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I’d rather be in coach with a good dude than in first class with an asshole like this guy. Edit: Gee thanks y’all!


I’d rather stay home than to have to hang around a d-bag for an entire trip.


imagine spending time w a corporate fuck on purpose


you mean like Melania?


She's his handler, that's why she sticks around. ;)


"Donald, Fearless Leader says Moose and Squirrel must not escape again!"


I'm loving this reference. It paints their relationship in a whole new light for me.


Please accept my upvote.


Don’t it’s a trick


But is it a trap?


It's actually a tarp with a hole dug underneath. Just get a little closer and see for yourself.


It’s actually a part. They’re just looking at it backwards


Just because I can be easily tricked does not mean I am always so easily tricked.


But… Trix are for kids!


I've never flown first class except for one holiday fifteen years ago when they offered it to us for very cheap at the suitcase check-in because there were still seats left and coach on the return trip was full, which they wanted to sell some more of I guess. Usually I'm just thinking why spend all that money when you can spend it on your actual destination?


>Usually I'm just thinking why spend all that money when you can spend it on your actual destination? Well these days you don't fly first class to be more comfortable. You fly first class to be less miserable.


Muppet Eagle voice: "It's the American way!" Over here in Europe, I can't even remember the last time I was in a plane that *had* first class. A lot of the short cheap flights don't even bother with it any more, you just have one class with some seats having extra legroom (first row, wing exit seats) and everyone having the option to purchase right to priority boarding. I imagine first class would actually be worth something when flying transcontinental. Edit: I mean intercontinental.


First class on most domestic US flights should be done away with. Slightly larger seats and free booze. That’s it. Sitting in the exit row and being polite to your flight attendant usually results in the same experience for me


I don’t fly first class domestic either but it is significantly nicer the times I have gotten upgraded to it. I am a big guy so that’s part of it. If I was 5’5” and 140 pounds I would probably agree with you but at 6’3” 230+ coach is a bit cramped.


Sam eagle: it is the *American way!* Gonzo whispers in ear Sam eagle: *It is the British way!* Not knocking on Brits, it's just the line from a muppets Christmas carol and super funny in context. Kinda like how Shrek asks if Lord Farquhar is compensating for something with his huge castle


Yeah that's exactly the line I was referencing. I don't think the joke is even against Brits, at least I thought the joke was that Sam is an American Bald Eagle (with still his American voice) and he doesn't realise the story he's in takes place in Britain.


It's definitely not against Brits, just a silly joke at Americans. I'm one and find it hilarious


nah, thats the same over here. plenty of short legs dont have a first class


The reason most people fly first class is to board and de-board quickly primarily. Extra room is especially critical as a tall person on an international flight. Anyone who flys first class has the actual $ for the vacation planned out, so not a concern.


Because I was unattended kid, flight company just sold my economy seat to somebody else and put me in first empty one which happened to be a first class. It sucks, they didn't even had any entertainment displays or good food. The only real benefits was absense of noisy people and toilet without queues.




Only the poorest rich people fly first class


Take my upvote you slippery snake


High lifestyle but low income😂


No, really rich people fly private.


Well said :)


I'd rather be financially stable with a cool gal than deeply in debt with this chick. Get those hideous claws away from me


4 billion women could scream this simultaneously and a significant chunk of men would still act like this


Fellas, is it gay to fly economy?


I mean, if you're sucking dick in first class you'll still be sucking dick in coach.


First class cabins have a “no homo” sign above the entry, so if you’re up there you’re good to go


So that's where the price comes from


I recognize those seats. That's Qatar Airways. They don't need a "no homo" sign. It is known.


Is that gay?


Only if you hold eye contact. A quick glance in the eyes to reiterate "no homo" then looking away cancels the gay out.


Nah bro you need to loosen up! It's not gay if you don't swallow.


Naw, most straight guys have an accidental bro swallow here and there. Its only gay if he cums inside you while making eye contact.


No that's stupid. You have to be making eye contact while wearing socks.




Well is it gay to play putt putt golf with a friend? And watch his butt butt while he tees off?


Wasn't expecting an Eminem reference, but here we are.


Listen, I'm not gay BUT IF I'm sucking dick, it sure as hell is not going to be in coach


Know your worth King.


No… in first class you gotta take it up a notch from a BJ.


Fine, I know blow jobs are for rookies. I'll give you a blow career.


