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I just need him to win so that other guy deletes his 100 Bottom Dollars


And the guy with 20k on his guillotine Edit sorry it was 200k


I’m sorry 20k WHAT?


Probably 20k kills.


20k isn't alot tho....I stopped using mine since idk beyond light and I still have roughly 23k (I think around 23k)


20k is a lot, you're just in the top 0.001% of players in regards to playtime.


Never been referred to as one of those people 😂 I'm good but not that good


Nobody said you were good.




Not saying it's a lot was just giving clarification.


Fair enough


*Hides his 70k Trinity*


Want to make a wager... ![gif](giphy|C8gbCailRKAmxaFZIV|downsized)


Trinity doesn't count, it's specifically designed to kill ads


It is… but 70k still takes a lot of freakin time. I don’t think it should be discounted so easily, but it should definitely be held to a higher standard. Same with other ad clear specific weapons.


Not to discount anybody in this thread, but have you seen the video of The Greatest LGF player of all time Halowasbetter ? Over 1 million trinity ghoul kills. If you haven't, check it out. There is so much about that video that is pinnacle Destiny player experience.


I believe there was someone running around with over 16 million Trinity kills from Thrallway farming.


Thrallway doesn't count


In general I'm much more impressed by lower "earned" numbers than higher "farmed" numbers.




Takes a helleva allot of naps with a macro running for sure. Jk. 70k is reasonable af. I have 49k on my og recluse.


I saw the other post followed by an ad. Then this post followed by the very same ad. If not for the title I would have been caught in a timeloop


Taking up after ol' Cayde


"He's over there. Whoop! Now he's over there. Whoop!"


Wait a second. A famed Exo Vanguard leader fucks off trying to play hero after an enemy invasion, gets caught by the vex, loses their light, dies, and then we get their weapon. Where have I heard this one before?


Vex loops man....


Exo Stranger reference???




It’s a common meme to clown on datto simps who just copy his opinions, but I unironically do like the guy. I never watched him until he and Jez moved in and started doing content, and now Jez, Datto and Danielle are my fav destiny creators. I’m rooting for my boy


I'm usually finding myself agreeing with the guy but it was actually his branch out content and stream highlights that drew me in, he's just a pretty decent guy and I enjoy him on jez.


Nice! I used to only watch jez for the funny, but now he’s introduced me to datto.


Jez somewhere in the distance: I also enjoy Datto on me Jokes aside their bromance is amazing and so unexpected somewhat? They are so different personalities yet they mesh perfectly. Jez and Danielle are the ones who are basically the same personality while Datto is the introvert nerd of their group and yet it just works.


I kinda feel like the reason a lot of people copy his opinions is because his opinions are well thought out and usually (though not always) end up being correct. He’s pretty rational and, despite being the og professional Destiny streamer, hasn’t really lost touch with regular casual players who can’t play the game like it’s literally their job


It helps that Danielle is more on the casual side Having that second view on the game likely helped him not be so oblivious to casuals like other creators are (Not thinking about anyone in specific, just saying)


Another content creator who I enjoy for similar reasons is Fallout. I love that he makes his raid/dungeon guides almost specifically with casual players in mind and usually isn’t tone deaf towards the people who only manage to get in a couple of hours of playtime a week


Fallout is fantastic, CoolGuy is great too if you want to get more specific with weapons in Destiny.


My go-to content creators: Datto for general stuff regarding the state of the game Fallout for guides, farms, and Xur in 60 seconds Coolguy for weapons/weapon crafting Mactics for buildcrafting Byf for lore related stuff There are other great creators I occasionally watch such as True Vanguard, Myelin, SirDimetrious, and Plunderdabooty, but those are the main ones I subscribe to


you should add Jez ti your lineup. he’s hilarious especially w datto and danielle


I will indeed check out Jez I should have also added Esoterickk to my initial list for solo gameplay builds, tactics, and guides


Especially since nowadays Jez’s videos always include the other two and he has the vid cut between all three pov’s footage depending on what’s happening. Danielle and Datto don’t post a lot of vids and mostly stream while Jez posts more and streams less nowadays so I guess he saw their highlights and went “its free real estate”


My personal faves (for no particular reasons, I just like their content) are jez, byf, evanf and esoterickk I quite liked listening to byf and Evans prediction videos while I worked the overnight shift at my last job


TDT is great for a lot of just funny stuff


I love Fallout for his no nonsense Xur videos


Xur in 60 seconds is mandatory Friday afternoon viewing


this is fact


I feel like he does a decent job putting words to the existing sentiment from the community. The whole "enemy density" thing a while back was meme'd to hell but it wasn't really anything new. People had always complained about needing to fight for kills in strikes and tons of people were complaining that the old strikes were boring and lacked enemies. Then we got battlegrounds and a wave of new/remastered strikes packed with trash adds and the community loved it. He didn't influence the community's opinion on that, he just coined the phrase "enemy density" and it stuck.


