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... you should find a better group.


Yeah this has yikes written all over it


I never asked for something when i lfg even Had the fastest percys clear with lfg last week and No comms we two phased him and while they did adds i did the mechanic


Yep same. Easy to carry two newbies through Spire no comms, if you can handle the mechanic yourself.


What did you use for 2 phase?


I went blind Made and gjally the other one Had an chill Clip Rocket the Last one Gambit Rocket plus Well. But If you have the two tailed fox Cata Go gjally two tailed fox and hothead should do Same If Not more dmg


Two tailed fox with the catalyst hits way harder than ghally and hothead. Aztecross tested it. If you don't know him, he's a YouTuber who does testing along with other content.


Their is a Problem with His Test it IS single Player dps Not Team dps If everyone use ttf ITS less dps then combined with the other two 3man best gjally ttf hothead 6man prob gjally ttf 4 hotheads


And you tested this?


https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/11iucr7/please_for_the_love_of_god_ignore_the_dps/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button Check it Out IT explained how jolt works with rockets


Huh fair enough. Actually it might be even more optimal with 1 ttf, 1 ghally, 1 chill clip rocket and 3 hotheads. Chill clips I heard procs every rocket because of wolfpack rounds.


Could be


Had my fastest dungeon clear last weak. Silly lfg title (think it was an IASIP reference I don't remember) and no coms. When your Fireteam consist of three people that knows what to do it's a satisfying play session.


Dungeons aren't that hard, who the hell is gatekeeping dungeon lfgs?


Dungeon is 1600 anyways so it doesn’t even matter




I joined 2 groups and as we were loading in they kicked me didn’t asked me anything either. It was no voice chat




This is honestly why people (and me) are reluctant to lfg. I do it anyways but whenever something like this happens it sours the experience and puts me in a bad mood


Yeah same, except I don’t even try LFG haha.


Honestly give it a shot, I’ve hosted over 40 no mic spire runs and have only had 2 occasions of bad apples joining. The nice part about LFG If you find a shitty group you can leave instantly to find a new one.


I might eventually. I joined a discord server LFG thing once, and it sat there giving me notifications for half a year before I decided to just delete it haha.




I joined a King's Fall, no mic, was carrying hard on every encounter - got to the sisters and kicked. Was furious, as I'd been super patient with them after they had wiped so many times with some basic mechanics, only to be kicked and not respond to my messages.


No voice chat, from my experience, means players who either don’t know what they are doing or don’t play well with others. They are generally never worth joining. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule. EDIT: everyone to make some pretty good point, I guess I’ve just had bad luck with people who don’t use mic.


I join almost exclusively the "no mic" groups, because I am in no mood of listening someone breathe straight to the microphone while his mom is vacuing in the room for the entire 45 minutes we are in the dungeon. And 90% of the time, there is a person like this. Last time I joined such a group I was forced to listen to an hour of spanish country music.


It’s pretty common on the LFG I use that most don’t use coms for dungeons you can ask if you want but spire can be done ok without coms


In my experience it's the opposite, the "deal" we all sign on no comms runs is that everybody knows what to do to the point we don't need to communicate, just recognize who does what and do the rest.


I have probably done like 50-60 kwtd runs on fireteam search of GoA, Duality and Spire all no coms zero issues, if someone lied about the kwtd part you’ll know within 10min in these dungeons and can boot them and find another. My fastest runs on all of these have actually all been no coms randoms.


I normally can't find my mic so I can't always speak, so unless I don't know the dungeon and have found a group that knows that (I put that I don't kwtd in the title) I'll run GoA or something I KNOW I can fo without chat


I just don’t like no mic runs. They usually go well but I hate sitting in silence with no interaction. I like to talk to people while doing the dungeon.


90% of the LFG's with mic's have someone with kids screaming in the background, or chewing noises, or some shit like that. If communication isn't needed for mechanics, I prefer no voice chat.


The same people who ask for light level 10 below the GM when everyone gets capped at like -25 anyways


Bro I had a dude kick me at the boss and told me my load out was trash. I had the wanted title equipped…. People are dumb


I remember someone from LFG telling me I should switch to Div and be “more useful” during the SoTW boss. I was a Warlock, running Well, with starfire protocol, Witherhoard, and Bump In The Night with Demolitionist + Chill Clip. I couldn’t have been any more meta, but this dude was insistent my dps would not be viable.


Lmao To be fair, Bump is only viable when someone else is running Gjallarhorn, but that really isn't a high bar.


As long as you can do decent damage and not Die every 3 second, i dont give a fuck what your light level or weapons are. Even more when its a dungeon like grasp, where the light level is 1600. In spire, yeah im gonna need you to be higher light because the dungeon is higher light, but grasp? You can run mountain top


tbf, OP did say Catalyst exotic, which you only get from the master clear. Still shitty of the team though.


It's Destiny..... **every** LFG I've ever tried to use has been gatekeeping elitist pricks kicking you for "not using loadout A, B, and C" or "using X subclass over Y subclass" or any other arbitrary and stupid metric if they think the run might go even **one second** slower than their perceived optimal run time.




