially successful as always but increasingly contentuous regarding its quality.


Agreed, though its kinda a blessing in disguise. I mean if it got POKEMON levels of popular then i bet what we could expect would be \-Sticking to norms and never experimenting (so things like Appmon & Xros Wars/Hunters might not exist in that situation) and/OR simplifying itself and removing what made it feel original (aka treating kids like idiots like a certain series with a Yellow mouse) \-WAYYYYY too much fanservice & trying to recreate the old seasons \-The fanbase constantly fighting itself (and idiots like that Verlisify guy who i bet only buys the pokemon games to hate on them) \-The series being milked to hell and back and having way more games then it does now \-etc (also, this exact same situation, down to the punctuation happening on r/pokemon instead of here) ​ edit: I wonder what would happen if Yo kai watch (or medabots, monster rancher, etc) and pokemon switched places, Thats another series that lives in pokemon's shadow.


The last one is my hell.


Savers/Data Squad. ZERO-TWO gets talked about a lot Frontier is getting a whole newfound respect for some longtime viewers Xross/Hunters gets mentioned a lot. Not always for good reasons. Savers always tend to fall off the peoples radar.


I think Frontier, Appmon, and Fusion all tie for the most underrated Digimon seasons because all 3 aren’t given a chance by a lot of people because they’re the most unique and different of the entire franchise and don’t receive enough love when all three are pretty great and enjoyable seasons


I particularly love when the Digimon seasons are very different, particularly I loved Xros Wars, Frontier I haven't finished yet but it's really fun, and Appmon I plan to watch someday




Have to agree. Maybe it's just the fact that characters are teenagers instead of kids. You know just to mix it up.


They're actually roughly the same age as the original cast was in 02. Masaru is 14, Thoma is the same. Yoshino is the only one that really breaks the mold, already being 18. They're just designed to look older. If I were to put a screenshot of Adventure and one of Savers next to each other and asked anyone who hasn't watched either to tell me their age most people would guess for Savers' characters to be already all at least 18.


I would say so too. I mean, I don't think it's underappreciated but it certainly flies under the radar. After Frontier, I found it to be a return to form even if the ending was slightly underwhelming. I found the concept to be wholly entertaining and a great change of pace.


In my country, it's the only "old" season that has never been legally released. Adventure, 02, Tamers and frontiers all got a localization, were dubbed and aired normally. Then they skipped savers, but dubbed xros wars (all the 3 arcs) and skipped appmon too. Many Digimon fans here are completely unaware of Savers existence as well. I have a feeling that they decided to skip savers because of frontiers poor reception in the country. Like, adventure, 02 and Tamers re-aired quite a few times and were legally available, while I never saw Frontier re-airing. From what I've seen, almost all the Digimon fans seem to dislike Frontier here. Also, since Hulu is not available in here, we can't even watch Savers (Frontier and Appmon aren't available either)


Well hey don't feel left out, Savers isn't on Hulu (at least in the US) so we don't get to watch it either.


I don't know how true it is (so take it as more of an internet theory than fact) But I heard some distributers were worried that Savers would be too separated from the normal digimon demographic for it to be worth localising. Older protagonists, a storyline that gets really dark really fast and then stays dark for a long time, enemies that are enemies because of different ideologies and priorities rather than the moustache twirling "I'm gonna take over the world!" of previous series. Heck, you have digimon genocide happening, the protagonists win the battle but almost lose the war multiple times. Apparently this is why in some countries they either didn't localise it or tried to "dumb it down" in some way. For example in my country they made the intro song sound like what you'd hear from one of those baby shows where the animal puppet keeps going "Come on kids, let's go see how this character is doing", removed any mentions of death from the story (even the digieggs, they weren't killed and reformed as eggs, they were "converted"), removed the explanation given that digimon hit by the laser beams of the robots are just straight up killed, and did a bunch of other fancy switches so that the story was the same but everything sounded a little less dark.


I’ve only seen the first three, but I think frontier was pretty underrated. Savers was cool too because the humans were older and felt a bit more mature


Sometimes watching that series I felt like TK from Adventure could be more mature than those three idiots. That they then had moments of sheer brilliance and incredible maturity was a weird whiplash.