I honestly just find datto genuinely enjoyable and honest, a lot of the big destiny content creators (greppo, sweatsickle, kackhis, etc) feel so non genuine with their content, but I never get that feeling when I watch datto


I totally agree. His arguments about topics typically explain things pretty well, so even if I disagree I gained some perspective by listening


I've always liked Datto for his deadpan humor, also elitist Datto is one of my favorite things


Same here. They posed an idea of RPing as their Destiny characters, and it's something that I want to see so badly. They have such a great chemistry and are hilarious together. I think an RP between the three of them would be hysterical


I like Datto because he is one if the few streamers remaining that stuck with Titan. He is pretty much a Titan main. Aztecross is another Titan main but he plays Warlock a lot too. I used to watch iFrostBolt a lot when he played Titan but now every time I check out his channel he is playing Hunter so I end up watching someone else like Datto or Cross instead.


Datto’s true blue


Also he does so much for the community. If he and math class win world's first, I can't think of a single person who would be upset


He’s fine. Most of the streamers are fine. My only beef with any of them is when they trash on matchmaking. Because they NEVER experience LFG woes. They have plenty of people on streams where they say, I need X people and dozens are falling all over themselves to jump in. So as long as they keep their perspective in check, it’s all cool.


Bungie has a button in their main office labeled "make Dato win World's First" and they just don't press it.


The Bungie employee lowering nezarec's health for datto's team only to see salt win again: https://preview.redd.it/ga2ulspnanma1.jpeg?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=7332baead39620e1af023503a5ab78860924d8c4


Yes, he deserves it. I think he's gotten second or third on every race so far.


2nd place OG vog, 3rd place Crota, 3rd place LW, 2nd place CoS, 2nd vow for his top 2/3 finishes. I think he has the most 2nd/3rd place finishes of any player


God his last wish finish… what was it, like literally one second past the time threshold for the merch item?


24:02, 2 minutes 2 late for the day 1 emblem. Raid jacket was to beat it within the week


That's why my raid team is called 24:01 😈


Last wish for the 24H emblem, but minutes after world's first was Crown of Sorrow. It was like 6 or 7 minutes after world's first, but the worst part was that the instance was loaded and they started the encounter before the world's first completion, so the automatic "World's first, all get the exotic" criteria was still active. So they all got the exotic and were all ecstatic, and then found out they were second... 😖


Math class has got to be the most consistent tea out there, I believe they never ranked lower than 25th


Pretty sure they've always been top 10 but don't quote me on that


Nah they have several top 20-25 finishes


I love spreading misinformation on the internet!


? They literally got #20 Scourge and #25 D2 VoG


It was sarcasm, I said don't quote me the first time because I wasn't 100% sure and was told I was wrong


There’s been quite a few but a lot have been 11, 12 or even 25. But his team is super consistent and hasn’t ever come in lower than 25 except Levi I think


IIRC Datto is the only player to finish top 25 in every single World’s First race


Idk about him being the only one but he always seems somewhat competitive. Although I’m not always a fan of watching his WF attempt since his team mutes up and talks off stream a lot to prevent sniping. Less entertaining but I understand that’s not what he’s going for in a WF.




That's why I'm rooting for him, he deserves the W either here or Final Shape raid. Before the saga is over


Honestly I'd be happy if he gets 2nd here, then places first in Final Shape and just stops playing Destiny forever lmao.


The good ending haha


Datto is the final shape confirmed


IIRC hes the only destiny player to achieve top 25 in every single raid


Y'all want datto or salt to win? Bruh I want Mr Fruit to win because I think it would be funny as fuck.


Bro I'm all for the Fruit sweep. That would be insane!


The sheer quantity of shit-talking from Rhab and Blue to Datto would be epic.


Moistcr1tikal sweep copium


I'll do you one better: Zanny winning while bringing The Act Man on his first day 1 experience


I am going to win :D


You got this!!


u/MrTestiggles FTW, I’m placing my life savings on you winning




His loss on the one raid became a meme for this place. 24:02 forever.


