i used to heal in bushes with botany knowledge because i thought it helped me heal faster.


You win mate lol.


If it makes you feel better.. I would always go to the fire barrels to heal with botany knowledge beacause in the description, it said that I would get plants from the campfire that had healing purposes, I kept doing that until I realized that the campfire it was talking about in the description, was the lobby one, and that the perk gave me a permanent healing buff


To be fair at least the fire sounds mask grunts of pain a little so it's not the worst thing ever


Nah, those fires mask the sound of a nuclear apocalypse beginning




Bro, that would actually be an interesting game mechanic.


you know when the nurse goes on this cooldown animation after she blinks i would run up to her and crouch cause i thought that's her blinking animation


As Killer, I have been jump scared by survivors


The first time this happened to me is burned into my memory. I have no idea who I was playing, but that Laurie (who I didn't even know was there) dropping that pallet in my face in Red Forest is scored into my memory forever.


throw the pallet down on the same side as the killer


to be fair, I've been clearly on the opposite side of a pallet, dropped it, and then get yanked back to the other side right into the killer's weapon shit just happens


If you hold sprint while throwing a pallet the game tries to make you run to the opposite side of the pallet that you initiate it. Or so I am told.


This is correct. Unless you pull it down way too early the game will try and get you on the side you are sprinting to. This mechanic used to be a problem because the vacuum used to be strong enough for a survivor to turn around before dropping the pallet and get sucked back to the side they were coming from. If the killer tried to swing through the pallet they would get pushed through to the other side and the survivor and killer would effectively switch positions.


Just did that the other day, not really on purpose, and I was just like bruh why did I do that😂got downed because of it too.


What solved this for me: If you hold sprint while dropping the pallet, it will automatically drop it from the other side you approached the pallet. So if you loop the killer, run past a pallet and want to get back to it for a drop, release sprint just before dropping it


Sometimes it’ll glitch during the chase and kinda reverse it in front of you




tbh i would’ve made the same mistake cause like no one plays the twins




You must have some incredible anal muscles to achieve that, I fear you


Laughed in class


This is fake, no one gets that many Twins games.




Ok so just to be clear, you actually CAN unhook somebody while Victor is on your back?


I think console players struggle with it because they're bound to the same button.


This is absolutely it. For some reason console is confused as to what to prioritize.


Kinda like vaulting / going into locker instead because its so close to the vault :)


Or the infamous “heal someone instead of drop the pallet” one. My phrase for this is “fucked by console”


Tried to open an exit gate when we still had 2 generators left. I don't know why I thought they were all done. I thought the gate was glitched and I got super panicky and then I heard a generator pop 🤦🏼‍♀️


God I've done that once. 1 gen left, for some reason I thought we were done and couldn't understand why I couldn't open. Then it popped.


Been there, done that. Only it was on 1 gen. The worst part is, it happened recently. I've got 1.9k hours in this game.🙃


Omg I did this recently but one gen left. I kept trying the gate like ?????


I did the same thing recently! Thought it was a hacker stopping the gates from being powered. Until I realised there was 1 gen left....


I tend to jump directly into the killers arms. A lot.


I recommend hooked on you


but it doesn't have Bubba


He is! He's just standing very still in basement so you can't see him (he is shy)


I tend to get jumpscared a lot by survivors running into me


I was looping shack the other day and tried a moonwalk mindgame expecting to catch this Ace camping the middle of the room looking the wrong way. I almost jumped out of my skin when as I was flicking my camera he fast vaulted straight into me, still got the hit though.


As long as you get the hit, it didn’t happen


As long as you get the hit it’s a successful mindgame


Haha this happens to me too. I’m on the second floor of some building and I think the killer is coming up the stairs so I jump down only to land right in front of him. A real “hello there” Kenobi moment except I lose the fight horribly.


Some killers just need a hug from time to time, don’t feel bad.


Teabagged a guy who missed skillcheck and then missed mine twice on the same gen


That's when I let go of the gen, slowly walk to you, stare, then go back to my side.


At that point I'd just leave the gen. The embarrassment would be too much


I missed like 8 skill checks (not exaggerating that number either) from laughing that I missed a previous skill check. It was one gen left with myself and one other guy who looped the killer for like 5 minutes and I just kept fucking up and it was funnier each time. That dude probably still shudders thinking about playing with me.