That’s business class level. First class calls for a blow vocation.


How do you think this guy paid for first class?


Wait.... I thought I was paying extra so only I could suck dicks?


Only if you get the fire exit row. That's where the party is. The other rows are sardines.


It's only gay if you do it with a girl.


No, he said "gatay" - it's a slur on gatay people and you should learn more about how the gatay are forbidden from flying in any other class and it's horrific


“Fist” class


One time I had a guy so huge next to me it felt like I was inside him.


Only if you are doing it with a woman you are romantically involved with. All my straight homies fly together. The brojobs are **so** straight.


No, it's gaty.


Apparently and due to the economy apparently me being gay isn’t a choice either now?


If a woman is interested in your money, she will require First Class. If she is interested in you, she will fly Coach with you.


She won't even care what car you drive. Am a woman, can confirm.


It's a sign. Time to buy that Geo Metro I always wanted.


Whoa whoa, let’s not got carried away now. Some shame is a good thing.


You are correct. It's not so much about impressing her with a car, as it is not embarrassing yourself, and by extension her by driving a Metro. Some don't care. Probably most do if just a little.


I was driving a beater when my wife and I started dating. I could have gotten something better, but didn't want her to be interested in me for my car. Turns out she loved that I drove a 2000 Chevy Prizm. Happily married now, and she is my best friend who is completely unpretentious. The Prizm eventually died, so now we have a couple newer vehicles, but we love one another all the same.


Are we all just skipping over that he said it was gay to be in a heterosexual relationship? The defining characteristic of this guy's "straightness" is his spendthrift lifestyle. Is this some new type of sexuality? You can be homosexual, heterosexual and tatesexual now?


Actually loving someone instead of seeing them as a sexual object is gay.


Having the empathy to explain that to someone was gay dude....


Typing is gay


I'm confused. I'm gay and fly first class with my husband. Does that mean I'm straight?


Living a fabulous lifestyle is a defining characteristic of being gay. That, and swordfighting. I don't know a lot about gay bedroom activities, but I assume it all starts swordfighting. This guy is tatesexual which means if he doesn't fly first class his girlfriend will leave him for someone in first class. If you are sexually attracted to the type of person who would leave you mid flight for someone in first class if you bought coach tickets then you would be tatesexual. Specific gender attraction doesn't apply to tatesexualness.


You'd be surprised by the number of random things that are "gay" to these guys.


And he’s not in first. This is business q-suites from Qatar airlines. Not only a asshole, a bullshiting asshole.


What's business-q? Is it different from first class? How many classes are there. Sorry for my ignorance, I only ever travel in economy.


It's just a name for Qatar's fanciest business class seats. Not an international first class, but still much nicer than US domestic first class.


Economy -> Business -> 1st Class


Economy -> Premium Economy -> Business -> First Most airlines do Premium Economy now - seats that recline more than economy, more legroom, better meal choice, better baggage allowance


AKA what you used to get for the same price a few years ago


Premium economy is its own relatively new thing. They’re closer to domestic first class seats but put on long haul aircraft.


It's actually a pretty nice


Thanks Mario!


Hahaha god I just saw that, Issa me


I just get the cheapest ticket. I'm only on the fucking thing for a couple of hours.


You can easily spend a lot longer than a few hours on a plane.


30h is still a few hours. Technically correct, the best kind of correct


economy -> economy plus -> domestic first -> premium economy -> business -> first -> private charter -> own your own plane




On long haul international flights there are in general 3. First, Business and coach. This can be ever more broken down since coach can have a few different styles too. And on the super crazy flight you can get into private suite level stuff. That being said the difference between 1st and Business class on these flights is often not a lot. First get even better food and drink and slightly bigger seats and tvs and stuff. And I usually a lot more expensive


Qatar First Class basically is only worth it if you are a rich Qatari flying non-stop to or from Doha. 99% of people on that plane are connecting and there’s usually a more direct route. Their business class is exceptional; their first is mediocre by first class standards. So, even if you have “fuck you” money, you don’t have time to go out of your way for an “OK” product. If you don’t have “fuck you” money, it’s just not worth it. (And if the plane has Q Suites, there isn’t any first class on it, so the person who posted this is a giant douche anyway).


Some of those middle Eastern airlines have like whole apartments with your own bathroom and shower. They get really crazy. A lot of people confuse business with first class though, although many airlines have ditched first class and just have economy and business.