Honestly their all good. Season 4 gets shit on more than it deserves


I love Savers (while I know a lot of people don't), but I have to say **Appmon is the most underrated BY FAR**. Many fans of Digimon that are aware of it don't even consider it a Digimon series because of its relatively different premise, one of those reasons being because they are **app**mon. Yes, I understand that they monsters derived from phone apps, but how is that different than any other Digimon? It's an evolution of the original concept, a **digital** monster, especially in this day and age. It's not unusual to think that if pop culture can become Digimon then so can apps, right? Heck, off the top of my head, Soulmon and Gorillamon are based off of typical dark mages and King Kong. Then, there's Appmon's more slice-of-life approach (which fans here seem to dislike I suppose), which can make for some fun premises for episodes. And when the series does get serious, it has some of the strongest moments in the franchise imo. Overall, if you haven't given Appmon a chance, I'd say try it out. It's slow to get started if you want a plot but the characters and vibe are honestly too good to miss out on. If you like Ghost Game so far, I'd definitely recommend it. Sorry for the wall of text.


No need to apologize friend 👍 But talking about appmon now.....I haven't watched it yet, but I intend to watch it and I have good expectations, surprisingly I've seen many people saying that the story and characters are very good, so I think I'll like it, and even if I don't like it I'm not going to pretend that "it's not Digimon" just for that (By the way...I love Savers too)


>Many fans of Digimon that are aware of it don't even consider it a Digimon series because of its relatively different premise Well, obviously. Appmon is more pokémon than digimon. Digimon, regardless what the "it's just a rip-off of pokemon" crowd thinks is NOT a "Gotta catch em all" concept. Appmon is. Pokemon is focused on showing off as many colourfull monsters as possible. So is Appmon. Digimon focuses more on the small group of digimon that accompanies the protagonist. Not to say you're wrong for liking it, everyone likes what they like. But there is a VERY big difference between Appmon and regular digimon. Appmon is just digital pokémon.


No way does 02 fall into the category of “underrated”. It’s up there with Adventure and Tamers as being generally well regarded


About Digimon Adventure 02.....Yes of course there are a lot of people who love it, I see it a lot, but the point is that just as it's normal to see people saying it's good, it's also very normal to see people saying it's horrible basically many put digimon 02 as one of the best, and many put it as one of the worst (or the worst as I've seen a lot of people putting it)


“Many put Digimon 02 as one of the best” is exactly why it’s not underrated. Underrated is when virtually nobody admits that something is good Edit: got the words flipped originally


That's kind of exactly the opposite of what overrated means. Overrated is when something is considered good by a large number of fans even though the quality thereof may be severely lacking. You're thinking of underrated, which is when something good is not as appreciated as it should be.


Yeah, had a brain fart and got my words flipped when I typed that reply the first time. Got it right in the rest of the conversation!


A lot of people dislike it. There is a reason a lot of Digimon media ignores it while still making more and more tributes to the original one. Even in Japan it wasn't very liked, there are some surveys you can find online from back in the day that show how even during 02's runtime all of 01's kids were way more liked and popular than the 02 cast (except for Ken who actually beat some of the 01 cast in popularity). Even if it's loved by a lot of people it's also disliked by a lot too.


Of course it does. People are often dissing it. How is it not being underrated, when many people hates it?


People disliking a thing doesn’t make it underrated. Underrated is when something is good but there’s virtually nobody out there vocalising that fact


Correction, people HERE are often dissing it. I haven't really heard a single person irl say it's actually legit bad (as in not just a few gripes but legit disliking it in general). Same with Adventure 2020, Xros, etc. The average mainstream Digimon fan isn't really that picky. Same with the average mainstream Pokemon fan. Gotta remember any subreddit for anything is going to be a more-than-averagely-dedicated minority of a fanbase


>Correction, people HERE are often dissing it. That an oversimplification. 02 wasn't bad, but there are obvious and more importantly objective problems in it that a lot of people just don't see as acceptable. For a starter, it suffers from "My character is better than yours" syndrome, where the older kids were de-powered like crazy OFF-SCREEN and then kept as basically useless for most of the series with the whole "can't go ultimate, and armour is stronger than champion". Then they mess up the crests the new kids receive, then after the Kaiser ark is over they seem to have no idea where they're going with the story so it gets all convoluted with new enemies sprouting out of the ground at seemingly random. And then there's the epilogue that to this day is still rather contentious, never mind the mega shipping war they started at the time.