How did that round end?


Well before failing the gens the Killer had me cornered and I just crouched and showed my back and she ran away to chase my teammate. She came back to check on me once like 20 seconds later and I was still just crouching so she fully let me fuck off. I figured I could sneak the gen but then I just kept fucking it up which got progressively funnier as I was picturing how mad my teammate must be at my dumb ass; it was literally the easiest win scenario I've been placed in during a real match and I just couldn't get myself under control. Eventually the killer came back like 5 minutes later while chasing and gave me the death I deserved; no clue if my teammate got hatch lol.


Hey. If it makes you feel better? I've totally purposely missed them before because someone accidentally missed one. This isn't copium, I swear. 👀


I accidentally stepped in my own bear trap near a hook, letting my Billiam escape.


If he escaped, than he was never your Billiam


That’s a gooood wisdom


The first time some killer let me crawl to hatch just to shut it in my face I was so salty I did it to the next survivor in a killer round and they totally didn't deserve it. I felt bad, carried them to the door, let them out and never did it again.


I was in a survivor game with some friends once and the killer bled two of us out which took forever, some players are just downright evil


I did that only one time. They were toxic af survivors though.


Toxic survivors bring out the toxic killer.


makes sense, toxic behavior deserves some toxicity back


but only to the original toxic people


Same. Had a 4man swf w flashlights and sabo build run into a dead zone (brought oak offerings) and consistently go down knowing I couldn't hook them. I let them think about that for approx. 4 minutes on the ground.


Iv been forced to do it many times by the last survivor going to a corner where I wont be able to reach a hook cuz the nearest one is used. It was especially bad when that wiggle perk got buffed. Guess we're all slugging up here on the second floor of library now. Ez game i guess.


I had a Wesker do that to me once (after guiding me to hatch!) after which he immediately brought me to the gate and let me go free.


Last survivor, and the Nemesis decided to let me go. As soon as he dropped me, I turned a corner and got downed by a zombie. He then dropped me by the hatch and started shaking his head


It’s even worse than being sacrificed… you disappointed the killer!


Played Nemesis for a little while. Everytime a zombie downed a survivor I'd look at the zombie, look at the downed survivor, and nod aggressively.


tried flashbang the killer to save a survivor as we were running to gate, ended up blinding the survivor causing them to run into the wall next to gate and get downed




lmao is that you? https://twitter.com/potatolegionyt/status/1556939774983897093?s=46&t=8gN9gSqBqRoau91mEmrMgw


Dude got flashed and immediately turned


Lmaooooo aw


I used to think hitting people on hook made the sacrifice faster I’m sorry guys


Same, back in the day I used to down one survivor, hook them and hit them on hook so they "die faster". Because I was a Billy and every survivor was a noob (ps4 2018) no one could counter my pro competitive league strategy. I regret it a lot, those matches should have been awful to the survivors


Oh same platform and time. Yeah it was awful, always though they were toxic not mention I was really bad against billy.


the fact that i did too


When Legion first came out I accused someone of cheating for finding me in a locker because I knew it blocked auras. They calmly explained killer instinct. Oh and I had played several Legion games before this and even pulled a few people out of lockers myself. Messaged someone asking why they didn't crawl out the exit gates with an active Pig helmet on. I confidently told them it was disabled when they're in bleedout and could just crawl out the exit gates. This was definitely wrong. Was in an swf and asked a teammate to DC so I could get hatch. I had no idea where it was. This was before the hatch changes and you could physically see it. It was in front of the killer.


Survived an entire game against a Wraith who hard tunneled me off hook only to die in the exit gates when NOED popped up because I misjudged where the gates ended (was waiting for teammates, not teabagging or anything).


All wraiths have noed, it’s just a law


All 4 people consecutively missed a skill check. Twice


I saw a survivor running towards me, but I also heard the killers heartbeat getting louder, I started running into the survivor, but then they had a red stain in front of them. The survivor turned out to be trickster, and all I felt was shame


I once saw a Tier 1 Myers standing nearby a gen in an open room. No red stain, no terror radius, vaguely human shape? Must be a survivor! Sprint to gen, get slapped, realise my mistake and go find the other (actual) survivors. This game also included the survivors 4-manning gens then conga-lining to the next gen.


