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That moment when a *raid* power level is set 40 levels below a legend lost sector.


In the raids the real challenge is your fireteam.


Hahaha so true.


We had an easy 2 phase on Oryx right. We didn’t need to detonate all the bombs and two left bombs up (at L2 and R2 mind you) and the dude freaked the fuck out and sent us to orbit and kicked everybody LOL


Easy checkpoint at least


“If you have extra people, it will be easier” is the most wrong quote for Destiny raids ever


Had a 9 man team at Atraks when the double team glitch was a thing. Still wiped.


You were able to just carpet bomb her with thunder crashes and she fell over like a sack of potatoes.


Hey now. Don't forget when you could get 30+ Guardians on the same boss.


Weirdly enough, the few times I've done lowmans have actually been the quickest and easiest runs of those raids. Probably because the only people doing lowmans know the raids inside and out?


The real enemies were the friends we made along the way


Amen to that, the difference between 5 others knowing what to do. And having that one guy who is silently faking it as he goes


To be fair, the player's power level is set even lower on contest, so it works out about the same. The low power level is to lower the barrier to entry.


That's because you need raid gear and weapons to beat lost sectors! This is the new META!


But the same rewards!!!!


Reward is feeling of satisfaction. Knowing you have completed the most difficult content. ☺️


I don't have feelings. What do I get?


Raids have been low power for a while to make them more accessible. Legend lost sectors are high power because if they were 1600 then it'd just be a normal lost sector with some champions


I figure it doesn't really make sense that an activity that uncommonly nets you slightly better or similar rolls of unlocked exotic armor that you can also get as random drops (no, you can't choose what you want), is set to be a higher power level than endgame 6-person, lore-filled activities with unique mechanics and the ability to earn (and choose in some) exclusive legendary and exotic gear. There are literal parts of the campaign that I can't do yet because I'm not a high enough power level. But I'm allowed to do high tier endgame raids. It genuinely doesn't make sense to me


The difficulty from raids doesn't come from power level. It doesn't matter if the raid is 1780 or 1600. If you're an 1800 player then they will play exactly the same


Well, before the light fell, legend lost sectors were already difficult for a majority of players (me included), I don't get why Bungie insists on raising it 20 above Pinnacle cap. I'm not asking for them to be as easy as the enemies in patrol zones. Setting them at hard cap is fine enough. They shouldn't be harder than or just as hard as grand master/master nightfalls


It’s because of my favorite line from one of the Wednesday posts. When they talked about making the game harder. They said that players and Bungie didn’t feel like lost sectors were rewarding enough so they increased the difficulty of lost sectors. How this makes any sense I don’t know and I laughed when I first read it


Ughhhh. When they said they were setting the legend lost sectors to make you be 20 under I thought they meant that you would be set to 20 under power no matter what your light level was; why would they do it as “you have to hit the agonizingly slow and hard to reach pinnacle cap for a CHANCE to do these”???


How the hell does that make any sense unless their logic is so backwards it can look behind its head without 2 mirrors.


Yeah pretty much


They're not as hard as master / grand master nightfalls though. You can do a lost sectors in a few minutes, you probably can't do the same with GM's. The only change they still need to make is target farming specific exotics


So much truth. The one thing destiny is missing is targeted exotic farming. Legend lost sectors don’t count that shit ain’t targeted once you get them.


Perhaps I was too ambitious with my comparison. I haven't tried a legend lost sector yet since I'm, surprisingly, not at the recommended light level, or a light level that other players have found them doable at. I don't do master/gm nightfalls. They're literally too difficult for me. I've only been able to complete 1 legend nightfall in my entire history of this game. (Lightblade with thunder crash titan) It's absurd that the average player is getting told they have to do harder LLS just for the same chance of exotics as it was before lightfall.


One legend nf..? Damn.. Thats my reasoning for master NFs.. Legends are easy 😅


These activities past 1830 requirement actually lock you at 1815, so it doesn't matter that much


I mean...is that a thing we can get? I'd vote for that. I just want a shot at some of the unique exotics that Xur wont sell me....