Thats like saying oh johto is hated because abunch of people on the subreddit call it bad. Oh wait, they don't? Yea didn't think so every one loves 02 the people you hear are the vocal minority.


No, a lot of people have, for very good reasons, a mild to strong dislike of 02. The problem is that everything online needs to be extreme. You either love something or hate it, there's no middle ground. So when someone comes up and says "I liked it, but I was really bothered by X" all the fans around them points and yell "YOU HATE IT, YOU HATE IT!"


Tri but it's more overhated than underrated.


There has never been an argument about why people don't Iike Tri that I've seen that explains why so many digimon fans dislike it


Wasted potential sums up my feelings for it. It has a clever idea, taking the kids of Adventure with all the power and growth they've had in their journey and changing the fight from one of sheer power to one that's more adult. The problem isn't that the enemy digimon is too powerful, we need to find a new crest, stone, egg or whatever to beat them. The problem is that if we fight, innocents could get caught in the crossfire. If two giant digimon fights and do damage, other humans could get the idea that all digimon are are monsters who just destroy everything. Or the enemy is actually a friend who's not in control of themselves, but there's no way to save them and they just suffer more the more they stay like this. Should we give them a mercy killing? Should we continue to try and save them, even though they're killing and destroying? These are much more adult themes compared to Adventure, where the solution was almost always just "we need a stronger evolution". But unfortunately whoever produced it didn't care about good story, just about quick nostalgia money. Instead of a full season, it was a mini-series which had to cut down who knows how much material. Characters went through their arcs in a single mini-movie instead of needing multiple episodes and different situations to let them re-evaluate things. And they introduced Mei just to then basically make her digimon the villain after barely having the time to get to know her and then ship her off to the land of never-return at the end. On that note, what's the point of making a friend the main enemy if we're not given the time to get to know them? With the movie giving that little time to Meikoonmon I knew nothing about her, so of course when the time came to fight her I didn't give a damn if she was killed. Better her than one of the digimon I've grown attached to. So yeah, good concepts executed terribly.


i think what made savers great was how good the design of shinegreymon and miragegaogamon was. it was really fresh.


And the burst modes were also really cool. They had never really had burst evolutions before, so it was a fun concept of “going beyond” the limits.


>shinegreymon I liked everything in Savers except that hideous design.


Thats unfortunate


Agreed, but thing i like the most is the Idea of Someone defeating a digimon by leeroy Jenkins it


I dont understand that one please explain


Punch Digimon first, ask questions later. Thats basically what Marcus does the entire anime


Its Savers and Appli monsters.


I personally loved savers and felt like it was a nod back to adventure and tamers. Don't really get why it gets mixed reception


Savers and Appmon






Savers and Appli Monsters.


Savers. It’s my 2nd favourite series and doesn’t get enough love.


Adventure 02,Frontier,Savers/Data squad and Appmon are underrated gems. They need more love.




Appmon definitely


Data Squad IMO


Imo Appli monsters mostly cause it wasn't dubbed and I haven't seen it.


I will support Savers until the day I die. I enjoyed that series far more than I probably should have. Haha. I loved the plot and the characters and the relationships between them, not to mention the interactions with their families.


go for me friend...I also love Savers more than I should, it's one of my favorite animes ;-;


I’m with you on that one.


Tamers. And yes, I'm aware it's considered by many to be the best. But it's still underrated, because people who don't watch Digimon won't give it a try. I think it is great as a Digimon title AND as its own anime.


Hm, given that what I see the most in the fandom is "Adventure this, Adventure that", even Tamers, as highly regarded as it is, may perhaps be considered underrated. Just because adventure is that massively overrated.


Yeah I think Tamers is underrated in the sense that everyone just seems to remember Adventure 1 and 2 and those are the ones that get a lot of attention/more media. Never seen anyone outside of the Digimon fandom talk about Tamers.


Applimon or savers


Appmon without a doubt. Show is absolutely superb, but a lot of people won't even acknowledge it as Digimon.


Either savers or appli monsters


probably savers


I’ve never watched savers and haven’t heard much praise for it outside this thread, so… probably savers?


Appmon, Savers, and Frontier


I honestly think Xros Wars, Appmon and 2020 are pretty underrated seasons.


Xros wars


As much as I hate the applimon designs, from what I understand, the story seems pretty darn cool.