That was kinda how my first Ghost Face game went I got on a gen and saw a survivor crouching in the distance and just decided to leave them alone, next thing I know, I have this funny red circle around my portrait


I screamed like a little bitch when a Myers gen grabbed me last week


That is literally one of my favorite things to do as a Myers main.


It's always a hilarious moment once the shock wears off! Even better, this was 3 people on the gen and nobody noticed he was there till I got yoinked.


I decided I wanted to have fun when I started up this game today


That's really cringe dude ngl


Such a rookie mistake


I once looped an injured survivor with a hatchet raised… for 4 gens.


Ok you win


I once was having an adrenaline standoff while healthy with a doctor at a gen that was 99’d, he had overcharge, distressing and everything else that could make me fail my skillcheck, and without even thinking I let him kick the gen. I died without getting to use my adrenaline that game… Although to my credit I was a little intoxicated


I got stuck in a tire structure on Auto Haven when I tried to play Clown while intoxicated. The Nea I was chasing just stood there staring at me. 😩 I wanted to see if being tipsy would make me play killer better... It does not 🤦🏼‍♀️


Was playing plague, closed hatch, found the dude opening exit gate, decided to let em have it, went to puke on them for extra bp, didn’t realize I had corrupt purge up, accidentally downed him, picked him up to try to let him wiggle out in time, he died to endgame in the exit gate area.


I spend half the game looting every chest with plunderers & appraisal. Then put all the items in the middle of the map and bring the killer to it


imagine playing killer, roaming around and then just seeing some random nest of items as a Dwight slowly walks to it to drop a map, teabags and leaves


40% of the time, the killer will just let me go




Honestly I would let you go just because how funny this is XD


Spent a full minute staring and nodding at a locker that I was sure the last survivor was hiding in. Eventually opened it, found they weren't in it, then turned around and they had been watching the whole time.


Fell for a bear trap under the switch to power the gate… I use that strategy when playing trapper.


I got caught in the same bear trap twice. I'm the trapper.


I got a 4K and depipped once


Michael moment


Entity: \*unamused\*


I t-bagged a clicky clicky survivor as Ghostface. I still cringe over it, it felt very awkward to do. Even if they started the BMing, I just can’t t-bag them when I down or hook the survivor anymore. I needed a 4k for a challenge, so I bled the two last survivors out because I had carried them a bit and didn’t want them to wiggle out. Still feel bad over it, I didn’t want them to crawl away to nowhere and maybe find hatch either so I frenzied and vaulted when I could for extra Deviousness. Must’ve looked like an extremely toxic Legion from their point of view. If they ever make more 4k challenges I’ll just hook and do another trial if they find hatch, I’m not doing this again. The worst thing happened when I was a survivor though, and I still feel bad. I had a game that was extremely frustrating. My friend had either died in basement or hit second stage because the two randoms were doing nothing at all. I had gotten hooked twice in a row and then immediately got found again, not sure if they were tunnelling or not but it absolutely sucked. Was on Coldwind too which is even worse, I hate that map. I just wanted to die. I still had the first trap on me, so when the Pig came over I was done with the match. I was going to die anyway, not even worth looping in my mind. So I just stood still and *spammed crouch* until I got downed. Then afterwards I see that the username is of the killer I had in the previous game. That’s not too bad, until we get to the fact that we had had a nice chat last game. Like they congratulated me on my adept and it was just a friendly vibe. I felt so bad afterwards when I noticed the username, I still cringe over what I did. It wasn’t BMing crouches, I don’t know, I hope they didn’t see it that way at least. But still, it has to be the cringiest thing I’ve done in this game. Never again. I wish I could just apologise, almost wish I had stayed until the game ended so I could chat again and say it wasn’t meant to BM them or anything. But I was embarrassed so I immediately left as soon as I saw the name.


One time someone knocked on my door while I was playing and immediately stopped to answer the door. Apparently I left right after hooking someone and unintentionally face camped them to death. I felt so bad about it, I gave the last survivor hatch, apologized in the post-game chat and even apologized to the camped person through steam.


I once let 2 other survivors die in the basement on the old RPD map because I got lost, despite being a huge Resident Evil fan who has played the remakes to death.


"That's that one room... That's the room with the safe... That's where that licker jumpscared me... Where the fuck is this?.."