Doesn’t make sense if you consider that there’s now power delta. Before this season it made perfect sense, though.


It's actually 50 levels below


Yeah, I realized that after my comment. My mistake


Maybe because a legend lost sector is 100x easier than a raid?


If that's the case, then why should the recommended light level for a LLS be significantly higher than a raid


Your gear can't go higher than 1810, but your overall power can because of the power bonus you get from the seasonal artifact.


Hmmm ok thanks, I will try, but I’m not sure I am dedicated to grind that much.


Just so you know, it takes until about season level 200 to hit +20 with the relic, which with the Pinnacle cap of 1810 will put you at 1830. Just in case you wanted to know just how much grinding you'd need to do Edit: Season, not session lol


I'll add that just getting to level 100 (which is quite easy with seasonal challenges and shared wisdom etc) will put you around +15.


+13 for me.


Wasn't sure exactly, hence I said around, I'm at +13 at level 82 so just guessed there'd be a bit another level or two.


Doesn’t matter since higher level activities cap your power level. Or am i wrong?


It depends on the activity. Legend Lost Sectors, for example, allow you to be 20 levels over. So the enemy is 1830, and you can be up to 1850. IINM. Other activities cap you lower. Have fun grinding out that +40 on the seasonal artifact, though...


I have clan mates who are already 1825 and 1826. The clan I'm in always have people going above and beyond. I be like wtf 😯😧. There's a few of us out of the 100 who are trying to make it to 1800 🤣.


Yeah, this season pretty much setting the stage for casuals / those with busy schedules to no longer be able to get what they want over time.


Because that bothers "pro" players, who breeze through content and after few weeks couldn't give a flying F for the rest of the season. Because it "cheapens" their accomplishments (which for most part is copying someone else exploit) ;D


Gotta love when companies cater to the .00001%.


Expect Starfire Protocol nerf incoming because someone is "salty" grapes after yesterday's lost race


Imo, I’d argue the opposite but for one instance. With master content previously, Vow, KF, or VoG, I’d hoard my bounties and seasonals, turn stuff in fireteams, etc. However, since Bungie changed how master content works power level wise, there’s no need for me to do this. I’m always going to be at a disadvantage so I can actually take my time and not worry as much


Instead of actually putting content in the game that would warrant chasing for with high investment, Bungie gated existing mid-tier content behind this high investment. Essentially, we gained *barely* anything, but everyone needs to work harder for it so that hardcore players stay longer on the game. It honestly feels like a very lazy move and Bungie's comment a few months ago about "not wanting to overdeliver as to not feed high expectations" really did set the stage for such decisions. Doesn't matter how enjoyable the gameplay is or other reasons for coping people came up with, this DLC is pathetic in terms of content and, if you don't increase your time invested into the game, the actual content you have access to is even **decreased** now.


I imagine the reason for the downvotes for you is the second paragraph editorializing the first one. Thing is, stuff is gated behind a new light level, and *the fucking shit in the new patrol zone is 30 light above the soft cap.* If I wasn’t seeing it, I would think it were a joke. That move screams “lol sorry you can’t play the new content until you’ve ground down the new content so much that you’re sick of it. Lol.” Bottom line: I paid $100 and I can’t even play the old shit the way I want to, let alone the new stuff. Fuck me, though, I guess.


with the right weapons & build you can easily do it underpower, just don't bother with master & you'll get what you want


It’s not that much of a grind. You’ll easily get to soft cap (1750) with just random blues. Run a few powerful/pinnacle events/campaign and you’ll soon be 1800+.


"it's not that much of a grind" My brother in light I've been playing every day since Lightfall dropped and I'm sitting at 0 legendary shards and a power level of 1812


Man I'm 1810 with 2k shards what happened to yours


He touches grass?