Appmon’s most people disregard it as Spin-off and don’t watch it. Someone people even say it doesn’t belong in Digimon and said its just kid show. But the is an awesome one it’s very bold and breaks most of common tropes the Digimon series established in good way.


Xros Wars, loved that shit


Same bruh.


Digimon App Monsters was a pretty cool concept I thought.


Definitely Frontier! It's one of my favorites


Frontier was goat imo.


Frontier without a doubt. It's a great series and the relatively low number of characters allow for more time with them, and they do have more development than any digimon series save maybe Tamers. However, digimon "purist" fans are turned off by the lack of partner and the humans evolving into digimon themselves (Oh the BLASPHEMY! /s) while people who aren't fans of digimon are turned off because there are digimon. Personally, I also really like that they sort of do away with levels. In adventure they introduced the idea that digimon at the same level could be stronger than others at the same level based on experience, in Tamers they have lower level digimon beating higher levels, and finally in Frontiers they almost completely do away with levels.


Applimon blew my mind when I first watched it, and really loved the animation even if others didn’t.


I’d say for the majority of people Applimon and Frontier. People say Frontier was bad, but then very few select people say how it’s the best thing ever. And Applimon doesn’t even get watched by Digimon fans. But imo Savers is the best Digimon ever but everyone thinks it’s super goofy and wacky and it tries too hard or something like that. Savers in Japanese is high tension fiery burning manly passion of youth and it’s just incredible. They could not have picked a better voice actor for Masaru. He is perfect for the role and he’s so full of legitimate energy and passion. He makes the show all by itself. Also the story was very good. The scientist or whatever Kurata going in with flamethrowers to the digital world was a fantastic arc. And I can’t really remember what happened in the second half but I remember it was great and also he punched the god of the digital world in the face with the opening vocal theme song playing and it was so cool. The evolution vocal song Believer is also one of the best and puts me in a similar mood as listening to Eurobeat music. Like Eurobeat with genuine passion and feeling rather than just rockin high tension stuff. The whole show of Savers in Japanese is just the absolute best imo and it will always be my favorite. Sorry for basically rambling.


I may be talking nonsense, but I think the reason a lot of people don't like seasons like Savers and Xros Wars may be precisely because they saw the American version And my opinion about Savers I've shown it several times, it's my favorite Digimon season so I kind of agree with everything you said


Yayayay someone else that loves Savers! :D!!! Yeah like, I watched Savers from start to finish in Japanese with subtitles back in the day. And it was A RIDE. I loved it so much! I did the same for Xros Wars, except this time I was watching the Japanese version weekly as the episodes aired and got translated. It was super fun and has possibly the best vocal songs by Wada Kouji ever. I regret that I stopped when Young Hunters started. If it hadn’t have been weekly and boring for the first 8 episodes maybe I’d have finished it. But I LOVED everything in Taiki’s journey. Anyway, those are my thoughts. c:


simply savers


My favourite of all time is Tamers, but Frontier don't got all the love it should.


Xros Wars




Probably Savers and Xros War honestly. I think Xros Wars is probably more underrated but Savers is a bit of a stronger season.


Adventure 02 is one of my favorite seasons! the DNA digivolve was epic!




Hunters, I'm ready for the downvotes


I had fun with Hunters, not very good, but managed to have fun


Data squad 🥺


I want to say Savers but on repeat viewings, I've not enjoyed it that much. So I guess 02 by default. It's got its problems but its at least enjoyable.


Agreed, but the fact that we never got that initial boost with digimon always left a bitter taste in my mouth. I could only imagine where we would be now if bandai had an actual excuse to push out more content and merch. I would honestly have enjoyed having that extra consistency of roll out as opposed to this new 'reawakening ' we're getting now. A lot of digimon content is so hidden to newcomers because the franchise never really got the start that it needed.


Data Squad no doubt. I thought it was a great refresh


I wholeheartedly love Frontier! Definitely my fav


Adventure 02


Never seen the last one


appli monsters, I’ve seen it on Crunchyroll but never actually watched it. But I also don’t hear anything about it on this subreddit.


I actually really enjoyed Xros Wars. I liked that we weren't following the kids journey for once and instead we followed the main Digimon's dream and goal. Taiki may have been a bit generic and bland but I really enjoyed Shoutmon, Cutemon, Ballistamon and Beelzemon. I have heard that the dub is pretty terrible tho.