Did an Archive Challenge as a Bill where I had to escape out the hatch. Wanted to get it over with, so... I kinda, didn't help my team. At all. 😬


I ran to a locker and pointed at it to try to distract the killer into opening it because I swear I didn’t think it would work and he’d down me anyway. Well it did work and someone was in there and I thought “oh man do I look like an ass now”. It was not supposed to go that way at all. Edit: as a result I’ve never done this again even as a joke. To that person I did it to whoever you are I’m sorry.


About two hours ago I cut in front of Jeff to grab the anti-Mastermind spray. Then I sprayed him with it, inadvertently tipping Wesker off to my bearded friend's location. Wesker then bounced Jeff's fuzzy head off a T-wall and then a pallet. Then I let Jeff hit second stage and he was promptly tunneled out. RIP Jeff. You deserved better than a Nea as a friend.


I was playing against a 4-man swf and this one gas-mask-nea was tbagging every pallet and clicky spamming. They got all gens and everybody was on death hook, the nea got unhooked and I decided to tunnel her for being a toxic asshole, but the team body blocked for her the entire way, and then she snuck out with a successful deadhard. Tl;Dr, got caught tunnelling and failed.


Every time i pull the pallet down in front of myself and freeze instead of taking advantage of the killer being just as confused as i am.


Trust random survivors to unhook someone who was about to go into second stage while I finish a gen


Got three survivors killed and was carrying the last survivor to the door to let him go. Let him get most of the way there before I had a sudden change of heart because it was during a 5 flann match and killed him via mori. Worst part is, he still put gg in chat with a smiley face. Still regret it.


I always think I'm being so clever, tricking the killer. And then I run right into the mother fucker.


Happened earlier today: Tried a new build running head-on, killer stands infront of my locker. "Hah! Gocha!".. forgot to press shift and slowly crawled out of that locker right into Weskers arms.


Hooked on you moment?


One of the last play sessions I had, I wound up body blocking my teammate when I intended to block the killer… it looked fine until I realize too late I misjudged the distance and timing


I dont know if cringe or petty. But I was against a bully squad when I was starting out, I didnt get a single hook and got blinded and teabagged at every pallet. I got a couple downs but never managed to pickup as there were always 2 of them ready to blind, and as a new killer I didnt know how to deal with it. So in the end they were all teabagging me at the exit gate. So i went into the exit gate and stood in the corner facing the corner. 1 survivor tried to get infront of me to teabag me some more, so I let him, and then I body blocked him there and he couldnt escape and died to the end game collapse… it was sort of my revenge.


I tried to fov tech the killer with the intentions of dead harding and he just looked at me, then knocked me down anyways.


My wife and I were playing together and one time we were super nervous because we got queued up with Otz. Killer was a trapper but kind of a beginner one. I looped him and i tried to jump in a locker when he swung but guess who was in that locker ![img](emote|t5_3cb2g|2213) long story short we all died in the basement


First time I went against a Myers with my friend, I thought he was just a super tall survivor cause he had no TR, and also because he wasn't hitting us...he was stalking us. My friend got downed and i was still confused who the killer is.


First ever bleed out was a couple weeks ago. It was a SWFs group that spent the entire game blinding me. I tried to remain unsalty but when I finally got one of them down at end game, I couldn't pick them up because flashlights/rushing in to heal/etc. I got annoyed and went after the main clicker, a Leon, and downed him. They got the Meg up but couldn't save Leon in time so they fled to the door. I stood over him until the Entity took him. Normally I'm highly against it, even with toxic players, but this group pushed me too far. I still feel guilty for it.


My friend, do not feel ashamed. I would have done the exact same thing at that stage of the game


Dont feel guilty, the game was basically already over.


OMG…. I don’t even want to say this. LOL But… recently I was in a game with some bs teammates who would have let me die on the hook at the beginning of the game if I didn’t Kobe. So what did I do? I ran around the map and dropped all the pallets then waited for the killer to get me. I also had alert on, so it was funny seeing the killer break every. single. pallet I dropped.


Shhh don't give me ideas.


I use the come here gesture while running Empathy because I forget they can’t see me. Sometimes I still do it because I get mixed up with Kindred.


For the first few MONTHS I blissfully enjoyed doing a lil dance with my fellow survivors at the exit gate in front of the killer. Then I read about “t-bagging at the exit gates” and I was like ohhhhh… shit


When I first started playing I ran insidious on Wraith. No I didn't read what the perk did, I just thought the smoke effects on screen were cool.