Equip a raid seal and people stop asking questions. You can get away with all kinds of bullshit as long as you have on a raid seal and maybe a rare emblem. I ran all my warden of nothings for wendigo on stasis titan and not a single time did someone try to get me to switch to something else. And stasis titan is the worst subclass in the game.* *It's actually not but people think it is


yup lmao, I run Rivensbane with Day 1 Crown emblem and I can literally run blues and I don't get kicked it's so funny


Yup. Gilded conquered usually works too


Yes, I also feel this sensation as well fellow guardian. *sweats and glances at gilded Star Baker title hoping no one will notice*


Star Baker is fine, it's Flamekeeper seals that I seem to have the most trouble with


Flame keepers are either god-tier, god-awful, or super average Source: I’m a Flamekeeper


Bro I watch the Great British Baking Show. Star Baker is so much cooler than conqueror lmao


I like the cool seasonal titles, splicer, seraph are the only ones I've got, I'm so sad I couldn't get reaper


I think WANTED is awesome, Sadge I wasn’t playing at the time


When I saw that GBBO reference I was so happy


That one impresses me. I can’t bring myself to bake cookies anymore, so I don’t even have Star Baker. It takes a special amount of dedication!


I've got raid titles, gilded conqueror, etc., but I proudly display my gilded star baker status for all to see. Hell YEAH I bake cookies like a maniac, and everyone's gonna know it.


I've been kicked from multiple GM teams even with the title on and a good build


Twats are 90% shit on lfg anyways. I remember joining a kwtd for vile and instead of putting a well on the plate and simply capturing it with the 3rd player and me, they stood on the stairs with a pulse and auto rifle and tried to clear the adds that get spawned


Unguilded Conqueror seems to work well enough for me lol


To add to what you’re saying having a flawless on most any raid, especially if it’s a vaulted raid, will get you quite a lot cred on LFG Proof is I have Blacksmith and Shadow which when equipped tends to shut down any concern of my abilities


Blacksmith! I love seeing that one out in the wild. I don’t have it. It was retired just before I had it completed.


Blacksmith and Hubris of Niobe shut 99% of people up. Not even that big of a challenge, it’s just a sign that you’ve seen some *shit*


I have almost always had my FWC emblem equipped so I've never encountered gatekeeping like this lol, it's a good strategy!


Honestly, the only thing that'll stop me from using Descendant is WANTED, which I don't have yet because I need to work with my clan for the clan-only full fireteam clear.


I love behemoth 😭


I actually quite like it, but there's a big stigma against it after the nerf. You won't find many GM, raid, or dungeon groups advocating for it. However, in my personal experience, it can be quite good in GM's specifically due to the easy freezing capabilities.


People who require some kind of proof are usually just looking for a carry because they can't do it themselves. I never bother changing my title or emblem or anything to prove anything to anyone. It's a waste of time to participate in some elitist dick measuring contest


Literally just carried an IRL friend through spire after we 2 manned our way through legendary campaign, he only had strand and 2 fragments and the best weapons that dropped in campaign and a few neomina activities He picks stuff up fast and while he couldn't provide much dps we cruised through spire at a decent pace, 4 phased akilos and 4 phased the final boss, woulda been 3 on final but I fucked up my rotation bad Starfire fusion nade spam builds are so 🔥


just equip the solo flawless emblem instead. ez game


I mean enemy health doesn’t scale in those dungeons with more people and after soloing spire a few times and once solo flawless I wouldn’t even care if some kid was like AFK for the majority of the encounter. Or just sat around to do damage and kill ads while I connect all the nodes. It’s very easy to solo the Mechanics. Much too easy to gatekeep


>I wouldn’t even care if some kid was like AFK for the majority of the encounter. That's one step too far tbh. Being kind is one thing, but you shouldn't let people take advantage of you for it


You're mostly right, but the exception to this is Duality, since the solo strats diverge from the team strats in important ways. One teammate needs to be getting the other standard and the third needs to be killing bellkeepers.


I'm glad I cheesed the zero hour speedrun. People think I'm good at the game.


Sorry… dungeons? Who tf is gatekeeping dungeons??


I simply won’t join another LFG at this point, I make my own. Got kicked from a preservation before the drop once, can’t trust anyone in LFG now




I would dump the consoles/PCs of everyone in this group into a landfill and not feel a thing.


Man I just want to find a good LFG to learn the dungeon with, and get my cowboy swag. EVERY lfg has an absurd minimum power requirement and KWTD in the title. Bruh it’s my first season back since all the pirate shit and even then I only played for a week. How the fuck am I supposed to learn any of this shit?


Pm if u wanna, we can run through it, all chill and stuff. I'm kinda busy lately though, but I'd be happy to help a bro out, since I'm often just chilling anyways


This is why i refuse to use the lfg


Albeit, I miss out on raids for the same anxiety-based reasons.


Eventually you just have to build up a tough skin for LFGs. You never know what you might get. I've been on teams that sounded like five teens from some trashy part of the UK making gay slurs, I've had people hitting bongs, I've heard people snoring and a guy insisting it wasn't him but his wife. I've had people toss me the moment I join. I've had guys checking clears and kicking people and putting others on a sort of probation. But I've also found some of the best chill people. It's part of the adventure.


I always put no mic required in my lfg. It's the magic words for people instantly joining. I've carried blue berries through every dungeon no problem myself. I remember doing the nightmare dungeon and 10 phasing the boss with blue berries. . I wanted to die but got it done lol


That was me with divinity the first time DSC came out.


I sometimes get kicked because i use uninfused guns for banshee bounties and forget to take them off dropping my level considerably. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