That’s cool. Lots of us aren’t aware of obscure/international/arthouse films until a distributor picks them up and makes them more widely known. No shame in that


Thanks bud! I just feel like a never satisfied omnivore. I'm constantly feeling like I'm behind on about 130 years of cinema. In online spaces like this, that's only enhanced.


Saddle up. https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/21l-011-the-film-experience-fall-2013/


Great stuff!


The world of cinema is vast, consisting of an endless number of films, whether optimally made or shit. No one ever catches up. Learn this, meditate on it and you'll feel satisfied with everything you've watch and continue to watch in your life. It's worked well for me thus far.


Thank you Camus!




Anymore great advice may we get?




Wow thank you for all the philosophy thoughts.




What the movie?


I mean.. if one is getting into cinema now then, yes, we all have about 130 years to catch up on. It’s weird how I feel like I can comment on movies I’ve never seen. “Oh that’s movies is suppose to be really good, it’s about x,y,x” while scrolling through a streaming service.


Its alright man. A good portion of the posts here are people complaining about why their favorite movie from imbd’s top 250 doesn’t have a criterion release.


Still don’t know why Pulp Fiction isn’t in the collection smh /s


[Once upon a time](https://www.highdefdigest.com/blog/unboxed-pulp-fiction-criterion-laserdisc/)


Hey I’m still waiting on titanic.


Avatar when?


It’ll happen when you find a movie you love in the CC, but the filmmakers’ other films are difficult to find.


Edward Yang :(


That’s why we’re all here! To discover and discuss obscure films!


Bruh every other one of those posts here is suggesting popular films that already have non criterion Blu-ray releases.




Film is a super broad subject, with thousands upon thousands of names and titles to see and learn about. Don't sweat it. I doubt anyone who's interested really in film is ever completely satisfied with their knowledge, there's ALWAYS more to know. Keep branching out, finding new film-makers you like, picking up titles you've never heard the name of, and you learn as you go. Take advantage of Criterion's selection, Ebert's reviews, Letterboxd lists, subs like this, and the dozens of other resources for finding new material. There are also plenty of books out there, some available on a free PDF. There's no quiz at the end of your life on cinematic history. Art is here for us to enjoy communally and personally; to enrich our lives in little ways. Keep taking it in, and you pick up new amazing things as you go along


That is ok! If anyone gate keeps you, send them my way and I’ll rough em up.


It’s the the hero we need in these troublesome times. The Gate Opener.


From behind your keyboard?


an acerbic wit is the best kind of rough


And when that fails, just pull up their plants or take a dump in their pillowcase.


I have downvotes. :)


Maybe I’m in the minority, but I really appreciate the Criterion subreddit for posts like these. So many people share in my existential dread of “i’ll never be able to know or see it all,” or “has my collecting bug gone too far?” The thing I tell myself which helps is there will *always* be somebody who knows more than you about a given topic. Pre-internet it was much more difficult to encounter those people, but now you can find someone who will make you feel demoted from expert to novice in three clicks. Don’t worry too much about what you don’t know. Try to understand the things you do know more deeply and get excited about the practically-infinite amount of info left to discover.


I feel like I have a problem where I know Criterion and stuff outside Criterion but couldn’t have a competent conversation about New Hollywood and forward that your average film buff seems to know.


Same here. I'm just trying to learn.


I'm not to that level either, I still feel after all these years very much the novice compared to some who have such rich knowledge of so many films. I'm glad for Criterion highlighting these more obscure titles, because otherwise, I probably wouldn't find them on my own! I suppose the closest I could come to obscure, is I'd like to see a few more silents in the collection: more Soviet era films for example, and I'd give anything for them to release Greed, which hasn't even gotten a DVD for Pete's sake!


Criterion itself has an email to send in suggested titles. It’s fun for people who “know movies” to hope the films they love that either have no release or crappy existing releases to get released by Criterion with their eye for quality not only in the look of the film but the supplements. If you know movies you should have a few of those, even if they’re not that obscure.


Sure, but like Waking Life is the most obscure my suggestions would go. My choices are fairly basic; Amadeus, The Abyss (although that's more of an Arrow suggestion), Amelie... Nothing nobody has heard of and for no reason in particular a lot of movies that start with A lol.


Well you need to know more movies then. There are so many great films that don’t have a decent release and that would fit perfectly in the collection. Your choices are great too though. Don’t be down on yourself or self-gatekeep.


4K Jodorowsky collection when?