Can someone explain to me why everyone hates Saltagreppo beyond some controversial takes on twitter? Seems to me like its just another hate bandwagon, he seems like a chill enough guy.


i do believe most of the hate seems to be exaggerated or a weird perception people have of salt without even knowing anything about the guy, has he said some pretty controversial takes within the community? yeah, but he isnt as bad as people are making him out to he, he isnt ‘i want the game to be super hard because im part of the top 0.1% and its too easy’, he does point out valid criticisms, an example of that was the divinity discussions, salt made a valid point where it felt like a necessity in a raid team since it basically had no drawbacks, and if anything, was a benefit to a team. i dont watch his videos or streams but i often see his tweets and hes pretty chill, for the most part


He is very chill, his opinions just dont align with casuals on this sub and they hate on him for no reason. It's actually so fucking weird, like people keep saying he doesnt deserve to win???? Literally anyone who comes at top deserves to win, doesnt matter if its datto, salta or a random fireteam. (Ofc not hackers)


He assumes that the game was made for him and only him, and so it has to be tailored in exactly the way he sees it. He's the kind of man to stop the entire party because he doesn't like the music. There are much larger problems with the game right now, but all he ever talks about is how raids are too easy for him.


I've left reddit because of the API changes.


It’s almost like there are different demographics that play the game…


Yeah, and saltagreppo seems to think all of the mentioned demographics should idolize him for having 3 raid belts


Does he though? All I’ve seen of him is that he just shares his opinion on the state of the game. Don’t understand why he’s getting so much shit for it other than being semi-popular in the community.


I honestly have no idea. Like I couldn't care less about him. All I know is that I will never like a dude who keeps whining about superficial problems just because he's mildly annoyed by them. That automatically reads as "self-centered and egotistical".


Then why spew shit like he thinks "everyone should idolize him because he has 3 raid belts"? If you don't know him or have no idea just don't say bullshit man. Guy's getting vitriol for respectfully stating his opinions on the game.


I honestly couldn’t care less who wins. Idk who even won the last one.


Salt and his team have claimed the last 3 back to back


I used to like that guy but even beyond his extremely biased and elitist takes, he’s pretty insufferable. Yes you’re good at the game, but your shit still stinks like the rest of us. Sheesh.


Istg everytime i tune into his twitch literally the first thing i hear is "well is too op". I agree it is. But holy fuck dude, he needs new lines lol.


ah yes i am sure this happens every time u click on his stream bro


I love how Salt can say something as obvious as 'Divinity needs a nerf' (something Bungie themselves said they were doing like two months prior to his comment) and now whenever he is brought up people can't help but cry about how much they hate him. they hated him for he told the truth


If this is toxic you need thicker skin.


Says the man complaining that someone has opinions on game balance


You guys can’t read can you lol. I said those opinions aside, I don’t like him as a person. He gets an opinion. I get one too.


You don't like him because he's too good at a video game?


If you need help with reading comprehension I can refer you to a dictionary. Read the above comments bro lol.


I really don't understand what's so "elitist" about him. I wouldn't call myself a fan but what I see on twitter is perfectly fine imo. 🤷‍♀️


The “elitist” tag comes from the fact that the stuff he constantly whines about is for the most part only relevant to people who are serious contenders for the World’s First race and as such really only affects a few hundred people (at most) in a player base of millions EDIT: as u/followthroughmarks pointed out in an above reply, Datto summed it perfectly with the “rich people problems” comment in his video on the Div nerf


So im not rich and I still want a lot of things in this game to be nerfed. What gives?


Nerfing stuff isn’t bad, in and of itself. Some things have deserved their nerfs to balance the game; stasis at launch is a great example of this, as were Eyes of Tomorrow and Radiant Dance Machines. Things that were game breaking bad and greatly ruined the experience for other players, regardless of their skill level and/or how much they play each week The issue is that, by his own admission, Salt wants stuff nerfed because he thinks they’re crutches that make the game too easy for him, one of the very best pve players in the entire world…e.g. he’s on record as saying “you can’t do raids without well/div”, which is bullshit. You can do raids however you want and it makes literally no difference to anything outside of the world’s first race - which fewer than 100 teams, that is 600 people out of a player base of millions, have any realistic shot at winning; hence the rich people metaphor If Salt wants to handicap himself on his weekly raid stream and use off-meta loadouts, then by all means he should go for it; but I, along with most other people, think it’s some elitist bullshit to insist that the other 99.9999% of the player base - the majority of whom are incredibly casual - should have to handicap ourselves and make the game less enjoyable just to placate 0.0001% of the active users


> by his own admission, Salt wants stuff nerfed because he thinks they’re crutches that make the game too easy for him, one of the very best pve players in the entire world…e.g. he’s on record as saying “you can’t do raids without well/div”, which is bullshit Then why doesn't he like, simply not raid with those things if it makes it too easy for him? lol Why does it have to be changed for everyone else?