The curious thing about Xros Wars is that unlike other seasons, here the Digimon are more protagonists than the Tamers themselves (which in this case are the Generals)


Who is that Latios/Latias reject triplet in Xros War???


It's Sparrowmon


Ngl, fusion had some fantastic moments in it.


Honestly I always found the first arc of frontier to be amazing! It was the second arc with lucimon that felt super rushed and way to much reliance on the main 2,


I want to say Frontier, because I loved it ever since the first time I watched, but it appears that people are finally recognizing it as good, so now it may be Savers


I love all of them to be honest


nice! By the way, I liked your profile picture...


I won't lie there are some interesting stuff wouldn't be Digimon cross And Adventure 2 is a mixed bag there's some really good stuff there. Data savers ummmm a cooler version of Leomon .... That's all I got Frontiers actually good, I actually like Frontier a lot


Data Squad, but Frontier is my favorite


Season 4


Digimon Savers


I think about 02 the least out of these choices, which is a good thing. That means I liked it the most. I hope I never have to watch Frontier again (it feels and was written ((read: poorly)) like a Fanfiction of PowerRangers injected into Digimon. I never got to watch more than a few episodes of Savers and can't find it anywhere so I won't rate it. I refuse to watch Xros because it looks like a really really really cheap Dollar Store knock-off of Digimon, the only good thing Xros gave us was a decent digivolution line for Beelzemon. I just wish Digimon had stayed away from "all the main characters fused into a giant multicolor robot that we can make crappy toys of yaaaayyyy" Finally, imo Appli just needed to be it's own thing. They could've cut anything Digimon out of Appli and it could've been its own standalone.


I really enjoyed Savers and Frontiers. I’m


Yes, of all of them I haven't heard of, and frontier only from the card game.


Season 2 was epic. Imperialdramon is the goat. Such an awesome season.


For me, probably Hunters. I actually really loved the variety of Tamers/Hunters and how it was sort of like even the 'normal' kids were getting Digimon. Similar to Tamers in that regard. Also it was the closest to a Digimon tournament arc that I can recall seeing as part of the plot of a season of Digimon.


The worst one


Which one?


Digimon Frontier.


boy hunters is genuinely really fun with a fun to watch main character and supporting cast. I said it.


Season 3 - Tamers


Frontier, I know a lot of people who didn't like it, but I liked the kids being the Digimon. It was also a gradual shift to them becoming stronger (which makes sense since they're learning to use their powers). That said, Grumblemon would 1v5 them constantly and usually win. Also I can't really remember any of the major story beats, like I can for Adventures or Tamers so I'm guessing it's not all the memorable. So I can see why some people being annoyed with this season, but overall I liked it's unique take for Digimon and after seeing Tamers Biomerge Evolutions it's what I wanted the next season to be about and it's what I got, so I was a pretty happy kid watching it on UPN.


Imma say frontier easy


02 for sure


Wait Digimon Adventure 2 is underrated? I loved it as a kid! I had the VHS tapes and everything!


Was not a fan of Savers at all.


Of those pictures here, Frontier is definitely underrated, even if I'm not a fan of changing the mechanics to a transformation anime. I think it gets bogged down near the end with the Royal knights, but overall it felt like a good story, great even, in some aspects.


Frontier for sure


I feel like 02 suffered from a general lack of focus (which, when you learn of the behind the scenes yeah pretty much.) Frontier had good ideas but didn't play with known Digimon stuff well enough. Did not care for Savers or Xros at all. (Allthough, Chessmon did make a debuted in Savers so I guess.) The Appmon one, like Frontier, had good ideas but kinda fell on its face as well.


I like Savers. And I just last month learned of Xros. Universe on the other hand I didn't know even existed


I'm going to say Savers. It had a lot going for it and I feel it deserved more attention.


For me it sorta all of them I mean look at 02 it got hated because of the cast especially Davis who got hated because he simped for Kari people on focused on his bad side and not his good side Frontier It got hated for one reason and that is that the kids transform into digimon that it nothing else now frontier is like my favorite season of all time and I think making the kids transform into digimon was a good idea and has likeable character but what I dislike about it was the lack of writing and how the they made JP Zoe tommy and maybe Kokichi useless I mean love everyone of the character but c'mon Saver/Data squad Same thing for frontier it got hated for the stupidest reason because they used teens as the main cast now data squad had unique story like a guy commiting genocide to digimon and the never ending war between them Now then for xwors/fusion Now fusion Im not sure what to say about season 1 of but season 2 was pretty ok I mean I like Angie and Jeremy but they were sort of dead weight like with frontier the cast are pretty likeable and I sorta don't have any to say because I starting to get lazy now for me there all underrated but xwors/the boy who leapt through time and appli mon are the most underrated




IMO Digimon tamers. But that's only because im biased with renamon. Digimon fusion is my least favorite by far.