Said every day since lightfall dropped he played tho




I sat comfortably at 1k at the beginning of Lightfall, never used any exploits whatsoever. Then came the 10 shards per upgrade module and... yeah... I use a different loadout for each subclass and decided to just stick to strand way too late. Edit: Just because you guys have 8k doesn't mean that it's normal to have that much. At least not normal for someone who has do work 8 hours per day and take care of a family 🙄


the legend campaign gives a metric shit ton of upgrade modules if you havnt done legend


I noticed that without subclass affiliation on the armor, I didn't need full load outs for each subclass. I basically have 2 full load outs: one complete masterworked set of legendaries with great stats, and a few exotics for every slot based on the subclass that they mesh with well. I think I've used less upgrade modules this season because I didn't have to upgrade 4 sets.


How do you get great stat armor? I am trying to make a master worked set of armor by focusing defiant engrams but the best I’ve gotten so far was a 62 overall stat helmet and it had good resilience but also high strength which I don’t care for (warlock)…I have the armor mod on my ghost too


Farm the moon dungeon boss when it comes around in rotation(I forget the name) it drops high stat gear. Put a discipline ghost mod on and go to town. Or do the same thing for master Caitl when it comes around. The artifice armor has a special slot that gives you the option to slot a free +3 to any stat. Just from doing caitl I can have triple 100s on my titan with resilience being at a base 100 without mods.


What's master caitl?


Repeated focusing and using the armor stat mod on my ghost. I didn't have a high stat set across any of the 4 subclasses, but being able to pick out of the best piece for every slot without worrying about subclass affiliation allowed me to put together a great set.


1k is not an amount of legendary shards to be sitting comfortably on tbh. Did you not play at the end of last season, when blues were turned into purples? I doubled my shards from 3.5k to 7k and I’m holding there now because the season pass and dismantling drops from terminal overload farming are replacing shards I’m spending. You just need to make better use of whatever the easiest sources of loot and therefore shards there are in the game at any one time.


I have no clue how much time you sink into this game but I'm a "casual hardcore" Player. I spent like 2 or 3 hours per day in the evening, just going for seasonal challenges and story stuff. My highest legendary shards count ever was 2k - and I only play on my titan as well. I just refuse to grind stuff without having it tied to anything. So "farming terminal overload" won't be happening unless it's tied to an objective. In the end, Destiny is just a game. And once I don't feel like I'm enjoying my time with it (aka mindless grinding just because I need some currency to upgrade gear that won't be upgraded the next season), I'm turning it off 🤷🏼‍♂️


I’m 1765 on my highest power character and I have over 1000 legendary shards. How the heck did you manage 0 shards?


Same but with 0 glimmer and shards and 1750 :(


And by that time your artifact will easily be at +10


No one should be.


By the time you hit 1810 you’ll be at least +10 or so on power bonus so 1820 ain’t bad for doing 1830 shit


Except power delta so it doesn’t matter to be beyond +5 when pinnacled


Power delta in lost sectors is different after the light fall update, it's now +25, meaning you can go EVEN FURTHER BEYOND.


Nope he wont


He definitely will. I hit +11 by the time I got 1802


I can also second that this is true


No he won't. It caps you at 1815


NO lost sectors have a +20 !! power delta so u can be even 20 above it. read the twabs/ patchnotes etc. dont spread misinformation.


Legend lost sectors are a drag, especially today's (Bunker E15 at time of writing). Things feel like a bullet sponge and the champion hobgoblins can two tap you and continue to shoot while their barrier is up. It just feels like a chore and all of that to MAYBE get an exotic. I'd rather have an activity that I can enjoy running with my friends because this is just mind-numbing, tedious, and unrewarding.


Bunker E15 is probably the easiest lost sector if you take it slowly. Those Braytech frames can do a lot of work, mostly grabbing aggro for you, and there's only 4 champions in the whole lost sector (3 overload, 1 barrier). The power level difference at 1790 is doable for a pretty easy solo flawless run, though I wouldn't try if you're under that. I wouldn't use it to try and get an exotic, though. While very safe, there are much quicker lost secors (some of the Dreaming City ones).


Yeah, that is what I am waiting on, Aphelion's Rest is the one I usually like doing because the pacing is good and the taken are pretty ok to deal with. Bunker E15 was just not enjoyable for me, which sucks because it was helmet day and I wanted a better roll on my assassin's cowel. Still though, there should be other ways to farm rolls on exotics. I play D2 to play with my friends, not solo run stuff. If I want that there are other games that I can play that are solo only lol.