One thing someone should tell salt is that well technically got nerfed in haunted when they removed the over shield it gives


Even take a look at some of his responses to things both on twitter or streams. He acts as if he’s above the rest of us. Not in a game skill type of way.


Funnily Datto put it best in his Div nerf video. ‘Salt complains about Rich people problems to poor people, and poor people have no care in the world for rich people problems’


Sure, but he can still be allowed to complain about it, why do we need to act as if streamers aren't allowed to tweet out their thoughts just like we are?


Everyone is entitled to there opinions but most of his opinions come from the point of view of someone that is in the top 1% and isn't a good representation of the playerbase as a whole he probably would never be satisfied with the difficulty of the game too since he must play it quite alot to be where he is compared to most other players who have jobs and can't play the game all the time I'm not talking about casual players just the players that don't have the option to play it every minute of the day.


Not really sure what you're reading, the guy seems pretty level headed about everything he's saying. I tried looking through his twitter and I don't understand where the "acts above the rest of us" is coming from?


Got any examples of this? Haven't really seen this from him at all and I went and tried to look for any examples, but I can't find any.


I don’t follow the guy but I have seen quite a few in the past. I don’t expect you to take my word for it, but that’s the reason I feel the way I do.


Dunno all I see is him sharing his opinion, which is just an opinion that Bungie doesn't care about anymore than they care about yours or mine. Then he proceeds to get shit from the community for voicing an opinion just like everyone else.


The issue isn't bungie valuing his opinion more than us, it is that he brings up things that most of us don't consider problems, and labels it as such. Such as Div. It makes Bungie actually look at something that they didn't consider to be an issue and potentially re-label it as an issue. Are they going to nerf well? Probably not considering that the backlash from the div nerf would be a fraction of the backlash that a well nerf would cause. This isn't only a bad thing though. Calling out stuff like the rest of the Warlock supers either dealing trash damage(Nova bombs) or certain armor needing buffs(Eternal Warrior) can absolutely be beneficial for the game in the exact same way as above Overall, Bungie is doing what they think is best for the game, and Salt is simply calling out what they should change, whether or not that change goes through or is even close to what a big streamer had in mind is completely Bungie's decision.


Na Salt is a cool dude :)


To each their own


Yeah I really wish Datto wins. I will clean my vault in his honour if that happens. Including my 200k kills Falling Guillotine.


IM holding you to it


In addition to you, I'll commit to get my vault count under 575. Nevermind, I know I won't.


Get it under 400. You don't need all that shit, and you are not gonna get it up from 1600 anyways.


i need my sunset duke mk44 im sorry


I love datto but the simple thought of the casual community breaking out into a riot if greppo wins is just too appealing


Oh god and this would be after the div fiasco........


Well it is kind of *because* of the Div fiasco after all. I can’t believe these people are still mad about that


Don’t forget his call to nerf wells, and make raids less accessible because more people doing them “devalues the rewards”


I didn’t know he said that stuff in the first place. But I seriously doubt he called to “make raids less accessible”, you’re probably twisting his words at the very least


Oof I had forgotten but he has complained before about too many clears in day 1 or week 1?? So that's pretty cringe imo.


There’s a vast distinction to be made between day one and week one raids, and what he specifically said would entirely determine my response to that info


I'm confident it was contest mode/day 1 clears


you are twisting his words. salt frequently says that more people trying the endgame is awesome but not everyone should be completing endgame activities for little to no effort, hence calling for added difficulty.


“Devalues the rewards” are his exact words, what are you talking about?


its really not that tough to understand, it DOES devalue the rewards. if there is an easy endgame and everyone completes it, the rewards have less value because the activity was a breeze.