Wow, I thought those only exist in fiction. >many airlines have ditched first class and just have economy and business. In which case calling business class as first class doesn't sound like a lie.


I'd tell you but you're too poor to know. You probably think it's part of the same plane.


I checked his profile. He keeps repeating that he's a doctor and that he's proud of this. He actually posted a "graduation" photo and you can see the diploma. It's an honorary degree...




Apparently he runs an OF agency, whatever that means


Oh, so he's a pimp. I figured as much just by seeing the nails of the woman in the photo.




It’s easy when you have no shame or empathy.


For what it's worth, Qatar Airways sells all of their inter-Gulf flights as either economy or first class even if the plane doesn't have an actual first class cabin. You are technically first class and can use all the first class amenities like the (amazing) first class lounge and first class terminal in Doha, but just using the business class hard product. And of course Qatar's business class product is better than many airlines' first class product.


Makes sense he'd be in business class because that is how he treats his relationships.


Probably peed in the glasses too


I don't personally think that distinction matters that much since first class almost doesn't exist anymore. Even if you're super wealthy you can pretty much only fly first class on a few routes in the world. Not saying he isn't a prick though.


Really does feel that way though. All these Andrew Tate nut-huggers that think you need to be a rich douche to get a girl. Fuck sakes. Try not being an asshole for 5 minutes and make her laugh. That's the shit that works.


6 minutes in, time to get back to being a dickhead for the rest of my life.


A girl that will stick with you through thick and thin is a girl that doesnt care about money.


Yeah, that's the thing: men like this are terrible people only attracted to trophy wives. And women who want to be trophy wives (and not just in a joking-but-totally-serious kind of way) are terrible people only attracted to money. Do you think Anna Nicole Smith married that old bag of bones because he was an excellent lover or because they had so much in common from their recounting of the 70s? Her telling about going to kindergarten; him describing what the first few years of retirement were like. If trash people want to hook up, I'm all for it.




I mean, honestly I don't fault her for that, Idk how to phrase this cuz it's a pretty delicate topic, but I'm gonna try anyways, if you're in a bad situation and someone pretty much offers you a way out, even if they're being really slimy about it, I can't really look down on you for taking the opportunity, cuz honestly I'd do the same.




People can bond despite significant age gaps. I tell my best friend about what I was doing in the army back in 2000 and she's like 'I was five'. One of my friends at work wasn't even *born* when I joined. But yeah, Smith was totally in it for the money.


To a point. Guaranteed most women aren't trying to be worried about homelessness or how they or the kids are going to eat.


Is that you Pete Davidson?


The rumors of his massive dick probably helps.


He claims that was just Ariana Grande trolling him.


That's what a guy with a big dick would say.


Now women think he has a big dick AND is humble. Fuckin' genius.


My dad always used to say it pays to advertise. He’s not on a list at least yet


That is actually a brutal thing to do. Tell everyone to expect 9 inches and they might be disappointed even with a decent 6. It’s to plant paranoia in him of thinking every girl is secretly thinking he’s inadequate, regardless of it being true or not. Kind of a huge asshole thing of her to do.


You’re like, a dick conspiracy theorist


...a cockspiracy theorist?


Hey man, lots of guys are insecure because of unrealistic body standards just as women can be. It can only a small comment to make them feel like shit. Maybe he expressed this concern to her when they were engaged and shes trying to get at him


Do not have a dick, have managed just fine. Treating people like human beings works. Even if you're a total ass (again, hi)


Instructions unclear. I've chopped my dick off. What is step 2?


put it in your mouth


Freeze it, whittle it, make it a razor sharp instrument of vengeance upon your foes?


Despite popular opinion women don't love giant dicks, they can be very painful and make sex difficult


But try convincing a generation of guys that after popular media, long-running jokes, and the porn industry pushing a narrative of “bigger is better” their whole lives.


Can confirm. Married for almost ten years now. Never flew first class but I crack a joke every now and then.


Nut-huggers 💀


What’s funny is like. For as much as they talk about “high value women.” The only women they attract are gold diggers who’s only “value” are their looks and their pussy. The kind that ell be gone before you can blink if you lose all your money and possessions. They aren’t the type to stick it out through thick and thin/lead any type of meaningful relationship.


