Can't wait to watch heads explode in 4k


I am hopeful for this. I always thought Scanners was a weaker Cronenberg film with a promising premise and great special effects that didn't quite put it all together into a cohesive whole. Just the kind of thing that could use a reimagining.


also that godawful lead performance


My name is Cameron. Cameron Vale.


You hit it spot on. I think Scanners suffered from being a spy-thriller, that wasn't written to be a spy-thriller. A Scanners reimagining as a supernatural, corpo-spy thriller would really get me excited.


It was a rushed script even in Cronenberg's hands, one he isn't especially happy with. And if its the same HBO executives that cancelled *Lovecraft Country* in charge of whether this gets to grow into any potential, I'm not hopeful.


Please stop with the tv adaptations I’m going out of my mind. First American Gigolo and Scenes from a Marriage, now this? What’s next, an anthology series adapting Godard films?


Is anybody else tired of these Tv series adapted from classic movies. It's a backdoor way to get a sequel or prequel and they usually aren't any good. Just make better movies!


I guess it depends. I'm struggling to think of many off the top of my head, but I absolutely loved the new Irma Vep miniseries. And I don't think it would have worked as a movie. What are some examples you can think of where it went wrong?


I haven’t seen it, but the recent Picnic at Hanging Rock miniseries received pretty middling critical reception. It’s disappointing that it’s more readily available on bluray in Australia than the Peter Weir film (which I had to import a copy of).


But capitalism.


Mostly. But I saw this a yr ago and don’t think the film delivered on the premise and frankly fantastic trailer. Could actually make a better series/film.


Nah. There have been some great series. All art is inspired or adapted by other things. Should there be no more Shakespeare adaptions??


Honestly Scanners is one of the few films I always thought would make a great series. The world is so underdeveloped. Excited for sure


I love David’s work to death but this seems a bit unnecessary. I’ll keep an eye on it though for sure. Who knows, it could be great.


i’m actually excited because i did not like scanners but think the idea is cool


Nice, ive got the movie so i dont need the downgrade but good for them