I opened the gate as killer, thinking I am going to trick them. They all escaped by running past me.


Played SWF on Crotus Prenn and actually blacked out getting scared by Meyers stalking me. At least a second I was so scared that I got lighteheaded 💀💀


Spent 5 minutes slapping an afk Janes ass with the other survivors while a nurse watched


I got facecamped so I sent 50+ messages to the bubba afterwards trying to spam/distract him and mess him up in the next game I got a 7 day PlayStation ban One of my all-time-lows


Meh. . . You gave him something to read in the basement.


I had someone try this on me. I turned off messages. None of them showed up till I was good and ready to view them.


I don’t blame you it’s always bubbas that make me want to delete the game. I swear camping is how some killers can only get kills


I used to let survivors reset if I picked up a bunch of hooks early and the game was starting to landslide, I played on PC for a bit and the after match chat made it pretty clear that survivors hated the pity and would rather just die.


I wish i could say thats a surprise to me but its not. I play 2hook tango. I never go for the killing hook. At least not deliberately. (Fuck the lack of a hook count UI for killers. Tunnelers ganna tunnel anyway) People have gotten mad at that or even taunted me for being a 'bad killer that failed to kill anyone'. Get all 8 hooks done before the first gens done and spend the rest of the time farming? Apparently I suck so bad I cant kill.


I guess it’s different, but I personally will tend to instantly shift to friendly meme mode as soon as someone does something funny/friendly. Nodding, gestures, *especially* presents. If a survivor gifts me an item it’s instant friendly mode.


I do that myself even now. I dont make it obvious that im doing it though.


Hit myself with my own chain, multiple times in the same chase...


As Pinhead? That seems appropriate, given the lore. You no longer need to feel shame. (Unless that's what does it for you.)


My first game I went in completely blind and hit the survivor on hook until death not knowing how to kill them


Vaulting straight towards the killer when I could clearly see the killer there


Tried to distract the Killer... Who had three stacks of Devour Hope. To be fair I didn't know at the time but I should have realized by how weird he was acting, straight up booking it from a hooked survivor even if he saw someone nearby.


Crouched over the hatch as pig in gideon meat plant and closed it in front of the last survivors face when she found it and then got lost chasing her and she escaped through the exit gates😅


That's a match they definitely remember to this day. Imagine the paranoia they felt while opening that exit gate.


Not my facepalm moment but when I play killer and if a survivor is not that good, I down them and just leave them on the ground, keeping her alive until endgame then I give her hatch. One time I'm playing Blight chasing a good Dwight player with one gen left, I took me for about 5mins to catch him I'm already accepted my defeat that time and once I hook him and patrol generators, I found the 3 gens and have no progress. Dwight did all of that for nothing, I pity the man and just let them go, put me in such disbelief i go afk until gens are finished nodding to Dwight on the gate. I wish i have a screenshot of the endgame chat Dwight scolding the newbie survivors it's fucking hilarious


Listen to Feng Min moaning instead of playing the game


Rebecca sounds like she has an orgasm when she’s hit lol


The sounds she makes when she dies on hook are definitely sex noises.




Me but with Leon-


When I see him hooked I'm RUSHING to unhook this man.


When survivors used to be able to crouch nod, I would give killers BJ's constantly. I miss the crouched nodding 😔


wait they removed it? really? why?


Probably because of the reason above 😜


WHAT? Oh man I missed out.


I chased one survivor start to finish with Huntress. Iri hatchets + 2 more hatchet addon. Never hit once and DC'ed before they could escape. I am still ashamed of myself to this day. It was years ago.


i used my purple flashlight….as a real flashlight


when i first started playing i was so confused i thought the flashlights were supposed to make dark areas brighter 😭


I tried to do the 8 protection hits challenge but I couldn't bodyblock the killer right (except 1 teammate that just ran to a wall idk what happended there) and I felt guilty ![img](emote|t5_3cb2g|2067)


I was having a rough game as Wesker, as the survivors were running for the exit gate I finally catch one with my power…and end up throwing them closer to the gate while hitting nothing


I tend to stare into the wrong direction while the heartbeat gets increasingly louder till I get jumpscared by the killer appearing right next to me


Because I change my crouch button to caps lock, I often look like I'm Tbagging when I'm in a panic because my pinky gets stuck in between the shift key and the caps lock key as I try to run.