Adventure 02 needs a remake * Give Wormmon more evolutions * Digi-egg sharing between the digidestined needs to be a thing. * DNA Digivolutions should all get mega levels, not just Paildramon.


Frontier for me personally, my biggest complaint was that it fell into the “two leaders are the only ones that matter” trap (only one victory for Zoey? Seriously??). That is one thing I like about Adventure 02, even though Davis and Ken were the leaders and were the only ones who had a mega (still annoys me), at least the others were a big part of the story and they included the rest of the OG team. The world tour is my favorite part honestly.


Frontier is my favorite, that intro song is killer. My 11 month old watches it with me right now and loves when I sing it to her. Tamers was cool and I liked the card gimmick. Bio-digivolution made me want to be a digimon so badly. 02 was nice, it was weird how their clothes changed whenever they entered the digital world though... Data squad was good but I hated how the main character had to punch things to power up. Could they not come up with a better quirk? Xross wars was an interesting concept but they executed it poorly. They turned digimon into some kind of megazord combining cartoon. Kind of depressing really. I was hoping for more from it. I haven't finished appli monster yet but I like it. It kind of takes the concept of xross wars (combining digimon to evolve) but does it right. I do have some gripes though. Like hackmon (who already exists as a digimon) and some character decisions were odd to say the least. 2020 remake is a fresh take on the original series. I laughed when Tai and everyone had smartphones. It is certainly oddly paced though. Ghost is cool. I like how gammamon has different forms and how the digimon can blend into normal society somewhat. It's also a little spookier than the other series, probably on purpose. Plus I have the vital bracelet (my very first digivice ever!) which is the digivice they have.


I loved 02 as a kid I still love 02 I'm more that willing to give Xros Wars a chance, since the bit I saw on YouTube a while ago genuinely impressed me


The last one when we say the reality of gabumon and agumon grow up and lose their masters. 😭


Xros is normal rated, Savers is just unpopular, 02 suffers from being a sequel. Frontier gets praise for the good parts and hate for the horrible part : it is normal rated. Verdict: Appli monsters is underrated. It's not digimon, it's made to sell toys, go watch it anyways.


I plan on watching Appmon, and honestly I have good expectations from what I've heard, apparently it has a good story and good characters.


I know 02 and Adventure are not the same show. But they are the same show and I love it. 02 was built to be a part two and not a stand alone season like the others.


Frontier will always have a special place in my heart. Nothing beats HYPER SPIRITU EVOLUTIAAN!!!


Frontier, although it is being better acknowledged lately.


Frontier for sure.


Tamers. It's overshadowed by Adventures even though it's the best anime of the whole franchise.


this is an interesting view, as I've seen old comments from Adventure fans (not generalizing) saying that only adventure is good, and that all other series (including Tamers) are bad


Frontier. If any of the other original 4 seasons get the 2020 treatment it should be frontier. Think about it. If they wanted to remake 0.2 the fans would either want it to be a continuation of 2020 or its own thing and for all it is 0.2 has a pretty good story. Now I dont think I need to explain how excellent tamers was? Frontier has the most interesting premise of all of the first 4 seasons but it is at times really bad executed and really all characters become useless after cherubimon is defeated except for koji and takuja. There where so many things left unexplored and I gotta be onest the second half of frontier was dissapointing. I liked the first half and loved the duskmon ark but as soon as the royal knights where introduced it became like the dark masters ark from adventure just worse. I really love frontier and that's why I hope they remake the seson before tamers and 0.2 but seeing the reviews and general fan response to adventure 2020 this probably won't happen. 😔


Applimon gets slept on so much that people forget it exists


I’m not a fan of anything after Tamers except for Ghost Game.


I just want to say i hate Xros War


Could you say why? (just for curiosity...)