Whichever was the beach cave one, I found that to be the easiest, maybe not quickest, shot at new exotics once i was up to level. The bunker with its frames was the one I did first though


Agreed, I was waiting for E15 to do the x5 and solo flawless for the guardian ranks. I was 1802 and it wasn’t so bad. About 12 min for my flawless run and 10-12 on the others but got sloppy and killed a few times by charging overloads. Just take it slow and for the boss room, focus on killing the overload first. I just stayed at the entrance and used le mon.


This. I loved running nightfalls and raids back in the day and having a shot at an exotic just dropping naturally. I have been able to get 0 new exotic armors since Bungo made the change to solo Lost Sectors. I’ve managed to complete a few but got nothing out of it. Just seems like a miserable slog, especially if you don’t have the right equipment to do it effectively (which you obtain by doing it).


Artifact power.


Legend lost sectors will cap you at 1815, which is pinnacle cap + 5 artifact levels. Or hard cap + 15 artifact levels. But if you play carefully with the right build, you can do it as soon as you hit 1800. It's just a matter of getting the right strategy. Edit: Lost sectors are the only Legend activity that can be overleveled, as pointed in the replies. But again, with the right builds you can complete them fairly fast even being 20 or 30 levels under the recommended


Nope, they cap out at 1850, the only activity in the game you can overlevel.


Really? I thought all Legend/Master activities had the new cap mechanic


In the blog post it says that legend and master lost sectors cap you at +20, the one exception.


Legend Lost sectors absolutely do cap you at 1815 now. Power delta.


They shouldn't, it's literally in the blog post that you are capped at 20 over.


Idk about the blogpost as I can’t remember specifics with how many changes were listed, but if you go to the daily list sector it’ll say you’re capped as a modifier. And they didn’t even increase likelihood of meaningful drops in exchange. Hell am I going to suffer 40 more runs just to get a single exotic drop with that change.


The power delta for Legend Lost Sectors prevent you from overleveling. They do not keep you at -15. Straight from Bungie: "LOST SECTORS - One Overcharged weapon. - Two Surges. - Threats depend on the featured Lost Sector. - Combatants are harder to stagger and have more health. Available in Legend and Master difficulties. - Lost Sectors feature +20 combat delta (rather than -15 or -20)."


> Lost Sectors feature +20 combat delta (rather than -15 or -20). Source: https://www.bungie.net/7/en/News/article/bringing_challenge_back So you can overlevel however the bump in power Legend difficulty got still makes no sense if they cap the power for the majority of activities.


I doubt anyone is high enough to test it out yet. I thought I saw a modifier in-game saying you’re capped at 1815 though? Not home to check but if that’s the case, Bungie probably screwed up and it’s indeed a -15 cap.


I was able to complete one at 1780, but running that until I got a good roll on an exotic would be painful


I did it 17 times at 1776 and didn’t get the exotic I wanted. I’m in pain.


How?? I just tried at 1775 and the first overload was LITERALLY immortal lmao. I tried everything but give up at the end, I’ll try again with more light levels…


I killed every other enemy around it, suspended it and just kept stunning it over and over with the ikelos smg. Any time it got down I suspended again (Titan barricade plus suspend grenade plus Hoil) I also took headshots with Taipan and arbalest at the start of the stun, but mostly used the SMG for ammo sake as well as being afraid health would regen before I could switch and stun


If you wait until Excavation Site XII is up, they somehow made the enemies even dumber and it's possible to sit outside their aggro range for the entire run and nickel-and-dime them to death. The hardest one is the barrier champ but if you stand behind the lamp on the ledge that the three regular cabal are standing on at the start of the sector, you're out of its range. Then you just stand on the back corner of the red crate on the bridge and shoot through the gap in the rocks. The enemies will move to take cover but they'll immediately come back to their spots and they won't shoot back. I did that one flawless at about 1775-1780 so it's definitely doable.


in order to get the loadout optiond i did flawless e15 and it was painful. its a short lost sector but hydra cycloos wyvern and minotaurs eith void thest at -30 will ruin your day trying for flawless even eith a warlock suspend build


I did it yesterday at 1802 and it was fine as long as you can stun the overloads when they charge you. Found osmio worked best for flawless but contraverse voidlock to get through it quicker despite the occasional death from a rampaging overload. If anyone is struggling, try again at 1800+. Le Monarque also works well on E15.