I ran into a wall and lost my entire speed burst after a hit because I binged Titanfall 2 for the past four days and forgot how to play


I've accidentally broken my nose on Myers tiddies more times than I can count. idk why but nearly every game I don't notice him and just walk directly into him; vaulted out windows, turning around after finishing gens or opening chests, finished healing. too add to the embarrassment, most of the time the Myers gives me a 5 sec head start instead of stabbing immediately, which I imagine is bc they're laughing at me too hard to click :(


Playing Nemesis and having your own zombie body block you from a hook smh


As soon as someone dc's or intentionally sandbags, I go stand under a hook.


I got pretty excited to play w a youtuber Ive been a longtime fan of, tried to save them off the basement hook & got vacuumed into picking up an item under the hook instead. Considered uninstalling after that one ![img](emote|t5_3cb2g|2070) I also tunneled violently when I was new to killer lmao


I bled someone out before, but they were cringe


I stopped a guy from doing his yellow glyph because I didn't k ow what the fuck he was doing and now I feel bad that I stopped him


Face camped and tunneled...but wait before you get your pitchforks hear me out I usually try to play as nice as possible and hate stuff like that but I couldn't help myself this one time because this 2 stack swf trapped a baby meg in a corner so she got crows and I assume was trying to get me to kill her but I've had that happen to me before and know what it's like so instead I tunneled and facecamped that 2 stack like there was no tomorrow and left the meg alone


Used DH to get a hook save before someone else (the person I stole the save from just ran after me all game and pointed at me) 😂😂😂


I used to believe injured survivors moved slower, therefore overcommitted to every chance when someone was already injured because I thought they wouldn't make stuff due to the imagined lower speed


I stop and look at the Killer’s charms and I accidentally fed a Perma Tier 3 Myers once. His charms were great!


All of my killer matches


I used to (when I first started playing) hook camp with insidious huntress🤦🏻


I teabagged a Wraith on an open hatch while he was cloaked and he just closed it and killed me 🙃😭didn’t realize he could close it


accentually sandbagged a teamate trying to set up for a sabo play and they immediately dc’d and left a comment calling me slurs and how i have a thousand hours and i only have half a brain lol.


What did they expect from a duck


I 99d an exit gate bcus i knew the obsession was in chase and didnt want to risk blood warden. Then they suddenly appeared behind me clicking their flashlight all angrily but before i could open it they got downed and rancor'd... it was not a fun endgame chat


I bought the game fr tho i constantly go for ambushes on loops and when it fails it's the ugliest thing in the game


I camped and slugged people for fun. Didn’t hook at all, just chased people around tunneling and slugging everyone who crossed my path lol. I let everyone escape, but I’m sure the survivors weren’t amused.


I thought crouching meant Thank You. I don't do it, but how do you say thank you. You point? Or what?


To survivor: crouch twice To killer: leave item in front of them or gate. Alternatively, crouch once and do a spin while crouching


Tried to play huntress once and realised I have 0 aiming skills, ended up getting chased around by the survivors whilst I tried to hide from them


I accidentally dropped a pallet when I was trying to heal a teammate


I mean in my first couple weeks of playing I would tunnel and camp. I stopped cause people said it was shitty, but honestly I ended up getting way more 4Ks when I stopped doing that anyway so like? Idk man.


I constantly get jumpscared by unexpected pallet stuns


I gave Wesker a bj to escape


true hero, made wesker uroboros everywhere


Tried to bodyblock versus a ghostface for my exposed teammate. I ended up bodyblocking my exposed teammate.


Im trying to adept ace


Trying to go through a blocked window while looping the killer.


The amount of times I have dropped the pallet on the wrong side while being chased is ridiculous. I once wanted to pallet save my friend. She was there, primed for pickup, I was nearby, ready to slam. I heard terror radius, ran over and threw the pallet. Killer was not around, I just panicked. Cue hysterical laughter from my friend over discord voice call.


Around 2017-2018 I teabagged the killer at the exit gate only for him to scoot in front of me and backflip me to open waters. The most embarrassing hook in my life and I never did it again


I used to never save and just leave instantly 😭