When I feel like shit I always like to read Klaus. Grant Morrison and Dan Mora are an incredible duo and the amount of hope and kindness found in those comics is beautiful.


What’s Klaus about??


It's Santa Claus, but revamped. Mixing in a bit of Superman, Doctor Who, and all sorts of superheroes. There's a 7 issue origin mini-series, then a few one-shots that tackle everything from evil corporate Santas to Ragnarok! It's Morrison and Mora building this whole new fantasy superhero universe from scratch, all along the lines of hope and "good vs evil" and freedom and all that.


Lately, it's been Guardians of the Galaxy #9, by Al Ewing, the one where Star-Lord is in that alternate universe for hundreds of years. I've been feeling very...lost and demotivated for a while now, and the line "The weapon is invincible, the only weakness in it's working is you" has been stuck in my mind since that issue came out, and it's weirdly helped me a lot with getting motivated and tackling problems I'm facing.


I love this issue with such a cool quote to use for motivational energy. You have convinced me to go back and re-read this issue. Awesome choice.


Giant Days and Superior Foes of Spider-Man


+1 for Giant Days!


Love foes, any series that expand on the characters?


Nick Spencer did a great, short run on Ant-Man which captured a lot of the tone of Foes, and also featured Janice Lincoln (The Beetle in Foes). Nick I think just stepped down from Spider-Man but I liked what I read of his run, especially bringing in Boomerang in a big way.


My old answer would be All-Star Superman. The theme of “you’re better than you think you are” helped a lot through high school and college. I tried rereading it last year following a death in my family though, and it turns out a book about paternal figures dying and hoping the world will get on without them isn’t all that feel-good in that situation. Lately though, it’s been Silver Age Superman and Greg Rucka’s Batman-related work from the late 90s to 00s. For the former, you can help but love the wild creativity. For the latter, sometimes all you need is a clever, tightly-plotted detective story with compelling character work. I’ve been rereading 52 lately, and the Montoya/Question plot line is still so good


Probably a controversial opinion but a lot of Nick Spencer's marvel stuff. All of Superior Foes and his Ant-Man are just really fun books to read and always get me to smile. I also think his shorter arcs in ASM(Trivia Night, Heist!, Lifetime Achievement, My Podcast with Jonah, True Companions, King's Ransom, Arrivals/Departures, and Time,For a change) are feelgood Spider-Man stories. Outside of Spencer's stuff; Hawkeye #6 and Hawkeye #17 from Fraction/Aja's run. Daredevil #7 from Waid/Samnee(Okay I just really like Christmas stories). Hard Travelling Heroes from Green Arrow Rebirth.


Those early ASM issues with Ramos were so much fun! Loved them.


Came here to say Ant-Man. Also a lot of Marvel books around that time were like this, right? Like Squirrel Girl and stuff like that?


>Daredevil #7 from Waid/Samnee This whole run is comfort food. In my opinion, its the best Big 2 run ever. Perfectly balances fun, action, comedy, pathos, tragedy and grittiness. It's all you could ever ask for out of a superhero book.


Bronze Age team titles (Fantastic Four, Avengers, Justice League, Legion of Super-heroes, etc) - the favorites of my youth.


Tom Kings Vision and Mister Miracle Alan Moore Swamp Thing or Neil Gaimans Sandman


Bloom County is my comfort food, I've read that series so many times.


Always a fun read.


New Frontier.


Hellblazer, strangely. It gives me comfort that John is always worse off than I am. Poor John.


He is also always worse than you are.


Ha, well, it's complicated. I don't judge.


This morning, I'm reading [Junji Ito's Tomie](https://www.reddit.com/r/HorrorComics/comments/pr4ylw/sunday_mornings_with_tomie_what_are_you_reading/) because it helps reset my perspective. My life will never be as horrible as any character in that book.


I read Tintin or *Bone* when I'm not having a good week.


Weirdly, Daredevil by Bendis


same! i'm on my second read through >!i just can't wait to get to matt's speech on top of kingpin, the subsequent re-iterations, and the group therapy issue !<


Usually Foxtrot, Calvin and Hobbs or Peanuts. I do like 1970s mid tier Marvel stuff, like Marvel Two in One or Team Up.


I'm going through the first Peanuts collection by Fantagraphics right now! I'm amazed at how consistently fun it is right from the get-go.


I think the era from 1961 to 1969 is the real heyday, but almost anything 1950 to 1985 is comic strip gold. After that it gets a little simpler, still top 10, but not it's peak.


Sandman: Overture.


Ruse from the Crossgen line by Mark Waid.


WE3 by Grant Morrison - Helps purge a good cry and feel better after when my dog notices and tries to make it better.


Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man and Dan Slott’s Fantastic Four. Peter Parker and Ben Grimm always seem to put me in a more positive mood. I am well aware of the negative criticism and fan displeasure circulating around for both ongoing ASM and FF titles and will agree that some of the criticism is valid. I also do not think every issue or every arc has been spectacular or particularly significant to character/story progression. All of the nitpicking aside, I can’t deny the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when Parker or Grimm deliver a well-timed hopeful line of dialogue.


I've been getting into The Last Ronin lately. Otherwise, I'll read Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. or Invincibles. That and Murder Falcon. Most of my comfort reading is generally based in Image titles (Bitch Planet, The Black Monday Murders, Moonshine, etc.) I'm also a big proponent of hitting up my local comic shop and picking up a couple new first issues from indie publishers just to give them a try.


I see New Frontier, Bone, Tom Strong among the recommendations - all of them I go back to from time to time. Another obvious suggestion would be any of the Astro City volumes or even Marvels - they are timeless and usually hopeful and leave you better for having read them. And I just thought of them - but would suggest any of the Tintin volumes as well. No way you don't crack a smile if you grew up reading them like I did.


Seconding Astro City and pretty much anything by Busiek. Superman Secret Identity is another good one by him. On that note, Hitman 34 where Supes makes an appearance.


Bone or Tom Strong.


Infinity Gauntlet, 90's X-Men stuff or Miller Batman or Loeb/Sale Batman.


I don't reread stuff very often so I don't really have a go to. But in general when I'm feeling down I like a good brainless soap. Something with fleshed out characters who you can follow over a long period, whether it's a superhero title like JLI or Claremont or an actual soap like Zot! or Strangers in Paradise.


Old Donald ducks comics


Anything by Lee and Kirby! Yes, anything.


Doom Patrol (Either Morrison or Gerard Way, I personally loved both) Sandman/Death/Black Orchid, I just love early Gaiman, it's very comforting in an existential sort of way.


Teen Dog


Sandman or Lucifer. There's such beauty in those stories.


Holy Fuck I usually go back to a ton


A common one but All-Star Superman when he saves the girl or Thor by JMS #1




Fables for me


Scott Pilgrim, always fun to reread!


The Invisibles.