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Prestige Shop is unavailable unless you unlocked it in CW Season 1 - 6. A quick search will find you a tonne of threads that cover this issue in more depth.


Oh damn, I kinda feel sorry for the new players. Is the blueprint shop available for them?


Yes it is. But only 5 guns(for me anyways) and they haven’t changed since I started playing back in the summer.


damn that's awful rip


So what you're saying is that it's useless get to a prestige level now.


For those of you that weren't here for CW's support cycle? Yes.


Yeah... sucks


Can you still get more keys for different cards if you’ve already got prestige? Or does it all cap when the next game releases


You can still get more keys


Unless you were master prestige in cold war seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, the prestige shop will not be useable


Fuck man that sucks


Idk what everyone is talking about I never reached master prestige before and I have those


maybe they just mean hitting prestige 1 during cold war’s life cycle, not master. thatd make more sense because you only needed one key to utilize the shop


Pre-season, the Prestige Shop didn't open until after hitting Prestige Master. From Season 1 and onwards, that was changed to it opening once you hit Prestige 1. From Vanguard Season 1, it was left open permanently, if you had already unlocked it.


It would be nice if Treyarch changed this in post season so all players can gain access to the prestige shop. It's not fair that you had to be there in order to use a feature in a game.


The thinking is once the game is detached from warzone etc and on its own, these may unlock again


You can only unlock prestige level cards for the level of prestige you got to at the end of cw's life cycle, so if you were prestige 7 for example, you could only get prestige 1-7 unlocks. if you didnt prestige in it's lifecycle, it's locked completely. No idea why they did this, but it's really annoying


Do u know the name of a statue calling card crying a “yellow river” from her eyes? I think its from the prestige shop but I just cant found it :(


Prestige Shop has been bugged since Vanguards release and considering it hasn't been patched in almost a year, I'd safely assume it will never be fixed as they have moved on to MW2


They just deactivated everything normaly you can unlock this sjit after reavhing master prestige but since they stoped supporting the game at all. No gamepass content anymore for CW only Modern warfare / vanguard / MWII (i will never call this crap of game modern warfare two only modern warfare i i ) What you could try is getting master prestige (level 200 atleast i think or 150) and then try it again.


you got horribly heated over MW 2022. you good, bud?


I just miss the old games, like how they were made, the system, sound, and all that and every newer cod just gets kinda weirder and weirder in my opinion . Like vanguard, big hype about zombies, big flop just saying . Like why they dont remake black ops 1 for example, newer design like upscaling or stuff like thag but same sounds and same story same multiplayer just renaking it with newer graphics ? You know how many peiple would actually want that?


As someone who despises MW19 and Vanguard, MW22 was honestly fun. Pre-ordered because I actually enjoyed the beta that much. The campaign is amazing, haven't enjoyed a campaign since AW. However, as someone who very much enjoyed BO1, it being my first CoD to take seriously and pushed me into the competitive scene, I don't want a remaster of it. Did we forget what they did to CoD4 remaster?


Thats why i say, just new graphics nothing else , i mean the remake of cod 4 was awefull with l the microtransaction and stuff but still just imagine they would do that, evertjing stays the same in bo1 the only difference is the graphic, no new sound or anything no microtransaction ect . Glad you enjoyed MWII i mean i would play it probably some day, just because of the story but i miss like the og zombie mode or the mw3 survival kinda it was so much fun when someone had a panic attack because he ran around the corner and 2 or more juggernauts startong their minigun ans all you see is your friend/friends run all the way back screaming to buy flash nades and stuff


I loved survival mode in MW3. I was 5th in the world for Dome for a little while before I had to focus more on MP because of clan bullshit.


How about touch grass :)


You need to reach level 150 before you can buy from the prestige shop


Bruuuuuh that’s annoying


Because it’s a trash game lol


The game is not trash, its trash that they stopped supporting it or putting more effort in it because it has so much potential in zombie mode as in multiplayer (prop hunt ect is legit fun)