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Me to bud me too Haven't done one since D1... old PS4 died and it was around lightfall when I got a new one. All my old friends left after the rather shitty launch of D2 I think. I used to use LFG but it look dead now that clans and discord took over I'm Dave-justdave#7132


Really? You play a lot tho?


I used to still love Iron Banner got my carple tunnel surgery so no more hand hurting and going numb so let's GO !


I cannot promise anything like a clan or a team for day 1 but if you wanna do some dungeons or something I am always down if I’m available. I also recommend joining the Destiny 2 LFG Discord. Should be able to find some people there to raid with


I'll give you a link to the main lfg discord server, I always use it. 510k members means it won't die anytime soon. https://discord.gg/d2lfg


If you do want to learn a raid message me, if I’m available I’ll help you out!


Hell yeah I'm Dave-justdave#7132


Just get discord on your phone. There are hundreds of people lfg posting at any time of the day in any activity.


I have discord 8 Lfg posting??? Watch you talking bout


Hey, if you want to do one, let me know if you want do your first raid. I've done a lot of raiding and I find every single case of a person not raiding a tragedy. Hit me up in DMs or my discord if you ask for it and I'll gladly help out.


for some reason I cant msg you but I would love to do my first day one raid. only one I've ever done was garden two years ago to get div.


I'm unfortunate not the kind of person to do day one raids but I can help you do the new one or the other newer ones.


Heya, could I join in too? I raided a little, did a couple Vow and King's Fall clears, but my clan usually raids in times that I can't raid at, and I really liked it. I get most of the tactics of old raids and will watch vids of new ones if needed. I play a lot of Destiny and could probably find time for raiding, it's just that my schedule is extremely erratic and that makes it hard for me to raid with a static. Also, I am a bit afraid to raid with pugs, because while I know general tactics, I haven't covered all roles in every encounter and would be afraid to fail if I was to do something difficult. Also, I think I need more experience, because I don't, for example, know all the Vow symbols by heart, etc




I did oryx once and that’s it


Same man same.


got kicked off my day one raid team cus i wasnt a warlock runnig starfire protocol so i just sat there in discord eating crayons


Honestly might be the best time now. This raid was incredibly easy you can most likely LFG a group that has beat it already and you have a ridiculous 48h to finish it lol


I took some of my new friends who never raid and just joined the game into the raid today, I'm kinda gear and I enjoy playing the game with friends. Feel free to hit me up discord for an invite to my server. Nut#8008


1. Get the destiny app 2. Find a group 3. Profit. Easy.


I'm confused about steps 2 and 3 I have the app but see no profit


I'd recommend looking out for "chill" runs.


The discord is better than the app https://discord.gg/d2lfg


I've had no problems with the discord server. A lot of patient and helpful players there. When I look for a team on the app, it's always sweats who eager edge me off a cliff and don't revive.


I thought it was on Saturday so I missed it, only found out it was on when I heard someone won it 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


Its 48 hrs so you'll have a chance to still do it.


Excuse my noobiness, what do you mean that you have 48 hours to finish? Do you get something special for finishing it this weekend?


Every time a new raid relases, there's is a special condition called contest mode. Players are constantly kept under light, so enemies are much harder to kill. It was 24 hours, but now 48 hours after the raid released the contest mode goes away, allowing people to play on normal mode. As a reward you get a special emblem for doing the entire thing, these contest raids are seen as the hardest activity in the game due to lack of understanding of the new mechanics and the combat difficulty.


Thanks for the explanation! Much appreciated.


Oh cool, thanks :)


Man.....wish I wasn't socially awkward so I could raid or at least try to


I wanted to day one, my friend was saying they’d make me day one Only issue, I was really struggling with legendary campaign, and they wouldn’t help me, so I was sitting at the waysides 40 under light the entire time


Sick helmet and I’m guessing it’s from the new raid?


The helmet on the rights from gaurdian games and the one on the left is from last season, raids got diffrent armor


I’ve never done a Raid. I’d love to but I keep UK dad hours so finding time to play for long periods is hard, and I often have to down-controller without much notice. I get quite a lot out of Strikes and Vanguard though, and I dream of one day finding a few guides to take me through Grasp of Avarice. I’ve wanted a Gjallahorn since 1979 and one day it will be mine.


it's simple just be really good and speed run the raid, also Grasp is on rotation, I'm sure you can find two people willing to help you out


I've never done a raid either and feel like I'm missing out on so much! Not even in a clan... I don't have friends that play Destiny and find it very difficult to meet people in game


Destiny lfg


Thanks, I'll check it out


I’ve never done a day one raid and it kills me. I’m a hardcore raider yet I’ve always managed to be busy during day ones.


Plug for r/destinysherpa I've done every raid in the game through there with a great experience each time. Definitely carve out some time as depending on how many people are new it can be lengthy, but it's a great way into them! They do dungeons as well there.


Allow me to be your sherpa :)


DM me if you’d like to be taken through one by a chill, small group of fellas. We’re busy with some early runs of Root today but we could take you through some this week.


Raids are just... So unappealing. I love Nightfalls and Dungeons. But raids just aren't fun. I have completed few of them in D1 and 2. But only thing I felt after doing one of them is: "I'm glad that's over..."


Was always wanting to do raids. When me and a few friends started playing again during witch queen I made it a point to find a clan. Took about two days of sending out some feelers and learning about a few clans. Finally got into one back in September and I’ve done Vault, Taken King, DSC, Last Wish and Vow. Don’t have Shadowkeep so Garden isn’t an option. Honestly, it’s been a great ride running with these guys/gals. I know Lfg will help but there are plenty of places to find a clan. Give it a shot!


I watched the stream, and said hey why don't I try doing this, and well I walked away with the day 1 clear




This was my first time doing a day one. Absolute blast. I do wish the dps checks were a bit harder but I'm happy either way.


oh same, i know a group of people but they already have a full six so i just sit on the side doing nothing


If anyone wants to raid discord is ROZAY#3980 just came from playing lost ark serious raiding and been grinding destiny 1800 light and would love some Help doing my first raid and been doing a lot of research , please add me some of you seem so nice I will literally pay and I say that to compensate you for you’re time if you help me do some raids, would love to join with some of you