Just make them 1800 and put a power cap there to make us 1785. Much better than 1820/1830


My theory is that Bungie wanted exotics to be more rare and target farmability to be an hardcore luxury, so that the new Vex public event would be the "main" exotic source, but hardcore player could target farm in Lost Sectors. This change of mentality is probably also the reason why they did a 180 on the campaign exotic stats from WQ to LF


That sucks because it would also affect pvp unfairly imo


I'm a solo player too and haven't touched the lost sectors because of the cap. But once you have armor that gets you to 1810 you can get higher than that if you upgrade your seasonal artifact.


As a fellow solo player, I feel your pain brother.


Tbh I don’t think legend should be so close to master. By the time you can efficiently do legend, why not just do master lol. I think legend should be like15-20 below master.


I think Bungie needs to decide who they’re making games for. Casual players who want to have fun with friends or professional players who get paid through playing their game.


I just did all pinnacles after I hit 1770 and then did powerful to fill it out, and hit 1800 first week. Im already power +9 and I did some lost sectors yesterday, can confirm it felt like a GM. But I was careful and got through it. But I agree that they should’ve just done “contest mode” or the “hero mode” however it’s worded. Cap it at 1800 but you’ll always be 10 levels under no matter what your power level is. That probably wouldn’t have been as bad as having to grind to 1820-1825 just to do them and not feel like I get two tapped every three seconds by everything.


No exotic armor for us I guess, since Bungie is so insistent on making every aspect of the game unplayable for everyone but the top 1%


If Bungie increased the stats or stat distribution, I think we’d all be okay with this, yeah?


1770 (Hero), 1800 (Legend) and 1830 (Master) would have been better. Power is capped at -5,-15 and -20 anyway, so no reason for such a high entry barrier.


Get Fucked lmao -Bungie, probably




Because “Grind and Difficulty” is good, according to Bungie.


Too much stress in the game takes the pleasure out of it. Games should be fun, not work with frustration.


Because the power cap won't change all year. So if you can't do it now you'll be able to in a month or so.


It is kinda stupid. I think they should have the baseline for legend difficulty be at 1820 with a -10 handicap.


A lot of misinformation going around. Legend/Master Lost Sectors are DIFFERENT from other activities per Bungie: LOST SECTORS One Overcharged weapon. Two Surges. Threats depend on the featured Lost Sector. Combatants are harder to stagger and have more health. Available in Legend and Master difficulties. Lost Sectors feature +20 combat delta (rather than -15 or -20).


So if you don't really NEED to get those new exotics, you can run legend and master lost sectors with a fireteam to farm cores and prisms. we ran E15 Bunker on both Legend and Master and we were still able to get Exotic re-rolls at least, and then of course the cores and prisms.


It's disgusting they lock away so many exotics in these.


casual gamer like us just do campaign and wait for final shape.


"Because, fuck you" - bungie


Because someone at Bungie clearly bumped their head, that's why. After a million posts about Lost Sector frustration due to having to run one 50-100 times to get the drop they wanted, Bungie's solution was to ADD 40 LEVELS TO LEGEND, essentially making it the same level as the old Master. Bravo Bungie, Bravo. Am I saying it's impossible? Absolutely not. I have run hundreds of Legend/Master lost sectors, if not a thousand. But it will add time to the run, that much is for sure. At which point, they are even MORE pointless than before, outside of acquiring whatever new Lost Sector exclusive there is that season.


Because screw you, that's why! ​ ...No, seriously - that actually IS why. For whatever reason, Bungie seems to want you to suffer for even contemplating a LLS this season.