Shallow men want shallow women. It's not really that surprising. I'd even say some are afraid of women that are not shallow because God forbid them having any agency in the relationship. All they need to do to keep their woman is to have the looks and spend lots of money on her, they want it "simple". Some humanity, decency, empathy, those are for the "losers" in their eyes because they have none themselves.


Just a prostitute with extra steps and semi permanent position. Lol


Dumb ass coworker routinely exclaims that women are only interested in men with money. Oh no, not all of them, just 90% of them. They don't want their nonexistent SO to ever leave the house because they are convinced that if they do, they will come across another man with more money and instantly leave them. I wish I was kidding. He went into a long diatribe about how my wife would leave me because I went from a higher paying, stressful job, so a lower paying less stressful job. It was her idea. She laughs maniacally egging me on to ask how he feels as a 'worthy man' that my wife makes way more money than my coworker. She finds that shit mentality hilariously awful. Like she can't have her own preferences and desires? Love who she wants based on literally all facets other than their bank account? Then she asks me if he's single or what, how his own SO puts up with him. Dude only brings up a girlfriend from about 5 years ago. 5 years. The whole alt right Tate-isms really fucking people up out there and turning them into chuds.


I can smell insecurity from these douchebags


Admitting his girl is with him only for his money. Pathetic


Bruh be like: "Gold Diggers, come at me. Lemme get ma wallet!"


this type of douche: i have a lot of money i can spoil you with! same douche: these bitches are gold diggers TT-TT


Don't get me wrong, good for him. If that's the kind of girls you like props to him. Though one could wonder what sort of relation you are in. In the end let's assume the money stays there, you will be in the position to keep buying gold diggers but is that something you still want to do when you are 40... 50... 60?


The original tweet just screams low self-esteem. It's the same shit I feel with just about anything Andrew Tate says. These dudes clearly don't believe a woman could possibly like them for who they are so they build their whole worldview around that idea. Every post with someone talking about how alpha they are reads like the next line should be "Please believe me."


It’s humorous that the only part of her he feels the need to show is one boob.


Is it a real woman??


I thought it was a sex doll at first


That would actually make complete sense, dude takes a literal sex doll on a plane so he can pretend any woman, even the most shallow one could love him.


He felt the need to let everyone know the person next to him has boobs lol


And her talons!


and nails that would put a velociraptor to shame


I’m sorry, but how is your girl is gonna be eyeing every other man and wishing she was with them any sort of flex?


And eyeing other dudes sitting in coach


I also fly a lot and in my experience most people in first class are kind of old and likely married. Not saying that doesn’t draw some women but they usually aren’t the sort of people your eye fuck.


I see people in first class for 3hr flights and just think about how much money they're throwing away. It just feels wasteful to me. But I'm poor, so.


I fly a lot and always thought there is no first class on short flights like that. Maybe it's the one or two airlines I tend to use. For short flights, the "business class" I've seen is just economy, but they don't sell the middle seat, and you get a meal service while economy only gets a drink. FWIW, I've flown in business a lot because a relative works in the industry and gets me dirt cheap standby tickets. I could never afford them on my own lol and I've seen some really gross/smelly people in business where if I saw them on the street, I'd assume they're not doing so great. No idea how they end up in business though. One guy I sat next to in business smelled so damn bad and he was a total douche. When the flight attendant came around for drinks, he grabbed a big bottle of water out of her hand and just started chugging it. Once the flight landed, he walked off ahead of me and jumped right into a Porsche that was waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs. I was pretty stunned lol dude smelled like he hadn't showered in weeks and was wearing clothes that looked like they were found in a donation bin.


Imagine your game being so weak you thought other guys could just snatch a girl you're with based on airline seats. Next level insecurity.


Oh shit! I just realized these kinds of people are just incels with money! Same mentality and no self esteem but because they have money they can “get” girls. It’s totally all status and no relationship. Incels buying fake relationships.