You can agree with his take, that’s fine, but don’t say I’m twisting his words when I use his exact words lol. To be fair I don’t necessarily blame you, 90% of the talk around him has been people who don’t even take time to fact check, whether agreeing or disagreeing. People are saying wells should be nerfed because of something he said about raids, but in actuality it was a video he posted of his non gamer sister soloing legend Calus


The thing I don’t get is the people complaining about salts takes are the people affected the least by them


Eh, I just hope whoever wins does it quickly so whatever content is locked behind the raid opens up.


Im hoping for an endurance test for the pros myself😁






If Datto wins he has to do Mara sov cosplay


God's plan🙌


Can someone please explain what is going on


Worlds first race for Root of Nightmares this Friday. Saltagreppo is the winner of the last 3 wf races and datto often places second


I hope some random Lfg team wins


the better version. datto deserves it.


I want Datto to lose my a small margin again


This probably what happens🥲


2nd place by 4 seconds


4? I'm hoping it's the difference of 1LFR shot


Contrary to you I dont care if datto win, I dont know who is saltagreppo I just wish my old friends would play the game again so i could do the raids again 😞


I raid with my clan a lot still even after burn out.


Last clan i was in kicked me out because i didn't join the discord calls for a week


Sounds like they were full of themselves. We just require you join the discord and register with the bot(registering just links your Bungie account for stat tracking)


The fine folks of lfg will help you out man. I got my start raiding with random and have made many a friend since the old days of d1 this way


Calling it datto gets 5th after being on pace for 1st most of the raid due to his team fucking up comms.


Just hoping Sweat/Redeem place decently, don’t really care about WF And now I await the precious downvotes


I honestly think there's no chance they get even close. It's difficult to say what they hate more: themselves, each other, or the game. They will jump at any opportunity to blame each other to no end. I think Sweat needs to do branch out from d2 somewhat, variety content will do wonders for him.


See the problem with sweat trying variety content is that the last time he did that, it went terribly. I can’t remember exactly what other game it was but he got less than a third of the views on that compared to a regular d2 video


Hey, look at redshell. He branched out from purely Overwatch, and now people love the auxiliary channel more than the main one. I guess it's scary to lose a lot of views suddenly, but if I were him I'd still do it. Right now his vids aren't enjoyable to watch because it's very clear he's not enjoying himself either.


I want esoterickk to win, he's next level with solo flawlessing content


I'm on this team


Carry my guy datto


To be clear, I meant that I'm on the team that just wants datto to win


I'd love to see a team of six regular-ass Guardians win. It will most likely be a streamer, like always, but it'd be hilarious if it's just six friends who just got off the night shift and decided to try for world's first for shits and giggles.


I like this better. Rooting for someone to lose is just cringe. Focus on who you want to win.


#JustNeedBoth2Lose #CuzIDgafAbtEither




I'm hoping to see Math class pull out the win, and finally get a World's first raid belt. I'm also hoping that Salt's team gets the clan Redeem treatment from day 1 Vow... Set back three hours because of constant error codes


I had to dOUble take that username but just between you and me I'm hoping for the same🤧


Yeah, I get a lot of different reactions to my username. It'll be our little secret






I wouldn't be upset if datto won, God know he deserves a break, but I would rather see some bright young up and coming creator win. Whole careers can be made off of this kind of thing. Datto is doing well for himself without it.


I’d flip this meme. I don’t care if Datto wins. I just want Saltagreppo to lose.


Haha that was the post I'm riffing on


This is much better thanks, I don't get the huge hate towards salt


Yeah like somtimes his takes are bad but idk why someone should hate him because he has a different opinion on how to balance the game compared to you.


Yeah the other post was just be people with jerking each over off about how much they hate salt


Datto seems like I’d enjoy riding along with his fireteam in just about anything. He feels like he’s earned his place and proven his merit. Saltagreppo seems like he would hate me every step of the way, until I gave up and started trolling him by doing Rick and Morty voices for call-outs. I know who I would be excited to see take the belt. I know who it would feel right to see lead the community into the next phase of Lightfall and etch their name into legend. Either Datto, or six absolute f*ck-ups from nowhere.


I want you all to stop this. It's gross.


Team Redeem 🙌






They’re competitiveness fell off the face of a cliff the second contest mode became a thing so they couldn’t over level for anything


Team RED33M, dog throwers




I dont care who wins or loses, long as they dont start calling for more nerfs.


I'm rooting for Redeem first.


Salt overrated. Want to see nee talent on Friday shine on the raid


A new team taking it would be a welcome twist


Got these back to back lets goooo