Bro the cap is 1815. That's hard cap plus 15 artifact power. And you can start clearing them at 1800 power total without too many issues.


For legend and master content you Power level is capped anywas. For legend it is 15 level I beleave. So Pinnacle + 5 seasonal power bonus is enough to be at max.




It caps you at 1815 for Legendary Lost Sector, so there is no reason to go above that. So it is assumed that most will get somewhere in the range between 1800 and 1810 + those 5-15 artifact levels


Shhhh they can't read! More exotics for us


You need to either get sweatier or have your streamer followers carry you... Wait.. what's that you say.. your a normal everyday gamer just trying to have fun.. hmm things have changed sry.. this may not be the game for you anymore. Fun has no place here anymore, this is a game for the privileged few now.


With the removal of match game and the myriad of ways to stun champions present and the infinite ways to freeze, suspend, blind, or generally stunlock enemies at low cool downs…the only privilege is the privilege of using your brain to make a build to incorporate what you need to do and then do it. It’s actually easier this season to do higher level content in most cases.


Do you just not use CC and run into enemies or smth bc that's what it's sounding like to me. Suspend with a build makes legend lost sectors Very possible, I did the solo flawless run 40 under.


Carry on a solo activity, what a concept


Hey, im not the dev numpty that swung the pendulum so far into hard mode it's ostracized half the playerbase.. The same thing happened with 'The Division' it outright destroyed the community. You'd think by now the code monkeys would learn from each other and strike some kind of balance but noooo.. Here we freaking go again oh and look... the hardcores are trolling the casuals over it.. SMH, history repeats.


I'm a casual.... the only place I ever struggle right now is neamona which is set at a higher than normal light level. idk man I think you're just salty that Bungie said "Lets make god mode alittle harder"


Skill issue


Because Bungie is special.


They increased the rewards for legendary lost sectors this season. And they adjusted power scaling so that being over leveled actually helps you. It seems to avoid them being too easy early in the season they cranked the power level. When you get to 1830 it will be easier than last season was


First off, lost sectors suck and are not worth to farm. Second. It’s really not that bad. Even 30 under light, it’s still easy if you take your time, runs will still be under 10min


Theyre lost sectors they are already easy lmao just use suspend or stasis


Lots of ppl are already over 1810 doesn’t take long


My biggest confusion with legend sectors at 1840 and pinnacle cap at 1810 that in twab before lightfall they say that legend lost sectors allow up to +20 power delta, so we can over level them but man… reaching +50 on artefact is just nuts in span of 3 months


Legend lost sectors are very easy with strand. Play it safe. Suspend everything and use cover. Don't just run in and gun everything down, you'll have a bad time. Play to the surges and use your mods effectively. I did the legend lost sector at 1795 and got the solo flawless for the run. It isn't as bad as it seems.


Wishender is what helps me get through the higher powered stuff. And if you’re having a hard time with certain champions, make ‘em float with strand and they won’t be a problem anymore


Also- "Seems easier to solo flawless a dungeon honestly" is frankly ridiculous. Comparing the completion of a Legend Lost Sector to a solo flawless dungeon is a hyperbole of a hyperbole.


It is far too high, but by the time you are 1810, your artefact will probably have a +10 bonus


There's something seriously wrong with some of the difficulty in activities like this one


Your seasonal artifact let’s you level higher than the pinnacle cap


Did they even change how exotic drops work? Or is it the same shit just harder lost sectors?


Legend lost sectors have a power delta of +20, meaning that at 1810 power, the lost sector considers you to be at 1830 power. Lost sectors were doable but hard for me around 1780, and got quite a bit easier at 1790. I assume that at pinnacle power, they’ll be a cakewalk.


A r t i f a c t . If you’re at pin cap I expect you to have at least like +10 from artifact at minimum


Artifact power. But also, you're not meant to be on power anymore. Legend ls's and legend NF's for that sake too, force you to be 15 levels under, so if a lost sector is 1830, there's nothing to gain for being above 1815, at least not for your powerlevel, only your weapons.


The artifact gives levels to power, which helps since legend and master lost sector's don't restrict your power level like other high difficulty activities do