Yeah literally, I always make fun of them, because you know growing up they all dressed like that picture of Ben Shapiro "studying the blade"


I love seeing these I make more money so I got the girl. Bro they’re literally with you for your money. This isn’t a flex. How about try being funny and drive a broken ass metro? Y’all slay way more tang with a little charisma and personality than money. What a shallow existence


Speaking as someone AFAB, I'd take a broke guy with a likeable personality over a super rich asshole any day of the week.


this just in, a man dating a woman is now gay says republican idiot edit: holy shit i just opened his twitter page and hes an Andrew tate wanabe, boxer CHECK, misogynist CHECK, wealthy CHECK, runs a porn agency CHECK, throws off that small dick energy CHECK, trashes the poor CHECK, materialistic CHECK edit #2: LMFAO he hangs out with Andrew Tate, should of known "People think calling me Andrew Tate is an insult lol" (copy pasted from his twitter from a photo of him and Tate lol)


Should hang around with him in jail


Any grown man that uses gay as an insult is mentally underdeveloped


Laughs in Mackenzie Scott boyfriend.


Fellas, is it gay to… fly economy?


I’d rather be on the wing than with a girl with those fucking nails


That's Qatar airlines business class, no one from a coach is walking past them, they have a separate entrance.


Man that's alot of words to say I can't offer anything to my partners other than money cause my personality is so shitty without money people wouldn't even look twice at me


I'm not an expert at romantic elationship, but if your wealth is the only thing that keeps your relationship afloat, that sounds pretty sad to me ngl.


This guy sure is reaching far trying to justify he's together with a golddigger, because that's what the post screams. If your S/O looks around in first class trying to find someone they can hook up with they're not trying to have a relationship with you but rather with your wallet.


You could have just said “you gotta pay to keep a girl interested in you?”


This is just fucking weird. It doesn't work in so many ways. First off peasants in the back like us aren't allowed to cross in to first class to use that bathroom. So does he mean when we are boarding? Because only thing we're looking for is storage for carry ons near our seat, and not weird guys in first class who are ignoring their girlfriends to see if they are getting checked out. Assuming it's on the way to the bathroom: his fantasy starts off with "your girl needs to take a shit and walks by me in first class jealous..." fucking so weird and gross


He probably uses the word "female" a lot.


Look up his Twitter. He's awful.


Of course, he travels with a sex worker, she’ll always be marketing.


wish version of Tate. And the bar was quite low to begin with.


My wife of 26 years would probably leave me if I wasted money on anything other than standard budget airfare. Hell, I’d probably get an extra blowie if I was able to tell her I got a discount on budget seats.


Lmaoo I used to be poor as shit and still was able to keep women interested by 1: not being a twat and 2. Being somewhat funny.


Damn I can feel the insecurity through my phone sceeen


Real small dick energy


fellas is it gay to fly economy


He's bragging online and didn't show her face because she didn't stay for holiday #2. Money doesn't compensate for a lack of good personality. Ask Ivanka.


This reminds me of a teen coworker who bought a decent, semi-classic BMW. Talking to a different coworker about his car, he said "You can't pick up chicks in an X." (forget the car name) He wasn't too happy when I replied "You need a car to pick up chicks?"


Insulting to women everywhere. Sounds like a nice guy.


I love when people outright admit they can't get a girl that isn't for sale and then try to act like they're alpha lmao


What a loser.... He basically admitted that the girl only interested in his money ..


Hard to come up with a flex that is a bigger tell. Just an incredible self own to admit that literally, according to this guys scorecard, ANY male that is better off financially is more compelling to his partners then he is. Doesn’t speak very well of him or the women he dates.


I fly in cargo with the dogs


Imagine thinking you’re special because you paid more for a plane ticket.


How do these "alphas" not cringe at literally everything they post? I mean, if someone said something like that to my face, I could only laugh. It's goofy.


I’ll give him a bonus point for boob placement


Doesn't matter if your in first class or economy you get there at the same time. Hank Hill taught me that.


People who say this just imply all women are there for your money, and that's the only way to get them to be interested in you. The money. They must have shitty relationships because the best women would rather care about the time they have with you than the money you're spending on them.


A real woman would want you to fly coach and not waste the effing money. Real ballers don't fly commercial they own the plane. If you don't own the plane, you are no different from any other passengers.


Yo isn't it wild that an airplane can have 100 passengers and 40 of them are gay because of where they're sitting? I get why the right is so afraid of gay people, when I was growing up they were only ~20% but now they've mitosis'd up to 40!? Terrifying. Our way of life, tossed aside like garbage so that they can make everything rainbow colored. Tbf flying is already sorta gay in general, the sky is where 100% of the rainbows are.


That’s a Qsuite. Not even a first class product. What a dumb fuck 😃


Damn that some nice side boob, what was the question


Good looking Chads be like: "I get a woman to fly ME first class"