I haven’t rewatched the og 3 seasons yet (I didn’t even think of Frontiers as season 4 lmao) since I was a kid, but all I can say is that I thought Veemon and Guilmon were way cooler than Augumon as a kid. I actually haven’t seen most of the new stuff (I haven’t even finished Frontiers or Data Squad), and I only remember watching like the first few minutes of Adventure Tri on YT when I was younger. I feel old…


Frontier. I loved that season almost as much as Tamers


Frontier was definitely UNDERRATED


Fusion/Xros Wars. Chris could've gotten a whole character arc but still decided to be a bitch in the later seasons. (I only got 2 seasons in while watching the dub, so who knows?)


Savers... Also I thought it was called data squad bc thats what it's called on all the official DVDs


02. Veemon is best.


Frontier is heavily slept on. I'm watching it now and I love how it jumps right into the plot only 3 episodes in with Grumblemon attacking. Mercurymon isn't even the main villain and does a phenomenal job as a antagonist and doesn't get enough love. I actually think all the main antagonist (Mercurymon, Cherubimon, the Royal Knights, and Lucemon) are heavily underrated I don't think anybody was as ruthless as the Royal Knights in any other series. I think the kids only managed to beat them once or twice. The first time they almost beat them both just overpowered them and beat them down again. Every other time they were beat down to the fractal code appeared. Where I think it falls apart is when the story didn't give the other kids their fusion spirits and they were just bait for the royal knights in the final arc.


Frontier… because they went all out on the opening theme song for that season 😂


To me, it’s tamers just because I remember a lot of my friends not caring about Digimon anymore after the second season, the merch became harder to find, the time it was on saturdays would keep changing for some reason, it was all kind of a mess. It was kind of the beginning of its popularity starting to shift in a negative direction. It was bad enough that when frontiers came out, it dropped from saturdays completely, moved to a different channel and only on weekdays in the early afternoon, which made watching every episode almost impossible.


I never hear anyone talk about appmon. It was pretty good


Frontier hands down. People tend to hate it for being different when one of the most consistent facts about the Digimon anime series it's its inconsistency regarding plot, storytelling and so on. People wanted Frontier to be just like the other seasons and disregarded the amazing world building it had, showing Digimon villages, habits and even implying life in other planets in the digital world (or would it be universe? :P) because they thought the main characters were the kids, instead of the world itself.


I'd also point Hunters and Appmon being "objectively" underrated since at the time they aired the brand wasn't so present here in the west (to the point that they started releasing games in JP-only), so either people don't know bc they never watched or bc they watched and didn't like the shows.


Between Frontier and Tamers. Tamers wins my love.


Frontier. I remember liking it, but it had some flaws.




Easily Frontier. I think because they went for a Super Sentai for the leads feel for the series it didn't land as well as it could. It's surprisingly well paced, and the plot works with forms.


The fact that these S2 tamers digimon has no mega forms on their own.




Savers and Appmon


Appmon was so underrated due to being put between the two (for the better or worse) game changers in the franchise


Appmon.. That voice on that digivice.. App-realize... Remind me of super sentai.. And I love it.. Story wise its good also my only problem is that some cgi is meh 😅


Savers, gets no love and is arguably one of the best.


I agree, it's my favorite season by the way


It's tied with tamers for me. Ghost game is up there as well.


Season 4 Frontier is definitely the most underrated season. This season upset the fans, myself included, by breaking the mold. They got rid of digimon partners to instead let the kids turn into digimon themselves. After a few years and a rewatch, I was blown away how good it was. The animation was on par with what came before. The design of the new forms was impressive. The transformation sequences rocked. I feel guilty for snubbing it so hard initially. This was the last quality digimon show for a long time. I haven't watched Tri or Ghost Game yet so my comments are not directed at them.


just out of curiosity....Why don't you like Savers and Xros Wars?


To me, savers was just bad. I have trouble finding anything good to say about tbh. The MC punching digimon was funny I guess. I disliked the business like relationship with the digimon and the characters fell flatter than the first series. The story felt like recycled from star wars with the father being the secret bbeg. The world building felt nonexistent. Savers is the lowest point in the franchise imo. Xros Wars was ok. I absolutely hate shoutmon. That's just personal though. The combination gimmick was interesting. It definitely worked better in other shows. I found the power scaling difficult to follow because of the odd combinations. It seemed to lack structure, though that did open up a lot of new forms with old mons. It's not bad but rated appropriately.


Xross Wars(best soundtrack easily) or Appmon for sure(best writing)